Grand Theft Auto Critic Spitzer Resigns in Disgrace

March 12, 2008 -

Client 9 has become Disgraced ex-Governor 1.

Eliot Spitzer, the moral crusader who, as GamePolitics reported, was so offended by the interactive prostitution in Grand Theft Auto, has vacated his office following revelations by the New York Times that he was a regular patron of high-priced call girls.

Here's what Spitzer, a rising star in the Democratic party, had to say about GTA during his 2006 election campaign:

Media content has gotten more graphic, more violent and more sex-based… Currently, nothing under New York State law prohibits a fourteen-year old from walking into a video store and buying… a game like ‘Grand Theft Auto,’ which rewards a player for stealing cars and beating people up. Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute…

FBI wiretaps captured him singing a different tune to the managers of the Emporers Club VIP service. Spitzer haggled over payment details as he arranged for a petite brunette named Kristen to rendezvous with him at a Washington, D.C. hotel. Later, Kristen and the escort service manager were overhead discussing Spitzer's proclivities:

Manager: [Spitzer] would ask you to do things, that, like you might not think were safe. You know - I mean that - very basic things...

Kristen: I have a way of dealing with that. I'd be like, 'listen, dude, do you really want the sex?"

And, apparently, Spitzer did. We wonder whether he'll be picking up a copy of GTA IV now that he will have plenty of time on his hands...

UPDATE: The NY Times has identified Kristen as 22-year-old Ashley Alexandra Dupre (left), a struggling, would-be singer. You can check out her MySpace page. We're willing to bet that this will be a boost to her career. Expect to see her on Larry King within a few days.

The next revelation will likely be the release of the audio tapes of the Guv's, uh, dickering about the arrangements.


Re: Grand Theft Auto Critic Spitzer Resigns in Disgrace

Sorry for a dumb question, but I really can't get, what NSA is?...

Going, going, gone.

"And, apparently, Spitzer did. We wonder whether he’ll be picking up a copy of GTA IV now that he will have plenty of time on his hands…"

See? See? That would work in a conversation. You have finally become a proper cheeky bastard. Don't take that the wrong way - it's good.


You know i wouldn't care if he hadn't said anything before...

But the fact he opened his mouth was what makes its funny..

Sorry, I just had to check out her MySpace profile. I didn't look at it too much, but I couldn't see anything that makes it appear blatant that she is a high class prostitute. But I suppose that's what makes her so "high class".

@ hayabusa75 & gs2005

Thanks, but I almost wish it wasn't accurate in my assertion.


Boy, she's taking advantage of each and every day of that extension of the deadline to file her repot, ain't she?

Although, considering the responses she'll probably get from Jack-O when she finally does, can't say I blame her for stretching it out as long a spossible.

There was a very interesting arguement about this here at work. There are a few guys who would like to see prostituion legalised and that what Spitzer did wasn't that bad.

My argument in response to this is that even if it were legal, he should have to step down. The idea is that he wants to maintain his marriage so this would become his dirty little secret. If anyone found out about his dirty little secret, legal or not, they could use it to compromise his position as a public servant. They could and would use it as blackmail.

I'm surprised no one made a Myspace whore joke.

Why should anyone feel bad at all?

Screw the Governor.


Some fanboy of Jack's over at jaablog made the mistake of stepping to me with a grip o' smack-talk. I pimp-slapped him so hard (figuratively speaking) that my palms still hurt. The fool musta not known who he playin' wid.


Patronizing a prostitute is. Too bad his money and position will keep him from suffering any “real” punishment.

Perhaps not in this case. He's got some powerful enemies, and the furor forced him to resign before he got much of a chance to use his position to defend himself. At the least his political career is dead, he'll probably get disbarred along the way, and it's not like many corporations are going to be welcoming to him even before this.

So even if he does escape jail time, he isn't likely to be working any jobs he'd enjoy any time soon. That's not exactly "real" punishment, but it's close.

I know i should feel bad that he wrecked his career... but the hypocrisy is just too damn delicious.

Now THAT is hypocrisy. Gotta love politics, especially when you say one thing and do another. Its like my dad telling me not to smoke as he lights up his 3rd in a row.

Spitzer won't buy GTAIV, he's the type to say it won't satiate his urges on real prostitutes. His wife will probably take the abuse and try to make him look good in public but be destroyed on the inside to know he planned to sleep with another woman.

I say good riddance, he cleaned the building by removing himself from office. I'll give him a clap for that, nothing more.

Karma +1

I feel for his wife. Poor woman looks like she's aged 20 years in 2 days. Any guesses as to how long before she files for divorce and cleans the lint outta Eliot's deep pockets?

Wow. That was faster than I expected. Bill Clinton would be sad.

@ Christian Astrup

You want to feel bad for him? What? Sorry, I don't even secretly want to feel bad for him. Regardless of your opinion on prostitution, a former D.A. who has put plenty of people away for that very crime should of known better. What's that saying? "You reap what you sow."

People always want athletes to behave as proper role models for children, but what about our elected officials? Shouldn't they also live up to a higher standard? We're all human, but this degree of hypocrisy is ridiculous.

Getting drunk/high I can forgive. Missing a few practices/votes I can forgive. But sheer unadulterated (hey that's kinda funny) hypocrisy? I can't forgive.

Good fucking riddance. Serves the prick right! ANYONE who cheats on their wife/girlfriend doesn't deserve anything! ESPECIALLY WHEN THEYRE BLEEDING HYPPOCRATES!

@ Gameboy,

I can forgive hypocrisy.

That doesn't mean I do but that's for other reasons, his behavior was stupid. A stupid politician is dangerous to the public. Good ridance.

Now, an intelligent politician can also be something of an ass and even a very dangerous person indeed. But will not cause massive trouble by bieng stupid. By being an ass, yes. See George W. Bush.

Serves him right. What goes around, comes around ;).

It's a shame douchebaggery isn't a crime punishable by law.

Oh, the sweet, sweet irony! :D

I wish I could have seen the look on JT’s face when he heard the news that one of his champions has been disgraced like this.

Of course knowing how delusional he is, he’d probably deny ever having backed him, giving one his “there are no bridges” statements. :P

Now if we could get him to deny Spitzer three times, that would be even more sweet irony! :)

"I go forward with the belief, as others have said, that as human beings our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time we fall." - a quote from Spitzer's resignation speech.

Once again we get an "apology" from someone who just turns into into a "I've fought the good fight." crap.

Falling happens accidentally or unintentionally. You can't unintentionally sleep with a hooker so many times you get a client number. The only thing this guy did unintentionally is get caught. Either way he's a hypocritical bastard and ought to be called out on it.

And another thing...whose money was he using for his happy hooker hookups?

Let us not forget that charges have yet to be levied, and there is the question about public funds going to satiate his...*ahem* private needs. The shitcan express just started for Mr. Spitzer. I hope that the FBI and fellow prosecutors look this man in the eye and simply say, "you knew the rules, you screwed people with these rules, and you expected different?" *click* with the handcuffs. That will be an ever so delightful day. Would anyone happen to know if his superdelegate status is going to be revoked as well?

@ Anonymous

I don't know about that. I get the feeling he's been "visiting" this prostitution ring for a while. Say... since before he busted one back in 2004. That's not simple hypocrisy. It's not like he railed against gays and was then discovered in a gay relation (I can forgive that). It seems the whole time he was upholding the law, he's been systematically breaking it. What's worse he spoke out against prostitution in video games and, as I mentioned already, helped bust one. That's like Super Saiyan 3 Hypocrisy.

If, like I suspect, he's been a regular to this particular prostitution ring, how do we know he hasn't previously stalled and even prevented litigation against it? This can really color his entire career and even tarnish the New York D.A.'s office! The real question: How did he expect to get away with this?

Vinzent Says:
And another thing…whose money was he using for his happy hooker hookups?

There's the real issue (like I said before, you can't be arrested for cheating on your wife, scumbag move as it is), according to the investigators, used taxpayer money. You have to report withdrawls over 10,000, but he took out only a few thousand at a time to cover it up.

GTA IV now stands for Gubernatorial Term Assassination 4! The 4 because it's enough shame to end a career four times over.

Why does everyone commenting on this story say that it is an example of hypocrisy and that is is deliciously ironic? It's not. There is no hypocritical or ironic relation between saying that children shouldn't play GTA and using prostitutes. The hypocrisy and irony comes from the fact that Spitzer prosecuted prostitution rings in his previous job.

Stop using words that you don't understand.

come on now guys , these evil vidyagames are far worse

who cares about real prostitutes, they cant really affect people's morals..

now the ones in teh damn evil vidyagames.. i mean those polygonal whores, will send you straight to hell. Everyone knows polygons can use polygonal mind control to affect peoples judgement, and humans have no influence on each other atall

seriously tho.. what a hypocrite.

i mean.. wow... couldnt have actually picked a more ironic way to disgrace himself.. and there are so many to choose from.


Because it's apparently okay to do it in real life, but heaven forbid anyone should do it virtually?

I feel bad for his family. Not only is the father losing his job and credibility, but he'll probably find it hard to get employed anywhere else. Meaning that while he's unemployed, the rest of the family suffers. His wife is obviously devastated, and I don't think either of them will be able to show their faces in public again for quite some time.


What i mean is that he probably regrets it (most likely because it blew up in his face, but still). Even if he totally deserves losing his job (which he does), it still affects his family. Granted, the fact that the father is going to prostitutes indicates that there may already be issues, but still...

Its a firm principle of mine that every human being is truly good hearted - yes, even The-Lawyer-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named - and i therefore would rather not savour the schadenfreude. But like i said; in this case... its just too damn good.

Also; "unadulterated hypocrisy" Lol! :D

@ Anonononomous

Where do I say in my previous posts that its hypocritical because he spoke out against video games. I see it as hypocritical because he was a former D.A. who not only is supposed to uphold the law, but also made it big prosecuting offenders who committed the same crime he now stands accused of. The story is on GP because of his stand on video games. Its that simple.

"Children can even simulate having sex with a prostitute…"

I just think he's pissed because children don't actually get to have sex with a prostitute.

Good fucking riddance to another hypocritical polichicken.

At least he admitted that everything he's said about moralty was invalidated because of this, but still...



It's not even simulated in the game. All that happens in the camera pans down so you can't see in the windows. Even if you fix that ,there's no animation, they just sit in the car.

Speaking of The-Lawyer-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named... I can't help but wonder... Where is he during all of this? This Spitzer clown is taking attention that people could, and should, be paying to him instead!

C'mon, Jacky-Boy, surely you have some sort of blowhard opinion about this? Maybe Spitzer actually played GTA at one point, and that led him to pay for the prostitues? Just like playing game violence makes people violent for real? There you go, there's your opening statement, right there. Don't let us down Jack, you've been on a roll lately. (Figuratively of course!)

@ Anonononomous:

A man who attacked a video game, explicitly citing the in-game depiction of prostitution, and also built his reputation as DA on prosecuting people involved in prostitution... is found to have been a long time client of a prostitution ring himself.

I am totally lost as to how you don't see the hypocrisy here.

@Meggie, where'd you see claims that he used tax payers' money?

From what I know the dude is loaded. He could've easily afforded the hookers by himself.

Mmmm, it tastes like delicious pie of blood and tears. I so do love it when someone like him falls for the very thing he said to stop; it's like the felling of a titan. Just too large to ignore.

Ok, I found it:

Interesting. They're saying he didn't necessarily pay the hookers with tax payer money, but the transportation to and from seeing them was probably paid with tax payer money.

If so, he's in for quite a run.

@ Christian Astrup

I'll give you that he regrets being caught, but I find it hard to believe that he actually regrets his actions. If he truly regretted it he wouldn't of been a long time client. A man who does something he regrets, does it once and never again. A man who made it habit to do something immoral and gets caught only regrets getting caught. I rarely believe a person who apologizes for crimes at their own trial or after their wrongs have been revealed by the press. The best I'll give them is that they made a good apology.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he regrets it. If he does, he and his family have my sympathy. If he only regrets getting caught, I'm sorry for his family for having to live with the monster and having to be there at his fall.

@ Kurisu

I know, I'm just taking cheap shots at him.

Spitzer is the ultimate pecksniffian, but I'd agree with Gameboy that he doesn't regret his actions.

Ah, you got there first. All my local news links moved, so here's all I got.

Spitzer: I just resigned, so I won't get in trouble, right? RIGHT? No? WHY THE FUCK NOT? COME ON MAN! I WAS THE GOVERNER!

I can't wait to watch this slimeball go through the wringer. It's stuff like this that helps reaffirm my beliefs in karma!


IMO, you hit it right on the head with your assessment of his level of regret.

UPDATED the story with new info on the identity of "Kristen"...

Check it out.
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