In Singapore, Gay & Lesbian Group Protests New Game Ratings

As GamePolitics reported recently, Singapore has adopted a rating system for video games.

While the move seems like a step in the right direction, not everyone is pleased with how the new ratings are to be assigned. People Like Us , which describes itself as “a Singapore gay and lesbian group focused on advocacy and public education” notes that that the government’s Media Development Authority (MDA) lumps homosexuality with crime in an “Adult Theme” rating category:

People Like Us considers this new rule unjustifiably strict. Children should not have to be kept ignorant about the presence of gay people in society any more than they should be shielded from people of other faiths and ethnicities. The path to acceptance of gay people is through teaching children about diversity from a young age.

It is pejorative to lump gay sexual orientation with crime and drug use as the MDA’s new guidelines do, as if gay orientation is some kind of social threat.

The group reminds readers that Singapore’s brief 2007 ban on Mass Effect was prompted by the game’s rather mild lesbian sex scene (below). 

It would appear that Singapore’s government is not especially tolerant in regard to its GLBT citizens. We note that People Like Us has informal group status in Singapore. Its website maintains that the government’s Registrar of Societies refused to grant registration in 1997 and again in 2004.

Via: GayGamer

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