GTA IV Creator: Scotland Ignores Us

Grand Theft Auto IV developer Rockstar North may be one of the most successful high tech firms in Scotland, but company president Leslie Benzies laments a perceived lack of respect by government officials.

As reported by the Times:

Rockstar North is to video games what JK Rowling is to literature but few, particularly in government, are prepared to acknowledge this. It seems odd that politicians committed to “a smart, successful Scotland” haven’t come knocking at Benzies’s door.

Of the apparent official shunning, Benzies says:

We’d love to help if we have time. But there are a number of agencies which actively seem to cut us out. There is this weird thing where people think Scotland is so innovative, but if you do anything truly innovative, you get beaten down… This is our home. I love Scotland. I like the people…

We’ve had such a beating over the past three years – by the American government, the British government, the Daily Mail…

Via: CVG

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