Free Speech On the Run in Brazil? Judges Ban Bully, WordPress Blogs

Free expression does not seem to be an especially important concept in Brazil these days.

The nation which banned Counter-strike and Everquest in January has now blocked sales of Rockstar’s T-rated Bully. As reported by the Associated Press:

Judge Flavio Rabello prohibited the game from being imported, distributed, sold or promoted on Web sites or in stores in Latin America’s largest nation, said Rio Grande do Sul state prosecutor Alcindo Bastos. Companies have 30 days to comply with the judge’s order.

“The aggravating factor is that everything in the game takes place inside a school,” Bastos said. “That is not acceptable.”

There are also reports that a judge has issued an order to block Brazilians from accessing blogs hosted by Of this news, the Brazilian blog Terramel writes:

Is Brazil the new China?

…The order to block was sent to Abranet who sent it to all associated ISPs. In an interview, Eduardo Parajo, Abranet’s president said: “We must not discuss a court order, we must obey it. Since it’s not possible to block only the [particular] blog’s address, all the access to any sites will be forbidden in Brazil”.

Now lets think a little about it… They didn’t said what is the blog and the reason to block it.. Is there really a blog and reason? Or may it be just an excuse to shut up bloggers, who are seen as a threat by the brazilian government, the brazilian justice and the brazilian tradicional media? There are millions of brazilian bloggers speaking about the corruption in the our government and in the brazilian court.

Via: Techdirt

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