Bonnie Ruberg Ponders Whether Video Game Issue Will Decide Her Vote

When you cast your ballot for the next president, will the candidate’s stance on video game issues decide your vote?

It’s a worthy question, and one that Bonnie Ruberg of Heroine Sheik asks herself:

The [presidential] primaries are front-page news even here [in France], and there’s a big election coming up in my home state of Pennsylvania, so French people always want to know, “Do you support Hilary or Obama?” Truth is though, I honestly don’t know…

When I try to explain my dilemma to a French person though, I always find myself falling back on the “Hilary wants to censor video games” angle though. And what do I get in response? Awkward stares that say, “You wouldn’t really vote for someone on the basis of video games, would you?”

The question is, would I? …I really do think Hillary’s approach could be detrimental to our art form–especially if she’s the leader of the whole frickin’ country… Then again, Obama is no shiny light of tech positivism either. Al Gore, I miss you.

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