Send Us Your GTA IV Bus Pix (Before they’re all gone)

So I’m out and about this morning when I stumble upon a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) bus idling in a nearby strip mall.

The bus was sporting the (non-violent, non-obscene) GTA IV ad seen at left.

With bus ads now gone in Chicago and, apparently, Miami (more upcoming about that), I was pleased that the censorcrats haven’t yet pressured my local bus company to remove the ads. So, I couldn’t resist snapping this pic with my mobile phone.

GamePolitics readers, how about photographing GTA ads on your local buses or bus shelters and sending them in. Be sure to let us know where you took the pic. Put yourself in the pic, if you like. Be creative. We’ll post as many as we can!

And… be sure to let your local transit authority and elected officials know that you value the First Amendment…

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