The Federal Bureau of Investigation apparently has had enough of Jack Thompson.

This bit of news comes from Thompson himself, by way of an e-mail that the embattled anti-game crusader shipped out yesterday. The message was cc’d to GamePolitics and dozens of others. Addressees include U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, the chief federal prosecutor in south Florida.

The e-mail alleges – yet again – a conspiracy by the Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court to persecute Thompson. It also claims that Thompson’s personal e-mail account was hacked recently. He sees the Bar’s hand in that, as well. Regarding the FBI, Thompson writes (emphasis GP’s):

Despite your forwarding this matter, Mr. Acosta, to the FBI, the FBI has done nothing and refuses to talk to me.

With all respect, either the FBI takes this seriously—the computer hacking, the criminal use of lunacy proceedings, the whole nine yards… or I and others will do what we need to do.

As GamePolitics has previously reported, the Florida Supreme Court recently sanctioned Thompson by refusing to accept any filings from him. Now, it appears that the FBI has shut him out as well.

GP: Although I’ve never revealed it publicly, since 2005 Thompson has reported me to the Miami and Philadelphia offices of the FBI on at least five occasions, alleging all sorts of things, including violations of the Patriot Act.

Nothing ever came of these ridiculous allegations. I was never even contacted about them by the FBI. But I can tell you that being reported to the FBI is a frightening thing. It caused me a great deal of concern.

So, please forgive me if I LOL over Thompson’s whining that the FBI is ignoring him.

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