Jack Thompson: Florida Bar Will Look Like Bombed-out Building (figuratively speaking)

March 7, 2008 -
As GamePolitics readers know, controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson has been involved in a protracted legal struggle with the Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court.

The Bar, which placed Thompson on trial for allegations of professional misconduct in December, is pursuing discipline which could ultimately see Thompson stripped of his license to practice law.

The Florida Supreme Court, meanwhile, has grown weary of Thompson's many filings, which it terms abusive of the legal process. Based on a recent show cause order, it seems likely that the Supreme Court will soon refuse to accept anything submitted by Thompson. The Florida Supremes also have a hand in Thompson's troubles with the Bar. The Supreme Court, for example, appointed the referee, Judge Dava Tunis, who presided over Thompson's Bar trial and will soon issue a ruling on her findings.

That's the backstory. Late Tuesday afternoon, Thompson sent GamePolitics an e-mail which contained a new filing with the Florida Supreme Court. The document (MS Word) was CC:'d to numerous attorneys, Florida Bar officials, and even state prosecutors. For the most part, it was standard-issue Thompson bluster, but we took note of the final sentence:
Below is what The Florida Bar will look like if [the Florida Supreme] court acts affirmatively on its show cause order, figuratively speaking, of course:

The picture is that of a devastated building, possibly from World War II. Given Thompson's contentious history with the Bar, we found the sentiment expressed by the picture somewhat questionable, so we asked Thompson about it in a series of e-mails:

GP: ...if some kid sent you that picture and said that’s how your house would look, figuratively, of course, I gotta think you’d say it was a threat, no?

JT: You know what the word "figuratively" means, right?  Also, the notice was sent to the court sans the image.  that was to gig the bar governors getting it.  you have to have fun at times.

GP: Do you remember those kids a few years back who made that cartoonish instant message icon that had a big rock rolling over a little stick figure of you and you called the NYPD because you said it was threat? Weren’t they just having fun? What’s the difference?

JT: Dennis, I know you are challenged by life and by reasoning, but the pleading says "figuratively."  Check yourself into a mental health facility.

GP: So, do you really think that instant message icon [back in 2005] was really a threat? Do you think anyone will consider [your e-mail] relating the FL Bar office to a picture of a bombed-out building [a] threat?

JT: Uh, Dennis, I really think you have lost your mind.  I'm not posting threats anonymously.  If I had intended these people harm, I would have done that quite sometime ago.  The notice to the court was sans the picture.  Get a grip, Dennis.  You're so intent on destroying me that you have lost it.  You understand what "figuratively" means, or don't you?  Stop bothering me.

GP: What do you suppose would happen to a high school student who sent that pic to his school with the “figurative” comment that this is what the school would look like if he didn’t get his way?

JT: You're boring, Dennis

GP: That’s not an answer to the question.

UPDATE: Some readers have informed us that the picture is of Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Dome.

UPDATE 2: Some of Thompson's other legal theatrics are getting some crossover mainstream attention at Slate...

UPDATE 3: Someone apparently e-mailed Thompson with some rather disgusting "figurative" comments. That kind of thing, frankly, does nothing to help the image of gamers. But, in any event, Thompson and I had this exchange concerning the "figurative" e-mail he received :
JT: Dennis, I'm sure you deplore the [nasty e-mail], which you're responsible, for, right?

GP: Actually, I do deplore that. Responsible? No. Everyone is, of course, responsible for their own actions. You know, I’m trying to remember who created that e-mail about the Bar Building looking blown up…  and who sent it to me knowing that I publish things…  And who answered my several follow-up questions about it….  Wait – it was you!

UPDATE 4: 1PM, Sunday... another e-mail from Thompson:
Wow, that "Jack Thompson threatens to bomb The Florida Bar" has gotten tremendous traction, hasn't it?  Apparently you're the only vendetta-obsessed loon who wanted to take it that way.  Poor Dennis, captured by your own industry agenda.
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What confuses me is, is he so stubborn that he simply refuses to admit fault, or is he really that stupid as to not understand how his (figurative) depictions of violence are no different than those he usually rails against?

Dennis, you take alot of crap from that douchebag.

But it really shows how low that asshole can sink when he used a picture describing the effects of Nuclear War (take note of the devestation around the building, and keep in mind that building was almost at Ground Zero; 50 meters away)

I really hope Thompson gets nailed for this, this is very disrespectful for those who survived that incident, and disrespecting the monument which serves as a reminder of the devestation of what happens when a populace gets nuked

Why don't we play a little turnaround here and forward this to the Florida State Police or the FBI? See how serious they take it, despite the "figuratively" warning?

Holy cow, this is it. This is really it, people! Soon one of the most horrible persons on the face of the earth will be canned, and we can all rejoice!

Let's see the checklist of major game antagonizers...

Uwe Boll - Tax loophole closed up, forced to go back to small movies or no movies at all.

Jack Thompson - Pending termination; scheduled for disbarment at the end of April. (How could he /not/ be disbarred for all of this?)

Fox News - Still active, but that front is where we have the most allies.

We're making progress, people. Take a deep breath and smile. Soon it'll all be over.


Well, it's stuff like this that make me think that Thompson will have a mental break down if disbarred, go on a shooting spree, shoot himself in the leg, then toss the gun to some teenage boy just so he can shout "That gamer did it!!! See he shot me and all these people, videogames make kids murder!!!"

While I admit that I may have a rather vivid imagination, reality is steadily catching up to it.

I honestly pity poor Jack.
He's falling down this deep, deep grave he dug when he started this little crusade.
It won't end well at all.

How can he possibly think any of this is a good idea?!?!

That's probably more of a rhetorical question because I just don't see anyway anybody, sane or no, can find a way to make JT's actions seem like a good idea. I imagine Brittney Spears would look at his antics and even she would quip "That dude is nuts!"

John Bruce doesn't have any room to speak about knowing about particular forms of speech.

"Parody" and "Sarcasm" are just two such words.

Let's not forget the kid who emailed John Bruce that stupid sarcastic email about asking him for advice on how to obtain weapons for use in his own school attack.

Let's also not forget that Federal Authorities (FBI and Homeland Security for example) don't give a flying fart about attempts to downplay comments made. You can be arrested for even saying "I DON'T have a bomb!" in an airport or getting into an argument with an airline stewardess.

And how about the ever popular investigation into kids who made maps based on their schools for their FPS games?

Stand in the middle of a Federal Courtroom and make that comment with "figuratively speaking" included and see how fast you get arrested.

And let's not forget John Bruce's past conflicts with the Florida Bar and the Federal Supreme Courts. Any reason why Federal Authorities SHOULD outright ignore such claims, even with "figureatively speaking" included?

John Bruce is better than Ghost Hunters. All his past actions are going to end up haunting him, proving the existance of ghosts better than anything else.

NW2K Software
Nightwng2000 NW2K Software http://www.facebook.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

@ AUAJT member No. 2(aka MonkeyFace)

I hear you, opinion from a unbiased shrink is definitely needed!

I sent a message to the Florida Bureau of Investigations and the Florida Supreme court.
I seriously would not show up for work if I worked in the Florida Bar as long as he is around and that ispretty much what I told them. Just said I was worried for others saftey.

... but now that I think about it.. I'm a gamer and should have known better!
I don't care about other people! they are just fodder for me to shoot when I go on a shooting spree!

"Everyone can be held accountable for total lunacy but me!"

I didn't mean locked up as in prison. Criminals aren't the only ones locked up... believe me. I have visited a mental ward before.

"Check yourself into a mental health facility."
"If I had intended these people harm, I would have done that quite sometime ago."
"You’re boring, Dennis"

Do we even NEED a reason to hate this guy anymore? I mean, come on...

@Jack Thompson:

Jack, I’m sure your parents deplore the nasty offspring which they’re responsible for, right?

He's really sealed the deal now. I'm buying a bottle of expensive champagne first thing tomorrow in order to be ready for the announcement of his disbarment.

...posted an Update (#4), new comment from JT...

Also - someone Dugg this story. Give it a Digg if you think it's worthy

Thompson really needs to make up his mind whether he wants people to report on his stories or not. Oh yes, I forgot, Thompson only wants good responses to his actions....

You are right, I keep forgetting that.

He sure has the trolling "anything that happens or I do is a win" part down.


Comments by jack in one of the more recent stories on him mentions his phone number (the comment had something to do with a reporter, I can't remember the context exactly), maybe you could phone him and ask if he'd be willing to be interviewed and get his email from him then.

What about the "You have an hour to cease and desist" sue joke he made? Wasn't the contest creator just having a little "fun?"

@ Pierre

Some people don't even hint that they're gamers and he STILL assumes that they are...

Lol. Click on the Jack Thompson link and GB lists it in one of the articles. It's a hyperlink. That says "74-page monster".

No prob.

Does GP have a regular forum, or is it all simple responses?

And how does one post a conversation had with Jack Thompson?
I've contacted him (no, I won't give you his email!), and I'm hoping to report the results of my article to GP (with Mr. Thompson's permission, of course).


Thanks, brother. (In Gamer Society VS Jack Thompson, we're all brothers/sisters.


All but the part about the court already being fully aware of Spitzer's conduct (as is 99% of all Americans) and the implications of it to his license to practice.

It'd be kinda like me writing the Florida Bar (and cc'ing the media) to tell them that Jack Thompson's mentally unfit to practice law and should be disbared. That ain't breaking news to them, I think.

Well, at least another news site printed the whole story

Hey, found an article that can tell about JT's other activities. Feel free to peruse it, or not, makes no difference to me, really.


Not being mean to anyone in any way. Just thought I'd make this available to the users that frequent GP.

... um, ok? (and that was weird, when I first saw the story the bold tag hadn't been closed for some reason, and when I clicked on it I got a 404 not found... which while I wish all his stories would get 404'd, was kinda weird.)

Other than that I just don't know what to say anymore... well except "What's the f***ing holdup, Florida?!"

jeez, he really doesn't like it when you throw stuff back in his face, huh?

Aww... poor little wooden puppet lawyer can't handle the issues so he does them... how cute! Now someone go change his diapers.

Oh hey Jack, this is what you're going to look like when the bar's done with you: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v212/redbaerd/baloney.gif. Don't worry, it's 'figurative.'

This guy cannot be serious.

Holy crap he's lost it for good now. I now hope someone federally presses charges against him for the threats. Even if they were made figuratively it c an still be construed as a threat like he construses everything critisizing him as a threat while everything from him according to him is not. Holy Hypocrisy Batman.

Yes, that picture does look a little like Dresden or Cologne after flattened it.

So essentially you back him into a cornor and prove he is an idiot, but the best he can do is go "LALALALALALA you're stupid LALALALALALALA" as he plugs his ears shut. This man begs to have an ironic end to his career, seriously. come on Karma, where are you?!

In case someone doesn't know that picture is of the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, and is preserved in that state today as a reminder of the horror of atomic weapons. So not a good choice thompson, unless you think atomic bombs are a joke.

Hypocritical nutjob.

lol this is comedy gold here people.

The image is of the "Atomic Bomb Dome", one of the few buildings to survive the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. See: http://www.richard-seaman.com/Travel/Japan/Hiroshima/AtomicDome/index.html

A quick google image search for "hiroshima" will garner you a copy of the image as the third hit via this site: http://students.umf.maine.edu/~donoghtp/Images.htm

The building jumped out at me because I just watched an episode of the History's Channel's "Cities of the Underworld" that showed it.


Thus is the basis of Jack's whacked out belief system:
"It's perfectly normal and acceptable for me, but not so for you."

Someone revoke his license already and get him help ASAP. He's delusional and a danger to himself and others.

If his conversation with you is indicative of how he presents his cases in court, no wonder they don't want him back.

It's like he's jumping around peading to be disbarred, not even figuratively. He probably thinks he can make a mint on the lecture circuit talking about how he was oppressed for being a Christian. People eat that stuff up.

"If I had intended these people harm, I would have done that quite sometime ago."

I'm fairly certain that's a threat, indirectly.

I would love to see someone tear him apart in a debate on tv. Someone out there needs to point out what kind of person Jack is. On television. So people are informed.

I see Mr. Thompson subscribes to the "I reject your reality and substitute my own" theory.

You win at life Dennis.

Someone should CC Homeland Security. They LOVE investigating threats like that. Says you're "figuratively speaking" doesn't cut it until after they've done "processing" you...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...

Why hasn't anyone forced this guy to seek professional help?

You know how sometimes the people who commit hate crimes against gays do it because they are closet homosexuals themselves? I'm starting to wonder if Thompson knows he's borderline unhinged and he's afraid that video games might push *him* over the edge.

Tonight on Dancing with the Stars, Jack Thompson and his tap dancing around GP's questions!

Poor JT. He just doesn't understand irony, or someone.

By the way, that's the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome.


Thats right, JT thinks he's going to drop an atom bomb on the Florida Supreme Court and Bar. Yeah... very professional. Not.
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