11-year-old Sells Video Games, Donates Proceeds to Hillary

May 12, 2008 -
An 11-year-old Kentucky boy sold his bicycle and his video game collection in order to raise money for Senator Hillary Clinton's flagging presidential campaign, according to the Associated Press.

Dalton Hatfield presented a check for $440 to former president Bill Clinton on Friday following a campaign rally in West Virginia:
“You sold your bike to get this?” [President] Clinton asked the McAndrews, Ky. native...

Hatfield feels so strongly that Hillary Clinton should be the next president he not only sold his bicycle, but video games and anything else he could find that “I could make money with” to donate to the former first lady’s bid for the Democratic nomination.


The kid is naieve, end of story. He probably thought that by giving 500 dollars to the Clinton Campaign, he would be helping them, when in reality, they are spending MILLIONS. The blame should be on the parents, though, who let him do this without bringing up the fact that he is selling his belongings and removing fun items from his life and giving to a lost cause.

Ignoring the political stance in this, I think this is just as sad as if he was out looking for a job to support his family.

He's a little kid, he should simply go and play. School is rough enough, but giving up things which allow him to escape is even worse. I can understand wanting to make a change in the world, but that will come in time, for now, he should just enjoy his youth and play.

I find it odd for such a young person to have such strong political convictions. If the story is true then that is a noble thing to do. I have this rumination though, I can't help but think there was some parental influence.

I wonder what will happen when the kid realizes just how much disdain she has for video games and how flip-floppity she is on how much government control should be impressed on them...

Do the math kid, you just wasted a bike and some video games

I guess the kid is just getting used to the idea of having to give Hillary all his money once she declares herself Queen of America. [/sarcasm]

Joking aside, while his motives to backing her are all his own, I must admit that to me there has always been something inherently wrong about taking money from someone that young. He'd be better off having his parents deposit that into a 24 month CD or in a investment savings account, and let it grow.

The fact that he did all that to support someone whose campaign is millions in debt, and floundering in the polls shows that he didn't do his research first, and that Clinton is using it as a media moment. Of course, to me she's coming off as an old witch taking some poor kid's money, but that's me.

When asked why he wanted to raise money for Hillary, the young man answered:

"I really hate blacks, they have no business trying to run the government!"

When Fuherer Hillary is in power, thank this idiot

I'll say it again.

Having the first female president isn't worth having HER in the seat.

i love how Bil was ready to take it



Wow. Somehow, the idea of a poor gullible kid doing that much to give cash to a freakin billionaire is beyond me. And the idea of her accepting it is even worse (isn't it outlawed btw?) I mean, I have nothing against politics, on the contrary, and I find admirable that this kid feels involved that early. But why on Earth is everything about money in that country? There are countless ways to get involved in a political campaign. Talking is the first, and cheaper.

And in some months from now, after whoever wins the election and is in charge, I think the boy is so gonna miss his bike...

ah-hah! so that's what it is

Isn't this a little too staged? I mean a kid giving selling video games for Hillary's cause? A little melodramatic if you ask me, too melodramatic that it almost seem staged. In any case, it is till commendable for a kid as young as that to make decisions and stand by it. Not many 11-yr olds have that kind of drive.

Wow, that kid can't have many friends, or he didn't think over his decision. Like what is an 11 year old going to do for social life without games or a bicycle, let's pray he lives near a soccer field.

He's 11. He doesn't understand politics, any feelings he has on whether Clinton should be president can't be based on anything more than a vague understand that something important is going on. This is one of those fine lines where a parent doesn't want to discourage their kids from getting involved in things, but it's also a child being taken advantage of by an adult.

Mom and Dad are racist Democrats. That's really the only justification for supporting Billary now. She's officially done, and the parents really dropped the ball letting him fritter away his whole life (so far) on a failed campaign. This certainly wasn't his idea. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks mom and dad promised to buy him a new bike and videogames if he sold his old ones just to give the proceeds to the floundering twat losing the race for the prez. nomination.

"Any of you that would berate him for his political views are pathetic."

Just like the candidates.

"You sit on the outside looking in with nothing but contempt while those who wish to make a difference do something about it."

Say I wanted to stop carbon emissions. This kid's actions are just like me walking up my street sticking bananas into exhaust pipes. It might make you feel better about "trying to make a difference" (if you're a dolt) but it doesn't really ever even come close to "making a difference." I also fail to see how embracing old politics is making a difference. See where old politics got us?

"You only wish you had the balls to actually stand up and try and change something in your lives. You fail in so many ways."

Every day I change lives. I help people stay in touch with their families and use their technology for enjoyment, profit, self-improvement. Giving money to a failing political candidate takes no balls whatsoever. Stopping your child from making a well-intended mistake does, but I think we've more than covered the fact that Mom and Dad absolutely must have influenced this decision. I mean, only one's parents could turn them on to Hillary. Stupid fucking Boomers.

And she'll still lend herself a few more million. It's a nice gesture, but a drop in the bucket compared to what the Clintons now need to spend to have any hope of even maintaining a close race.

It's nice to see kids caring about politics, even if it seems pretty blatantly orchestrated to try showing how hillary appeals to the youth... because of how heavily the VOTING AGE youngsters are breaking in favor of Obama.

does he know Hillary tried to regulate games back in 2005 after hot coffee?

lol again, i have NO evidence for this, but secretly i have my own opinion that perhaps a parent was involved somewhat. Again, only my opinion. I wonder if they make more than $440 dollars back for newspaper / tv segments about it.

I'm not quite sure how to feel about this one. On one side of the coin there's some admiration that a kid is thinking about the bigger picture. On the other side is sadness that he even has to; simply dealing with political bickering from freshman year of high school onward has soured me towards the whole affair. And on the edge of the whole coin is worry that the poor guy really was influenced by a parent. I hope not, but I guess I'm just too cynical to believe otherwise.

You shouldn't be allowed to accept donations from people who are under voting age. Seriously. I know the kid's intentions are well meant, but at 11 years old I would be hard pressed to even begin to fathom how the political system works, let alone the election process.

...and yeah, I'm fairly sure there was a "little" parental manipulation going on there.

hey, i know!

let's sell our video games and use the money to support a candidate that wants to ban them!

BS, this did not happen. It must be a publicity stunt.

Even if this kid did 'sell' a bunch of stuff to give money to hillary (like that would be the kids idea ... I wonder if the parents 'encouraged' him) His parents will buy him all new stuff now.

Why would a kid sacrifice that much for a candidate that clearly has no shot at the nomination at this point? That's $440 down the tubes. Could have saved it for college. Or a new system...

I'll give the kid this, its a very cute idea.

But face it, a kid's (especially at 11 years old) judgement on something as complex as politics isn't going to be biased in one way or the other towards what he thinks is best for him. I'm going to venture a guess that either one or both of his parents are Hilary supporters and he just caught up in the rush.

I'll give the kid credit tho, even at 26 if someone asked me to sell my games to support a candidate, I would tell them where to shove it (Mostly because I don't feel any of the candidates are very good).

Kudos to the kid for acting on his beliefs, whether or not I think they are the right ones.

Wow, I really didn't know that. Seriously. I could've sworn that all the TV stations have been saying that she's the first woman to run for president.

Weird eh?

Kid was dumb. Hillary's campaign was dead months ago, and it's only now that the MSM is finally ditching the "close race" bullshit.

On top of that, I'm baffled at how an 11 year old can possibly be interested in politics to the point where they'd sell all there worldly possesions and mail the proceeds to a politician. The fact that the kids parents didn't smack him upside the head for doing this tells me that they're probably hardcore clintonians.

As an aside, I can't imagine how shitty this kid's life at school is gonna be when word gets out that he sold all of his toys to support a candidate who isn't even going to win the nomination.


And because Bioshock, CoD4, Halo 3, ect, ect are far more comforting than someone who is going to take away your hard earned money that is normally destined for more video games.

It's kinda scary really. When I was a kid, I had better things to do than worry about who was going to be the next president. It's not like I could vote or even comprehend the issues.
So what kind of 11 year old sells off his stuff because he devoutly believes in one particular candidate?

A) Brainwashed by his parents.
B) This is a PR setup.

Maybe both.

Meh, I don't care what eleven-year-olds do with their money. He could burn it, buy thirty pounds of bubble gum, or mail it to the KKK, whatever.

Why does everyone care so much? If he donated it to the ECA, you guys would no doubtedly be screaming, "BRAVO!", but he sends it to Hillary Cunton and so many fly off the handle.
No matter where he sends it, nobody should care. It's $400, what can a huge corporation or association do with $400?

Will everyone crucify me if I send a couple rolls of quarters to Ahmadinejad?

Sorry Little man, you just wasted a probably good bike and even worse removed probably great games from your collection to support someone that is completely against video games and your rights. Then again I agree Kudos for doing something like that and acting on what you believe in like Jay13x Said.

And on second note well at least you removed the games from your life before Hillary did! Also that the games went to someone that will actually want to play video games and not just live a life of what! Lets see what you can do now that
- Play basketball all night on the courts (Check)
- Walk around with friends just hanging out (Check)
- Get a game of Pick-up-Baseball (Check)
- Touch or Tackle Football in the field down the street (Check)
- Arcade (Check)
- Building Tree Forts in the woods and sleep all night in them (Check)
- Go Bike Riding or Skate Boarding (Check)

Geez everything I listed that I grew up on and most of you probably already been removed from either gang related things or curfews that authority's deem bad!


THE KIDS 11 11! do you really think he honestly cares about anything political? I doubt he even knows what the democaratic party or republic party is about! my christ people sure do fall for stuff like this

the parents probably told him to do it or this is just a publicity stunt..."oh even the kids love clinton lets vote for her" kinda BS .....


That second paragraph summed it up for me.

Yeah, this more smacks of a publicity stunt. Doesn't sound realistic. Would you as parents let your kid throw away $440? That's what this basically is. Kinda makes me sad because at 11 years old, that is a lot of money.

So either he is getting it back on the back end, or it never really happened. Doesn't really matter either way. Even if I give the benefit of the doubt and this kid really did send in $440 dollars to her cam-pain, what does it prove? Eleven year olds are easily swayed? He can't even vote. Should this 11 year olds opinion change anyone elses mind? Would you vote for someone because an eleven year old told you to?

Basically it's a non-story that is trying to be blown up into a story, like an Iraqian kid giving a US soldier a flower for a photo op.

I just have to say this that If I met this kid I would wack him in the back of the head (not too hard) calling him stupid. I don't care if it's for Obama or Hillary hell even for McCaine. That is a VERY stupid thing to do.

too bad she is as good as lost

"- Go Bike Riding or Skate Boarding (Check)"

Nope, he sold his bike too. Uncheck that.


The oppressive yoke of Tony Blair?
Please, please tell me thats a joke!
How on earth did Labour repress anyone?
Unless you thought that life under the conservatives was fun and games....

Kid has an opinion and gets behind it. Good for him. :)

I'm calling shenanigans. The kid is just 11 years old, what does he know about politics? And I could maybe undertand selling just the games (since Hillary hates games) but his bike too? What kid in their right mind would do that?

This just sounds like a publicity stunt; and a very poor one at that.


I think that is how you reply to people on here.

All the checks are things he can't do.
Be it Curfew or things just are now things that are labeled gang related and been deemed bad from parents and politics.

Like playing basketball all night. You'll get kicked off the court, Or Skateboarding. Nope can't do that either because you'll be a menace.

Hmm....kid sells video games to support Hilary Clinton?

Irony, anyone?


How many games would an 11 year own as opposed to 'has had bought for him by his parents'?

First thought was this was a blatant publicity stunt, second was "wow, this kid is a really poor judge of character if he wasn't actually put up to this". I was ten years old when Bubba ran the first time and even then I didn't like Bill or Hillary, there was just something shady about them. Okay, part of it may also be due to a bad experience in Arkansas but still, I just didn't like them. I think everything since then has pretty much confirmed that belief I had 16 years ago.

The only people who won't believe this is a publicity stunt is the media (or at least the ones that still like the Clintons) or her supporters.

Just a thought, but I wonder if she was under sniper fire while she received the money?

I can almost guarantee this was orchestrated by the kid's parents, who wanted an excuse to sell his video games off after hearing a biased report on FOX that video games could turn their son's brain into mush.

The kid's eleven, for chrissakes. He doesn't have the faintest grip on the characters or policies of the candidates. Most likely is that his parents are just Shillary worshipers, and that's where he picked up the idea that he should help her, whether they actively incited him to do so or not. That or maybe he was just tired of hearing them talk smack about McCain and Obama.

BTW... all three main candidates are tools. Neo-con or neo-lib globalists that are going to keep screwing the country. It's an amazing mechanism, really... a device that screws deeper whether it's turned to the "left" or to the "right."

Ron Paul/Cynthia McKinney '08!

Total publicity stunt and a dumb one at that.

Taking $440 from an 11 year old? What next? Candy from babies? SHEESH!

This is obviously a "youth vote" stunt to try and show the super delegates that she does connect with the younger voters. Oh wait, he can't vote.

Epic fail again. *head desk*

Regardless of the possibilities of public relations or parental interference, I feel sorry for the kid, because he might not know what he's given up until it's too late. When I was eight, I sold my copy of Blades of Steel. Less than six months later I was regretting it.

On the other hand, now he's made a name for himself -- maybe someday when he's running for class president, he'll bring up this episode to prove that he's willing to commit to his ideals.

I find it a stretch that Clinton would be rendered "speechless" by this action, though. Does that include saying "thank you" to the kid?

Silly child. Like she needs the money.
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