Florida Supreme Court Sanctions Jack Thompson

March 20, 2008 -
The Florida Supreme Court will no longer accept anything directly from controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson. If Thompson wants to file with the Court, he's going to need to hire another lawyer to do it on his behalf.

That's the ruling handed down by the Court late this morning.

As GamePolitics reported last month, the Florida Supreme Court issued a show cause order demanding that Thompson explain why the sanction shouldn't be issued. Clearly, Thompson's multiple responses did nothing to change the collective mind of the Justices.

The order issued by the Court may be found here, and the following passages are quoted from it:
After submitting inappropriate and pornographic materials to this Court, Thompson was specifically warned that should he continue to submit inappropriate filings, this Court would consider imposing a sanction limiting Thompson’s ability to submit further filings...

Since that order, Thompson has filed numerous additional filings which led this Court to issue an order directing Thompson to show cause why we should not limit his filings... We now sanction Thompson...

Thompson engaged, to the point of abuse... in a relentless and frivolous pursuit for vindication of his claim that he is being victimized by The Florida Bar...

Thompson’s multiple responses are rambling, argumentative, and contemptuous... What we cannot tolerate, however, is Thompson’s continued inability to maintain a minimum standard of decorum and respect for the judicial system to which all litigants, and especially attorneys, must adhere...

A thorough review of Thompson's filings lead to one conclusion. He has abused the processes of the Court... Accordingly... the Clerk of this Court is hereby instructed to reject for filing any future pleadings, petitions, motions, documents, or other filings submitted by John Bruce Thompson, unless signed by a member in good standing of The Florida Bar other than himself.

...Further, if Thompson submits a filing in violation of this order, he may be subjected to contempt proceedings or other appropriate sanctions.

For his part, Thompson has sent out an e-mail describing the Supreme Court's order as both "good news" and "idiotic."

GP: Just to be clear, this sanction imposed by the Florida Supreme Court is a separate issue from Thompson's Bar Trial which we have been reporting on in a series of articles this week. No decision has been rendered by the referee in the Bar Trial as of yet.

UPDATE: Thompson writes in to say that he mailed today's motion prior to the Florida Supreme Court's order and that, in any event, he is entitled to make an oral argument on the matter.


brb, going to go put "Hit the Road Jack" on my iPod.

Two points I find interesting:
"In sanctioning Thompson, we are requiring him to retain qualified counsel so that his arguments might be properly presented through the appropriate procedures in the appropriate forum."

This pretty much shows the court doesn't feel he is a qualified counsel. If he is not qulaified, how can they keep him on the bar?

Now for the scary part:

That means, about 2:30 PM, you can expect him to file a Rehearing Motion, stating that he can file it because this sanction wasn't finalized yet.

I do like how when he claimed they couldn't forbid him access to the court system, they showed in almost a pages worth of cases where they, and the Supreme Court, have ahd to do this, showing that yes, they can restrict it, it isn't preventing him from seeking justice, just requiring him to stop wasting their time.

@E. Zachary Knight:

Jack'll have to search the pyschiatric wards of Jackson Memorial to find an attorney who'll sign one of those "picture books" at any price.

I take it this is where the Florida Bar is reduced to a bombed-out building?

I can see it now... Thompson goading his wife into signing his filings. :D


I LOLed @ your comment :D

Sure it feels like mind of JT is so far out there, so we just can't grasp it ;)

Anyways, cheers mate!


2:30? Could be in the Clerk's office already.


you forgot "Entire population of world wide web" because they are out to get JT!!!!!!


That gives him enough time to file at least 5 motions

Finally! Party at my house!

Jack Thompson's reign of terror is coming to a close, at last.

Just had this image of a game, Jack Thompson running along the bottom of the screen firing writs and press releases at various industry figures. whilst trying to dodge the Sanction beam coming from a figuratively bombed out Florida Bar....

Jack's career is good as over. Nobody would risk their reputation helping him out by being his delivery boy.

Jack obviously believes he's going to make a case of conspiracy because of all these legal issues going against him. He is truly insane and lacks a true understanding of how to grasp reality. Truly ironic considering that's what he charges we, the gaming community with.

With that in mind Jack will UNDOUBTEDLY file regardless of this motion. Simply because of the above. He will be hit with contempt and Jack will see this as another victory within his own little conspiracy argument.

Jack, I'm going to just break this to you... There is no conspiracy. You're simply wrong. The super majority of the legal system has ruled everything you've come up with as wrong. All of the bills you tried to get into law and when they were made law were struck down by judges quoting the first ammendment of the United States Constitution.

It's a free country friend. You're welcome to continue your efforts within your hate filled JT land, but the rest of the world's patience has run out, the kid gloves are off, and your ranting and making other's lives miserable when they are those you're supposed to respect will no longer be tolerated.

Happy first day of SPRING! ^_^

@E. Zachary Knight

Even if they care more about money, the order still says that it's a FLORIDA BAR MEMBER who has to sign. After insulting every member and the bar itself for years, I doubt he'd be able to find anyone who will accept to sign everything from him.

I agree with Paul and Phoenixzero...Johnny Bruce Thompson, FTW!

To advert Monty Python, "...'tis but a scratch..."

He sees this as 'good news'? He MUST be trying to immitate Hubert Farnsworth to 'dumb his speech down to the retards in the cloacks' or something, otherwise, HOW COULD THIS BE GOOD NEWS AT ALL FOR HIM?


Watch out! He will try to bleed on you!


Mr. Kent should be able to clear up the chances of JT having someone else file for him. Maybe he'll post to clear up the confusion.

Ah jackie the defanged 3 legged dog. He has the supreme's by the throat... er wait... sorry sorry apparently he has them right where they determined to be.

Please jackie do us one little favor and file a refutal of your sanction. Go on you know you want to, they are laughing at and conspiring against you. Hell they must be in league with game companies and were paid to Rockstar and T2 to unmine you and your crusade. Going to call holy fire down on them too?

So, any running bets on how many lawyers ole John Bruce will go through by the time this whole ordeal is over with?

@E. Zachary Knight
Odds are there are probably more Jack Thompsons of the world that will gladly take up a case for him if its to help defend the children from video games not intended for their age.

Until that happens I'm going to listen to "We Are the Champions" all day long. :D


I'm going with zero.

If he gets another lawyer to file for him it will destroy his conspiracy agenda.

The beginning of the end my friends! One step closer to victory!


I'm going with zero too. JT's pretty well known, I can't see anyone wanting to risk their careers (or sanity) dealing with him.

Plus he'd probably insist on Pro-Bono, seeing as how he hates handing out money (see the Junkin article about how JT thought a 10% cut for co-counsel was "outrageous").

Best he might get is a law-student, working the Pro Bono track, at most they'd give him one chance before getting tired of his constant nagging and harassment...
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


How about his wife?

I'm not saying that Jack won't find an attorney to represent him before the Supremes. As EZK says, for the right price, that's an easy do. What he'll never find is an attorney stupid enough to rubber stamp the kind of pleadings he's been filing with the Supremes. Because any attorney with half a brain will realize that do so will only land them in same kind of hot water that Jack's in, and I can't see a sane attorney wanting to do that at any price.

This can end in only one of two ways; either the United States of America asplodes, or J Biddy T is placed in a small water tight box with enough food and air to last him the rest of his natural life, and dropped into the Laurentian Abyssal, next to Megatron.


Just the Florida Supreme Court. But give him time. He'll work his way around to the others.

best way to describe this... SMACK DOWN! :)


Ah, thanks. And you're probably right about the other courts!

x1 agree BinaryGeek

But did he compare himself to Paul Revere this time?

Someone should probably explain to him that the difference is, when Paul Revere was screaming drunkenly about an invading threat, that threat actually existed.

Basically, without the 'shock' element, Jack loses the power to attract Media attention. One thing I would not be surprised to see is an increase in the 'Media-grabbing' content of his Bar-hearing filings, since he's only got one place from which to perform his own somewhat unique type of attention grabbing.


Sounds like just the Florida Supreme Court, where his disbarment cases are currently in "review".

So he could presumably still flood the lower courts, and he could still file federally (although he has insisted he will, the last time he did the court denied him and said to let the Florida court finish first...)

And he can't file outside his jurisdiction without some other lawyer, or getting Pro Hac Vice (and I'm sure they wouldn't grant it if he was in the middle of a disbarment hearing...)
-- If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap...


Either it'll be his wife signing off on his crap, or no one else unless he's paying. Even then, it's unlikely.

The man is a legal joke in his home state. No one would hitch their wagon to his. Even if they had an ulterior motive, his ego would be too much to deal with.

I was thinking about Jack this morning, before I saw this. More specifically, I was thinking about his wife. I find myself wondering what kind of person she is. From the little I know, she's a successful attorney, but I wonder about her personally. for instance, how involved is she in Jack's Crusade? We never see or her from her, so I would suspect she's busy with her own work. I wonder though, if she ever says, "Jack, you're on the verge of disbarment. Stop and think for a minute about what you are doing."
I have the good fortune to be married to a wonderful woman who is willing to support me, but who isn't afraid to call me out when I'm wrong. I was thinking about her this morning, and about what kind of woman is married to Jack Thompson, and how this affects her life.
Maybe she doesn't pay as much attention. Maybe she really believes in him and is pushing him on. Maybe she is telling him to stop, to try to save a sinking ship. Maybe he's been trying to hide all this from her, which, while unlikely, screams sitcom to me. Like I said, I know she's an attorney, and that's about it. It was just a thought I had this morning.

Just watch Jack ignore this and continue to do what he does.

Personally, i think the only way he can grab media attention in the court room is when we hear:

Judge: Overruled
Judge: Overruled
Judge: Overruled
JT: WELL YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT I SAY TO THAT!? *turns around and drops drawers and starts smacking bottom at the judge* KISS IT!

"Grab media attention anymore" is what i meant to say. Sorry abou' that.

I can't speak for the next guy, but if I'm given a choice between a wife and a $1,000,000 a year income, I'm going for the bucks every time. And then buying me a new wife. But that's just me.

Love > money
Just like:
pie > cake, but were getting off topic now.

Did anyone else get the feeling that the world is a better place when they woke up this morning? After reading this I know why.

@ Altair
Pie only > then cake when cake = lie.

Love is love. For real love you wouldn't give your wife up for $1,000,000,000. The problem with buying another wife is the good ones aren't for sale.

A Toast lads and lasses, to the beginning of the end!

Cheers mates!

Mind you, I'm saving my bottle of fine Irish Whiskey for his disbarment announcement.

[...] Jack Thompson seems to be finally getting his just desserts: The Florida Supreme Court will no longer accept anything directly from controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson. If Thompson wants to file with the Court, he

Awwww, c'mon! "Thompson’s continued inability to maintain a minimum standard of decorum and respect for the judicial system" is the best thing about the man! Do we really want him to be replaced by a game-censorship advocate who DOESN'T alienate everybody he meets? Heavens!

Mr. Thompson you just got OVERRULED!

And Jack's not flying completely solo, it appears. He's already got a co-counsel in the disciplinary proceedings. Isn't one of his smoke-screens that the Bar and Judge Tunis illegally stole his co-counsel's medical records? He tried to argue that point on behalf of his co-counsel at his hearing and Judge Tunis had to remind that he was his co-counsel's client, not his attorney.

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