Gamecock Co-Founder Eyes ESA Top Job

With the ESA facing defections from both its membership and the upcoming E3 Expo, Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson (left) has tossed his hat into the ring as a potential replacement for embattled ESA boss Michael Gallagher.

It’s all tongue-in-cheek, of course. Wilson is known for his over-the-top P.R. tactics. Game Informer reports on Wilson’s remarks:

I read last week that some… are not happy with the current administration of the ESA, and many of them apparently feel that I am the right man to right the ship, before it sinks entirely, due to my intimate experience with, or at least near, the E3 Expos in the past.

After a long conversation with my wife, Melissa, who was the E3 funeral director in Santa Monica last year, we have decided to step forward and bear the slings and arrows of public life this election season.  Coincidentally, my campaign HQ will be housed at the lovely Hotel Figueroa this year, during the [E3] days of July 15-18…

God Bless America. We’re Just Sayin.

Be sure to check out the video which accompanies the Game Informer story.

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