Minuteman Group Targets New Immigration Game

Issue-oriented PC game ICED (I Can End Deportation) continues to attract negative attention from anti-immigration activists.

The well-known Minuteman Civil Defence Corp (MCDC) has now turned it attention to ICED, which was launched on February 18th by human rights organization Breakthrough. In a solicitation on the Special Guests website, a trio of Minuteman officials are offering themselves as potential guests for talk radio programs.

Minuteman founder Chris Simcox, national executive director Al Garza and VP Carmen Mercer seem eager to criticize ICED, which their Special Guests posting describes as an “illegal alien video game which teaches kids contempt for U.S. immigration laws:”

National Executive Director, Al Garza, not only sees a problem with violence in video games in general but sees this video game as a “deliberate attempt to manipulate the minds of children to believe it is ok to reject the rule of law,” he says. U.S. Immigration authorities object to the video game because it is their view that it “trivializes” a very important issue.

An Associated Press video report describes some of the controversy surrounding ICED. Although we were unable to get a comment from Breakthrough president Mallika Dutt in time for this article, she has defended her group’s game against criticism in the past:

ICED… is a video game about the lack of due process in the immigration system as it applies to legal permanent residents, asylum seekers and people who are here on valid visas – it’s not about illegal immigrants – as anyone who’s actually bothered to play the game would quickly realize.

GP: Big thanks to weatherlight from the ECA Forums for the heads-up on the video…

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