PlayStation Under Fire in Saudi Arabia

April 25, 2008 -
There is a sketchy report out of Riyadh today indicating that PlayStation and unspecified games have come under attack from Islamic leaders.

As reported by AKI, Saudi Arabia's Minister of Islamic Affairs has notified all of the country's imams that using PlayStation can be dangerous. His message reads, in part:
They are dangerous games, because they teach the wrong thing to children. They have a negative influence on the personality of children, and thus from an Islamic point of view, it is not acceptable to waste time in this manner.

Badel Muhsin ibn Uthman Bin Baz, a professor from the Imam Saud university, added:
These games cause mental problems in children.

There is, we have discovered, an official Saudi PlayStation site, although it contains no news of the controversy.


From the article: and thus from an Islamic point of view, it is not acceptable to waste time in this manner.

I wish somebody would tell me how it was acceptable to waste my time :( I'm so bored and confused.

Is coding a program for anything OTHER than videogames acceptable? Or is that a waste of time, too? Because I'm writing basic Java right now, and goodness, is it HARD! (Note: I'm working on my programmin' skillz, just gimme a couple of years, okay?).

YO this is retarded....
they could have pick on any other system but they ahve to pick on Playstation....
well guess what arabs!!!
i have the entire Quran in oringinal arabic and an english translation on my PLAYSTATION portable [PSP] right now cuz my mom keeps telling me to read it.
this can be considered a game because it runs from the game folder!!
say thats haram!

btw i'm muslim so Asalamu Alaikum




-i did it 4 the LULZ-

"These games cause mental problems in children."

Two words, Fuck. You.


Jeez you know your Islam I actually thought that that kind of stuff was exagerated by the media

oh and just to clarify I meant the wife beating thing, I knew about the humanoid imagry thing though I still think both are retarded

"Hamas, in creating Assud the Jew-eating rabbit muppet"

That had better not be what I think it is.


it’s not like they’re trying to come over here and enforce their religious/political ideals onto the west.

Oh then explain to me why they flew planes into the fucking World Trade Center

okay, never mind the damn war going on around you, you've got to get rid of one of the past times ever.


or why they chant death to america.

"They are dangerous games, because they teach the wrong thing to children. They have a negative influence on the personality of children, and thus from an Islamic point of view, it is not acceptable to waste time in this manner."

I agree. I also believe that exposing Islamic kids to such violence is having a negative influence on the children. Why play a game that allows them to express violence on another when they could just go outside and watch the Shiites and the Sunnis go at it. It's much more entertaining. You feel like you're actually there.

Oh so religious nutters criticize videogames? Shocking news.

Saudi Arabians criticising indecent morality in video games is like Hitler criticising violence committed by Jews defending themselves.

"They are dangerous games, because they teach the wrong thing to children. They have a negative influence on the personality of children, and thus from an Islamic point of view, it is not acceptable to waste time in this manner."


I'm not even going to drag religion here - stupidity is an ailment that affects every community, regardless of race, creed, or faith.

May I say, lost in translation?

The Saudi society views Videogames, as playstation, everything about it is trival and insignifcant to parents and religious clerks.. so none of them bothered about it for a long long while and just assumed it's for kids... with rampant piracy, which is another topic, parents did not care about what they buy to thier children, they think it's something like a Tom and Jerry DVD they buy at a local bookstore... they don't even bother going out to buy them, they just hand their kids the money to purchase it and don't care.

This now have changed in the last few years, religous leades have to be hip on what kids and young men like.. "Some of those guys no longer chase girls in our malls bob, where are those guys?" would be the average joe religous nut thinking nowdays, till they discovered that the playstation, had more games than Winning Elven... thus this retardation of a friday sermon was born.. and gullible nuts will believe playstation is evil and they willl start breaking some around like they did to TVs and sattlite dishes.. Untill they make their "own" version of Islamic games.. then they will just go.. meh.

Aside from that, the ignorance on the comments here baffle me. The Murdoch-faux news and holywood reels sterotypes of ragged savages beating women up is really working liek a charm. Whats wrong with you? retarded? like a parrot, you have your own voice but you speak whats not your own. No differnt from the drumming crowds around religous clerks in Saudi.. just parrots with strings attached.

I completely agree with this because parents have to know what are their children is playing with espically when it's about high rated games like GTA

yes... it's bad for the children. and we all know damn well the middle east has done such a GOOD JOB teaching good things to the children.
fucking hypocrites

There arew actually Islamic game, anyone here know about Special Force

Islamic Games

I'm begging you Dennis please give us an edit button


You want to have terrorist extremists represent the entire middle east now?


I didn't mean it like that

and this is new news how?

In a society that seems to thrive on 12th century logic, trying to push western based social structure works about as well as a shoving a square peg into a round hole(or JT making a plausible sentence...whichever you prefer).

Yes islam and their book (the quran was it?)is quite possibly the most hateful,racist and unbalanced books this side of the old testament but the people themselves must want to change before any real progress can be made on a society -wide scale.They can have whatever random beliefs they want for now but as soon as they get their heads out of the sand(no pun intended)and open a biology book , gain the sudden knowledge that shit written 2k+ years ago by guys that thought god had a fart and created everything is wrong entirely,they will stay that way.

As for the topic at hand,yes banning a game system/game in a society that could use a influx of current technology is bad based on a western(and a majority of 1st world countries)viewpoint.

from a islamic viewpoint this is ok.(at least if you take a work of fiction literally that is).

ps:yeah i remember it being on the news that multiple suadi men went apeshit when they saw a woman holding position of power in the armed forces.i also remmeber the same men getting a royal beating when they gave her flak for it.

A friend of mine's said that shooting games make you violent.

Now, I know her, and I'm pretty sure she was just joking, but...I've been playing games that involve shooting things/people/creatures/aliens since I was what, 5 or 6? If what she said was true, why am I not a school shooter yet?

I, for one, would like to hear more from N.D....

Well, the muslims are known for their fanaticism, so this hardly comes as a surprise. As long as they don't invade US and keep keep their crazy ideas to themselves, they are free to do what they want.

I can't help but say this, the men in the society are 'holier than thou' retards, who beat their women, and oppress them, yet somehow think that videos are bad for their society.

What can I say?

The immaturity of this page is reaching critical mass.

Leaders from a culture that is far different than ours wants to something that is totally Unamerican outside of America!

Even though millions and millions follow this religion (2nd largest) and have never beat a woman or killed a man, most Americans can't understand or go with, judge them on the actions of the .01% of them that choose to use thier religion to kill people. Because ynow.killing people turns heads.

There is nothing more dangerous than spreading ignorance. And you do that by doing dumb shit and then placing the reason within the lifestyle(gaming, Islam, whatever).

The terrorists have truly won.

@ N.D.

could you please give some references about the prohibition of playing chess? i'd like to learn more about this.

why is playing chess forbidden? does it fall under the no_created_representations_of_humans policy because there is a king, a queen, etc on the board? if that's the case, couldn't it be argued that the king on the board is merely an abstract representation rather than a specific king (it represents more the function/position of the king than an actual person)?

also, since there are no human representations in go, is it allowed under islamic law?

i know this isn't related to the topic, but i'm curious and you seem quite knowledgeable about islam.

On the part of it is forbidden to play chess in Islam (which, btw, I don't really think it is?), I can support this with a reference, at least as far the Taleban goes.

Some years ago I was working in a sort of language school teaching Danish to immigrants, foreigners and refugees. One of these refugees came from Afghaistan. In the fall of 2001, I think?, he came to the teacher's lounge really upset and demanded tto know the adress of the chess club in the same town as the language school. He was upset because he has just learned that the Taleban had banned chess in Afghanistan. He then wanted to make a rebellion on his own, so he looked for the nearest chess club.

Anyway, let me remind that during the Puritan period in Great Britain and during the Pietism period, chess, music, theaters and general amusement was banned in the countries we now know as the Western Countries as well. I mean if Cromwell or Luther stood up of their graves and witnessed what's was going on today, they would probably also be against anything that took time awau from people's worship of God.

I think that's why the clergy in Saudi-Arabia probably and mainly are against the PS3 and the games for it. (why it is the PS3 and not the Xbox 360 that's under attack?).

I don't know why the Taleban outlawed chess, since it is a game of middle eastern (persian) origen. And some of the world's greatest chess players have been - arabs & persians.

"These games cause mental problems in children."

And the sky is green...

Few things annoy me more than people trying to sound smart. Especially when this guys shits out one sentence, I have to laugh.

If you think this causes violence in the middle east..... there is a tv show for children sponsored by the taliban that actually had a segment that went like this

"if you have 7 bullets and shoot 4 infidel, how many bullets will you have left?"

May i remind you this is reinforcing the stereo type of the middle eastern people?

I meant to say infidels not infidel

Yes, they should not waste time on these dangerous games, and instead learn how to best strap suicide bombs to themselves to kill the infidels! Now that is time well spent!!


Thank you, Love Gorilla.

@ curious plague spitter (and Karsten)

The most important reference on the forbidding of chess is Sahih Muslim B28N5612. The chapter is entitled, appropriately enough, "It Is Prohibited To Play Chess". There are other references, such as in Malik's Muwatta, Book 52, in the section entitled "Games of Dice". Playing chess and playing dice are described as "worthless games". More damning, Mohammed said, "He who played chess is like one who dyed his hand with the flesh and blood of swine." Presumably, the reason why playing chess is such an offense that it is comparable to the insolence of touching pigs and painting one's hands with their blood (pigs are haraam/forbidden) is as follows: it is a worthless game and a waste of time and any worthless game that is a waste of time is haraam, additionally, anyone who ignores what is haraam and indulges in it anyway... well, they are like a person who ignores the fact that pigs are haraam and submerges himself in them anyway.

In fact, it is such an offense that the son of the second Caliph, Abdullah ibn Umar, who was an important scholar on Islamic law, beat a member of his family when he found him playing dice. 'Aisha, Mohammed's wife, threatened to throw members of her household out of the house when she found them playing.

So chess and dice are forbidden because they are worthless and a waste of time, and anyone who indulges in them is like one who dips his hands in pig's blood. The former is a game of strategy and the latter is a game of chance, yet both are treated to the same condemnation. Therefore, I would not expect that Go or any other type of board game is allowed. And there is a strong case to be made by scholars and religious authorities that video games are also banned by Islam — not just because they depict creatures with souls — but because they are worthless games and a waste of time, even though they require skill like chess, they are haraam, and the video gamer is like the person who dips his hands in pig entrails and blood!
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