This Picture is NOT an April Fool's Joke...

April 1, 2008 -
...although you might think it is.

The truth is that this picture, caption included, ran - where else? - on Fox News last Thursday.

Jack Thompson, last seen on Fox as a "school shooting expert" has apparently morphed into the network's "First Amendment Attorney."

Perhaps having a U.S. District Court judge tear apart the Louisiana video game law he wrote on First Amendment grounds somehow qualifies him, in Fox's view.

Or, maybe it was the way he tried to suppress - via baseless legal threats - GamePolitics' recent coverage of his professional misconduct trial by the Florida Bar.

In any case, Thompson was on Fox to discuss a non-game related issue when the comic caption aired.



Careful, now. You'll force Jack to trot out his stint as a NewsMax reporter (which proves he's also a journalism expert).

Ya ever read any of the biased, opinionated, self-promoting, poorly-written crap he used to contribute to that rag? Ha! Good stuff. You'd think he has writing editorials, not "news." Lots and lots and lots of hilarious stuff on the Elian Gonzalez case (before he fixaited on video games, he had a thing for Elian. And Kendall Coffey. And Fidel Castro. And Janet Reno. And, BTW, he managed to get himself in front of every last one of the 3,000 news cameras staked out in front of the infamous Elian House. While insisting that the American relatives decline to employ his legal services at their own risk -- a little Elian's, too. Musta been some First Amendment issues buried underneath all the immigration and family law issues.

[...] GamePolitics pokes fun at FOXnews for something that’s a real joke, but not in the April Fool’s Day sense… [...]

"Has anyone a clue on what the newly self-appointed flag expert was opining? What brilliant flashes of legal insight was Mr. Thompson sharing?"

Probably something he got from an episode of Law & Order.

C'mon, GP, seriously you're fucking with us.

Seriously, its not funny.

Admit its a prank...




There's a category here about him. How much closer do you want to a part of GP exclusive to JT?


Good to see you again.

@Jack Thompson, Attorney

Just because FOX News says it doesn't make it true.

Food for thought: MSNBC and CNN no longer want to have you on their shows.

Here's a good example of Jack Thompson, Journalist and You're Not:

I should sue fox for blatant use of a zippyisim.....

I forgot who suggested we think up a title for Tack before he leaves, He bet us to it.

ummm gp you left the door open again

"Actually, I am an expert in the First Amendment."

Which is why you're trying to get video games banned when they are protected by the First Amendment? Why you're threatening to sue this website when it exercises freedom of speech?

You wouldn't know the First Amendment if it walked up to you and slapped you up side your empty head.

I can't wait to see you lose your bar license. I'll be exercising my First Amendment rights by laughing my ass off at you and pointing out the fact that you deserved it.


Just read that article. Wow, he really does know nothing about journalism, infact i think he knows more about writing a biography that he knows about a news report. (FYI, showed an excerpt of his book to a teacher friend of mine, and she asked what grade level he was, when I told her that he was a lawyer, she just shook her head and sighed.)

Wow. That's like a picture of Adolf Hitler that says "Human Rights Activist". Nice one, Dennis. Very nice. :)

I'd like to congratulate Jacky Boy on managing to be in front of a camera and not talk about video games. Definitely a step towards getting that monkey off his back.

I know I havn't posted here for a while, I decided to make a comeback post.

Here it is, MR.B's second by second disection of the video from the Fox News website.

03:42 Host E.D. introduces John Bruce as a first admendment attorney and someone who is familiar with that road in the story.

03:22 John Bruce mentions that there is a strip club on that road called "Tootsies". Then he says, "There are thing going on in that would embarass Eliot Spitzer" (one day he's complimenting Eliot Spitzer, the next day he's slaming him).

03:15 He says that the city fathers should cover the strippers in "Tootsies" with American flags from the car dealership. My question is, is covering nudie dancers with American flags would be disrespectful of the American flag? His statement raises many questions.

03:08 to 03:03 What does being pratriotic have to do with invading Canada Jack?

02:05 "Let me explain the consitution to the city fathers," oh no, typical John Bruce rant up ahead.

01:38 to 01:20 (cue Fox News stock footage a American flags and various pratiotic images while John Bruce is talking about the US solders dying overseas)

01:05 to 00:54 John Bruce says, "And when government starts geting into the motivation of speech uh, and to regulate that and as to regulate speech itself and well you get gosteping bridgades that I think that everyone should aught to be concerned about". After review those nine seconds over and over, my jaw fell though the floor. That one statement completys underminds his crusade against the game biz for the past 15 so years. WOW, I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HE SAID THAT! Those nine seconds can possibly make a awesome Penny Arcade comic strip. I'm still in shock. (P.S. Thanks for posting this great story Dennis)

00:40 Jack says that he will be attending the next city commision meeting of Hollywood representing said auto dealer.

I lol'd, then I wept.

I forgot to mention that the videos on the fox news website can be rated from one to five stars (sort of like So when you guys head over to fox news, be sure that you give the "Cooper Lawrence" treatment to the videos that Jack Thompson is in :)

I guess in the same way those people who extinguish fires are called Fire Fighters he could be called a First Amendment Fighter. So, since he's currently an attorney, it makes sense to call him a "First Amendment Attorney"

And if/once he loses that, he can call himself a Freedom Fighter, with the same type of meaning.


Freedom Fighter? He's trying to ban games under the delusion that he's trying to prevent school shootings! How the hell is he a Freedom Fighter?

@ Shadow Darkman

Well, since Fidel Castro was a freedom fighter too, I guess that makes JT a communist wacko who oppresses anyone who speaks out agaisnt him.

I dont understand why these laws dont work.

Because its is so readily apparent that eliminating the sale of pornography to youths has so successfully dropped the rise of STI's and Teen pregnacy

its just common sense to apply the same approach to games to cause the elimination violence in youth.....

The fact that as videogames popularity had increased exponentionally since the early 90's violent crime in youth dropping in the same period is just the game lobbiest paying for the national census to allow them to peddle thier smut to our children..

@Shadow Darkman:

Did you even read the whole post? He said Jack was a freedom fighter in the same context as a fire fighter. That is, someone who fights freedom.

*Looks at pic up top*


Hey now, Jack Thompson *is* an expet on the First Amendment. He's tried to push so many things that go completely against it, he has to have expert knowledge of it to do that so well.


He doesn't work for Fox news you liberal hacks. I swear GP has gone down the toilet and turned into another wacko liberal blog.


i think you have an extra "Un" in your handle.

FNC just made a typo they meant to say:

"anti-First amendment Expert"

Yea as Jon Lovitz would put it, "Yea that's the ticket"

@ unbiased



Foxnews doesn't need demonized, they do a dandy job of that on their own. Were you aware that they won a court case that stated that they have the right to lie to their viewers?

Now scamper back to Conservepedia where you will feel safe amongst your self delusions.

Just a note..

It says First Amendment Attorney. It doesn't say 'for' or 'against'.


Perhaps a thesaurus would be in order?

I have personally given up on news stations (not just Fox News) when they start telling me how to think. They don't come right out and say "you should feel this way." It's how they present their news that concerns me. I don't always "watch" the news, but I keep it on as I listen. Several news stations (not all) indicate bias when reporting, but it takes a good ear more than a good eye to catch it.

I don't think GP is saying that Fox == Jack Thompson or at least trying to say it. Nevertheless, he makes appearances on Fox exclusively due to its right wing ideology. So while I agree with you that Fox News and Jack Thompson are separate, I do feel that they are separate problems in the public eye.

Many views expressed in these comments would be considered 'liberal.' I wouldn't go so far as to say 'wacko' for many of these articles or comments. There are also conservative views that, while I don't agree with them, are still quite cogent and well thought out. More importantly, they are respectful of the opinions of others, and I respect them in turn.

Needless to say, your attacks are less than respectful, and as such respect I am trying to give to you is quickly diminishing.


Pardon?? I've been reading GP for years, I'm pretty comfortable with the assertion that if GP has a "wack liberal agenda" they've done a poor job of communicating it, because I don't personally have any idea what that could be.

It's not like Dennis milks the site for donation money. True, I haven't always agreed with the things he says/reports, but that's natural. I swear at the nightly national news to.

So maybe you could illuminate what us as to what GP's wack liberal agenda is??? I see no reason not to take him at his word when says it's not content related and he just posted it for laughs. You have to admit, airing "first amendment attorney" underneath Jack Thompson is just asking for it. That's about three inches short of full-blown satire.


With that link you posted, I noticed this bit here:

[Members of Team Coffey have been libeling me all over Miami, claiming I am "insane," that I want to "make money," and that I am jealous because I am not the lead attorney...]

Again, insanity. It seems to come up wherever Mr. Thompson is mentioned.


How is it false? Did he force his way onto the network against their permission?

What would you except? It's THE Fox, aka extreme right winger.

Just look at how they report the recent Chinese incident. They thought they know China better than Chinese, and I despise them.

sorry Jack, the First Amendment does not grant you the right to infringe on the First Amendment rights of others.

岩「…I can see why Hasselbeck's worried about fake guns killing fake people. afterall, she's a fake journalist on a fake news channel」


Besides, there's only one joke here, and it ain't us. :P

@ Mr B

I lol'ed at the part about the strip club. "There are things going on in there that would embarrass Eliot Spitzer?" Gee, how would he know that, hmm? ;)

I've long suspected a guy like Jack would have some major skeletons in his closet. People who go around making themselves to be so self-righteous like that usually do (to wit, Spitzer as well as Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart and Ted Haggard). Wouldn't surprise me if he partook of more than a few lap dances. Maybe his signature ought to be, "Jack Thompson, Miami Strip Club Patron" ;)

C'mon, Jack. There's no shame in that. Some of my friends in fact are strippers and porn stars! :)


Well they are correct, no-one trys to destroy the first amendments more than Jack...

I wish all the other channels would start inviting Dr. Mark Borinsky as a Second Amendment Expert...

"Jack Thompson: First Amendment Lawyer" is almost as ridiculous as "Mass Effect: 'Se'xbox." Both of which come from Fox... Interesting coincidence, huh?

But honestly if I worked at Fox *Shudders at the thought* I'd switch that to "Jack Thompson: Soon to be disbarred 'lawyer.'"


Yes, claims of "insane" have long followed Mr. Thompson.

Nor is his media-hogging and self-promotion anything new:

"I have been involved in a Spanish-language media blitz here in Miami since the June 1 order, appearing once with Donato Dalrymple and culminating Monday with my 30-minute appearance on Telemiami, the Miami Spanish television cable network. My articles and coverage have been the main topic of discussion."

Jack Thompson saying he's a First Amendment expert is like me saying I'm a liver expert. I know what the liver is and what it does, but I really don't have much of a clue on how it works.

@ Captain Fong the Pirate Ninja

Your answer is today's date :)

This is why I boycott ALL News Corp products.

You just can't trust ANY media outlet anymore. CNN, NBC, Fox...All of these stations just feed you bullshit and force you to chew.

jack is his own year 'round april fools joke.

@ beacon:
the metaphor would be complete if you were an alcoholic

I'm just itching to hear "April Fools" Because I just died on the inside...


I actually decided to reply to you, and my reply is... "Yes I did."

And the winner for biggest oxymoron of the year goes to

Fox News.

Consequently the winner for the weakest excuse for 'journalism' award also goes to Fox News.
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