Canadian Pol: Bully Bad, 3rd-6th Graders Favor Grand Theft Auto

A Canadian legislator has weighed in with support for a teachers’ group which is seeking to regulate Rockstar’s controversial Bully: Scholarship Edition.

John Nuraney (left), a member of British Columbia’s Legislative Assembly, told Burnaby Now that he “totally agrees” with the British Columbia Teachers Federation’s call to boycott Bully:

The dangers are known to all. I think it’s a question of jurisdiction. The only thing it seems right now is to bring more awareness.

Nuraney recently spoke about video games in the Assembly, saying:

It may be of interest to this house to know that one of the top video games for boys in grades 3 to 6 is Grand Theft Auto. While it is admirable that our children of today adapt very quickly to this technology, it is also alarming that without proper guidance and supervision, they can fall victims to the unscrupulous predators.

The basis for Nuraney’s comments about GTA is not known. GamePolitics has a request in for more information and we’ll update if a response is forthcoming.

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    Hiro says:

    I’m rather sure that what he means by predators is the game industry itself, which (from his point of view) secretly hopes to market these games to young kinds for the profit. Knowing that many parents don’t know or care what their children are being exposed to. It’s the big bad game companies!

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    zeek says:

    If you have any trouble contacting John, my family has worked for the Nuraneys (John is the former owner of our local A&W chains, now his son is in charge while he’s in politics) on and off for decades and I may be able to help out.

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    Harry Miste ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Kris O. :
    “Personally, this scares me. I hope I don’t live long enough to see today’s kids grow into tomorrow’s leaders.”

    I take offense to that if you were referring to most kids being stupid.

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    Kris O. says:

    I have a six-year-old nephew who enjoys playing Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and I would absolutely let him play GTA.

    People should be informing and educating their children, rather than just stunting their emotional and intellectual growth. I’ve explained to my nephew *why* it’s OK to do things in a game, but not in real life. I’ve given him examples, we’ve done some roleplaying and role-reversal, and he’s even had a painful lesson or two. (He learned quickly not to play with fire, after he picked up a match that I just blew out. He’s also aware of the horrible consequences of playing with fire, aside from just hurting himself. However, he knows how necessary fire is to survival. He’s a good learner.)

    I think most parents should be charged with dereliction of duty. A parent’s job is *not* to protect their children from negative influences and situations, unless those could prove fatal. A parent’s job is to educate their children as to why these influences and situations are negative, what outcomes there are to be had, what alternatives there are, and the outcome of the alternatives. You’re supposed to be preparing your child for life on their own. You’re supposed to be preparing them for many of the good and bad things that they’ll encounter in life, and you’re supposed to be teaching them how to make well-informed decisions. You’re supposed to be shaping your child into a strong, intelligent adult.

    Stupid kids will grow into stupid adults. These kids are our future, and the brightness of the future is in the parents’ hands. Personally, this scares me. I hope I don’t live long enough to see today’s kids grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

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    Blase says:

    The really funny thing is, people basically agree that kids should not play GTA and similar games. They are rated as products for adults. Too bad the retarder “pro family” “parental support” and other attention whoring groups refuse to admit that the parents should control that.

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    Aliasalpha says:

    Its like I’ve said most times I’ve heard this games are bad “debate”, a LOT of people in my town are still alive because I have games to vent my anger with.

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    Gamen says:

    I probably should have been more specific than ‘legislation’. I meant, that if these parents are letting their kids play these games, and games are harmful, it’s child abuse and the kids should be removed from their parents for their own protection.
    Games aren’t, of course, because children are smarter than that, but if they were, and educating the parents to be responsible didn’t help, it’d be the only option.

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    Zeke129 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    As a fellow Canadian, I am ashamed for this man. I will see to it that his maple syrup and poutine rations are cut in HALF.

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    JustChris says:

    “…they can fall victims to the unscrupulous predators.”

    How can a game be unscrupulous, or any other kind of human emotion? This personification of video games is just another one of their scare tactics to direct at the sheeple.

    This is how I interpreted the statement, anyways. Not referring to virtual predators inside games, but rather calling the games themselves unscrupulous predators.

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    Red Knight says:

    God damnit I thought all these political nannies had been voted out. Oh well thats why I don’t live in BC, they try that in Manitoba and Doer would be out on his NDP arse so fast the door wouldn’t have time to him.

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    GregoriusH says:

    I think part of the reason why kids are seeking out anti-authority and perhaps even anarchist ‘artworks’ like GTA is precisely because of the inane, know-nothing lip-flapping conducted by their so called authority figures.

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    Jack Thompson is a douchbag says:

    I hate it when people say that parents is mental and unfit because they buy these games for their kids. My parents buy me these games since i was four. They really care about me. I also have all As on my eport cards. And im in 6th grade! So parents who buy these games for their kids are not unfit.

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    Jack Thompson is a douchbag says:

    Global warming is increasing! Crime rates have increased! The year is 2030! Aliens have invaded Earth! Who is there to blame? Violent videogames!

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    GRIZZAM 512 says:

    I’m not a mean person, but…FUCK CANADA! In Bully, you’re the protaginist who’s trying to stop the damn bullying! People are incouraged to know what the fuck they’re talking about. Also, what dangers? Most of that crap is pure myth! The APA (American Psychological Association) has said that video games may lead to an increased level of aggression in little kids, but that parental involvement moderates that effect. Actually, aggression is an important part of one’s person, especially in a capitalist society in which it can win elections, court cases, etc. Many people forget that and ignore the other common benefits such as: Increased hand/eye coordination, increased reaction time, increased navigational skill, and so on. I’d say that outweighs “Increased aggressive behavior in some children.”

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    Dutch_gamer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Gamen

    Legislation won’t help at all. The parents are the ones who are buying the games for their children, most of the time, no amount of legislation will stop this. It is the parents’ choice to let their kids play certain games, thus the politicians should stop trying to regulate this. How do you want to regulate games, forbid parents to buy certain games when they have children? These politicians need to stop complaining about violent games when the children aren’t the ones buying it. The parents have all the tools necessary to make sure their children aren’t playing these games, when they so choose.

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    kurisu7885 says:


    No it isn’t.

    If a parent gets offended at the content of a game they got their child, they themselves are at fault for not doing about ten minutes worth of research before deciding.

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    Gamen says:

    OK, lets get this straight. Either violent video games harm the development of children, and parents buying these games need to be educated and/or legislated against, and the games themselves regulated, or these video games are not dangerous and it’s purely a personal choice of what the parent lets their kid play with or without supervision and guidance.

    Claiming that video games aren’t bad for children and shouldn’t be regulated, yet claiming parents are at fault for buying them and letting their kids play them, is contradictory.

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    InHuman says:

    Btw I live in B.C, there’s alot of contreversy going on in VICTORIA which is mostly old senile farts and the young people paid to take care of them… mabey thats the cause of all this…

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    InHuman says:

    Why are you going after the game maker/publishers/retailers of a harmless game like bully and not the unfit parents BUYING GTA FOR THEIR SMALL CHILDREN..


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    Christian Astrup ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “it is also alarming that without proper guidance and supervision, they can fall victims to the unscrupulous predators”

    Isnt that what, you know, the parents are supposed to be doing?

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    Nekowolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    1. “The dangers are known to all.” The dangers of being a bloody anal-sucking idiot?

    2. If “one of the top video games for boys in grades 3 to 6 is Grand Theft Auto,” then who BOUGHT the games for them? Yeah. Just as I thought. Parents.

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    TJLK ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    Just some more scapegoating to get a good response from the public. Distract them from the real issues at hand, issues that have been around much longer than bullying has. Much longer than video games have for that matter.

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    Strªngعr_Dªngعr says:

    here you go, i was wring it was 12-14 year olds. but i can bet that if they have younger brothers or sisters they they are playing as well.

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    Strªngعr_Dªngعr says:


    there has been research that shows that the number one game played by 5-6 graders by both boys and girls is GTA. I even think GP posted that research… i’ll see if i can find the article

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    Jack Thompson is a douchbag says:

    In Family Guy my favorite character is Peter. The reason why is because he says that Canada sucks! Ok if you think this is stupid to boycott this harmless game listen to this, in Canada there are pizza restaraunts and there is Porno Pizza. Hello!!!!!!!!!! An adult could just go in there and buy it for a kid. Why arent politics saying to boycott drugs and alcohol? Kids could easily get that in their hands. The owners WILL, let me tell the politicians what that means, will means to do something like give someone alcohol. The owners WILL give them the drugs and alcohol they want. It was on TV and they just got a FUCKING FINE!!! BULLSHIT! You could go to jail if you give someone a violent videogame in Californicatenia or New York!

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    Jack Thompson is a douchbag says:

    In Bully you help kids and protect them from bullying. Is that so hard to understand?! Well for the politics it is. They are corrupt and dont know SHIT!!!!!!!!!

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    TBoneTony ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    One thing I can say

    These people who say these kinds of garbage are all, politicians or politically motivated people, older generation who have no real understanding of Videogames, seem to think that GTA is being played by Elementary School Students without even asking kids at that age if they have PLAYED the game…

    Some elementry school students MAY have heard about GTA, but still that DOES NOT say if they have played it OR if it is their fav game.

    Who knows, maybe the most popular games that Elementry school kids play are Wii Sports or Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games, that has just hit over 5,000 sales world wide now.

    And looking at the Japanese sales, 1,000 copies of Super Smash Bros Brawl were sold within the first two weeks.

    How about that????

    Also these older political motivated people who just bash this sort of garbage, I believe, just really hate Videogames and they only think about the negative parts of Videogaming, never to positive parts…

    Has anyone asked them do they know how MARIO is????

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    Alex says:

    Why is it so hard to understand that bully is a satire on school life.
    Almost all of us have been thru school at some point in our lives in some shape or form, considering how innocent bully is in comparision to real life is this histeria really needed?

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    Robb ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I give the following quote from the article that pretty much demonstrates his research on the subject:

    “While it is admirable that our children of today adapt very quickly to this technology, it is also alarming that without proper guidance and supervision, they can fall victims to the unscrupulous predators,” Nuraney said.

    Either this quote is out of context, or he doesn’t know what the games are about. There are no unscrupulous predators in Bully or any GTA, because they are simply games. So who is he talking about?

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    JB ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    … it is also alarming that without proper guidance and supervision, they can fall victims to the unscrupulous predators.

    Then give your kids “proper guidance and supervision”. I mean isn’t that kind of, you know, a part of being a parent? And what unscrupulous predators? What’s this guy talking about?

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    GRIZZAM 512 says:

    No one ever seems to look at the benefits some games offer. All they hear is all this politically correct research that’s filled with so many logical fallacies (predominately over-generalization)it’s almost sad.Need I also once again say that even if you do believe some of these negative effects, the majority of them can easily be moderated (or downright eliminated) through basic parenting? Apparentally so.

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    Figgz says:

    Isn’t it ironic to hear the anti gaming lobby and politicians call for more awareness, when that’s the very thing they so evidently lack about gaming and gaming culture?

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    Jack Thompson is a douchbag says:

    So they are saying that 6th graders dont know the difference between reality and fantasy because it sure does sound like that to me!

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