Jack Thompson Bashes GTA IV on Glenn Beck Show

May 2, 2008 -
Anti-game attorney Jack Thompson and Gavin McKiernan of the Parents Television Council appeared on the Glenn Beck program last night on CNN Headline News.

The first clip is Beck's opening. Thompson and McKiernan appear in the second clip.

GP: Big thanks to several GamePolitics readers who uploaded and/or pointed us to videos of the show...



@Hayabusa: Because its like watching a trainwreck. GB is an idiot pundant and JT is just an idiot, and frankly, watching both together is like watching the blind leading the blind, or something. I don't know.

Anyways, there JT goes again, making up stuff thats not in the game, again.

He used to comment here until he was banned for asking for personal details from the people that commented.

I just couldn't watch the second video. I got to about 1:30 and just stopped watching the crap about the school shootings and cop training simulator. It's people that convict first, ask questions later that really tick me off

Glenn Beck is trying REALLY hard to be CNN's Bill O'Reilly. Aggressively opinionated, and mind-crushingly stupid.

This is the same guy who declared that Rev. Wright is the most dangerous man in America...

How did the stupid become the leaders?

As far as I know a leader needs to be two things, an innovator and a communicator. And Glenn Beck sure doesn't sound like an innovator to me.

I sure wish big news networks would stop putting extreme left or extreme right views to the pulpit because at heart, most Americans are more Centrist than anything. You can't put a giants and a midgets in a room and call it a diverse group. What's missing is everyone in between.

Ugh....just ugh.
I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of Conservative bullsh*t!!!!!!
Why in same f*ck can't they keep their mouths shut about things they know nothing about?!

I sent this to Glenn Beck:

Way to buy into the anti GTA hype machine Glenn. Taking anything Jack Thompson says as fact makes you a fool. Perhaps you should read Grand Theft Childhood before you go on spouting off from your soapbox.

But what would I expect from anyone of you "journalists". You're all a bunch of manipulative liars with their own agendas. You don't report news, you shape it for how you want it to sound.

Here's your homework: go look into the career of Jack Thompson, his lies, his debarrment hearing going on in Florida, and his unprofessional conduct and report on that. Oh, right, that would involve doing some actual research. Something you haven't done probably since a 3rd grade science project that your parents probably had to do for you anyway.

Beck was too busy performing fellatio to Ben Stein over his new "movie" and other things to bother with anything else today.

I like how the footage from the game shown was courtesy of that stupid IGN video released earlier this week. Thanks, guys.

oh and sorry for the double post
but did you notice that they neglect to tell people that women play this game too?
And they neglected to have anyone to speak on the behalf of the videogames!

wow...just wow

I'd like to read those "thousands of studies" the second guest talked about. I'm also wondering why, in the case of the kid mentioned by JT early on in the interview, the one who killed 3 police officers, the kid's parent's allowed him to play up to 16 hours a day. That's ridiculous. And where was an opposing viewpoint?

Blah, it's like the Mass Effect Cooper crap all over again.

Oral and anal sex? You can't do both of those at the same time. Silly Jack.

Correlation/Causation. Meh.

Also, what about female gamers?

[...] wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptAnti-game attorney Jack Thompson and Gavin McKiernan of the Parents Television Council appeared on the Glenn Beck program last night on CNN Headline News. The first clip is Beck’s opening. Thompson and McKiernan appear in the second clip. [...]

I always knew Glenn Beck was out there and a bit off his rocker, but I never knew he was this bad. I just don't even know how to comment, except to say, if this is the conservastive faction in the US, I am definately not one of them.


God I wish the industry would bring down the law on these idiots... full of sickening slander and lies.

Pardon my french, but that is the most fucked up display of journalism I have ever seen...

I'm appalled at this. So many wrong facts, they're passing off as journalism. I like when Jack said he could fill up 30 minutes talking about the cases. How many did you win you tool.

also, there is way more to the game than the whole hooker thing, yet they seem to be focusing on it as the main point of the game. Its stupid sensationalism. I played GTA3, (which was the first 3D one, not the first one) and didn't even know about the whole kill a hooker thing until the news told me.

Good work there protecting people.

I don't know why I continue to watch these clips. Uninformed gibberish mixed with outright lying, sprinkle in a bit of holier-than-thou and you have a recipe for disaster that turns my stomach.

I liked how they failed to include anyone in the discussion that might be able to provide counterpoint. Oh no, just Jack Thompson, consummate idiot, some douchebag from Pushing Toward Censorship, and Glenn Beck is no better. I'm fairly certain JAMA never said the advent of television was the cause of a doubling of the homicide rate, more likely that it was merely correlative.

I'm definitely contacting CNN and making my voice heard. We proved how effective a force we can be when we band together (Mass Effect and Cooper Lawrence), so I hope we can continue the trend.

anyway, i went to CNN.com and posted a negative remark in their comments section of Mr. Beck's program.

i suggest everyone do the same.

that killed 50% of my braincells.

That has to be the biggest load I've ever heard.
"Killing each other is not a natural instinct" So all those wars that happened through out history (the Crusades, French Revolution) they were caused by what?

Good Old Jack. Notice how he doesn't mention the fact that Devin Moore was convicted of those murders despite his GTA made me do it defense. Plus he even slipped in the Virgina Tech shooting even though that had nothing to do with games.

My favorite was Jacks rant that GTA IV MA rating was a criminal conspiracy by the ESRB to sell this game to minors. I didn't think it was possible but I think old Jackie has finnally gone of the deep end. Why would the ESRB who has no financial stake in this game care about how well it sells?

“Killing each other is not a natural instinct” .

um actually it really is...

have a look at nature dumbass. Territory is highly contested between members of the same species and nearly always results in violent displays and often death of one of the two.

Claims that TV doubled homicide rates, yet here he is, making a TV show?

And is there a chainsaw in GTA IV? I havn't got it yet.

TV doubles homicide rates?
Well GTA didnt really do all that much to our kids or our cops Soooo by those statistics kids SHOULD play the game, and adults shouldnt.

Did he just imply (in the first video) that TV and all creative media should also be shut down...? He has a strange job for someone who truly believes all of that nonsense...

@ Falcon4196

I think everybody was thinking that before, when he

- Made light of a gamer that committed suicide
- Sent gay porn to a court docket
- His 'Picture Book for Adults'
- 'I'll depose President Bush'
- 'I'll depose the Department of Defense'
- Uses his son and wife as scapegoats for his infantile behavior
- Generally acts like he knows what being a lawyer is

He is just one man

I like how jack is like a robot, wind him up and point him at an interview and all you get is "60 Minutes, Counter-Strike, Murder Simulator" and so forth

I absolutely love this. Apparently it's stupid to blame all of societies problems on videogames, but it makes sense to blame them on videogames, TV, and movies. That's rational thinking for ya.

"There's no doubt in my mind or in the mind of Ed Bradley" Yeah, but the police, the court system... they don't really believe you.

"You can have oral and anal sex" No I'm pretty sure you can't.

"Thousands of studies have shown the effect..." No. No it hasn't.

"This is the game your son, boyfriend or husband is playing" Ehm, girls don't play GTA?

Also, I haven't seen any school shootings in GTA IV, nor have I seen a rise of prostitute beatings, so I'm not sure what their point is.

i loved jacks comment of devin moore being a kid with no criminal record prior to his killed of the 3 police officers, as i recall he stole the gun and shot the police officers while in booking for suspicion of stealing a car, i call that a criminal act prior to his killing the 3 officers

Tsk, tsk, CNN. I had a higher regard for your journalism. No longer.

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Considering Glen Beck is the same man who proclaimed that the movie Happy Feet was a plot on the part of the UN to have the U.S. agree to environmental resolutions, this isn't surprising in the least.

And people wonder why there's a growing drop in viewer-ship of the 24-hour cable news networks.

I'm in Australia, the sex was toned down so it could obtain an M 15 rating as Aus does not have an adult rating at all.

So the comment that the sex was taken out even for adults here is a total lie.
Get your facts straight Thompson.

And pretty poor there CNN taking the road of sensationalism rather then journalism.

I just had a daydream after reading the latest articles.

Shadow Darkman: Hey, Jack, put this costume on and hold this Buster Sword for me.

Jack Thompson: Uhh... O.K.

*J.T. puts a Cloud Strife outfit on. S.D. walks out as he does so. Soon J.T. is finished, and S.D. comes back with a 14-foot-long wakisake*

J.T.: So very, very cheap.

S.D. Descend, Heartless Angel!

J.T.: *sees the halo over his head* Aww... sh**.

*J.T. dies and S.D. is seen comforting Patricia and J.T. Jr.*

I added the bold face in case the BlockQuote didn't work.

@Shadow Darkman

I just had a daydream after reading the latest articles.

Shadow Darkman: Hey, Jack, put this costume on and hold this Buster Sword for me.

Jack Thompson: Uhh… O.K.

*J.T. puts a Cloud Strife outfit on. S.D. walks out as he does so. Soon J.T. is finished, and S.D. comes back with a 14-foot-long wakisake*

J.T.: So very, very cheap.

S.D. Descend, Heartless Angel!

J.T.: *sees the halo over his head* Aww… sh**.

*J.T. dies and S.D. is seen comforting Patricia and J.T. Jr.*

I added the bold face in case the BlockQuote didn’t work.

EDIT: The BlockQuote worked, but...

i don't think HN has anything to do with CNN anymore

its just another news network now

im sure someone will volunteer to show up on there to refute his claims soon

The "murder simulator" bit gets real old real fast in my mind. I tend to think it trivializes the act. I can only imagine how somebody coming back from iraq, (for example), would react if you asked them, "so it was like a game right?"

Simple truth is, I used to have a friend who was a gun owner, pretty strong in his convictions. He once told me that he found it fairly hard to understand, that I could be so squeamish around his guns (I pretty much treated them like live serpents), and yet go completely postal on him in Unreal Tournament. I honestly didn't know how to respond to that, I would've thought the answer would be obvious.

Glen Beck isn't journalism, lol.

So far I have only watched the first part, and the first ten seconds of the second part. The silhouettes-on-the-practice-range sounds like a bunch of made-up-stuff. Television alone doubled the homicide rate? Sound like more made up junk to me.

As for the three words "Grand Theft Auto" sending chills down parents' spines, well, GTA IS NOT MEANT FOR KIDS. Actually, if I were a parent, I might allow my child to play GTA, but I would be certain he or she knew the difference between fantasy and reality.

So, after Mr. Beck makes his ridiculous rant about GTA IV, he then introduces Gavin McKiernan and Jack Thompson. Wait, this is journalism? "I hate GTA, and here to debate are two people who agree with me?" At least in my day, biased journalism was bringing someone of the opposing viewpoint and interrupting them every two seconds. This would be like having a Reagan vs. (GHW) Bush debate.

Oh well, it's things like this that make me glad I don't pay attention to TV.

After all this moral outrage one thing will remain the same. Jack Thompson will fail to have criminal charges brought against Take-Two andGrand Theft Auto IV will sell millions of unit.

@~the1jeffy: That pretty much happened for me around their twistered reporting surrounding the Chris Benoit situation. If the media can find a witch-hunt, they will.

Papa Midnight

And somebody should close that italics tag. That's better.


I skipped it and I'm glad. I'm also glad that my work blocks those clips because I don't think I'd want to see them. This kind of mastabatory circle jerk disguised as news is one of the reasons I don't watch "news" anymore. News stations and interviewers are more about spreading their own personal truth then finding what the actual, or at least higher, truth really is.

This "interviewer" already had his own feelings on the subject, his own opinions, and so he sought out two people who share those opinions and pretends to interview them.

What were you expecting? Were you expecting them to be called out on any falsehoods, and wrong assumptions? Did you expect them to actually look at the game? Were you expecting them to say "the flying in the game is actually quite relaxing"?

No, they would feed on their own ignorance, like three snakes eating eachothers tails.

you can have oral and anal sex with the strippers? What was that an update i missed? Last i knew you could only have an extremely unsexy lapdance with slightly dodgy animation, not exactly pornographic is it?

And i nearly burst out laughing at the psuedo monatage of the prostitute killing clips lol.

just remember kids... MURDER SIMIULATOR!!! hahahahahaha.... well gee jack, i'm 17 and have played every GTA out there and i haven't killed anyone yet! Whoops, the game industry must've slipped up there huh... i'm an anomaly i guess, because none of the results of your numerous medical studies seem to have been applied to me yet.

Another flaw in your plan, don't you think that most kids with the slightest bit of morality in them would see that it is in fact wrong to pick up a gun, steal a car and shoot 3 cops? Because i sure as hell would, y'know why? Because my parents saw fit to instill a sense of right and wrong in me from a young age.

One final thing, its hardly a simulator is it? If i could pick up an RPG7 and blow up a car in the middle of the street and get 1 police car turn up as a result, i think the pollice would have a lot to answer for!

Two things:

1. I love how JT stated that he was suing Target, Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop for training Seung-Hui Cho and Steven Kazmierczak how to kill (never mind that the perpetrators were 23 and 27 respectively, well over the 17 year old minimum to purchase M rated games, but hey, who needs FACTS anyway...)

2. Not going to defend the show, or the idiot behind the desk, but Glen Beck is hardly what you would call "Journalism." His show is an opinion show and, unfortunate as it is, he is allowed to be as stupid as he wants on it.

I'm not going to click on either one of those clips for fear that it will make me burst a blood vessel in anger as with the FOX news Mass Effect coverage.

I'm assuming the whole thing was dumb and incredibly one-sided.

"Oh Jeeze he is another conservative on t.v. screaming about the dangers of video games!" What a douch. To think, at one time I held a little respect for this guy. Well, I guess things change when someone sleeps with the enemy.

Do you think that they would be shocked to find out that the game can't be finished in 7 or 8 hours, but takes over 30?


I just lost a massive amount of respect for Glenn Beck.

"He're anouther crazy conservative...dangers of videogames!"

Actually... Yes, that's exactly what I thought.
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