Editorial: Teachers Should Forget Bully Ban


It’s back and so is the absurd controversy surrounding it.

Earlier this week, GamePolitics reported on an international coalition of teachers who are concerned about the negative effects Rockstar’s game could have upon release.  Seemingly unaware of the fact that Bully has been out for well over a year, they are still calling for retailers to ban the game.

A recent editorial in the Globe and Mail has a few harsh words for the teacher group.

They seem to think that the young generation will become a veritable Hitler Youth of bullying automatons if exposed to this silly, satirical video game…

This gives little credit to young people’s intelligence and ignores the role of parents in helping their children screen out or deal with negative influences. In Bullying: Scholarship Edition, the teachers have found a convenient scapegoat for a serious social problem.

Nor is the editorial’s author impressed with the general controversy surrounding the title.

There’s more than a little hysteria at play here. One needs to view Bullying: Scholarship Edition to grasp the extent of it. It will be immediately obvious to any viewer, even children under 10, that the video game is a satire on hideous boarding schools, a sort of Roald Dahl gone interactive… Of course it exploits the very violence it satirizes – it is a video game, after all – but it is no less obvious a fantasy than Bugs Bunny, and about as harmful.

-Reporting from San Diego, GP Correspondent Andrew Eisen

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