50 Cent: Bulletproof Game Called out by Hip-Hop Artist, Former Child Soldier

March 27, 2008 -
A Sudanese hip-hop musician who escaped a life as a child soldier takes  rapper 50 Cent to task in an upcoming album, according to a report on antiMusic.

Emmanuel Jal (left), who was forced into the Sudanese People's Liberation Army from age six to thirteen, said at a Harvard University conference on hip hop last week:
American hip-hop is still entwined with gang culture, drugs, sexual violence and greed. It's a battleground.

A song titled "50 Cent"  on on Jal's new Warchild album, due for release in May takes the American rapper to task over his controversial Bulletproof video game. From Jal's lyrics:
You have done enough damage selling crack cocaine now you got a kill a black man video game... There ain't a Jewish or a white man Chinese or an Indian blowing up the brain of their own fellow man... We have lost a whole generation through this lifestyle now you want to put it in the game for a little child to play... Bugga bun 50 Cent.

Of his lyrics, Jal said:
I am a great fan of 50 Cent. But can't help thinking that the generation that has grown up to respect and love him are not being given the right message. I feel that he could be professing more of a positive influence with his young fans.



Certainly not something as gaudy as a vehicle covered in diamonds.

A vehicle like that basically scream "jack me" and honestly I hope that thing vanishes.

wow! you realy dont get it.. so first music wasnt regulated but now its at the same comercial level. AGAIN VDEO GAMES HAVE MORE RATINGS CAUSE ITS "EMERSIVE" it does everything most rappers rap about..

yea alanis whent way over im not gana front, i never heard of the person so i can care less.. i see that almost everything that i type goes over your head or simply choose to ignore just so you can bring up things that happend in the 80's and 90's

i see no mention about the army i thought that alone was gana end this but i guess not, or how about you supporting all of this glorification that you type about do you not see your self as a hipacrit? these are things that i been trying to point out to you but you seem to not catch on. you have been exposed...

i dont need examples of the old hip-hop, shit like that just dont happen no more. yea theirs still some violence but not at the level of examples that you keep trying to point out. and violence is all over the world there will still be gangs drug dealers and shoot outs even if rap and games went obsolete. thats the reality.

so what does gta glorify? and if video games have no reality and is too absurd to live out than why does the army use it as practice? why can rockstar make a game pretty much what rappers glorify take it a step further by showing you how its done and you say its too fake? if it was devilmay cry 4 ok, but isnt gta geard towards reality? just like americas army, graw etc..

have you not heard an old saying, actions speaks louder than words? is it not easier to learn things as its done in front of you than someone trying to explain it.

at the end of the day it doesnt matter which medium has more reality its about witch medium is sending a stronger message witch medium is showing you how to do it witch medium can you use as a practice tool. video games dont need the rumors they dont need this hear say to create a theater. cause you are creating it all ,and the theater is right in your house. thats the reality of this generation thats the small part of the problem..

i draged in the parents simply cause both mediums dont set examples on how to live a life. that was a response to that punk kid that said he'll shoot you like hes 50.

A harvard conference on hip-hop?

I must say that whilst I'm not a fan of hip-hop/rap by any stretch of the imagination (unless the fusion elements in Stuck Mojo's music counts), its good to see someone inside that genre speaking out about what appears to be a near unilateral attempt to perpetuate a negative & self destructive stereotype.

God, I sound like such a wanker when I say that...

This game deserves the attacks.

It is an abomination of gaming. Manhunt at least has SOME merits.

This game is a modern day Shaq Fu.

Although this guy is obviously under the misguided impression that video games like this are for kids.. I really understand where he is coming from about hip hop.

One of my main dislikes about that entire genre is that most of what we hear is negative, violent, racist, homophobic, sexist and generally just promotes a really bad way of life... what makes me most angry is that many of these people openly admit to committing criminal acts and are given a stage to boast about them in public through their music.

A harvard conference on hip-hop?

Check out KRS ONE. His book, ruminations, was an eye opener.

And rap is more then dead in my opinion.

thanks to the negativity of said artists like 50 Cent.

Strictly old skool east coast all the way.

It's just a game. If you don't like it, don't play it. But to claim that making a video game is on the same lines as selling crack is just plain stupid.

To be fair, DeusPayne, he thinks it's worse.

"You have done enough damage selling crack cocaine now you got a kill a black man video game… There ain’t a Jewish or a white man Chinese or an Indian blowing up the brain of their own fellow man… We have lost a whole generation through this lifestyle now you want to put it in the game for a little child to play… Bugga bun 50 Cent."

I'm assuming he's limiting the race issue to this specific game as various games allow various race characters to "kill" NPCs of their own race as well as individuals of other races.

So, from what I gather, it's bad for ANYONE to make a game that places a dark skinned NPC as a victim. After all, 50 Cent is of similar race as those in the game. So, the rapper can't be complaining that a white man is making another racist video game about killing people of dark skin.

Truth is, no one is going to like everything about everything. His complaints are valid for his own preceptions and interests, but not every individual on the planet thinks exactly the same way or likes everything for exactly the same reason.

50 Cent made something, or had something made, that was of interest or important to him and shared it with others, for a profit of couse but still he shared it, and those who had a similar interest bought it. So what if not everyone liked it or saw it in different ways.

Good for him.

I don't like rap. So there!

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All this is coming out just hours after confirmation of a 50 Cent 2 game. Wow

And thats why I listen to underground hip hop late at night on various college radio stations. Less controversy.

I first learned of this second 50 Cent game on /k/ and the reaction was almost unanimously that of FAIL. I have to say that rap today is completely unapealling to me and I will agree with Emmanuel that current rappers are not helping further the genre. A friend of mine introduced me to some of the first available rap songs and I have to say that its changed a lot since then. Finally can anyone tell me what Bugga Bun means?

There's only ONE gangsta rap song that is any good. (Weird Al rap doesn't count in this case, even though he is awesome)

"Read A Book"


You do sound like a wanker when you say that ;)

Hip-Hop is not destructive.. there's a number of people who feel if they want to succeed, they have to sell the thug lifestyle. That's partly the fault of the industry, and not the rappers, as well.

There's plenty of rappers with a positive message.. This guy is one, obviously.. You could also listen to Mos Def, or Matisyahu, just to name a couple.

This is a good point he makes, I think.. I've been reading Sudhir Venkatesh's book "Gang Leader for a Day" and it's stunning how far inner city poverty has gone, with gang operations intwined into every day life like a giant tree spreading roots.

The only thing the "Thug Lifestyle" needs is the liberal application of some OMON style policing.

@ DarrelBT

That vid was the first thing I thought of while reading this article =)

@ Aliasalpha

At least it's not a giant waste of money like Congress is blowing trying to catch people lying about steroids. Let harvard waste money how they choose.

And remember people "Jocken the bitches and slappin' da hoes" ... I have no idea where I'm going with that.

@Scolar Visari
Finally can anyone tell me what Bugga Bun means?

Well I assumed it involved anal sex with some kind of baked goods but why buggering a bun would be a particular insult, I'm not quite sure...

I never said that hip-hop was destructive, on the contrary it, like metal, is probably an outlet for people who would otherwise be pissed off and have nothing to help them vent. Hell a lot of people around me owe their lives to Soilwork & In Flames, whenever I get in the killing mood I just crank up the metal & cruise around in a GTA game shooting people.

What I was meaning was the stereotype of the gang running drug pushing rapper was self destructive to both the people involved and the wider community

Too bad many popular raps songs are about 'thug life' and making it look 'cool'. Some people who listen to mainstream rap would say some of the stupidest stuff ever, like 'I am gonna wet yo'self'.

I know some people who listen to what I would say is actually good, and isn't all about the thug life, but you just don't see people raving about it on Much Music like other 'thug life' songs.

As for the 50 cent video game, it was crap, and it's old. The game isn't anymore racist then what you hear in most rap songs.

True, but since it's a video game, it's going to get more of a beating than violent rap lyrics. Not MUCH more, but still...

Greed is an understatement. "Fiddy" owns a diamond covered Mercedes Benz.

@ Kurisu

Why would you want a diamond covered Benz? Diamond Covered Mercalago is where it's at! Oh maybe a car mode out of gold and silver! *Looks around* What? So no one has thought of what they would blow they're money on if you had that kind of cash?

What I love are the food court gangsters we have in our town of Grand Rapids, MI. I can understand, and almost respect, people shooting each other over black market territory. What’s ridiculous are kids shooting each other in the shopping mall because somebody wore green in front of the Pottery Barn.

Oh, and a near by roller rink is considered gang territory. Nothing says OG like couples slow skate.

50 cent Bulletproof = Shaq Fu with guns.

For the record, the game was crap so I don't know what he has to gain by calling it out.


"I say this rapping music is quiet disturbing and hostile."

@ ecco6t9

"Well I say!"

@ G-Dog

Nothing says "Gangsta" like a good old pair 60's skate shoes! And don't get me started on how "Gangsta" Pottery Barn is!

God I feel so dirty for saying "gangsta"

I'm struggling to care about this article, with the inconsistencies and all.....

@ Kurisu

Sounds like a great liceanse plate. Hell if I had that kind of disposable income, can you say "Own Country"?

So what would Kurisu do what that type of cash?

@ kurisu7885

I'm gonna guess a diamond encrusted benz doesn't leave the garage. Something tells me it would cost you a little more when you hit a pothole then the rest of us.

This is nothing more than some no-name rapper trying to gain media attention by attacking 50 cent. I dont like 50 cent's music but I'm going to go ahead and defend it here anyways. Many of you complain that there are too many rap songs about gang violence and other balck stereotypes while you are willing to come on to this blog and defend games like Grand Theft Auto day after day. The reason there are so many rap songs related to gang violence is because the buying public demands it. It's very similar to the rise of urban street crime games after GTA 3 became a hit. This guy is attacking 50 for using his constitutional right to say whatever the fuck he wants. He does have a right to criticize: however, I feel 50 is in the right as far as this argument is concerned.

@DarrelBT: Shaq Fu was better

Papa Midnight

@DarrelBT: Thanks for that link, oy. Damn funny. Also the source is notarapper.com.

LMFAO.. SOME OF YOU PPL ARE JUST TOO FUNNY.. atleast manhunt has merrit?!wtf..
there is different kinds of rapers for one, you got your 50 cent you ppl seem to know him so you know what hes about but do you over night rap experts know kanye west, mos def, q tip, ll cool j, slick rick, krs 1, thats just a few..
there is positive rap music out there just like ther are positive games but than you got your gta, man hunt oh wait that has merrits lol.
you ppl sound stupid, ill bet money that more than half of you cus and degrade woman more in 2 days than 2 of 50 cents album put together..
and lets think about this whats worse a guy talking about violence or some crazy ass white kid running around a mall killing ppl, and in schools too.
now when was the last time you heard a violent rap crime, last one i heard of was big and pac and thats been years.. not everyone grows up with momy and daddy in a mansion, so if you cant relate to rap its cool but millions do relate so eas up you wanksta's if i you dont know shit about it.

As a guy that idolized Run DMC, Eric B. And Rakim, and Wu Tang as a child; I will join the general consensus here that Fiddy's music is utter garbage. not just the content; the style, substance, and everything about it.

A lot of people do seem to forget that rap is often violent, because it comes from a violent aspect of the culture.

I can see from the comments not many people here actually understand rap music.

@ those with something to say against Harvard

I am not surprised that Harvard has a conference on Hip-Hop. I dont care what you think about rap music. Music or generally speaking Art have communicative abilities. The questions to ask about any art are What is the artist trying to communicate? How does the artist go about communicating? Why is the artist trying to communicate this message.

Hell Rap music has taken the nation globally you have rap artist all over the world now. I bet people could give lectures on how music evolved into rap music. Also there is the political nature that can be discussed with any music genre, from Toby Keith's "boot in your ass" to public enemy.

There is also the cultural aspect, just looking at how our culture has evolved, from the time of jazz, to Elvis to Beetles to Madonna to Nirvana to whatever. How the artist broke certain barriers, tested the limits of society, or represent to the moral compass.


I personally think that this artist was talking about the glorification of being a drug dealer, gangsta, and the "Thug life." He wants to stop that promotion of that lifestyle. Gangsta rap has been out of the mainstream for a while until 50 cent started to bring it back. With he brought back that "image" that lifestyle. The difference between GTA and 50 cent is the promoting of the lifestyle. GTA is a game and well it tries to glorify the criminal life it does it at such an extreme that it practically becomes absurd to even attempt to live that lifestyle. 50 cent on the other actually and actively promotes the lifestyle and is realistic because he lived and is currently living it.

I like hip-hop...

A lot.
Newer underground stuff is my favorite.

Atmosphere, A Tribe Called Quest, Sage Francis, The Roots...


Thing is about Rap is that the lyrics are supposed to be attention grabbing, just like most other forms of music. Rhythm and Word-patterning means you cannot always say things beyond a basic level. I'm sure some people recall some scientist getting up in arms about a song that mis-estimated the size of the Universe.


As you can see, get over-analytical and you lose the point of the song, which is to be fun to listen to.

As for the tone of Rap Music, here we see a generator in action that is almost identical to the 'FPS' syndrome that the Video Game market seems to be caught in, they consider FPS games to be their 'biggest sellers', without realising that those games are the biggest sellers because they occupy a great deal of shelf-space, same here, artists think that 'Gangster' style rapping is the one that will make them money, because that is the style of Rap that is released into the mainstream. Chicken and Egg.

I don't usually respond to these things, but I felt I had to this time. You may not familiar with the phenomenon of "child soldiers", children kidnapped at an early age and brainwashed into becoming mindless killing machines, commiting atrocities at the age of ten that Nazi stormtroopers would have cringed at. The fact that Jal escaped and recovered his life is nothing short of a miracle. Now he is trying to do good through his music.

50 cent got shot up in the course of a life of crime and now he makes records and that, frankly, aren't any good, and video games that suck even worse.

I like rap. There have been true artists throughout its history, but it has become trully stagnant. And people like "50" are the cause.

And to those of you who think that he "made" this game, he got paid a bunch of money to let the game co. put his name on it. But the worst crime here is that they are making this piece of s%*& in the first place.

Now i'm off to await GTA IV, where I can screw hookers for health and carjack people.

well, i have to point out that there are millions of ppl that like 50's music me included, album sales sais so.. what i dont get is a web site like this saying that rap music is violent, but yet on april 29th everyone here will be playing gta 4. how is it too extreme to jack a car and run over pedestrians? how is it absurd to attempt anything out of a gta game or any game? explain that please? you would need a little more imagination to attempt anything out of a song, while a game practically shows you how to do it.. let's not be hipacrits!

ohh, and how is 50 living the life style he raps about?? have you heard any of his albums?? he talks about killing and shooting ( on some songs) so how the fuck is he not in prison if he lives that life style??? explain that f**ked up.

ohh, and how is 50 living the life style he raps about?? have you heard any of his albums?? he talks about killing and shooting ( on some songs) so how the fuck is he not in prison if he lives that life style??? explain that f**ked up.

He lived that lifestyle and maybe currently living. I dont know but if he does not, must be a really good actor or at creating the theater for people to take him seriously to believe he lives in the "thug life", gangsta lifestyle. As one a 14 yr old punk kid told me at a 50 cent concert, "Dont mess wit me, I will kill you like I m 50 cent."

And how is he not in prison? well simple have u ever done something illegal and been arrested? No...

Ok then how many unsolved murders are there? How many witnesses are willing to report the crime? How many crimes are caught on tape? How many crimes go out the door due to lack of evidence? How many crimes are not solved because the police do not have the resources? I also wonder how many people associated with the crime are prosecuted as those they committed the crime (They dont wanna be a rat)? In "Gang warfare" I wonder how many people from the gang will report the deaths to police or if the police even care? (I remember reading a story i think 5 years ago where a police office said I dont care if gang members kill each other as long as innocent people dont get killed). Also with gang violence, there is usually not enough evidence to prove that the bullet shot came from the gun blah blah was holding. Therefore they cannot always pin 1st degree crimes to the person and end up settling for something lower.

you are 100% right many cases have gone out the window for all the above that you wrote., but you said that he lives that current life style, is it possible that he has or had some connection in drug dealing, maybe, has he killed ppl maybe, but last i checked your innocent till provin guilty. so what are you saying? that because he raps about it he did it and he is guilty?

what the hell is a 14 year old kid doing at a 50 concert? let me guess thats 50's fault? music is regulated just like videogames are.

i dont think you get my drift other than concerts and a music video, their realy doesnt take much acting, its like i said before it takes alot more imagination to do what a song portrays, while a videogame practically shows you how to do it. do you not agree with that??

now, i love me some gta and cant wait for the 29th, but is rockstar not creating this "theater" that you speak of?? so its ok to make a virtual killing game but its not ok to speak about it out loud?? is that what your saying?

look if you dont like rap music thats fine but to bash it and to call it garbage because all it talks about is violence and things you cant relate to is just plain wrong and ignorent, coming from a web site like this that actively defends violent games ( look at all the posts about jacko) just makes you look like a hipacrit... end of story!

the only good rappers are the Beastie Boys, but even thay get repetitive sometimes. i dont hate rap but i dont love it. theres hardly any good rap music any more let alone positve rap/hip hop unless its that christian crap. i might check out some of this guys stuff. he sounds like he knows what hes rapping about.

does any one listen to their local hip-hop station?? just give it a shot dont worry your mind whont get corrupted those radio stations should be censord.what about nas, jay-z, kanye west, lupe fiasco, luda, fat joe, chingy, snoop dog, eminem, busta rhymes. beastie boys get there respects but they cant hold a candle to these guys.. im starting to get the vibe that most of you are from the burban area.. its cool, garth brooks makes a killing on album sales too. that country stuff can move units..

I didnt say it was 50 cents fault. I just said a 14 yr old punk kid was there, he could have been 16, I m not the bouncer I dont check IDs. But he was probably there because of the same reason people under 17 can get GTA.

No music is not regulated like video games. The only music regulation I know of has a parental advisory sticker placed on them. There is no rating system to deem what music is appropriate for what age. All there is a warning that says "Bad Content" aka Mature Content.

Where did I call hip-hop garbage?

In a capitalist society there is a tendency to promote a lifestyle along with a product. It can be seen in what type of clothes you wear, the music, what you do for fun, to how you speak, to what hair style you have, and so on so on.

For example take oh I dont know, lets say Run DMC, People started to emulate them, buying into their lifestyle. From the Adidas shoes with no shoelaces, street clothes and sweat suits, thick gold ropes, and porkpie hats.

Still dont believe me? well if you have a Mo Hawk what music do you think they listen to? And if they are wearing a full bunch of chains around their pants or adorn with metallic objects? Always dressed in black or other dark colors? Piercings on their nose, and ears? what are they saying about themself? what lifestyle do you think they live or try to live?

In this promoting of the lifestyle, the punk, thug, alternative, hippie, or etc generates the theater. It can be subtle or it can be blatant, it all depends on the person and people part of that lifestyle. Usually the easiest way to recognize the theater comes in the form of rumors or gossip aka hearsay. The public may and possibly never know the truth but people will believe what they want to believe and half-truths or plain out lies. For instance did Diddy really have a gun that night? The tear drop tattoo did it really happen or did the person just get it? Is the cross mark really a crip tattoo or did the person just get it because they wanted to be a crip? Was he really flashing gang signs or was it something else? Did he really the target of a shooting or was it just bad timing? We may never know but people believe what they want and it adds to the theater of it all.

ohh boy, you realy just dont get it do you!? 1st off get the latest issue of vibe magazine.. you jst wrote it your self music has a "MATURE" (explicet content) rating and yes it is regulated because if the clerk sees a young kid lets say 14 year old kid trying to buy, he is SUPPOSED to ask for id, does the job get done, i wouldnt know im just a plumber but i do know that the system is their.. i wasnt realy asking you how did he get in it was more of a wtf his parents let him go and he got in.. but i understand the confusion of that as typing isnt the same as talking the tone of the question just cant be typed

everything in life is an influence tv, music, internet, games anything and everything can be an influence and every medium has its good from its bad. to single out one medium from another like you are doing is wrong ill ask you AGAIN HOW IS A VIRTUAL KILLING ANY BETTER THAN A RAPPER TALKING ABOUT THE SAME THING WE WILL BE DOING ON THE 29TH? how is rockstar not promoting the same life style, and dont come with that its too extreme to live out cause you can easily do almost anything in gta in life. how can you not live out jacking a car and running ppl over, or some crazy ass buying a shit load of guns to try and take over a block or rob a bank. maybe the larger scale of gta is absurd to live out but all the stuff in between sure as hell aint..

if this was fox news maybe you would have a fighting chance but its not this site defends violent games ( and so do i) neither gta or 50 cent should be setting examples on how to live a life thats the parents job. they are both a form of entertainment if ppl decide to live them out than in my book it sound like more of a family issue, but thats just me..

gta or 50 are abviously no role models. the point that i been trying to make to you is that gta is no different but you support that. what i dont get though is that you support 50 too, you go to his concerts or concert giving him your money saying hey i like your music keep doing it.. do you not see the irony in that??

no you didnt say rap is garbage that was a little jab at other ppl that said it.

yea its kinda easy to judge a book from its cover as my wardrobe is mostly what you would see a rapper wear with a few button up shirts and khakis and shoes, of cousre with a hip-hop swager to it but i assure you im no killer or drug dealer..

p.s i realise that music only has what 1 rating but maybe its cause i would go as far to say that ALL, music stores have kids music in a different section than rap so its a little easier to see what your kid(s) (assuming parents are with them) are picking from unlike games were they are all meshed togther. you know you have rap in 1 side rock in an other and so on. i see were your going with the theater thing but it still takes more imagination to live out a rap song dont ya think

I see you got my point about the video game regulations vs music regulation.

Where Have I trashed Rap music? Where did I say I didnt support rap music?

I didnt say your not a killer or drug dealer. I said you try to emulate them as far as your willing to go. The 14 yr old at the 50 cent concert probably wanted to emulate him further than you would go. I m wondering how far some people went to emulate NWA back in the day?

Well what you dont understand is the difference between mediums. Music tends to blur the lines between reality and fantasy better than any other medium due to theatrical nature of how it is promoted. Sure it can be all lies when they rap about the time shot the person. Sure they maybe have that emotion of deep seeded love when they wrote that power ballad. For all we know they were just fooling around and a great beat arouse, then the lyrics were formed after taking old lyrics that were thrown out. But thats all part of the theater of music. We probably will never know who "you ought to know" by alanis morrsette, was targeted at if it was targeted at anyone. People will speculate that she wrote about blah blah because they broke up at the time she making the album and that is the theater. Who did 2pac target when he rapped "I aint mad at cha" or was there really a Brenda? or is directed at the general public? or did he write after hearing about the story in the news? The answer to these questions generates the theater. And, more than likely, in this theater it is base off of real life. Dont believe me? Take what happen after Biggie released "who shot ya"

Basically lets just use this as an example, Al Pacino was in many many different films about organized crime or crime families but is Al Pacino a gangster? part of organized crime? Do you think Al Pacino would commit such crimes or attempt to commit such crimes? Now compare that with 50 cent. Yeah a song about killing someone could be fake (yeah i dare u say that to some fans), fine. In context with the image he is promoting do you think its possible? no? How about 2pac? The Game? Now compare that with the false reality of video games. There song maybe fake just like the fake reality of a video game but they have created this image, the theater, about themself thus blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Then the question is which seems grounded in reality.

no i didnt get your point on the regulation, you said music isnt regulated i said it was. the esrb has to put out more ratings because its emersive, gta is as close as you can get to killng someone, than any medium out today, you dont have to imagine anything you can just do it.

i didnt say you dont support rap read that paragraph again..

you seem to be stuck in time their is no more nwa, their is no more pac, biggie, their is no more east coast west coast beef not in the large scale that it 1nc was anyway. there hasnt been hostility in the scale that it was back than. rap has moved on from that. we are in 08 where the problem isnt about raping to kill etc. the problem is showing little kids how to do it and deceive them into thinking that they will get rewarded for doing it.

the npd has info that video games passed sales of music in 07, so now who do you think is setting a biger impact.

you said it, rap "BLURS" the line with reality. games dont, even our "ARMY" use games to simulate a real life shoot out, they dont go to f.y.e and say give me a copy of all of 50's albums and throw in some nwa, pac, and big..

pacino is no mobster, now anyway, but he plays his roles prety damn good so who knows if he did it back in the day. he sure as hell isnt gana admit it as he is an "A" list actor why would he risk his career, thing is 50 would get more credit for admiting it.

the real question is can parents rais there kids and show them right from wrong fake from reality. its like i said none of the mediums that "WE" support are in any shape or form a role model in life to kids. its a big big world out there with allot of bad apples that fall on all mediums of entertainment.

50 isnt the bad person its us "WE" support him. do you think if we all stoped buying his albums he will keep puting them out?! all hes doing is raping about his life what hes been through and were he is now. if you could flow like him and make millions would you not do it? its a dark world and its up to the parentds to point to the light not 50 not pac not biggie not rap as a whole!

again all im saying is dont call out rap on violence but say that gta is fine and doesnt set influences cause its just a game, that doesnt fly with me.

thats like eating at mcd's every day but you go and protest against obesity, thats like saying you hate the price of gas but you drive around your block all day just to fill up again at the end of the day every day.. do you get my drift yet ?or will we go at this all week long?
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IvresseJust saw R Mika trailer myself. I do like the inclusion of Vega as the punching bag, especially with that Stone Cold Stunner knocking his mask off....but that ultra move with his face between 4 buttcheeks...class! :-)08/28/2015 - 5:20am
MattsworknameOk, finally got a chance to look at the R mika trailer for SF 5, and I Heart her so bloody much. She just looks like pure fun to play as and is SO colorful. All the YES!08/28/2015 - 3:23am
PHX Corphttp://www.gamnesia.com/news/sony-is-disabling-users-from-archiving-their-ps4-livestreams-of-until-dawn Sony is Disabling Users from Archiving Their PS4 Livestreams of Until Dawn08/27/2015 - 8:47pm
MattsworknameAndrew: SOrry I didnt get back, i went to bed before I saw your post. The Producer is listed as Arbitor36508/27/2015 - 6:06pm
Andrew EisenNope.08/27/2015 - 4:17pm
ZippyDSMleeDid you guys cover Fatal Frame 5 being nintendo Eshop only?08/27/2015 - 3:55pm
Big Perm120 bucks for a tetanus shot. Thanks Obama08/27/2015 - 3:01pm
Andrew EisenMatthew - Of course they do. I wasn't suggesting otherwise. Hell, Quiet's already been cosplayed quite a bit.08/27/2015 - 1:25pm
Big PermThere's been some pretty good Kill La Kill cosplay08/27/2015 - 12:56pm
Matthew WilsonI saw someone cosplay as the main charector from kill la kill last year at pax, so people do it.....08/27/2015 - 12:55pm
Andrew EisenPerm - Well yeah, Kojima himself said something along the lines of "Cosplay this, I dare you! No, seriously. Please cosplay this!" I was just wondering if there was an in-universe explanation.08/27/2015 - 12:45pm
Andrew EisenCheck out last week's story on The State of Play book for an updated cover and a list of all the authors and their essay titles! http://gamepolitics.com/2015/08/21/state-play-looks-current-state-video-games08/27/2015 - 12:44pm
Big PermI figured it was because titties are awesome08/27/2015 - 12:37pm
Andrew EisenI'm still waiting to see if any reviews spill the beans on the story reasons behind Quiet's goofy getup in Metal Gear Solid 508/27/2015 - 12:33pm
ZippyDSMleeHave you seen what the Deva wrestlers wear? Now lets get all that Japan only DLC for DOA over here, and DOA Volly ball,ect let the whining commence!08/27/2015 - 12:18pm

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