British MP Attacks Appeal Board’s Release of Manhunt 2

As has been widely reported, the controversial Manhunt 2 was cleared for release in the U.K. last week by the Video Appeals Committee.

However, Kent Online reports that Conservative MP Julian Brazier (left) has weighed in against the decision:

This shows once again that the BBFC and its appeals system do not meet the concerns of the public. The public wants a significant tightening up in this vital area.

We need a consensus that videos and video games involving extreme violence are extremely anti-social. Watching these things happen does affect people’s behaviour.

We’ve got to recognise that there’s a strong link between what people watch and what they do.

GP: Like, if they watch their elected officials wasting time on video games while important issues go unattended they feel a bit queasy?

Brazier hopes to introduce an appeals process to overturn rating decisions made the raters at the BBFC. As GamePolitics has reported, he and MP Keith Vaz, another longtime game violence critic, met with Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the issue earlier this month.

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