College Republicans Protest Iraqi Artist's Jihad Game Mod

March 4, 2008 -

An Iraqi video artist's  "Virtual Jihadi" exhibit is stirring controversy at the Rensselaer Polytechnical Institute campus in Troy, New York.

The artist, Wafaa Bilal, a faculty member at the Art Institute of Chicago, modded an Al Qaeda propaganda video game, Night of Bush Capturing, in order to craft a message about his views on the inhumanity of the ongoing war. From the RPI website:

Bilal casts himself as a suicide-bomber in the game (left). After learning of the real-life death of his brother in the war, he is recruited by Al Qaeda to join the hunt for Bush. 

This work is meant to bring attention to the vulnerability of Iraqi civilians to the travesties of the current war and racist generalizations and stereotypes as exhibited in games such as Quest for Saddam; along with vulnerability to recruitment by violent groups like Al Qaeda because of the U.S.’s failed strategy in securing Iraq. 

The work also aims to shed light on groups that traffic in crass and hateful stereotypes of Arab culture with games like Quest for Saddam and other media.

But RPI's College Republicans have expressed outrage over Bilal's appearance, terming the RPI Arts Department, which is sponsoring the event, "a terrorist safehaven:"

Our tuition dollars are hard at work in the RPI arts department which is proudly hosting a video game debut that simultaneously embraces Islamic terrorism and advocates the killing of the American President...


This is something RPI should be ashamed to have its name even mentioned with, let alone be sponsoring. Hopefully, the folks in the arts department will get enough phone calls from outraged alumni and come to their senses.

The College Republicans also express concern that Bilal's appearance is part of a program funded by a New York State grant.

Via: Albany Times-Union

GP: A number of GamePolitics readers attend RPI. We'd love to have them weigh in via comments...

UPDATE: Geeks Are Sexy has a lengthy interview with Bilal, who said:

I don’t know if it crosses a moral line, because it’s still virtual, right? So, if games like “Call of Duty” or other games are fine, why should this be any different?

...I think it’s a strategy of engagement. I don’t see it as crossing the line at all - but rather calling attention to something really disturbing, this game and the Web site, and the rhetoric as well...

We’re going to see more and more of games as a tool to capitalize on political issues, and as people, and the medium, become more sophisticated, we’re going to see more and more of this.



I thought it was more of the Paleo-cons that have the whole terrorist hate thing going on. But by their name, wouldn't they fit in with the old-school Republicans? My head is spinning here.

Jesus was a victim of censorship too.

Honestly republicans, do you need someone to reinterpret the constitution for you? I know that the First Amendment his a hard one to live by, but that's why the founding fathers made it THE FIRST ONE. They were banking on the fact that their descendants weren't going to be a bunch of wimps who cried everytime an opposite viewpoint was expressed.

The republicans made propaganda. If the collage students think that this mod should be allowed because they think it's propaganda, then they are hypocrites.

I say let 'em have their say, they have the right. But of course, if another students wants to showcase a game recreating the hunt Hussein, ignoring any collateral casualties along the way (read: killing every arab in sight), that's their right too. I wouldn't call it tasteful, but if you allow one, you have to allow the other. And yes, I vote republican. For some of us Republican doesn't mean "Bush = God", but rather "government, get the hell out of my life".

I'm predisposed to ignore anything I hear from a "College Republicans" group, but as to the actual nature of the game itself, it might be interesting to see whether it actually has something to say or is just inflammatory (like the stupid V-Tech flash game and, in some eyes, the Columbine murders RPG).

I'm surprised how many people on here are that stupid and believe the mod guy. Some how I fail to see how becoming a suicide-bomber, joining Al Qaeda, and trying to kill bush, is going to bring attention to the vulnerability of iraq civilians. What do they want us to do? feel bad for them because there killing innocent people?

If anyone thinks this is art (a few do), then so is a picture of a REAL LIFE body blown a part from a suicide bomber. Please put that up on your wall, it will make for good conversation about your mental disorder.

Despite how much I hate Bush and the Islamofascists types and would love to personally eradicate both elements if the opportunity presented itself, this guy has every right to make the game the way he wants and to send whatever message he wants. As far as I'm concerned freedom of expression and speech are still valid tenants in America even if the current government has issues with the message or medium. What is this one of those "you are either with us or against us" Kodak moments?

And we have our first College Republican. Welcome Jerry. Glad to have you on the site.

Now if you could leave your bigotry with the doorman we can have a great conversation.

The game is about a man who's brother, who is not a soldier or terrorist, is killed by American soldiers and out of his dispar decides to seek revenge by joining Al'Queda.

I have not played the game, but am willing to give it a try.

It would be nice if everything was black and white, but there is a whole spectrum of color out there to enjoy and discuss.

If you don't like all this you can kindly go back to Pleasantville.

Sounds like a decent

Whoa. Had a break in thought there. Ignore that last line.

@spartan and random people on here.

Things are a little different when your FIGHTING A WAR. You see, if you want to WIN a war. You don't let the enemy spread there propaganda in your own freaking country. Did you know that a 15 year old girl put a picture of bush on myspace and then said she hopes he dies. Or something to that extent. Know what happened next? secret service came and interrogated her. Just like they should of.

After all, its there freaking job, they don't know if the person is who they said they are. They have to peruse every possible threat. But why the hell does this guy get a free ride? Because of of sick people like the ACLU that will sue the government of a hate crime if they asked him a freaking question. thats why.

But no no, the 15 year old girl is fine, question her. Just don't question people who are making mods about blowing people up and killing Bush. Because those people are artists, and they have the right to want to kill our President, But American citizens, like the 15 year old girl, the people who where born here, they can't hate the President. But the guy that was born in Iraq, and makes a mod where you kill the President, thats fine.

I'm sick of all these idiots!

@E. Zachary Knight

Actually I'm independent. And I was not a ware there was a republican party any more. Thanks for the tip though. The truth is, your not worth my time, so ill keep this short. Not nice? sorry, thats how I feel.

"The game is about a man who’s brother, who is not a soldier or terrorist, is killed by American soldiers and out of his dispar decides to seek revenge by joining Al’Queda."

Oh, well that changes everything! I mean before it was propaganda now its...propaganda?

If you can't see through this, then you don't got a chance. Thats all.

@ Jerry

I can see propaganda. I recognize it. Butthat does not mean I will not give it a look. I feel I am actually a better person because I try to look at the bigger picture instead of just small parts of it.

It also helps to put yourself in the shoes of other people. Do you know how it feels to have you brother killed by people who are supposed to be protecting you? I certainly don't. I hope I don't have to feel that in real life. But if someone were to convey that feeling to me in a way that actually helped me know how it feels, than I can learn from it.

I certainly don't condone terrorism nor do I condone threatening the President of the US. But I am more than willing to learn how differnet people feel about this war and the President.

Now you mentioned that 15 year old girl. I am not familiar with that story. The ACLU is all over the media and probably saw it. But I am not familiar with it.

I am glad to see that bigotry is alive in the US. I am glad to see that so many people are closed minded toward anything going on in the world that doesn't support their own biased opinions.

I bet you are completely agianst Obama because he is a Muslim that will open up our borders and let Al'Queda march in and take over the US.

Jerry: I see you too possess a magical ability to form opinions on a game without playing it! You should totally join the Canadian Teachers' Federation.

@DarrelBT: Well, they're still into privitization of stuff that shouldn't be and want less government control over where it SHOULD be(Businesses, labor, etc.) while they dream about laws persecuting dissenters and godless sodomites. HEIL LOL!

@ Jerry

I'm a palestinian muslim. Born in Kuwait.

Regarding suicide bombers. Hate to break this to you junior, but the massive amount of civilian casualties kinda hampers a person's abilities to think clearly. Especially since some of these bombers had family that got bombed by U.S. forces in the first place. I won't waste time making excuses for the others though.

If the above thought blows your mind, feel free to alert the F.B.I. to my presence here on Gamepolitics. If it helps you sleep at night.

You could also do one of those South Park catchphrases. "If you don't like it, you can GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET OUT!"

Does it make it right? No. The general problem is how the war was brought about. The events that surrounded it and HOW the war was fought changed how everyone looks at the government.

I completely disagree with the way the government has handled this war, and I feel sorry for those that feel strapping a bomb onto themselves will bring a positive effect to their lives, their country, etc. It's still wrong. They usually end up killing innocents as well. No matter how the thought is rationalized, it's still wrong. And personally, I think it's a cowardly way to go.

The mod is pointing out some very important issues. While I'm not in love with the way it's done, the point's still there. Everyone's got an opinion, and I applaud this guy for having the guts to do something like this.

I don't expect you to understand or care even, but my people's lives changed in a way that you can't possibly FATHOM. I myself was subject to dirty looks and a "terrorist" tripe after 9/11. It's not a good feeling to have. Especially when I was raised here.

The stereotyping gets pretty old too, I must say.

Jerry: That's true! Let's take a look at some of the information (as represented, at least, by the creator or whoever wrote the biography linked in the article):

"After learning of the real-life death of his brother in the war, he is recruited by Al Qaeda to join the hunt for Bush. This work is meant to bring attention to the vulnerability of Iraqi civilians to the travesties of the current war and racist generalizations and stereotypes as exhibited in games such as Quest for Saddam; along with vulnerability to recruitment by violent groups like Al Qaeda because of the U.S.’s failed strategy in securing Iraq. The work also aims to shed light on groups that traffic in crass and hateful stereotypes of Arab culture with games like Quest for Saddam and other media."

That's about all I know about the game (again, assuming that it's even being portrayed faithfully in the text). So we have a setup where the protagonist is drafted to be a suicide bomber. The text doesn't mention anything about murdering a political figure, or whether the main character even goes through with any murder. The fact that the text raises the point of "vulnerability to recruitment by violent groups like Al Qaeda" suggests that the creators take a dim view of murderous acts and are interested in exploring the causes that drive people to commit them. There have been films exploring the psychology and sociopolitical factors that create people who blow themselves up to murder others; I don't see why there shouldn't be games as well.

Thank you for inspiring me to learn more about the game! I kinda want to play it now.


I think I know where the stereotyping comes from.

“War is prescribed to you: but from this ye are averse.” (Sura 2:212).

“To participate in Jihad in Allah's cause” (Al Bukhari vol. 1:25)

“Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.” (Hadith 9:45; 84.2.57.)

Am I wrong? This is what the qur'an says right? I mean Mohammed killed tons of people, I think it was 10 million Buddhists as well as others. So that might be where the stereotyping comes from. Just an idea.

@Shih Tzu

Just let me make sure I got this right. In order to stop the stereotypes of all Muslims are terrorists, or something like that. The guy becomes one( in the game I mean). Just making sure I got this one right. On second thought, is he going after other stereotypes? Seriously, is he? What the heck?

I fail to see how a game about killing bush, is going to help anything. But thats just me I guess.

@ Jerry

I think you are confusing games at the moment.

There are three games at question here:

An American created game, Quest for Saddam

An Al Qaeda created game, Night of Bush Capturing

And Bilal's Mod of Night of Bush Capturing.

The first is propaganda. The second is propaganda. The third is a political opinion piece.

So why is it okay for us to make a game about killing them, but not okay for them to make a game about killing us?

I find it interesting that most commentors have put this into "republican's don't respect the freedom of speech!" while the article doesn't go this path at all; instead framing it in the decades long battle of "This is reprehensible; why is the government funding it?"

Stereo-typing is fun to watch, and it cuts both ways.

@E.Zachary Knight

Because we're (white) AMERICANS!(Please note that that was purely sarcasm).

@E. Zachary Knight

I'm sorry, but I can't talk to you can more. It's not worth it. Its a waste of time. So ill leave it at this. Why don't you do some research on Saddam. Then use logic, and figure it out for your self. I'm not going to spell everything out for you.

@E. Zachary Knight - Your response was far more succinct and eloquent then the one I was going to make. Great job. You hit the nail on the head in words a two year old could understand without all the hyperbolic bullshit and emotional tones.

@ Jerry

The fact that you need to point out the Quran which I presume you think EVERY SINGLE muslim follows to the letter is all the information about you that I need. Which is what I'd LIKE to say, but again, that's what we call "Stereotyping". I'll leave what I believe to be your flawed interpretation up to you.

As for your position on the Quran, you provided good lines. I appreciate that you looked for actual Quran verses, and I feel that I'll have to look up a few more myself. However, times have changed the ways we think. There are plenty of innacuracies and fables in Holy Books around the world. Coincidentally, I seriously doubt that Muhammad killed 10 million+ Buddhists. That's a pretty round number. As for the rest of the killings, while I look to the Quran, it doesn't RULE my life and likewise I can look at any actions Muhammad made in both postives and negatives.

WHEN the writings were created should be a pretty good example of how the passages affect modern times. I'm sure anyboy posting here can cite examples of verses which are flawed or simply don't apply this day in age. I for one don't follow the Quran to the letter. Also, it doesn't mean I'll sit here and pretend generalization of a few Quran verses overule all the other achievements and mindset of my people.

A few lines don't support the stereotyping of my entire people. Sorry, but that's ridiculous.

I have the feeling we're both getting off the wrong foot here, and truthfully, I don't think everything your saying is wrong. But the sterotyping comment, well....... I just don't agree.

@ Jerry

Glad to see that you cannot argue my points.

@ Jerry

Saddam? Seriously? Your using SADDAM as the prominent Arab example? Good GOD man. I'm not sure if I'm READY for THAT conversation.

We're seriously veering off the topic in EPIC fashion.

@ Everyone else

I missed the part where we talked about the MOD. Remember that?

@Whoever thinks this game is okay.

The reason it's okay to play games like COD4 is because we're killing terrorists, not becoming them. Big difference...especially when we're at war. Believe it or not, terrorists are bad, we are good. That's a pretty hard concept for some people, but just bear with me.

I'm mean, come on, how could you think this isn't Al Qaeda propaganda. Of course the guy who made it is going to say he's just creating a dialouge, but how are you going to do that when 99% of the people playing it are going to be Middle Eastern kids.

Any group that abducts mentally retarded people and straps bombs around them so they can go blow themselves up isn't going to be supported by me, nor should it by any other American. Besides, the argument of the College Republicans was that the event was being sponsored by American tax dollars.

Look, this game is alright, I mean this is *all I do in Call of Duty 4.*
OpFor, AK-47, 3Xfrags, Sonic Boom, Martyrdom.

I scream "ALLAAAAHU ACKBAR" down the hall at everyone else on the LAN just before I overcook my third grenade. If I can do that, we can have a game like this.

@ Jerry

My argument isn't with the PAST. My people's past has been well documented, fractured, praised, outright lied about, etc. by all sides of every confrontation. That's fine. There are quite a few things my people did in the past that is beyond objectionable. BUT, that's the PAST. If you you dictated what in fact happened in the past, many countries would be on trial here. Including the good ol' U.S. of A.

I don't deny that there are alot of stories about Muhammad. So many in fact that I honestly couldn't tell you which are right and which are wrong. There are so many fabricated stories and half-truths that I couldn't tell you with all the "proof" available on the net whether everything is the truth or a lie. But quite frankly, even if it all is, that doesn't change a thing. The past is as they say, the past.

My problem is that people apply knowledge of things they may or may not neccessarily be true to a situation today. Also, I won't comment about extremists in my religion that believe killing will solve today's problems. I've made my points on that clear already.

The mod explores WHY Bilal casts himself as a suicide bomber, and all the relevant issues involved. He has the freedom to do so. It also points out the double standard in the war. There's nothing wrong with that.

Gee, fantastic idea. Let's point out the problems of the common Iraqi civilian by creating an Al Qaeda suicide bombing simulator! No siree, that won't alienate and offend the people we're trying to educate about our perspective, not at all.



I'm done here, thats it, your all nuts.


"I’m mean, come on, how could you think this isn’t Al Qaeda propaganda"

Because liberalism is a mental disorder.

E. Zachary Knight wrote:
"And Bilal’s Mod of Night of Bush Capturing [...] is a political opinion piece."

See, this is where I have trouble with this whole thing. Is the mod really a "political opinion piece," or "art"? If it is, what is Bilal saying, and how is he saying it? What is the game's context, how does it convey its message?

Or is it just some angry college student sticking their face on a controversial piece of software and saying, "I'm making a statement." (because saying it makes it true, right?)

The original Night of Bush Capturing is a run-and-gun where you (a terrorist) kill American troops for 6 levels on the way to attack Bush. Now Bilal inserted himself into the game in the form of a mod. So how is this shining light on the atrocities of the Iraqi war? No offense, but this has about as much thought behind it as I would expect from a middle-school kid asked to make a political statement.

I'm just saying this. If "Night of Bush Capturing" is a piece of terrorist propoganda, "personalizing it" doesn't really change that. If Bilal thought it did, then he really didn't put a lot of thought into it.

@ Jerry

Earlier you said you didn't think all muslims followed the Quran to the letter. NOW you say.....


"There"? So.... you were able to be pretty specific before, who are "they"? If it's the extremists, then I'd be inclined to agree. However, you sound rather paranoid now. Honestly, I don't think I do get it. You kinda changed your facts constantly until we stopped being on topic.

In any case, I believe my viewpoint stands. I seriously doubt this is propaganda.

Why are you people arguing with Jerry the Bush-worshipper? You can't really argue with 20%ers, they're too ignorant to see the other side of any of their views and think if you happen to be a democrat or a muslim, that you're EVIL. Hell, he's even quoting Ann Coulter for crying out loud.

Granted he hasn't admitted he does yet, but one of my quotes seems to fit him quite well:

There's no worship like Bush worship; its a special kind of stupid.

Jerry Says: "Because liberalism is a mental disorder."

Ok, first you stereotype, and NOW you're making personal insults about other's intelligence!

Jerry said:

"I don’t think Every Muslims follows it to the letter, because if they did they would all be killing people. I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to be jackass. Just being strait with you, if they followed the qur’an to the letter, they would be killing people, thats all. "

I hate to tell you Jerry, but same goes for christians. 2 Chronicles 15:13 for example. There are numerous passages in the bible for its followers to kill others. I guess Deuteronomy 13:13-19 justifies the Iraq war doesn't it?

Jerry wrote:
"Because liberalism is a mental disorder. "

Sometimes, I think the same thing of neocnservatism...oops 'independants.' Sir, you are as independant as Fox News is 'fair' or 'balanced.' I'll bet you only call yourself that because republicans have a bad rap these days.

Living in Toronto, I meet more muslims EVERY DAY than you've probably met your ENTIRE LIFE. They are nice people. I don't want people to think that one of my best friends (a Halo gamer, BTW) is a terrorist simply because of his faith - and there are thousdans more just like him.

Oh, and the last time we were terrorist-bombed?


O wow, I tried to stay a way but I could not.

@Rukon Zappa

First of all, I'm quoting Michael savage. Second of all, I can't stand bush. Although I have a feeling we both have very,very, different reasons for this.


You can have freedom of speech, I did not say you could not. But that does not mean your not an idiot. Idiots can say things to you know.

And I am so confused by you, really I am. I can't find your point. This is the 3rd time I writing this, because you seem to be saying two different things. What you wrote, makes it sound like I think Bush and and people who support the war are terrorists, or something like that. Then you make up a conversation between the mod guy and everyone else. Then I get more confused because you tell me I can debunk your points. Which means that you already agree you are wrong. So I just don't know what the heck your saying.

I don't think Bush is a terrorist, or the people that support the war, if that was what you where saying.


You need Jesus man. He died on the cross for you, for your sins. I know you don't believe, but I just wanted to tell you that. The qur'an is not a book of peace. Its a book of war, thats why we are in this mess to day. and if anyone bashes the Bible or God, I will correct you and make you look very, very, stupid. Fair warning.

Jerry, what I am saying is that this could go on forever. I could disprove your point, and you could disprove my. We would be going around in circles. I should of made that more clear and that was my mistake. I have a habit of thinking too far ahead of myself and forget to fill in some blanks.

About the Bush thing. It was an example that you could make anyone look like a terrorist if you give people a narrow point of view. You could used pure truth but still misrepresented. What we call terrorist could be the freedom fighters of their country. It's not all black and white.

@ Are'el

So Political opinion pieces cannot be art?

What I am getting at is that you nor Jerry has played this game nor have you seen it in action. So how can you claim that it is terrorist propaganda?

Of course I have not played it nor seen it in action, so I don't know either. But that does not me I can't give it a shadow of a doubt.

@ Jerry

O wow, I tried to stay a way but I could not.

That is because you are bigoted idiot and don't know when to quit.


I get what your saying now,but I don't agree (surprise!)

The guy who made this mod, is full of crap. His reason for this is to bring attention to something that has tons of attention. Just because the doped up brain washing media does not talk about it, does not mean people do not know about it. How do you think they get the people to join Al Qaeda? THey go after the ones that are vulnerable. Everyone with a brain knows this. Not insulting anyone, just saying, everyone knows this. It's pointless. He's bringing light to it, good for me. To bad its already lit up with a spot light and his candle won't do anything.

But whats the point? what does he want from me? my sympathy? my money? what?, what is it?

And are you saying these terrorists are freedom fighters? THESE PEOPLE ATTACK THE MOST FREE COUNTRY ON EARTH. How are they freedom fighters? There nut jobs, who should all be put on an island some where, and left to feed off the vegetation. Maybe all the vitamins from the plant life with help make there minds clear. Of course, if I did not understand you again, just forget this last part.

@E. Zachary Knight

Quiting is for losers.


@ Jerry

I never bashed God, or the Bible. I try to treat everyone and their religious choice freely. I don't NEED Jesus. Last I checked, I made my own decisions without having to bear the weight or responsibility of my people's past actions. I don't need someone to save me Jerry. I have the strength to save myself.

Oh, and don't bother bashing my book. You say that my book is one of war? If it WAS a book of war, this country would have been a flaming pit by now. There are ALOT of muslims in this country dipstick. Your bigoted, and quite frankly STUPID generalization has made me realize that I'm not talking to a RATIONAL human being anymore.

Save the bible thumping for someone else. Your book isn't all roses and happiness last I checked, and others above have posted. I appreciate my freedom, and quite frankly, the guy who made this mod probably has no idea about Gamepolitics save the short interview. It's not like this is the FIRST time he's done a project like this. He made a mod. DAMN.

I TRIED to be nice about this, but man you have ISSUES. Your last post was more or less an inane rant. You haven't even bothered using logic at this point. I'm honestly waiting for you to call me a terrorist to bring this worthless crap full circle.

I never said you would bash it. I just asked everyone not to, because most of the time when I bring up the Bible thats what happens. I fail to see how you have the strength to save your self. Maybe you could elaborate on what you mean by that.

Your book is a book of war, don't get mad at the truth. I already showed you this in the versus I posted earlier from the qur'an. And you say, oh, well that was then this is now. Guess what? The Muslims chant death to America to day. They go out and blow them selves up for Allah, to day. They want to destroy Israel to day. They want everyone to become a Muslim to day. If you want to sit there and say. Its a book of peace, even though it tells you to kill a Muslim if he leaves the faith. How is this peaceful.

O well that was then this is now right? thats your answer. Bad answer. Not an answer at all in fact. It's an excuse.

@ Are'el

Sorry. Didn't mean to misinterpret you.

Frankly, I don't know how this is a political commentary or how it is art. I have not witnessed it.

But I do believe it deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Here on this site we have bashed Fox News, Jack Thompson, Keith Vaz, Leland Yee etc. for not researching games enough to form a true opinion. Yet here are people who claim to know that this game is terrorist propaganda without every playing or seeing the game.

That is what bugs me the most. We cry that these people are hypocrites, yet we are being very hypocritical ourselves.

I will refrain from making any other judgments on this game until I have seen it my self.

@ Are'el

Ah, sorry sorry. It's my nature to roll my eyes at bigots. I'll try to ignore it though. He's pretty much down to using a religious rant to give credence to his ridiculous claims. So, in a sense, it really IS over now.

@ Jerry

Well, to clarify what I said, I can apply medical aid to myself and others. I've managed to convince myself to stay off drugs & alcohol. I've managed to convince myself not to do any ridiculous "jackass" style stunts that result in my head banging against a car or concrete wall. Long story short, I have the sense of mind to not do anything stupid. To follow basic tenets of my own life and instincts that insure I try to help others and more or less stay out of trouble.

THAT'S what I mean Jerry. Hope that clarifies for you. I never needed, nor will I ever need Jesus to save me. I can save myself just fine.

Jerry, I'm starting to think you just glance over the important parts of my posts and sort of "Fox News" the rest of it. Again, I make no excuses for extremists. But the vast majority of my people just want to be left the hell alone. So what if a crowd of people hate America? All sorts of people have disagreements with the U.S. You've got Americans right here burning flags! Your argument is flawed. And you keep saying "they". What is UP with that?

dj posted :

"I hate to tell you Jerry, but same goes for christians. 2 Chronicles 15:13 for example. There are numerous passages in the bible for its followers to kill others. I guess Deuteronomy 13:13-19 justifies the Iraq war doesn’t it?"

I mean, the writing's on the wall. You tell me about the Quran being a book of war and the Bible really has plenty of the same. Isn't that more or less a two-faced opinion? Seems like a double-standard here?


C'mon Jerry. You already KNOW what this country was built on. You ALREADY know who it was taken from in order to be built. Who are you kidding here?

This was supposed to be about a mod. Instead, you've trivialized it with bad reasoning and hate-mongering.

@ E. Zachary Knight

You know what? You are absolutely right. Nailed it right on the head. I was so concerned with showing Jerry how much of a hypocrite Jerry was that I was getting dangerously close there myself. I think I'll leave Jerry to his bigotry. I've made my opinions known, and I'll let others give their interpretation from here on out. I'll leave it at that and check out some other topics.

Tch. Religion & Gamepolitics most certainly don't mix.


Don't confuse the way you percieve the Koran with the way Muslims may percieve the same book.

I read that short story too, in high school I think. But it was part of a speed reading test so I don't remember it too well.

This mod hasn't been released to the public yet, has it? I'd love to try it out because going to the exhibit is impossible for me.

He has every right to express his views in any non-violent manner he so chooses and the campus republicans have every right to bitch and moan about the evils his speech brings...

1.It is described as an Al Qaeda propaganda video game, is that because it looks like one or is there some actual affiliation with Al Qaeda?

I haven't seen the content but depending on how the mission to kill/kidnap Bush is presented the game may be crossing a line from speech to incitement to violence or it could be harmless free speech... I would really like to see the content so this point would be clarified...

"Bilal’s appearance is part of a program funded by a New York State grant"
3. At this time my only concern is that from my understanding the state is technically sponsoring a propaganda/recruitment tool for terrorists... if I misunderstood that point can someone clarify what program and how it is sponsoring his appearance.
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MechaTama31Infophile: Kind of like how you're criticizing these theoretical reactions before you've even read any? ;)09/01/2015 - 12:44am
PHX CorpI'll probaly Start the stream around 8PM Eastern08/31/2015 - 10:09pm
PHX CorpOk, see you guys Tomorrow on the GP Facebook Page, I'll be steaming either the first 2 megaman games(Through Megaman Legacy Collection) or Rare Replay as the first game on My page tomorrow While we wait for GP to Come back up later this week08/31/2015 - 10:01pm
james_fudgeAlso check out our Facebook page and chat there! - 9:53pm
james_fudgeSee you all on the other side! Find me on Twitter :)08/31/2015 - 9:51pm
james_fudgeAllright, i'll mention this on the GP facebook page08/31/2015 - 9:49pm
PHX Corpand now it's ready to go for everyone08/31/2015 - 9:35pm
PHX Corpok, done I have to put on one more finishing touch and it is ready to go08/31/2015 - 9:19pm
Andrew EisenFeel free to leave us suggestions on Facebook or Twitter too. We're going to be busy but we'll try our best to keep an eye on 'em.08/31/2015 - 8:59pm
Andrew EisenIt's an interesting idea though. If we do anything, we probably won't know until after the site goes offline so keep an eye on GP social media for announcements.08/31/2015 - 8:59pm
Andrew EisenYeah, we could use my Twitch chat box too. There's always IRC but we don't currently have a GamePolitics channel.08/31/2015 - 8:57pm
Goth_SkunkThough I think the limit is 9 at a time in the hangout, so anyone who can't get in would be stuck out in the 'on air' portion.08/31/2015 - 8:57pm
Andrew EisenFor the show, I'd like the chat open to anyone who wants to watch.08/31/2015 - 8:55pm
PHX CorpI could Set Up a Temporary chatroom on My twitch.TV page while GP is busy updating the site(since I'll be Fighting Megaman Legacy Collection on Xbox one)08/31/2015 - 8:54pm
Goth_SkunkI don't see a problem with inviting viewers. It's not like I'm advocating this to be an open forum, just something specific to GP members.08/31/2015 - 8:53pm
Andrew EisenThat's why I embed the chat box from my Twitch Page. Can't get chat on the YouTube page to work either.08/31/2015 - 8:49pm
Andrew EisenI do but I haven't seen a way to incorporate viewers to chat without specifically inviting them to the event.08/31/2015 - 8:49pm
Goth_SkunkThough I'm surprised you'd not be familiar with this, Andrew. Do you not use Google Hangouts when you do S.P.A.C.?08/31/2015 - 8:45pm

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