Jack Thompson Bashes GTA IV on Glenn Beck Show

May 2, 2008 -
Anti-game attorney Jack Thompson and Gavin McKiernan of the Parents Television Council appeared on the Glenn Beck program last night on CNN Headline News.

The first clip is Beck's opening. Thompson and McKiernan appear in the second clip.

GP: Big thanks to several GamePolitics readers who uploaded and/or pointed us to videos of the show...



Wow...not only is Glenn a incopitent moron...but he is sexist! Notice when he said "When your son or boyfriend or husband plays GTA..." o_O so now all gamers are men? Im surprized no one has called him out on this. Im not so much of a fan of the GTA franchize, RPGs are more my thing, but I have played III, and my girlfriend absolutely loves the GTA games. We are both non-violent adults who grew up with games.

"Killing is not in human nature..."

...do wha? did someone actually say that!? This proves that he is JT's Beyotch robot. Basic human...no basic instinct of all living creatures are: Eat, Sleep, Procreate, and Survive. The last one dominates all other traits. In humans its even more stronger and violent being as we are some effed up creatures who can do amazing things with knowledge. For as long as there has been man there has been the instinct to kill, even the first offspring of man-kind commited murder (Cane and Able...take that JT). So to say that Humans dont have it in our instincts is BS, just look at all the wars and butchery we have seen in the history of man (Correct me if Im wrong...but Hitler, Dracula (The actual lord that the whole vampire thing is based from Count Dracule or something), Bloody Mary, Gangus Khan and all the other war leaders and people who commited huge killings in the name of conquest, religion, or just plain fun did not have Media to corrupt them.

Its this blind witch hunting that people fuel, all these rightious crusades, and all of the half-truths that the media and people who claim they have expertise in that really piss me off.

and anooother thing...where was the debate? all I saw were three people gang banging. they should be banned for showing children a gang rape of a game! o_O And the whole "Kill prositute and cops" is all user choice...its not in the game as a requirement, its in there to give you a true sence of freedom in a crime rpg, and they fail to point out that for doing twisted stuff there are repercussions, your not rewarded...but punished...noobs.

@JT: get some new material, your like a broken record. Actually get a new brain, yours is defective...actually, just diaf, kthxbye ^_^

Wow Jack brings his crusade to a whole new level. Devin Moore didn't make a decision to kill 3 police officers which he is now on death row to pay for that decision. Devin Moore is the victim because retail stores sold him a game, and they are the ones at fault? CNN, Fox News, just in broadcasting for the money. There is a big reason why a lot of people are getting the news from the daily show.

"I know that when i say this about 80% of the people in america they hear me and go oh geeze heres a crazy conservative on tv screaming about the dangers of video games..."

lol anyone else think its funny how he followed that bit up there^ with this

"we are training our kids to be killers, and we are teaching our sons to treat women like whores"

really doesnt help convince me that hes not a 'crazy conservative'

"Oral and anal sex?" I kind of doubt that.

What I never understand about these arguments about the military using video games to desensitize soldiers is you'll have the same talk-show host turn around and in another segment talk about how great the military is and how it's a good career and how we should support our troops. Which is it? Are they desensitizing people into killing machines, or creating good citizens? You can't have your pie and eat it too, Glenn Beck. I won't let you.

Hmm... No sir I don't like it.

Is he actually arguing the majority of people had trouble killing each other prior to the invention of targets and dummies? People didn't seem to have much trouble killing each other prior to WWI. And that was more often than not up close with blades.

Thompson being Thompson.... No comment

Thompson being Thompson.... No comment

Glenn Beck is the same guy who thought that the biggest problem with health care in America is that hospitals are no longer empathetic and friendly or some crap.

He was whining about his gallstone pain, and wasn't happy with the brusque treatment he received. Although, I'm sure he didn't have trouble paying for the procedure.

It's the stupid leading the blind on the Glenn Beck show.

This is journalism? THIS IS STUPIDITY!!!


Everyone give those morons a piece of you mind.

Thanks for the link, Dan. I just sent my email.

I got back spasms when I heard the evidence being said. Most of what Mr. Beck said in the first part of the video is from Lt. Col. Grossman, which his "research" is mostly scanty evidence.

Second part of the video, Mr. Mckiernan got the wrong organization in supporting the link between VG violence and violent behaviour. It's so wrong. Medical research? *spams* Thompson? Well it's him anyways.

Yes, the amount of soldiers who will shoot to kill in wars has gone up since WW2. In vietnam it was 90%!

Now.. if only I could remember when videogames were invented.. must have been just after WW2, right?

Low-level Eastern European "thug?"

Try war veteran, asshole.

i'm 15, i bought gta4 on the first day it came out, i've played Rated M games since i was 10, yet i'm a pacifist....did the video game industry fail to turn me into a killer or something.

"Yes, the amount of soldiers who will shoot to kill in wars has gone up since WW2. In vietnam it was 90%!"

Pardon? Did someone actually try to use shooting to kill in a war as some form of evidence? What, in hell's bathroom, does that have to do with anything?? IT'S WAR - not super-happy-fun-time! (sigh)

@ GenericName

How/where did you manage to get the game?

Did anyone else find something wrong with what was said in the first video about the Military and the Korean war bit. You know that part where he says that the military has been using electronic simulations to "condition" soldiers to shoot. The Korean war was in about 1950, and the first real Videogame was made in 1947, 3 years before the war, and that first videogame was not much more then a small blip moving over another blip in a simulated game of tennis. Whats more is that it was made by two college dudes for fun. Maybe I miss interpreted what he was saying there, But I do know that it was a hate filled speech and that little disclaimer thing he says in the beginning is pure BS. His only Slightly redeeming feature is that he says that the blame is on all of pop culture, but even then he is still being a @!#@%$ about it.

I love how the general consensus seems to be that just because you "can" do it, means that you will, and that you will therefore become a killer because of it. I mean, the game is being praised as a sandbox kind of game, where you can do whatever you want ... literally, whatever you want. These people seem to only be highlighting the negative aspects of what you can do.

Like most things in life, it's a decision to act in the game in a certain way. Granted, because it's a game, and I think the Greater Internet F*ckwad theory applies here, people will do it. But the fact remains that when playing the game, no one is forcing you to kill the prostitute, sleep with the prostitute, or even kill anyone. I find it disgusting that the fact that we give a choice in the game is what is being attacked.

The logic of "Just because you can, means that you will in every case," doesn't really fly with me. I know personally, I killed a couple prostitutes (whoops) but not every time. The fact of the matter is that more often than not, I made the *choice* to do something different in the game.

Apparently, people can't be trusted to make their own decisions in a video game, let alone real life ....

I sent an email to them as well, I just can't believe the level of BS on there. I thought debates were supposed to have people representing both sides, not just one side gang banging the other and laughing the whole time while we have to sit and watch and just clench our teeth even more.

Now I don't agree with everything in the game, such as the prostitutes and strip clubs, but I'm letting that get in the way of a great game cause guess what.....I can avoid them! One thing I bet might of happened was glen probably asked JT to be on the show and was about to get a person for the other side, but JT more than likely freaked out and said he would only come on as long as someone else wasn't debating him. Since he's scared to be bitch slapped on TV by someone stating facts to him and has no answer to give about it.

Oh well......

Whoops, can't edit, meant "but I'm not letting that get in the way of a great game"

Glenn Beck? More like Doofus McSchmuck! Amirite?

Damn, I wanted to do better, but watching that video was such a mind-numbing experience that most of the creative parts of my brain had to shut down in order to survive watching it without clawing my eyes out. Sorry, Rhade.

"Territory is highly contested between members of the same species and nearly always results in violent displays and often death of one of the two. "

Actually, no that's not quite true. VIolent displays are just that, displays. Serious wounds between members of the same species are uncommon, mortal ones even more so.

The fact that they basically equate killing a fake person in a video game to killing a person in real life is ridiculous. People realize and know this is a game, the people in it are fake, have no minds no souls no families. If they're "killed" (you can't really kill something that's not alive anyway), no one will miss them, it won't hurt any REAL person. The biggest thing is that these idiots think killing fake people who don't matter at all in the world will somehow translate to killing real people, its ridiculous. Whereas someone would have no problem if they accidentally run over a pedestrian in GTA4 (hey it happens right?), the same person would be crushed with guilt if they ran over a REAL person.

These guys need their heads checked, its not us gamers that can't distinguish between reality and a game, its people like GB and JT. If they really think that censoring fake murder will somehow get rid of it in real life then they are completely insane.

Someone needs to tell him that what he said is a bold face lie. The military is not desensitizing soldiers to violence. With both my brothers in the army I take deep offense to this.
I did write to Glen Beck telling him the man he is championing is facing disbarment and has been banned the Florida Supreme Court for his past filings. His coverage of the game was completely one sided, biased and unfair to the gaming community. I believe he was taking the findings he was "quoting" from his ass.

I, like most here, feel dumber for watching this. This logic is worst than Ricky's from Trailer Park Boys.

A doubling of the homicide rate in the 1950's from TV? Right. Obviuosly it had nothing to do with a boom in the local population of the united states or ""baby boom" if you will. Try reading a book called Freakonomics which cites the rise and fall of crime rates to that of population control measures such as birth control which was the real reason for the rapid decline in violent crime rates in the mid to late 1980's, not stiffer laws on crime. The insinuation, and I'm sure many people would understand this, is that there is a direct correlation between crime rates and population levels not popular media as he and others would have us believe.

The one point nobody ever brings up in defense of GTA on shows like that is that it's the player's choice to do anything in the game. You don't have to do much of anything outside of the regular mission.

I look at this clip and then think about where I seen this kind of logic before:

1)Everything JT has done or said over the years and

2) The Urban Hellraisers episode of CSI: Miami Vice.

I look at games like GTA and think, "This or a Hays Code for Video Games....I'll take GTA" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hays_code for the uninitiated.)

Although, if the Video Game industry had a Hays code, it would crumble too and Video games would be recognized as being an important part of culture.

Does anyone know where I can obtain a list of Fox and Headline News advertisers. I have had enough of the lies and fear-mongering that get spewed by these organizations. I'm only one person, but I refuse to support any company that does business with these organizations.

So he starts by saying since 1997 90million copies of GTA have been sold. Shouldn't there be millions of killers out there now? But how can he then say this is a murder training simulator? You can't state how many games are out there without showing how crime has gone up in proportion. There were prostitute killing back in 97's gta have we seen 90million killed prostitutes?

Then he goes on with the $60 military training simulator. Again, if that is true, then why doesn't the military simply get their soldiers to play GTA for a year straight? It would save the military MILLIONS of dollars every year and the soldiers would be so well trained that the Iraq war would have been done years ago. And if it worked that well don't think the military wouldn't use it. So either it does or doesn't work. Which is it?

I personally find him a joke and simply a great advertisement tool for the game. Thanks to his show, sales will jump up.

From my email to Mr. Quack -- I mean, Beck.

"I was very disappointed to see your piece on Grand Theft Auto IV. I've always considered you a reliable source for a rational conservative viewpoint, but you totally screwed the pooch on this one. First, claiming that videogames are solely responsible for the increased effectiveness of the American soldier over the last sixty years is laughable. You've completely dismissed the advances made in psychology and the advanced brainwashing techniques that soldiers are subjected to in basic training. Soldiers pull the trigger because the whole of their training is aimed at that goal, not just because the targets are shaped like people. I'm also having some trouble finding the analogue between holding a large, heavy firearm, aiming it at a target shaped like a human, and learning to control it bucking and rocking in your arms as it fires lead projectiles sometimes a hundred meters away, versus lining an icon on a television set up with a target shaped like a human and pressing a button. Firing a real gun is a far more intense experience than any videogame I've played.

Your discussion of the ESRB ratings was just as flawed as the ratings themselves. A/O, if you read it from the ESRB website, differs from M by only one year, A/O is 18+, M is 17+. These age limits were never mentioned. The primary criteria for making a game A/O has always been graphic sex, of which there is little to none in the console gaming industry. The assertion that GTAIV contains graphic depictions of sex is laughable. No penis appears in GTA. No nipples, either. I've seen hotter sex scenes on prime time TV.

I think, though, the most disappointing part of this segment is that it's basically a politco circle-jerk. How could you even expect to have a discussion with a shred of journalistic integrity with no one to represent the pro-free-speech stance? "

There he goes again with ideas Rockstar wouldn't even consider adding.

And Thompson can;'t even begin to pretend to want the game rated AO to "protect the children".

If he did he wouldn't only be targeting Take Two and Rockstar. He just wants the game to not sell.

Just one question.

If our own soldiers would not shoot at people during World War I, then how did they manage to shoot people during, oh, say, the Revolutionary War? Or how about the Civil War, where they were shooting THEIR OWN FAMILY in some cases?

Yeah, that's what I thought. Shut up Glenn Beck. You moron.

The homicide rate doubled when television was first introduced in the 1950's? Wow...yeah, I can see how all those violent shows like "I Love Lucy", "Leave it to Beaver", "The Munsters", etc. creating mass murderers.

I also love the claims by JT about the VT massacre & blaming it on Counterstrike & Half-Life, when the FACT of the matter is, the killer played Sonic. Smooth move Jackoff Thompson.

Seriously, why does anyone allow him to even speak anymore? He gets on camera & lies.The homicide rate doubled when television was first introduced in the 1950's? Wow...yeah, I can see how all those violent shows like "I Love Lucy", "Leave it to Beaver", "The Munsters", etc. creating mass murderers.

I also love the claims by JT about the VT massacre & blaming it on Counterstrike & Half-Life, when the FACT of the matter is, the killer played Sonic. Smooth move Jackoff Thompson.

Seriously, why does anyone allow him to even speak anymore? He gets on camera & does nothing but lie.

Once again Glen Beck proves to us why he is considered a "retard" among conservatives. This guy is the one who talks so much garbage that that makes Bill O' Reilly from Fox News look like an abjective journalist. Thompson's days as a lawyer are numbered and most if not all law enforcement agencies are not even paying attention to him. Headline news was such a great network but lastely it has gone to hell in a hand basket.

That 15% in World War One? I don't buy it. Not without some source to back it up. That sounds like the type of thing Grossman was spreading around before admitting that he didn't interview anyone and just made it all up (I think that was Grossman, I know somebody did it).

I appreciate how he was brave enough to invite a defendent of video games on the show to counter Thompson's stories with proven facts.

Oh wait! Both those interviews were anti-video game weren't they? How embarrasing!

I so sick of hearing this BS!

"The homicide rate doubled when television was first introduced in the 1950’s? Wow…yeah, I can see how all those violent shows like “I Love Lucy”, “Leave it to Beaver”, “The Munsters”, etc. creating mass murderers."

LOL I get really angry watching I Love Lucy on DVD. Oh man, I couldn't stand watching the videos, so I didn't, but if they said that, then they're pretty stupid, but we already know that.

90 million copies?! Seriously? O.k., I don't really play GTA but I know it's sold less than that
And, if Glenn really believes in that "military using games to train to kill" poop, then he and JT can kiss my wrist for all I care R.I.P CNNHN


When did CNN become Fox news?


That's CNN Headline News, the bastard offspring of the real CNN. Think of it as CNN's version of Fox.

Does someone want to inform Glen Beck that his guest is ACTUALLY a shareholder in Taketwo?

Ahh... Jack, Jack, Jack. Once again you...

T.O.S.: ...PHAIL HORRIBLY!!! SAY IT, B**CH!!! *Shadow draws a knife and points it at T.O.S.* AAAAAAAAAAHH!!! *T.O.S. runs away*

Shadow: Rrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Anyway, Jack, like I said, you lose.

Why does anyone figure CNN was more credible than any other media outlet? They are the liberal Fox News.

i may attack Jacko in a smart way but im just gonna come out and say it. Glenn Beck is a retarded CNN fucktard who has to fight everything...hell i think that "we know the truth" station in GTA 4 features a guy that talks just like beck. next time...you know what screw it, fuck you glenn beck.

also jack...please invite adam sesslar to you next debate...the man can put you in your place
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