BREAKING: Video Game Critic Spitzer Involved in Prostitution Ring

He may be opposed to violent video games like Hitman: Codename 47, but an FBI document alleges that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D) was known as Client 9 to an upscale, international prostitution ring.

Spitzer is seen at left with Silda, his wife of 21 years.

The New York Times is reporting a breaking story that Spitzer will make some type of announcement this afternoon about the case. (UPDATE: Spitzer briefly apologized, but didn’t ‘fess up to anything specific…)

Federal prosecutors apparently caught Spitzer on a wiretap arranging for a prostitute to travel from New York to Washington, D.C., where he was visiting on business. It is a federal offense to transport someone across state lines for the purpose of engaging in prostitution.

During his 2006 gubernatorial campaign, Spitzer pledged to regulate video game content and called for a universal rating system. Video game legislation approved by the New York Assembly during his first year in office seemed fast-tracked for passage, but eventually stalled due to a bitter political feud between Spitzer and Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno (R). The video game bill was expected to be revived in 2008, but that is certainly questionable now, as is Spitzer’s future.

During the 2006 campaign Spitzer called out the video game industry for excessive violence and, ironically, sexual content in its products:

Like all parents, I know it is increasingly difficult to protect our children from negative influences… we have learned that when self-regulation fails, government must step in… we must do more to protect our children from excessive sex and violence in the media…


Media content has gotten more graphic, more violent and more sex-based… Currently, nothing under New York State law prohibits a fourteen-year old from walking into a video store and buying… a game like ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ which rewards a player for stealing cars and beating people up. Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute…

GP: The hypocrisy meter is just about off the scale… Check out page 36 of this FBI document for some of the dirty details of Client 9’s hotel encounter with a hooker named "Kristen."

UPDATE: Spitzer is a superdelegate for another frequent video game critic, Sen. Hillary Clinton.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Can a homemade Client 9 game be far behind?


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    […] Game Critic Out The Door Jump to Comments Oh, Eliot Spitzer is eating these words right now: Like all parents, I know it is increasinglydifficult to protect our children from negative influences… we have learned that when self-regulation fails, government must step in… we must do more to protect our children from excessive sex and violence in the media… Media content has gotten more graphic, more violent and more sex-based… Currently, nothing under New York State law prohibits a fourteen-year old from walking into a video store and buying… a game like ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ which rewards a player for stealing cars and beating people up. Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute… […]

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    Kris O. says:

    The “hypocritical” part comes in when he busted several prostitution rings. He sent sex-workers and sex-wanters alike to jail and slapped them with fines. And then we find out that’s been bangin’ hookers for nearly six years. That’s hypocritical. “Do as I say; not as I do.”

    As a governor, part of his job entails legislating and upholding laws. Yet, he doesn’t mind breaking a law, if it serves him. More hypocrisy. I’d love if he suffered the same punishment that is doled out to anyone who solicits sex, but I’m sure he’s just going to get slapped on the wrist and sent home. However, being in the same building with his pissed-off wife might be more brutal than a jail sentence…

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    HurricaneJesus says:

    Looks like he is resigning.

    [i]”I have acted in a way that violates my obligations to my family and violates my – or any – sense of right and wrong,” the governor said at a news conference with his wife, Silda, at his side. “I apologize to the public, whom I promised better.” [/i]

    This is a classic case of “I am really sorry now that you caught me”

    Pure awesome.

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    Hippocrit says:

    Maybe to you department store dummies this would be considered hypocritical, but could someone explain what is hypocritical about keeping inappropriate content from children? He is a dishonorable criminal, but wouldn’t he have had to buy prostitutes for his children to be considered hypocritical? I guess you would also consider it hypocritical for alcohol drinking adults to keep alcohol from their children. You people are more proof that liberalism is in fact a mental disorder.

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    majestic_12_x ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Spitzer’s lines were tapped after the feds noticed that he was depositing large sums of money ($10,000+) into bank accounts owned by the prostitution ring. The feds were worried that Spitzer would be vulnerable to blackmail, extortion, and willing to aid the ring should they decide to open their mouths.

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    GRIZZAM 512 says:

    Seriously, this is too damn much. A guy who bitches constantly about sexual content in games (especially hookers) is caught with HOOKERS! It’s like a freakin’ SOAP OPERA! WHAT A HYPOCRITIC COCKBAG!

  7. 0
    Thabor says:

    This only crime here is how much he had to pay for it.. At $10K + a pop you aren’t paying them for the sex you are paying for them to keep their mouths shut about it afterwards. He could have gotten off for a few hundred if it weren’t illegal, or if he weren’t a public figure.

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    Sara ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I am so glad this happened, this comes from the man who is taxing NY state to death and who wants to levy tax on all NY state residents for any purchase made on The picture in the paper this morning was downright funny.

    The thing is he apologized so briefly, it wasn’t even sincere, like he didn’t even care, he also should have directly apologized to his wife, instead of just apologizing to his family.

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    Mack Hard says:

    Well, Elliot should`ve been more careful, if he was going to play with fire. A friend of mine told me that if I ever wander “off the right path” I should go well away where there`s no chance of wiretaps or hidden cameras. There`s a place like the Emperor`s in the island of DR, almost the same but far and away: and it seems all the escorts outfits offer the same thing, money for sex. An elected officer should be more careful, this was a bad fallout. Next time try an escorts resort, dear Elliot.

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    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    @Dark Sovereign:

    Agreed. The investigation did initiate from suspicious money transfers by Spitzer initially thought by investigators to be an attempt to hide bribes. Only later did it become clear that they were payments to a call-girl service.

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    Dark Sovereign ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Regardless, all of this started when the banks flagged some accounts because of suspicious activity. I’ll find the proper link if I need to, but I found out on Yahoo! news.

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    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    @Kris O.:

    Not all the time. They did manage to get that government cheese right. That stuff makes better grilled cheese sandwhiches than any cheese available in the commercial market.

  13. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    @Dark Sovereign:

    No warrants for the tapping of any phone directly connected to Gov. Spitzer were ever issued in the investigation. The tap was on the phone of Emperor Club VIP.

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    Kris O. says:


    “Date rape” is illegal, when you’re talking about spiking a girl’s drink. But when you’re talking about *buying* a girl several drinks, to impair her judgement and to make her clothes easier to get off, no one really cares. That falls under “an adult’s stupid behavior.” That’s what I was talking about.

    As for the “rape” comment at the end: I imagine there’d be fewer baseless claims for “rape” (when the girl realizes that she “willingly” slept with a yeti, and doesn’t want anyone to know that it was her decision), if the drugs (read: alcohol) weren’t a factor in the first place. Of course, some of us aren’t exactly pretty to any degree, any even a first-class hooker might need to be plastered in order to touch us.

    With the way the government works, you wouldn’t get a discounted Cat House girl. You’d be more likely to get Sandpaper Sally. Our government is fun like that.

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    Dark Sovereign ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I would like to point out two things to the posters here, as well as agreeing with the “he’s a hypocrite crowd”.

    1) Prostitution is decided on a state by state basis. Both Rhode Island and Nevada have legal prostitution. Prostitution is legal in the US, just not in most states.
    2) He was flagged for suspicious activities by the banks. They didn’t just suddenly decide to wiretap him.

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    Cheeselikesceareal says:

    What I don’t understand is why is it so much more wrong for a man to pay a women with money rather than the usual food and drink.

  17. 0
    Eddie says:

    Not only is it hipocritical that he puts down sex in games but he was part of a task force that went after and shut down 2 other prostitution rings, now it comes out he is a vip client/member of an even bigger prostitution ring. Another Democrat busted.

  18. 0
    Twin-Skies ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I stand corrected. revising my statement:

    The further you travel along either political leaning, the bigger the hypocrisy gets I guess.

  19. 0
    Gameboy says:

    @ Father Time

    I didn’t think of that at first. I have no idea why they were taping his phone. Someone suggested it was his office phone and another he was calling a phone that was tapped.

    If it was his office phone, well he works for the people of New York, and that’s not really a private phone. It’s possible all state phones are recorded in the same way that customer service lines are. Not really a private line. Complaining about that would be like complaining when your boss fires you for viewing porn on a company computer.

    If he called the tapped phone, he has no excuse. He merely got caught being a jackass.

    I’d like to add the possibility that they already suspected him in the prostitution ring, and got a warrant to tap his lines for this. That’s always been legal, last I checked.

    All possibilities. I guess we’ll just have to do research and find out.

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    Christian ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hey has anybobdy noticed that all these sex scandles with a democrat it has to do with a married man and another woman, with a Republican it involves a married man with another guy.

  21. 0
    Yuki says:

    Ah yes, the irony and hypocracy drips thickly today.

    Dennis, gotta get a qoute from Jack on this one.

    Where is your SPitzer now jack? Oh I know. He’s GOING TO JAIL!!

    And you jack? Your getting DISBARRED!!

    Oh yeah, this day just couldn’t get any better. First I get smash bros, now this. Life is WONDERFUL!

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    RKfromDownunder says:

    What a piece of scum.

    How typical, it seems almost everyone who criticises videogames is a disgusting hypocrite or a techno-barbarian ludite. How absolutely typical in this world.

    Men like this disgust and revoult me. I wouldn’t expect any better from a politician. Honest politicians are as rare as Ron Paul, the rest are lying scum.

    Not that this story will mean anything. $10000 says that it will be conveniently forgotten by those who believe they hold the moral highground.

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    Coravin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    How does it not rate as irony that a man who is trying to make it illegal for children to be able to access videogames that might contain violence or (limited) sex is supporting already-illegal sale of sexual acts that are quite frequently engaged in by minors (included in many prostitution rings)?

  24. 0
    Ian Cooper ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Note that page 36 of the document has nothing at all about client 9 or a prostitute named Kristen. The correct page is 26, not 36. I can’t believe no one else has caught this before now. I wonder if anyone here bothered to read the document?

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    BearDogg-X says:

    Wonder if his superdelegate vote for Clinton will be disallowed?, a radio and music news site, is also covering this story, as Spitzer had gone after those companies regarding payola allegations.

    It is hypocrisy on a number of levels, besides the video game angle: He had shut down prostitution rings as an attorney general.

  26. 0
    MechaTama31 ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    Now, I’m not at all defending his views or his behavior or anything like that. I am absolutely against the kind of censorship he advocates. However, I don’t think his sexual choices as an adult really make “ironic” or “hypocritical” his opinion on children’s exposure to sexual media. Unless he was having sex with children, of course, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

  27. 0
    Rodrigo Ybáñez García ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is a classic. A cliché. A politician guy urges the country to preserve morality above everything, and then they ruin it with the same sh*t they said they are against. Lovely.

    Yet again is demostrated that politicians are useless beings.

    Sorry for the rant, but is just so delicious…

  28. 0
    Ghost Coins ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This gent was on The Colbert Report a few weeks back. I find it funny that Mr. Colbert’s show is still causing chaos and mayhem for any politico that shows up on his program. He’s like the Bermuda Triangle of political television.

  29. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:


    Erectile dysfunction is a “personal problem.” Transporting a woman across state lines for an immoral purpose is not a personal problem, it’s a federal offense.

  30. 0
    scot ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    i dont see why this story needs to be here, just because he said some things against video games does not mean we need to highlight his personal problems.

  31. 0
    Repudiator ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is funny considering the fact I live in New York… All over the news today.

    Way to go Spitz! First, I get Smash Bros. Brawl. Now I get a good laugh from our Gov’ner. I think this whole week will be good…


  32. 0
    Gabriel Celesta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Not a Game Fanatic

    I kinda see your point there. I was pretty damn suprised when I saw this story on Yahoo earlier today, and quite frankly, I didn’t really think Game Politics would cover this.

    Then again, as we know, Spitzer was aiming to regulate video game content. And where’s that article about Spitzer’s flawed report?

    I wonder if being with ‘Kristen’ did something to his train of thought in the months after that? I wonder if he never got involved with a prostitute, he’d never think MAVAV was a legit site? ^_^

    (Okay, I know that was a stretch, but I couldn’t resist mentioning Spitzer and MAVAV…)

  33. 0
    Meggie ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    His hypocrisy extends to more than just his stance on video games, the guy made a career being an anti-corruption crusader, that’s what has New Yorkers pissed. Spitzer probably wasn’t the only politician John either.

  34. 0
    Stinking Kevin says:

    I’m not sure how many kids really want to play “M” rated games. There was no ESRB when I was I kid, but I remember being too young to get in to “R” rated movies. I remember wishing I was old enough to be able to see those movies, but I don’t remember many of those movies I actually wanted to see. When there was a particular “R” rated movie I really did want to see, my parents usually took me to see it anyway.

    I can’t believe it’s all that much different for kids today. I’m sure they all look forward to being old enough to purchase a copy of the latest hyped up “M”-rated game, but that is not the same thing as really wanting to play that game. In other words, kids always want to grow up faster, and adults always wish they could be young again, and I don’t think it has much to do with video games, or movies, or television, or any other influence of the media.

  35. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    @Stinking Kevin & Father Time:

    Technically, the Feds never tapped Spitzer’s phones. They tapped the phone of the service. Spitzer got caught up when he allegedly called that number to make arrangements.

  36. 0
    E. Zachary Knight ( User Karma: 2 ) says:

    @ GoodRobotUs

    I agree. How can politicians seriously think we will fall for the whole “DO as I say, not as I do” routine? Politicians are supposed to represent the people, state or country. When they do these sort of things, the sully that image.

    Just saying what he did about video games is bad enough. The biggest problem is that he was breaking the law while in office. If it was before or after his terms, it would have been a different issue (not a lesser issue, a different one).

    But I have to agree. This is hypocrisy. If I were to rail against something, it would be expected that I followed my own advice. Not just in word but also in spirit. If I were to say that virtual prostitution is bad, it would be expected that I feel the same about real prostitution.

    But as some have pointed out, he says that kids shouldn’t play sexually explicit games. That is true. He did say that. But as I said, he is a representative of the state of New York. To a child, he should be someone who they can look up to and that parents wouldn’t mind their children emulating. Yet he has broken that trust. He has shown that while he is against bad influences of media children, he does not want to be a good influence on them.

    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
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    Random Tower
    My Patreon

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    Stinking Kevin says:

    If we’re going to get picky about the proper use of “hypocrisy,” let’s be honest about the way some of the other terms are being used here too.

    If you are going to call Hitman and GTA “adult material,” you also need to apply that label to all the “R”-rated movies sitting the shelf at your local Blockbuster, and all the “unrated” DVDs on the shelves at Wal-Mart and Target, and all the “MA”-rated shows on cable. (Who’d’ve ever guessed there was so much “adult material” available, all out in the open, just waiting to corrupt our poor children with its very existence?)

    Perhaps you do not know anything about the games he mentions, but Spitzer is not talking about keeping “virtual sex” from being “shown to minors.” He is talking about restricting the distribution of mainstream games according to his uninformed moral judgment of their expressive content. In my opinion, that alone should be considered hypocritical for any politician who has ever extolled the virtues of American freedom, regardless of whether you want to call it a “regulation” or a “ban.”

    @Father Time
    It sounds like the Feds were wiretapping the brothel, not the governor, so they prob had a warrant. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before, but it makes more sense that way.

  38. 0
    GoodRobotUs says:

    That’s the whole problem though isn’t it? The point of discussion on this board is Video Games, and when they are singled out as something to attack (And there is, I might add comparatively no sexual content in games when compared to other media types that are marketted to teens), then it doesn’t just affect minors, by singling out the game Industry, it will have a chilling effect, where creators have to tailor their output with far less freedom than other media creation outlets because they are considered somehow ‘worse’.

    If people like Speltzer were suggesting a rating system that covered ALL media, I’d be staying out of the discussion, but they aren’t.

    It’s kind of hard to tell your child not to emulate the actions they see in games when the local politician, who was complaining about these actions in games, is actually doing it. I see that as hypocrisy.

  39. 0
    contrarian says:


    I didn’t see anything he said about prostitution in games being ‘detrimental’ to society. He seems to me to be focused on adult material in possession of a minor.

  40. 0
    contrarian says:

    @Harry Miste

    “Spitzer wants to outlaw games that show virtual sex, because he wants to cover up the fact he did the real thing to a prostitute.”

    He wants to _regulate_ games that show virtual sex (to minors), not outlaw.

    All I’m saying is that this isn’t hypocrisy. Hypocrisy would be if he showed a video tape of himself with a prostitute to children. Definitely irony though since he’ll probably lose his job and the bill won’t be passed because of this…

  41. 0
    Stinking Kevin says:

    @Father Time

    That’s a good point. Why were they tapping his phone? I don’t know if they were tapping his private line or his governor’s line. It is a little different if it was his work phone and not his private phone, tho, I think.

    If I call up a hooker from my private phone, it’s my private business, but if I call from work, it’s my company’s business too. Here in Detroit, the mayor’s in trouble for (allegedly) texting with his (alleged) mistress on their city-owned phones. A cop may have been fired for investigating — that’s the real story — but their (allegedly) steamy text chat would probably still be secret if they’d done it on their own private phones.

    Still not sure why the Feds would be tapping the governor’s line, but it seems a little less of a civil rights violation (and even more and act of bonehead arrogance, on Spitzer’s part) if the hooker call was overheard on a NY State-owned line.

  42. 0
    GoodRobotUs says:


    Because he made out that the existence of things like Prostitutes in GTA 4 was somehow ‘detrimental’ to society, whilst making use of real-life prostitutes. That in itself is simply a matter of hypocrisy.

    Secondly, there’s a proven reason why children should not drink beer, which is a lot more than there is for Video Games.

  43. 0
    Harry Miste ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ contrarian :
    “What does this guy [Spitzer] being involved with a prostitute have to do with his stance protecting children from violence / sex in media?”

    Spitzer wants to outlaw games that show virtual sex, because he wants to cover up the fact he did the real thing to a prostitute.

    My theory anyway.

  44. 0
    contrarian says:

    Critical thinking excercise GP:

    What does this guy being involved with a prostitute have to do with his stance protecting children from violence / sex in media?

    I like to drink beer, but I don’t think children should drink beer.

  45. 0
    Harry Miste ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ GRIZZAM :
    “Did you see his [Spitzer] wife on the news? She looked like she was gonna fuckin’ kill him!”

    She’ll castrate him first and then make the prostitute eat it. THEN kill him.

  46. 0
    Lord Phoenix ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    What’s that expression Jack Thompson uses? “Go to hell a little quieter.” Yeah, I think that about sums it up for Spitzer. Truly, truly ironic. One less political figure to worry about by the time this gets underway, and in the near future, one less insane lawyer.

  47. 0
    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute…, and belive me simulation is a poor substitute for the real thing.”

    You know what really angers me to absolutely no fucking end? What god damn business did the FBI have wiretapping his damn phone? What possible use could they have had? Are our elected officials now suddenly potential terrorists? Even when it outs disgusting hypocrites I’d still rather not Big Brother be here. I hope the man can pull off some 4th amendment thing if he tries to be convicted.

  48. 0
    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I wish I could find stuff like this surprising, but politicians are the biggest crowd of two-faced hypocrites on the planet, the motto of government everywhere is ‘Do as we say, not as we do’, I think this is a wonderful example.

  49. 0
    kurisu7885 says:

    JT had the nae “spitzerdeity” once.

    I wonder how he feels about his false god now.

    BTW, according to my knowledge, being an idolater(worshipping anything other than the christian god) is a sin.

  50. 0
    TJLK ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    Democrat or Republican doesn’t make a difference. They are essentially the same.

    Hypocrisy: a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion

    By that definition… I think Hypocrisy fits very well into this story…

    Again I think this is a case of a politician taking a stand against video games to distract from another issue.

  51. 0
    BaronJuJu ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Heh, hypocrisy at its best.

    Dennis, you ought to try an interview Spitzer about his past comments on sex in videogames and see what he thinks now.

  52. 0
    Shrike says:

    Well, I like seeing that a politician, even a democrat, is getting busted for breaking the law, but I question the relationship between what he espouses and what he did.

    He didn’t force prostitutes on kids, so I don’t think it’s really a VG hypocrisy story. He wasn’t alerting children to what he was doing, so it doesn’t quite mesh as a counter to the GTA arguments.

    It’s pretty much “Politician Critical of Video Games busted for frequenting prostitutes.”

    Not worth much of a chuckle, but I do think a smug grin of satisfaction at having the scandal exposed is in order.

  53. 0
    linenoise says:

    It’s a damn good thing he didn’t play videogames. I mean, if he does this on his own, image what sick and twisted things he would have done if he had played Mario Kart as a kid!

  54. 0
    Anonymous says:

    Yet another one here to agree about the legalisation of prostitution. About the same reasons as Jadecritic’s.

    Did you know that the French governement is the biggest pimp in France? Well yeah. No tatus AND income tax. France and love, ahhh…

    @ Grizzam 512, That’s the only reason I liked museums as a kid.


  55. 0
    Neeneko ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Yes, because he doesn’t want that type of thing being accessible to children. His logic suppositions are flawed but the logic is sorta consistent.


    Hard to say. I know nothing about their marriage or what rules they have within it. Given that they guy is a powerful jerk I would wager that his wife did not know about or consent to his prostitution, but that doesn’t make protistution it’self immoral. I know plenty of people where both partners have conceptual sex outside their marriage and are perfectly happy with it.

  56. 0
    koku ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    so, its ok to hire a prostitute, but wrong to hire a virtual one?

    can someone explain this please


    i agree. i think they sould give out prostitution licenses, and a prostute should be able to file a federal complaint against their boss for mistreating them.

  57. 0
    jadedcritic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well, yeah. OK then, apparently fictional violence is bad, but paying for a booty call, that’s OK.

    (Ironically, I don’t personally have a problem with prostitution. I think it should be legal but government regulated. I’m not a huge fan of government regulation, but the fact is legalized prositution would pose a serious health risk if not controlled. Plus, government regulation would cut down on violent crimes associated with and make the treatment considerably more humane for the women.)

    In the end, I guess I’m not surprised. We had a local guy here who was a little too uptight in his beliefs. Fast forward a couple years we find out he was hiring male prostitutes. What was the name of the florida senator who was into congressional pages? Something Foley? Congress seems to have a problem finding ways to deal with its baser instincts.

  58. 0
    Friends says:

    Friends please don’t blame Eliot Spitzer for his own stupid actions. It was games like Grand theft auto that trained Mr Spitzer how to sleep with prostitutes.

  59. 0
    NeW SpEcTrUM ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well, that’s just hilarious. Seriously, I lol’d right in the middle of work…

    It’s so funny that he would criticize a game for allowing sex w/ prostitutes, when during the same time, he was screwing one!

  60. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Here’s a confusing aspect of the story:

    D.C. has more call-girl services than national monuments. Why’s Spitzer trucking in talent from New York? And leaving himself open to the federal Mann Act felony charge. And, I’d imagine, paying extra for transportation costs and travel time. Weird.

  61. 0
    Buckeye531 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is hypocrisy in action. Not only did he falsly claim games promoted prostitution, but he was a no-nonsense attorney general who busted a prostitution ring. He was known as the sheriff of Wall Street. Now he is disgraced, even if he does not resign.

  62. 0
    MR.B says:

    Just imagine the kind of homebrew games that can come from this story. Maybe a game like the “Dark Assembly” segments from the Disgaea series would be in order :)

  63. 0
    someguy says:

    Come on guys you know it was simply research into the nature of gta. Give the guy a break he is working *hard* to protect us from such things.

  64. 0
    Nordic says:

    Also this:

    “…we have learned that when self-regulation fails, government must step in… we must do more to protect our children from excessive sex and violence in the media…”


  65. 0
    Benji says:

    Also, regardless of your stance on prostitution or Spitzer’s stance on violent video games, there’s the simple fact that he’s the governor – the highest ranking public officer – of New York. Before that, he was Attorney General – the chief man responsible for enforcing the laws of the state. Why should anyone in the state of New York have any respect for the rule of law when the man responsible for enforcing those laws can’t be bothered to follow them himself?
    I don’t think this is really ironic, or hypocrisy in action, but it does destroy the man’s credibility. I don’t think he should remain in office any longer than absolutely necessary, though – why should we let him have such a hand in writing the rules we as a society live by, when he won’t follow those rules himself?

  66. 0
    BmK ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Funny you mention that other hypocrite Leland Yee as he has also been caught at the very least trying to solicit prostitutes for sex. In reality all these politicians are f**kin’ hypocrites.

  67. 0
    BmK ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    This is hypocrisy as the governor is trying to enforce moral codes (like video games legislation, which is done under the guise that it is offensive and immoral for youngsters, which i disagree) while at the same time being for lack of a better work “immoral” himself.
    With that said prostitution should be legalized but this is because government shouldn’t be regulating speech or conduct on the basis of offensiveness or morality, only harm to others (like murder, rape, theft, child abuse and molestation, ect.)

  68. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @ Todd

    Yes, it is hypocrisy in the sense that someone who proposed what amounted to legislating morality turned out to be not so moral himself. I recommend listening to the Korn song “Hypocrites.”

  69. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    @Kris O.:

    Not only should prostitution be legalized but it should also be subsidized by the govermnment for those, like myself, that can’t afford it — like Section 8 rent, food stamps, and Pell grants for college.

  70. 0
    Kris O. says:

    Maybe the Hot Coffee mod made him do it? Politicians have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, so he probably thought he was still playing GTA.

    On a side point, I agree that prostitution should be legalized. It’s OK to lie to a girl in a bar, get her drunk, take her home, knock her up and kick her out, but it’s bad to pay a girl for sex? That’s a little ass-backwards. “Lying and drugging is OK, but being honest and blunt is inexcusable.” I don’t foresee myself visiting a newly-legal prostitute, but I think a consensual visit with a sex worker is a better option than rape.

  71. 0
    monte ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Why is it that people with these particular skeletons in their closets go on such crusades to demonize and vilify those who are free about it?”

    It’s simple really… Spitzer and others like him are scum; what they care about is money, power, pleasure, etc. Illegal or controversial pleasures are some of the things they don’t mind participating in. the reason they demonize and crusade against the very things they practice is because they want power and fame and know it will get them votes; and they often do get those votes. If they didn’t crusade they would never get as powerful and thus their lusts for power would never be fulfilled. These same people are also stupid enough to think that they will never get caught and their hypocrisy and lies will never be exposed.

    It is hypocrisy… Even if you do not see the hypocricy in his position against games (such as the prositution in GTA) while sengaging in prostitution himself, there is also the fact that he apparently busted a Prostitution ring back in 2004… and i’m sure any speech he included with that bust was probably very much against prostitution.

  72. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:


    Actually, the hypocrisy runs a little deeper. This guy was prosecuting defendants on prostitution charges and, when he won, smugly watching them get carted off to prison.

  73. 0
    Guiguibob80 says:

    why don’t people understand when you want to take the moral high ground and teach theworld about it you need to be clean yourself or you come clean about your past. If you don’t dothis you’ll sound as a moron that can’t uphold the standards he want imposed on others. and your words sound empty.

  74. 0
    MR.B says:

    “Welcome to America, where the gaming industry is being treated as a plague and politicans are pimps.” -Rocket Punch

    Wow, thats the best quote about a game-bashing politician I’ve ever heard :) Nominate this quote as videogame quote of the year.

  75. 0
    Zerodash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    I think prostitution should be legal, but that isn’t the point. This guy was doing something in real life that he wants to be regulated in videogames. End of story.

  76. 0
    Neeneko ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oddly enough, while I’m against video game legislation, I’m actually VERY disappointed with the game community here.

    Ok, the guy had issues with ‘games are for kids, kids shouldn’t have access to adult material, so regulate games’. He was wrong.

    But what he got ‘caught’ doing was a conceptual business transaction between adults… and now the game community is doing a collective ‘see! he is immoral! not us!’ without thinking that they are now essentially trashing ANOTHER group that has gotten the short end of the morality stick.

    Props to Todd for also pointing this out.

  77. 0
    Todd ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I wouldn’t call this irony, nor hypocrisy. It’s not even the same issue. Minors’ access to adult content vs. adult access to prostitution. Hypocrisy would be if Spitzer knowingly bought his 12 year old kid an R rated movie, video game, or, even better, a porn mag.

  78. 0
    Pominator ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    no we need Yee to be discovered as part of some hostel or SAW like operation, that would sum up his criticism into hypocrisy…

  79. 0
    Pixelantes Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    He still hasn’t stated whether he’ll resign or not:

    [inaudible] … politics that would rebuild New York and create opportunity for all. We vowed to bring real change to New York and that will continue. Today, I want to briefly address a private matter. I have acted in a way that violated the obligations to my family and that violates my — or any — sense of right and wrong. I apologize first, and most importantly, to my family. I apologize to the public, whom I promised better. I do not believe that politics in the long run is about individuals. It is about ideas, the public good and doing what is best for the State of New York. But I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard that I expect of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family. I will not be taking questions. Thank you very much. I will report back to you in short order. Thank you very much.

    He’s KINDA implying that he won’t, talking about a “private matter” and how politics isn’t about individuals but about issues.

  80. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    I’d like to think that Spitzer’s resignation doesn’t end the matter and that some gung-ho prosecutor with aspirations to the Governor’s mansion will pick up this ball and run with it — just like Spitzer would have when he was the A.G.

  81. 0
    Pixelantes Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet with a high-priced prostitute at a Washington hotel last month, according to a person briefed on the federal investigation.”

    Hahhaha. Busted.

  82. 0
    BmK ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The fact that he had sex with a prostitute doesn’t bother me, prostitution should be legalized imho BUT the hypocrisy is what pisses me off.

  83. 0
    PHOENIXZERO ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I heard about it about an hour ago and also just started to laugh, can’t say I’m surprised though since politicians and hypocrite go together like peanut butter and jelly. Always nice when they’re exposed.

  84. 0
    mogbert ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    GTA made him do it. He paid the prostitutes in the game… and at first it was good enough. But later… later he needed more. Small, polygonal prostatues weren’t enough and he wasn’t able to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

    So you see, GTA should have new rating, “AONP”; “Adults Only, No Politicians”.

  85. 0
    Black Manta ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh that’s rich! If I recall, JT actually backed Spitzer’s proposals and even had one of his fake usernames as “spitzeragenius.” Not so much of a genius now, eh JT?

  86. 0
    Uh... ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You bloody corrupt hypocrite.

  87. 0
    Davian2K5 says:

    Y’know, now that the laughing from my end has subsided, I have to wonder how politicians can think it’s worse for kids to play video games that are made for enjoyment and escapism than to see adults that are supposed to be responsible, upstanding leaders of the town/state/country (doing a fine job of being responsible and upstanding, isn’t he?) getting involved in sex scandals.

    Now, back to your regularly scheduled laughing!

  88. 0
    SithLibrarian says:

    Wow…just, wow.
    Why is it that people with these particular skeletons in their closets go on such crusades to demonize and vilify those who are free about it?
    In this day and age, any and all information can be obtained, thus making themselves look incredibly hypocritical and foolish.

  89. 0
    F**ked Up says:

    I can see it now…

    Spitzer says he visited prostitution rings after getting all horny from playing Grand Thief Auto…

    Wait thats a Jack Thompson move but I wouldnt be surprised.

    They say the ones that are heavy critics of Blah are heavily doing Blah

    Like those against gays then caught being gay.
    Those against drugs then caught doing drugs.

  90. 0
    KayleL ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    How come politics assume that all parents and children are idiots? How does universal rating help? Kids would always find a way around it.

    Talking about kids being idiots, how come politics think that kids are smart enough to get what they want, and avoid parental supervision, but not smart enough to tell the difference between fantasy and reality?

  91. 0
    lumi ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Currently, nothing under New York State law prohibits a fourteen-year old from walking into a video store and buying… a game like ‘Grand Theft Auto,’”

    Just the ESRB rating system. Which has exactly as much weight as the MPAA rating system does in stopping that same fourteen year old from walking into a theatre to see Saw IV or Natural Born Killers or Showgirls.

    Well, not exactly as much weight. According to research from the FCC, the ESRB rating carries a little more weight, since it has a better rate of enforcement.


    That said, while this shows Spitzer to be quite the hypocrite, I don’t know that there’s much of anything to use here in opposition to the stupid politicos gunning for games everywhere else. Well, except maybe to point to Spitzer and say “he frequented whorehouses and we all know he sure as hell DIDN’T play any video games.”

  92. 0
    Canary Wundaboy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So, we need to regulate videogames to stop people becoming sex obsessed murdering perverted paedophiles?

    From….the mouth of a sex obsessed paedophile.

    Gamers aren’t the problem, and THIS proves it.

  93. 0
    BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute and then killing her…”

    Use the Invisible Cars cheat. She works really hard for her cash, doesn’t she?

  94. 0
    MasterAssassin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Oh the irony of this.

    I wish GP could get an interview with him after this. It’s funny how this fool can accuse video games of corrupting society yet he is involved with prostitution which has links to organized crime which is linked to narcotics and violent crime. Elliot Spitzer is the world’s biggest hypocrite right now. For a guy who was elected on the promise to clean up NY, he sure doesn’t practice what he preaches.

  95. 0
    shady8x says:

    Why are people so surprised???

    Pretty much every politician that stands for family values, breaks them on a daily basis…

    and every one that is against games is a corrupt, morally bankrupt or just completely un-informed politician…

    at least this kills his stupid law…

  96. 0
    JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    @Ian Cooper:

    It’s page 36 as counted by the Acrobat viewer. The actually page numbers as the appear on the document don’t jibe with the Acrobat page numbers.

  97. 0
    MR.B says:

    @Gabriel Celestra

    The whole MAVAV thing is pretty funny (and sad) isn’t it. When I first heard of Spitzer using MAVAV as a reference, I acted. I edited the MAVAV wikipedia page to include the story of Spitzer using MAVAV as refence in that video. Not only that, I added a link to the MAVAV wikipedia page on Eliot Spitzer’s wikipedia page (under the “See Also” section). But it gets even better.

    I checked Spitzer’s wikipedia page today and my inclusion of the MAVAV wiki link is still on it. Better yet, his wikipedia page is currently locked (thanks to the whole prositute controversy). That’s means that link to the MAVAV wikipedia page can’t be edited out :) . That means anyone that visits Eliot Spitzer wikipedia page will be treated for a pleasant suprise involving his MAVAV BS. I’m a pretty happy guy today :)

    Heres the link to the wikipedia page in question

    – MR.B ,your friendly neighborhood wikipedia ninja

  98. 0
    lumi ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    “Gov. Eliot Spitzer has been caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet with a high-priced prostitute at a Washington hotel last month, according to a person briefed on the federal investigation.”

    …busted by the Patriot Act? Ouch.

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