New Ron Paul Message Video Uses Game-like Animation

Although Ron Paul’s presidential hopes are rapidly fading, ConnieTalk reports that a group of "grassroots artists" have released an impressive, minute-long, video game-like commercial for the upstart Republican:

The spot–which looks like any scene from a high-quality, modern video game–utilizes portions of Ron Paul’s past speeches, combined with high end computer animation and moving graphics to create scenes where a 3-D Ron Paul emerges from water, is surrounded by doves, is standing amongst money flying up into the air, and even appearing next to the founding fathers of the Constitution…


The project… took 3 months to create the 60-second feature, which Chris Rye’s American Liberty Coalition PAC hopes to air in Pennsylvania leading up to PA’s April 22nd primary.


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    Korrd says:

    I adore Ron Paul. He never had much of a chance of winning, but he’s the first politician I felt I could be proud of.

    Jay sums it up nicely. Ron Paul was the thinking man’s candidate.

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    Rachel says:


    Hey now, don’t give Obama such a hard time. Did you see his speech on either Monday or Tuesday about race? Really great stuff, but if you watch it, be forewarned…it’s 37 minutes long.

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    Jay ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    In a sane world, filled with sane people, Ron Paul would be president as a no-brainer. Under Bush, the presidency has been elevated to near-dictatorial power, above the law and beyond the law. 8 years of someone who wants to use only powers enumerated in the constitution would be a nice change.

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    Legion says:

    Probably repeating some comments in this thread. Wonderful video, way, way too late. My preferences went from Paul to Kucinich to Dodd to Edwards to Obama in a matter of weeks, the MSM cycle goes much faster than the amateur CGI artist moves (I only mean that in the way that the MSM widdled down the field rather swiftly after Iowa).

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    AdioBam says:

    Ron Paul is the most underrated politician. Republicans immediately throw him aside because he does not support certain military actions. Democrats seem to have a problem with the government not butting in to people’s lives, so they ignore him.
    The man is a genius, but no one really cares about that.
    On the other hand, Obama is by far the most fucking overrated politician I have ever seen.

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    Ghede says:

    I think “Game-like animation” is a bit of a stretch. After all, I don’t see you reporting on the latest pixar films for their “Game Cutscene-like animation”

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    Michelle says:

    Good animation, though a little late.
    I really liked Ron Paul and what he stood for. I thought he was pretty radical at first until I did more research. I don’t agree 100% with him on everything but for the major issues he seems to make a lot of sense. He definitely got me (and a lot of others) more interested in politics so for that he did accomplish something. Though, I don’t know who I’m voting for now that he’s out.

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    Father Time ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Impressive, VERY impressive. I wonder though, if Ron Paul doesn’t run as a third party what would the animators do after that? Would they wrok for Obama Clinton or Mccain?

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    Jack Thompson is a douchbag says:

    The iraqi war is like a police thing. Nobody is going to win. We only fight people like rebels. They just come up to you shoot you then run away. It is not really a war.

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    AJ says:

    Awesome, a little late for the campaign, but awesome.

    I agree completely. The messge is important. I don’t agree with everything he says. But I support the message of liberty and a sound econemy. Along with getting out of Iraq.

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    BmK ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    While he has some pretty crazy views when it comes to some things I really love Ron Paul’s views on the First Amendment. He truly believes that “No law means no law” which is pretty close to my view on the First Amendment’s Free Speech and Press clause. When it comes to media that presents the flow of ideas, information, messages, opinions and viewpoints, the government should stay the hell out of it.

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    Monte ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Now THAT was a really nice ad

    although about a year too late… really, great ads would have done much better about a year ago when we were still in the debate phase and people were just starting to figure out who they were gonna support. great ads d not help when you’ve already lost the race… really, even if we see a slight improvement in the primaries in PA, it will not change the fact that McCain IS the republican candidate. Ron Paul’s really got to just hang up his running shoes and think about 2012… he could probably spend the next 4 years getting some serious work done and making himself a more appealing politician… that way he might have a chance next time

    Y’know, interesting question… if Ron Paul were to run as a third party… who would he steal votes from? really not sure on that… Vote stealers can cause much trouble when they steal from the better candidate in a close race.

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    Shrike says:


    So much for the suggestions he’d back off the nomination run.

    But it is nice to see that the medium is getting more attention, even when it would be faster and less expensive to produce that video with more live footage.

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    GoodRobotUs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Nice animation.

    However, nice animation does not a President maketh.

    However, a President who can open his mouth without putting his foot in it would be a step up, whichever one finally gets in.

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    ZippyDSMlee ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    If the reapers drop maccian and chose RP the only real republican candidate that ran for nomination I would be happy to vote for him but currently hes just is vote stealer, I refuse to vote for the DP sell out Mccain!

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    Matt says:

    Nice video, but what’s it doing on Game Politics? Because it slightly resembles a video game movie? And here I was thankful that I hadn’t seen any Ron Paul news in a while.
    And no, Ron Paul did not “already win” anything. There’s just a handful of rabid followers out there that like a few of his ideas because they sound revolutionary. In truth, almost everything he promised to do would be pretty much impossible. Abolish the IRS? Disband the Department of Education? Come on… The reason no one voted for him wasn’t because there was a massive conspiracy by the media and government to silence his dangerous message. It’s because most people who knew what he stood for genuinely didn’t like him and his positions. I, for one, will be glad to see him fall into obscurity.
    Oh and just to frame my position, I supported Dennis Kucinich. So don’t accuse me of just jumping on any Obama-bandwagon or anything.

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    TJLK ( User Karma: -1 ) says:

    Ron Paul already won, he woke a lot of individuals up and it is up to them to follow up. The system was set against him and his grassroots movement from the start and look at how it grew.

    Only thing left is to see how the march turns out.

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    MrKlorox ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The first instance of the opening reminded me of the G-Man opening of Half-Life 2. Was a decent video. Is it the first of its kind?

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    cppcrusader ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Nevermind, apparently it’s not now. *damn lack of edit button*

    It’s a pretty slick video, I’ll give them that much.

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    Salen says:

    Ok, he has no hope of winning the election, but I have to say that the animation in that was really really nice. I’m sure there’s some poor rendering PCs out there that are happy not to be rendering that video anymore. But yeah, nicely done.

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