Judge in Jack Thompson Bar Trial Requests More Time

Judge Dava Tunis (left), who presided over the November, 2007 Florida Bar trial of anti-game activist Jack Thompson, has petitioned the Florida Supreme Court for more time in which to issue her decision.

While GamePolitics had been anticipating Tunis’ final ruling on Thompson’s fate by April 21st, an April 11th Florida Supreme Court docket entry notes the request for a time extension by Judge Tunis.

No additional details appear in the docket entry and it is unclear what is behind Judge Tunis’ request. However, in addition to nearly two weeks of testimony, there is a large volume of printed material to be reviewed, especially given Thompson’s well-known penchant for sending e-mails, faxes and the like.

Judge Tunis herself has been under attack from Thompson in recent times (then again, who hasn’t?). In a claim reminiscent of Catch-22’s Great Loyalty Oath Crusade, Thompson alleges that a written loyalty oath required under Florida law was not properly executed by Tunis.

GamePolitics has offered the most extensive coverage of the Thompson trial anywhere. Be sure to check out our exclusive transcripts.

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