Sex in Games More of a Concern than Violence, Say Parents

Mom and Dad are more concerned about depictions of sex than violence, according to the results of a poll at parent-oriented site What They Play.

37% of poll respondents indicated that they were most concerned by depictions of a man and woman having sex, while 26% listed a graphically severed human head as most worrisome.

The poll, of couse, is unscientific (like all such polls, including those run on GamePolitics). But its result seem to tie in with the traditional American view as well as U.S. legal precedents. First Amendment protections, for example, are extended to violent content while sexual material is subject to greater legal scrutiny.

What They Play editor John Davison seems a bit non-plussed by the results, while Susan Arendt of Wired Game|Life termed the poll numbers “an interesting snapshot of our cultural taboos.”

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