British Prime Minister Meets w/Mom of “Manhunt Murder Victim”

As planned, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met yesterday with Giselle Pakeerah, mother of 14-year-old murder victim Stefan Pakeerah.

The boy’s 2004 slaying was initially linked to Rockstar’s original Manhunt game, but an investigation by Scotland Yard later discounted that theory. His mother, however, clings to the belief that the game motivate the brutal killing.

As reported by Kent Online, MP’s Keith Vaz and Julian Brazier accompanied Ms. Pakeerah in her meeting with the Prime Minister. (photo: Vaz, Brown, Ms. Pakeerah, Brazier) Vaz is a longtime critic of video game violence, while Brazier seeks to create an appeals process for film and game ratings in the U.K. Of the meeting, Brazier said:

[The Prime Minister] seemed to be concerned and was taking notes during our meeting, which is always a good sign. I was sad that the Government chose to block my [ratings] bill, but I think there’s some chance that we’ll make some solid progress on this matter.

If the Government digs its heels in and doesn’t decide to take a firm stance on [content issues], that’s the point when I will have to go back to my front bench colleagues and talk it through.

Gordon Brown’s government, meanwhile, is anticipating this month’s release of the report it commissioned from Dr. Tanya Byron on the effects of video games and the Internet on children.

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