Ruling in Jack Thompson Bar Trial May Not Come Until End of Summer

Last week GamePolitics broke the news that the long-awaited ruling in Jack Thompson’s Florida Bar trial, originally expected today, would likely be delayed.

We’ve now learned that Judge Dava Tunis (left), who presided over Thompson’s 9-day trial late last year, has petitioned the Florida Supreme Court to grant her until August 31st to issue her report.

Judge Tunis cited several reasons for the delay, including:

-the need to wade through a 2,500 page transcript of the trial

-reviewing 76 exhibits encompassing another 1,700 pages

-dealing with 400 “pleadings, e-mails, letters and missives (including pictorials)” filed by Thompson since the trial ended in December, 2007.

-handling a full-time job on the criminal bench

Interestingly, the wording of her motion makes it appear that Judge Tunis has already reached her decision. It’s the writing of the report that┬áseems to be┬ácausing the delay.

Read Judge Tunis’ motion here.

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