Jack Thompson Bashes GTA IV on Glenn Beck Show

May 2, 2008 -
Anti-game attorney Jack Thompson and Gavin McKiernan of the Parents Television Council appeared on the Glenn Beck program last night on CNN Headline News.

The first clip is Beck's opening. Thompson and McKiernan appear in the second clip.

GP: Big thanks to several GamePolitics readers who uploaded and/or pointed us to videos of the show...



Dear lord... can't any of these idiots cite their sources? It's bad enough that this is a one-sided trifecta of social retardation but none of them cited any actual facts. Yes, get an ill-informed TV personality, an attorney who has been shown time and again to use false information, and a member of a watchdog group which has accomplished nothing.

There's something that is fundamentally different between Military training, which is meant to train you to use a firearm proficiently and properly and a videogame where-in the purpose is to be entertained, waste some time, and blow off some steam.

He cited a lot of numbers about soldiers having trouble shooting and how that changed over time because of training method changes, but he forgot to mention that in each of these wars, the training and the scenario those soldiers were put in drastically changes whether or not they could actually pull the trigger. Yes, target practice will make you a better shooter, but playing "America's Army" (which is a terrible game, by any standards) with not teach you proper gun maintenance, handling recoil, aiming, and everything you need to know to proper use a gun or any kind.

Devin Moore trained on GTA? Not this crap again. It takes a particularly crazy individual to obsess over a game like GTA, which, in it's earlier versions, was not really that great. Hell, obsession is a characteristic of psychosis, how is that not a sign? The kid wanted to kill, if it wasn't GTA, he'd have found some movie to watch over and over and over, or some web forum full of psychotics telling him to do it. If that were the case,t hough, JT wouldn't be a famous moron, and we wouldn't be in this situation right now.

I've gotta go email Glenn Beck, now, this is just too dumb.

I dont even need to watch this or read the comments. I already know where the conversation is going

its people like Jack Thompson, Nancy Grace (listen to her rants about the Duke lax case), and Mike Nifong that make me lose all respect in journalism/politics

To be completely honest, I can't help but laugh when they show Niko running over the hooker and saying, "Come on, get out of the way!"

This is truly the second video that has made my blood boil. (The first one being the Mass Effect\Fox News)

Can anyone tell me what Glen's point was? Does he want the game banned? That sounds pretty fasict.

Here is a broad point to ponder: If we provide rating info for Movies\Music\Software, why are books not rated? Would Stephen King get an M or an AO?


I love how nobody who brings him on even bothers to check out his background. I'm definitely going to write in to both CNN's executives and beck himself about how bad it makes them look, in my eyes, when they get some goofy crackpot to call up jack and pretend he's some kind of expert (you know, the way he does).

Not a one of these guys ever brings up the fact that he's in the process of being stripped of his license, he's been tossed out of states (professionally speaking), he's never won one of these cases, Take Two forced him into a legally binding settlement that prevents him from filing any more frivolous lawsuits against them (which the Florida Supreme court's decision to ban him from filing before them again without a competent lawyer signing on with him can only reinforce).

This is also a man who lost an election in Florida to Janet Reno. One where he publically campaigned against her based mainly on his suspicion that she was a lesbian.

Even more than that, I don't think he's ever WON one of these things. But you never, EVER hear anything about that during one of these interviews. They spend the entire time making a man who's credentials would lead you to conclude he's INSANE (a position supported by the fact that the Florida bar once mandated he be examined for mental illness) look like he has a valid position.

Screw that noise.

Only one way to settle this. The most violent way possible. Jack Thompson, I challenge you... to MMMOOOOORRRTAAAAAALLLLLLLL KOOOOMMMMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"anal sex"? Erm, which bit in GTA4 is JT referring to here? All I see is lady on top action, but I guess with Mr 'Gay Porn' on the case, that's bound to be the ol' back door action. Me thinks Jack as an unhealthy interest in the bottom!

Three morons talking about something they has no clue about. I love how there was nobody there to present a counter arguement. Oh and Jack infringed on that little agreement he had with R*/T2 when he mentioned Devon Moore.

So you have the PTC who just goes off of clips and screen shots of the worst parts of a game, Jack Thompson who we all know is bat loco going off once again on the same thing the PTC is. And Glenn Beck, the biggest moron on the CNN payroll. Sadly the clips are just repeats of what have always heard and since the "It is just one person" argument does fly and one killer represents every gamer out there I will present this as a counter argument.

I have been playing video games since I was two. By what Glenn Beck stated I should be one of the deadliest people in the world. I should have no qualms about killing cops, raping women, stealing cars, killing whores and so forth. But I have never done anything like that, unless it is on a video game I cannot shoot a gun for the life of me. I hate using violence to solve problems and believe you should only fight to defend yourself if no other option is available. I would never do anything Glenn Beck claims I have been trained for. Simply for the reason that it is only a game and it does not teach you how to kill. Now since his logic is that one represents all that means since I am a gamer who has never committed a crime in my life, then none of us do.

From what is sounds like Glenn Beck is one of those morons who wants every form of entertainment banned, just because a kid might see it. Before you trash on something guys, do your homework first. Flying off the handle only makes you look like idiots.

the scary part isn't the supposed 80% saying here goes another conservative going off on video games, it's the 20% actually listening to this garbage and thinking they're right. You don't want your kids playing these games, don't buy them for them, and for those saying "they can still play them at their friends houses" talk to your kids friends parents and explain the situation to them, it's called parenting, it's not a new trend so you should have some idea about how to do this, at least at a basic level. As for he who I refuse to name, well August can't come soon enough for me. Wave buh-bye to the annoying lawyer, then he's just an annoying citizen.


Even more one-sided than the FOX news Mass Effect "report" therew is no one there defending the game just a bunch of old senile farts agreeing with each other. It's nowhere near as stupid though, GTA was made for critisism

I feel my last post came out badly let me clarify; calling GTA a murder simulator is nowhere near as Moronic as calling Mass Effect Smut. although JT did claim that the ESRB is involved in a conspiracy to disribute GTA to minors


I can't help but facepalm, but we all knew it was just a matter of time.

Sorry,but does this mean Beck is CNN O'Reilly?Cause I think thats what this means.

I guess Glen Beck got tired of bitching about his hospital stay a couple of months back.


Im just not gonna say anything. Whats the point. Ya curse if you want but whats it gonna do? Its not gonna stop them. I need a moment.

Coronation between violent games and violence.. minimal
Coronation between right wing conservative Christians and Stupidity.. abundant!

Odd how everyone on CNN talks about the whole FLDS compound/cult in Texas that was raided but Glenn Beck hasn't from the times I've watched, not one mention of it. He's also a Mormon, go figure. You would think this is something he'd take on since it potentially paints all Mormons in a bad light, not just the fringe groups. Maybe he just doesn't care about children getting raped and beaten when it's done in the sake of his religion's version of Christianity and the old, warped versions of it that hasn't been "mainstream" for it in over 100 years.


I thought he was Jewish. Anyway, I wonder if Jack Thompson was like Fenton from Home Movies when he was a kid. :D

The person in the first video said "your son, your husband even your boyfriend can play..." he is discriminatig female players my girlfriend plays GTA4 too. Actually only she plays it i prefer to play on my PC.

Can someone please tell me a site that Jack Thompson leaves comments on?

What is there to say that hasn't already been said? Different day, different people, same old shit, same old people. It surprises me that they haven't found anything new to complain about, still with the prostitute-killing.

I'm getting kind of tired of GTA IV. I personally will not get it, simply because I don't like the intentions of it, but I'm not for just banning it. But don't worry, a few weeks and this will all be over... I hope!

I noticed the fact that he never once implied a girl would play GTA IV, always husband, son, boyfriend. It was like the whole thing was for women-folk who don't know how to operate them fancy Electrical device.

I just finished the video.

I think I'm legally insane now. It all started off with WTF's and OMFG's due to the immense bullshit emitting from the videos. But by the second video, I slammed my head on my computer desk and started laughing at all the moronic things said. (I had headphones on, listening to it).

Shit, my mother thinks I'm going crazy now from laughing so much.

I mean, I just think it's amazing that people like this practically gets paid to spew lies and bullshit on television like this. I mean, after watching things like this, I feel as if though I'm very competent to have a job like this as it seems like just about anyone can do it. Even better considering how one sided this all is. Needs moar Adam Sessler.

There was so many false, one sided things said, I couldn't even get angry, I just laugh.

Its a serious problem that a large percentage of Americans think these kind of shows are "real news". Shameful.

I emailed Glen, I hope everyone else does the same, not to tell him hes an idiot. But sense he has such high values, its a wonder why he had someone on like Jack Thompson, who filed a case with gay porn in it. I emailed him with the links to this site regarding all the stupid things Jack Thompson has done. I advice everyone to do the same.

I like Glen a lot, I always watch him, but on this...he has fallen into the pit withe everyone else. But he does have a point. They fail to say how old the kids are that are playing the game, but I'm sure if there was a 12 year old who played games like this, he would grow up sort of screwed up.

I knew someone who had a little brother, he let him play gta, was not a good thing, kid was to young. like 9 or 12 or something like that. You got to admit, kids going to be a little whacked when he grows up if he continues to play games like that. He already was.

I miss the days where people just reported the news and didn't have to throw their close minded opinions into the mix.

I live in Canada so I dont have to worry about people like jack.t because in Canada we have more importint things to do because hundreds of people die because of smoking every day and only like 20 people die in school shootings.

ps. if you want to stop school shootings outlaw guns not video games with guns

My brain hurts now.

Somebody else put up the whole thing as one video seen here.


@Gen Man

Guess then we should be asking Jack... "Why so serious?"


Yeah, he's Mormon, brought it up many times, was in tears the day (or day after) the President of the LDS died a few months back, he was 97.

You know a lot of stuff Jack has said about Rockstar products has toed the line of libel. But the "Oral and Anal sex" is an outright, full and complete lie that IS libel no two ways about it.

That and he is bearing false witness. Something that is a pretty large no no of the religion he supposedly yet very poorly follows.

You know, i don't understand this bullshit... Ive been playing games since i was 6, infact the first game i ever played was Doom 2 and ive played through a bit of GTA. I have YET to pick up a gun or baseball bat (never mind guns are controlled in australia) and go on a mad killing spree or run into a school and try and kill people.

Now that said, i do understand what jack Thompson is trying to do... too bad hes attacking the wrong people for the right reasons. Selling a game that is 17-18+ to minors isn't the doing of the game producers.


Outlawing guns wont solve the problem, its the same as thinking putting a ban on Hand guns would cause violent crime on streets to disappear.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a amazing game with some of the best voice acting, and directing I've ever seen. For sheer engrossing gameplay I rank it above every game I have ever played hands down.

What I would love to know is where there accusations of the game being marketed towards children is coming from? If they're talking about billboards and other "poster" type ads where any one can see them well thats the point of advertising, to get your product out to as many people as possible. Nothing within the ad's say they are advertising to minors. I also haven't seen a TV advert although to be fair I havent been watching tv although I'm fairly confident the ad's dont show up at 12 pm on Cartoon network.

I would also love to see where this graphic sex is? I have not seen it and I think you're lying to us Jacko. Lying on national television is actually a really classless and low thing to do. I'm sorry but the majority out there dont understand these things and instead of filling there heads with lies about the games why not better educate parents with the ESRB ratings and subject matter of the game? That seems much more effective in my eyes.

This has been said by a few of the other people commenting and like you I am a lifelong gamer, while I am only 20 I've been playing games since the 16 bit era and I've come out a high school grad making his way through university. I wonder when the video game brain sickness will kick in and I'll become a deranged lunatic?

These people need to give the game a try first, learn what it is they're trying to destroy. Urge parents to participate actively in what there kids enjoy, parents should parent there kids nothing short of any form of abuse (Emotional/Physical) should take that away.

Love Maniac

Feel free to contact me and discuss at dr_evil555@hotmail.com XBL:DainzeJD and PSN ManiacA4


Heheh. Yeah, he's definitely not gonna air that on his show.

First of all I want to know where this strip club is where you have oral and anal sex mr thompson, second of all,I had hell trying to buy this at wal'mart, They wanted my id. If I did not work there I would had to go home and grab my id and go back to my walmart to buy the damn game.

BHTW ths game is rated mature whichj is = to a rated R movie so if this game gets rated AO forits content then I want all movies with a hint of boobies and drinking rated NC-17.

You sir are a moron and had not played the game like I have, I have yet to see these so called sex scenes, the worse I seen so far is strippers danceing. The so called sex with your girlfirend on the game is notyhing more then a moaning sound clip and a nice view of the outside of an apartment. nothing worth noting, good luck trying to create a hot coffee II the worse you will find is warm coffee which is ironically an achievement for being invited inside the girls apartment.

one more thing to the parents, children should not be playing this, the m on the box stands for mature not math or mom please buy this for me, mature= 17 and up not 3-16. for little timmy might I suggest blue dragon instead?

At least his releases might change a bit

"I was on60 minutes and the Glenn Beck show..."

And did anyone else think he seemed really, robotic?

Everything he says about WW1 is just complete and utter BS. He is right that casualties caused by rifle fire were relativly low in WW1, but it's not because soldiers refused to fire, the majority of deaths were caused by artillery fire. It also came from the fact that entering no mans land for much of the war was a very fast way to die.

At this point I'm used to the "journalists" in the mainstream mangling the fact about games, but do they really need to abuse history too?

Glenn Beck would be an excellent stand-up comedian.

Unfortunately, this is CNN, not Comedy Central.

You're welcome.

completely BIAS, the game is not about killing prostitutes, thats only a miniscule component of the game, maybe you should play the game before spitting your ignorant, conservative views to the public.

Well, the liberals hate us too, so what did you expect? There's no such thing as unbiased news anymore. Everyone in the news is pretty damn misinformed when it comes too videogames.

Norman conquest of england 1066
The 9 crusades 1095 - 1272
Conquests of Genghis khan 1190 - 1227
War of the Sicillian Vespers 1282 - 1302
Hundred years war 1337 - 1453
Fall of Constantinople 1453
War of the roses 1455 - 1385
French Wars of religion 1562 - 1598
Thirty Years war 1618 - 1648
Bishops wars 1639 - 1640
English Civil wars 1642 - 1651
Wars of league of augsburg 1688 - 1697
War of Jenkins Ear 1739 - 1743
War of Austrian Succession 1740 - 1748
Seven Years War 1756 - 1763
US war of independance 1775 - 1783
French Revolution 1792 - 1802
Napoleonic Wars 1800 - 1815
Peninsular War 1808 - 1814
Greek War of Independance 1821 - 1828
Crimean War 1853 - 1856
American Civil war 1861 - 1865
Franco Prussian War 1870
Boer War 1880 - 1881 and 1899 - 1902
World war I 1914 - 1918
Spanish Civil War 1936 - 1939
World war II 1939 - 1945.

Glen Broker needs to get his facts straight, one of the baser level instincts of mankind is to kill another man if he gains power, women or safety. So what if 'gun inflicted' wounds were low in world war I i have just stated close to a millennium of wars in which COUNTLESS individuals have died.

Why were there fewer gun shot based casualties in ww1 than in ww2, Simply put ww2 was a far larger war and in ww1 most nations were ill-equipped for a war of the magnitude of ww1. Most nations saw WW2 coming and were able to prepare... i mean fark Churchill was mustering an army and support before it was officially declared.

Causes of Death in ww1:-
Mustard Gas
Using Infantry as Cannon fodder (Gallipoli anyone?)
And the Tactics for commonwealth forces mainly being march thousands of men across no mans land and getting them torn up by incoming enemy fire.

Also lets point out the Americans were late to the bloody war too, it was a toss of the coin as to if they would back the Triple Entente or the triple Alliance, it wasn't until the sinking of the Lusitania that they actually pulled their thumb out of their ass and sent men to war.

This is CNN Headline News, whole different network (which brings you quality programming like Nancy "missing white girls" Grace and Glen "I wish I was popular so bad" Beck).

Counter Half-life Jack? Get your murder simulators straight!

@Gen Man

Scariest Joker ever!

This guy is more full of shit then a toilet after I'm done with it.

Where the hell does he get this bullshit that only 15% of combat soldiers fired back in WW2. That is just one of the most asinine things I've ever heard. Has he even spoken to any WWII veterens? Why doesn't he go ask some people who work in the military to come on and talk about that instead.

This guy is not a real conservative. He's a paranoid authoritarian moralist. What's even worse is he didn't give the other side equal air time. In addition to Jackhole he also put on a represenative from a special interest group that is clearly anti-game.
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