Jack Thompson: Florida Bar Will Look Like Bombed-out Building (figuratively speaking)

March 7, 2008 -
As GamePolitics readers know, controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson has been involved in a protracted legal struggle with the Florida Bar and the Florida Supreme Court.

The Bar, which placed Thompson on trial for allegations of professional misconduct in December, is pursuing discipline which could ultimately see Thompson stripped of his license to practice law.

The Florida Supreme Court, meanwhile, has grown weary of Thompson's many filings, which it terms abusive of the legal process. Based on a recent show cause order, it seems likely that the Supreme Court will soon refuse to accept anything submitted by Thompson. The Florida Supremes also have a hand in Thompson's troubles with the Bar. The Supreme Court, for example, appointed the referee, Judge Dava Tunis, who presided over Thompson's Bar trial and will soon issue a ruling on her findings.

That's the backstory. Late Tuesday afternoon, Thompson sent GamePolitics an e-mail which contained a new filing with the Florida Supreme Court. The document (MS Word) was CC:'d to numerous attorneys, Florida Bar officials, and even state prosecutors. For the most part, it was standard-issue Thompson bluster, but we took note of the final sentence:
Below is what The Florida Bar will look like if [the Florida Supreme] court acts affirmatively on its show cause order, figuratively speaking, of course:

The picture is that of a devastated building, possibly from World War II. Given Thompson's contentious history with the Bar, we found the sentiment expressed by the picture somewhat questionable, so we asked Thompson about it in a series of e-mails:

GP: ...if some kid sent you that picture and said that’s how your house would look, figuratively, of course, I gotta think you’d say it was a threat, no?

JT: You know what the word "figuratively" means, right?  Also, the notice was sent to the court sans the image.  that was to gig the bar governors getting it.  you have to have fun at times.

GP: Do you remember those kids a few years back who made that cartoonish instant message icon that had a big rock rolling over a little stick figure of you and you called the NYPD because you said it was threat? Weren’t they just having fun? What’s the difference?

JT: Dennis, I know you are challenged by life and by reasoning, but the pleading says "figuratively."  Check yourself into a mental health facility.

GP: So, do you really think that instant message icon [back in 2005] was really a threat? Do you think anyone will consider [your e-mail] relating the FL Bar office to a picture of a bombed-out building [a] threat?

JT: Uh, Dennis, I really think you have lost your mind.  I'm not posting threats anonymously.  If I had intended these people harm, I would have done that quite sometime ago.  The notice to the court was sans the picture.  Get a grip, Dennis.  You're so intent on destroying me that you have lost it.  You understand what "figuratively" means, or don't you?  Stop bothering me.

GP: What do you suppose would happen to a high school student who sent that pic to his school with the “figurative” comment that this is what the school would look like if he didn’t get his way?

JT: You're boring, Dennis

GP: That’s not an answer to the question.

UPDATE: Some readers have informed us that the picture is of Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Dome.

UPDATE 2: Some of Thompson's other legal theatrics are getting some crossover mainstream attention at Slate...

UPDATE 3: Someone apparently e-mailed Thompson with some rather disgusting "figurative" comments. That kind of thing, frankly, does nothing to help the image of gamers. But, in any event, Thompson and I had this exchange concerning the "figurative" e-mail he received :
JT: Dennis, I'm sure you deplore the [nasty e-mail], which you're responsible, for, right?

GP: Actually, I do deplore that. Responsible? No. Everyone is, of course, responsible for their own actions. You know, I’m trying to remember who created that e-mail about the Bar Building looking blown up…  and who sent it to me knowing that I publish things…  And who answered my several follow-up questions about it….  Wait – it was you!

UPDATE 4: 1PM, Sunday... another e-mail from Thompson:
Wow, that "Jack Thompson threatens to bomb The Florida Bar" has gotten tremendous traction, hasn't it?  Apparently you're the only vendetta-obsessed loon who wanted to take it that way.  Poor Dennis, captured by your own industry agenda.
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He's still allowed to practice law, that's what's wrong.

He reminds me of the obnoxious schoolboy, but is "nice" around his parents.

Something tells me that in this post 9/11 world that the supreme court of Florida is not likely to have a sense of humor about this.

Can I move the Jack Thompson Doom Clock's hands to 2 minutes 'til?

This article (which I think really says a lot about Thompson's skewed mindset) made me sign up for Digg so I could submit it... >.O


You're sure? The Architecture looks western to me.

i laughed at "That's not an answer to the question."

people, please don't express "figurative" things here... I'm just deleting them if they violate comments policy...


Nice one Dennis!

You played that one perfectly. Such a hypocrite that Jackhole, isn't he?

I will say this much. If I was working at that building on the day of the sentancing... I would take a long lunch... say, the rest of the day. He has been building up a defense, he can claim that he had to play the games to be able to cite what is wrong with them, and they must have driven him mad.

I know what figuratively means, but it doesn't make any sense in the way he is using it. Now if he had sent a picture of a party, it would make sence, saying that the place would have an aire of festivities, it would be describing the feeling, not the look.

But the way he used it is dangerous. You can't make a threat of bombing the place then say "figuratively speaking" and it's ok. It would be like someone saying "We're coming over to feed you goldfish to your cat, your cat to your dog, then kill your dog and paint your house with it's entrails... figuratively speaking, of course."

The reason that doesn't work is that there isn't anyway to take that figuratively. If he had said, "Below is what The Florida Bar will feel like if [the Florida Supreme] court acts affirmatively on its show cause order, figuratively speaking, of course:" Then it would have been ok. you can figuratively describe the feeling of a place, or the change of feeling. But if you figuratively describe how a place will look, then that indicates a change in the looks of the place, in this case, what he is litteraly saying is that the place will change it's physical appearence to one of devistation. His sentance would still be construed as a threat exactly as he has written it.

He didn't just fail in court, it looks like he failed in English as well.

Looking at this mans past in the past articles about him at GP. It looks like he suffers from anti-social personality disorder. (It is also known as sociopathy.)

This, children, is called, "Dodging the question." Mr. Thompson has chosen repeated insults as his method of dismissal. Now class, what do we say to Mr. Thompson?

Answer the gorram question, asshat.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Can they take this as a threat?

Wow. Jack just f--ked himself...figuratively.

So the gaming public can now threaten Jack Thompson in any manner we choose, so long as we include the the phrase "figuratively speaking" in the message. Awesome!!

Dennis, got to say thanks for talking with this idiot in the name of journalism.

"Below is what The Florida Bar will look like if [the Florida Supreme] court acts affirmatively on its show cause order, figuratively speaking, of course"

Yeah this statement figurative or not along with that picture can land Jack in more trouble seeing as how it can be considered a terrorist threat. Not saying JT is a terrorist mind you, I am just saying the remark along with the picture is a threat of terrorism.

@Black Ice:

Yup. Its very famous for being one of the few architectural structures to survive the Hiroshima blast. It still looks similiar, if you check the link posted, since they set it up as sort of a memorial or what not.

Don't mind me though. I'm a big WW2 buff. Either that, or I've been watching the History Channel too much.

If he gets disbarred, can we start to insult him freely?

I repeat: crazy is bottomless.


They say turn about is fair play.

After all we are all speaking figuratively

and there isnt a threat because according to Jack Thompson

Uh, Dennis, I really think you have lost your mind. I’m not posting threats anonymously. If I had intended these people harm, I would have done that quite sometime ago. The notice to the court was sans the picture. Get a grip, Dennis. You’re so intent on destroying me that you have lost it. You understand what “figuratively” means, or don’t you? Stop bothering me.

using Figuratively does not imply a threat. so therefore Jack Thompson is not being threatened.

"Dennis, I know you are challenged by life and by reasoning, but the pleading says “figuratively.” Check yourself into a mental health facility"

Wow he was just asking a simple question. A good one at that. How is this any different from those kids? Just because you add the word “figuratively” into a thread doesn't make it any less of a threat.

If someone said "I'm going to crash a plane into the white house “figuratively” does this mean that it's not a threat?

Thompson is the one who should be checking into a mental house.

Any bets on how long it'll take Jack to get on Judge Lenard's bad side? Or how long 'til he files the inevitable motion to have her recused? Or how long before she tosses Jack and his lawsuit outta her court?

@Jack Thompson:

FYI, Jack, Judge Lenard was spotted entering the last monthly meeting of the National Association of People Out to Get Jack Thompson. You should just cut to the case and sue her, too. And, while your at it, demand her impeachment.

Justin got there first, the image is of post-bombing Hiroshima. Since we're on the topic of using the horrors of war to make childish allusions, I'd say that building faired better than this man's career will.


I am betting he is already on Judge Lenard's Bad side. Recused? its comming tomorrow. Tosses Jack out of court? as soon as she finishes reading the motion, gets into the court room and sees Jacks face.

i dont get it, jack is going to turn the florida bar into a peace memorial?

what i nice guy, give him a break

GP: LOL, Scot...

How would getting JT to need another (real) lawyer to sign his court docs result in the destruction of the bar?

It's official. Jack Thompson is utterly incapable of self-evaluation.

To use images of Hiroshima, the sight of one of the worst atrocities in history, and a place where thousands and thousands of people died, in the context he just did while simultaneously supposedly trying to save the American public from the mass murderers in waiting (gamers) is just an incredible showing of hypocritical bullshit. Not to mention downright lack of civility, respect for the dead and basic human decency.

I swear to God this man has no shame. It's like there is nothing except anger flowing inside his minuscule brain.

Listen Jackhole. I KNOW you're reading. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?

How many high school students have been arrested for less, I don't care if he is an adult or not, that kind of thing has to be taken seriously in all cases.

@ DarkTetsuya

"Other than that I just don’t know what to say anymore… well except “What’s the f***ing holdup, Florida?!“"

I ask myself that every time I click a JT article on GP the last two months and discover it's NOT the highly-anticipated "JT Disbarred, Claims Alien Conspiracy" article.

Sorry GP. I thought it was apt, as the target of my little jab couldn't possibly complain, by his own logic. Guess I was wrong.

GP: I understand. I just don't want to hand any ammunition to those who might seek to attack the site.

as much as i would love to make some "figurative" statements, it's still in our best interest to adhere to reality.

@ Pixelantes Anonymous:

"Jack Thompson" and "sense of decency" don't properly belong together in the same sentence.

If Thompson's last few months were fiction, I'd just say it was stupid.

Knowing it's real, I have laughed out loud a few times lately while reading GP.

"You're boring, Dennis"... clearly the man just got owned.

I’m not posting threats anonymously.

You're right Jack, you do it so everyone knows you did it. That is why you are facing a disbarment.

What is it with Thompson and people being anonymous? He needs to realize not everyone likes to be noticed for every insignificant thing they do, unlike him. I'm sure if he looked hard enough he could find the person(s) that made that "threatening" IM icon, making them no longer anonymous.

Thompson is trying to use the whole "figurative" thing as a loophole. Since he explicitly said it was figuratively it isn't a threat, but the IM icon didn't say it so it must be a threat, never mind it never said this was going to happen to Thompson. I'm all for finding loopholes, but once it backfires on you, be prepared to face the consequences, which Thompson obviously isn't.

Here's a threat for you:

I'm threatening my liver with a bottle of good Irish whiskey on the day JT gets disbarred.


~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Jack reminds of those unfortunate indviduals who self-mutilate for attention and have to constantly increase the extent of their self-mutilations in order to maintain previous levels of attention. Until, one day, they mutilate themselves either beyond repair or unto death.

Wait, so when it's anonymous, it's not a threat, but since he attached his name to it, it's not a threat. What a wonder this guys logic is.

That series of e-mails really made my day right now. Especially that epitome of hypocrisy that was JT's second-to-last one.


Yes, we must all get roaringly drunk when said thing finally happens.

Dennis, it is your duty to commision a victory banner. And memorabilia.

There's also the issue of sending something to the media, prosecutors, Bar officials and others, claiming, "See, this is what I just filed with the Florida Supreme Court!" but, upon further investigation, it turns out that what was filed with the Court was substantially dissimilar to what you claimed to everyone else was filed with the Court.

Jack Thompson, Dishonest Bullsh!t Artist and I'm Not.

You know for someone who loses constantly he sure makes some grandiose threats.

So tell us Dennis how does it feel to be blinded by hate, vindictive, mentally and figuratively challenged and boring?

You sir have more patience or thicker skin than I do. I honestly cannot understand why you would interact with anyone who had a snit and tried to sue you.. Where you trying to extract some statement from him that he would just deny later (your hate has blinded you. that is not what I meant... blah blah)

Also the whole sans picture thing. It is freshing to see that even JBT can learn.. after sending gay porn and a picture of a donkey in judges robes anyways. The thing is, what was the picture of if not intended to be attached and a threat. Sorry jackie you can wiggle all you want but the question still remains. Why dig it up and attach it if you did not intend to use it?

I sure hope you've forwarded all of this on to the Florida Bar. I think it's better to err on the side of caution. If Jack is planning to do harm to the occupants of that building we owe it to them and thier families to give them due warning.


Jack to the World: I'LL SUE YOU!!
The World to Jack: And lose in court, like you always do.

Somehow I'm expecting a lot of photoshopped pictures of Jack Thompson's "figurative" demise in the near future.

"What is it with Thompson and people being anonymous?"

@arowe87, Good question.

He always goes totally batshit insane whenever I email him something. Not that I do that very often, but sometimes I just can't resist. I think the last time was well over a year ago. He absolutely loves to threaten me with sending the feds after me for sending him annoying anonymous emails.

There is a law that says that's actually illegal. The law was enacted about two years ago, if I remember correctly. Could be three years ago, too. Who the hell cares. It's never been tested in courts. Nobody has been sued over it.

He always shuts up when I tell him that the law only prohibits ANNOYING anonymous emails and ask him if he is annoyed. I guess he really wasn't annoyed.


A couple things definitely need to happen:

1. Jack and someone else with a brain need to go on CNN, MSNBC, or any of the other news networks for a debate. The following painful hilarity will end up being Jack's "McCarthy Moment", after which no one in the media will listen to him.

2. He needs to be barred from practicing law. Disbarment is a good first step. Preferably, also a ban on filing in other states and Federal court should be enacted as well.

3. Using his filings as evidence, he should be ordered by the court into a state psychiatric facility. There, he can get the help he so obviously needs.

My $.02.

And once again, it's Jack saying that laws and rules don't apply to himself. Whatever he does is golden, and if someone makes the least little comment that he finds offensive, it's lawsuit time.

To whomever just acquired his services for a lawsuit against Take-Two, if that person or firm actually exists: Do you want this kind of raving lunatic to be associated to you?

@Pixelantes Anonymous:

Jack can't stand annominity by those who disagree with him because it denies him the ability to employ his usual bag of dirty tricks against those he considers foes: calling your employer and making trouble for you at work, calling law enforcement and urging your arrest and prosecution, threatenting to sue or actually sueing you on some trumped-up, cockamamie theory, publicly maligning your character, etc., etc., etc. That's why Jack doesn't like it when folks have enough good sense not to identify themselves to him.
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