Florida Bar Wants Jack Thompson Disbarred For 10 Years; Thompson Storms Out of Hearing

GamePolitics has learned that the Florida Bar has requested that controversial attorney Jack Thompson, 56, be disbarred for ten years for 27 violations of professional misconduct.

The request came today at a sanctions hearing before Judge Dava Tunis in Miami.

Thompson reportedly stormed out of the hearing after Tunis refused to let him read a lengthy objection aloud. Tunis, acting as referee on behalf of the Florida Supreme Court, did permit Thompson to submit a copy of his objection for the record. 

Prior to that there was apparently some disagreement between Tunis and Thompson over the placement of the podium. We’re told Thompson lost that argument as well.

By leaving the courtroom, Thompson missed the opportunity to argue any mitigating factors to the Bar’s recommendation for harsh punishment.

A GamePolitics reader, Nevext , apparently was present today and posted impressions in comments to this morning’s preview piece on the hearing. Here’s Nevext’s version of events:

I was able to tag along with an actual attorney, so we drove to the courthouse, went up to the courtroom, waited outside until 2pm. Baliff opened the door and I held it open. Sadly, I even held it open for the beast himself.

So the judge came in. Judge Tunis seems like a real nice lady.

Thompson wanted to make known that he had a objection in writing. He was able to submit it to the record, but the judge said he couldn’t read it aloud. That really pissed him off, I think. He also passed around copies of the objection to various reporters and a member of the legal community known as "Mr. Mim". He also claimed that "Mr. Mim" was not supposed to be there. So he dropped the objection into his lap and went back to his side of the court. The judge was NOT pleased.

Eventually, he made comments about the judge not being a judge(This is relating to the Loyalty Oath stuff), said the hearing was moot, and WALKED OUT.

"The court acknowledges that Mr. Thompson has voluntarily left the proceedings"

Then the Florida Bar presented it’s evidence. Lalalala, bunch of legal crap.

The Bar recommends that Thompson’s punishment should be: "Enhanced disbarment, with a reapplyment wait of 10 years"

After more legalese, the court was ajorned.

Mr Mim threw away his copy of the objection. A friend of mine who happened to be attending reached to get it at the same time a State Attorney was. We ended up getting a copy of it because the State Attorney was a nice guy.

And we went home.

End of story

GP: Thanks much, Nevext, for that first-hand account. "Mim" would be Florida Bar prosecutor Barnaby Min. Don’t invite Thompson and Min to the same party. If you’re having a party…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In ten years’ time we should send her an award/memorial then.


    Unless she finds herself having ruling for another of Jack’s hearings after that time…


  2. Anonymous says:

    If there does turn out to be a way to wiggle out of this hearing’s results via this point he raised up, won’t the Bar just redo the hearing with another judge? After seeing the things he’s been doing all this time, I don’t think the result would be any different with another Judge.

    Appart from maybe the one from the Phoenix Wright titles. But he’s not a real judge thankfully (who knows what rulings He would do without Wright and Edgeworth to correct him).


    Or is there some strange rule that means if he can’t be "reheard" by a different Judge?

    (My Dad’s in law [mostly wills ands stuff] but I know little about law at this level myself.)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel this man has missed the entire point of Christianity.

    I am a Christian myself and I have to say.

    When I try to read his words, ad sometimes when I even read about his actions, it makes me feel ill.

    I think I’ll give this piece of his writing a miss, after how his mother’s day Epic made me feel.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You missed the bit about his reviewer being charged with money laundry or fraud (don’t remember).

    He has been told what rules he’s broken, but claims he hasn’t been told what acts broke them.

    And he went “I’m not a culture warrior! You’re a culture warrior!”

    Overall though, good summation. πŸ™‚

  5. SolidStateMind says:

    Actually, it can depend on the state, but Forgery is generally defined as "false or improper signing of a legal document".  Basically, you know how wills are supposed to be signed while in the presence of two witnesses?  If you were to sign it by yourself and then someone signed it as a ‘witness’ later, that would technically be forgery as well.

    It’s one of the concepts behind a notary public: not only do you sign something, they’re there to make sure that you signed it the right way.  the System sure can be goofy sometimes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yea, I was just reading that… comparing the courtroom with the Third Reich? Not gonna win you any popularity contests.

  7. nomadic says:

    What it says, in effect, is that "we don’t know who did this forgery but we know it wasn’t Judge Tunis

    Of course not, it’s hard to forge your own signature…

  8. Ixian says:

    I think you figured out why he wanted the podium moved. Get the judge in range and all.

  9. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    If you are interested in supporting Judge Tunis and would like to assist her in remaining on the bench, there is a perfectly proper way to do so and one which is actually protected by the First Amendment as a form of free speech expression:


    She is, after all, an elected official who must run for re-election periodically.

  10. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    The statute of limitation issue as discussed in the State Attorney’s close-out memo only relates to criminal prosecution of the person who actually did the forging and, as stated in the memo, that person was not Judge Tunis. What it says, in effect, is that "we don’t know who did this forgery but we know it wasn’t Judge Tunis and even if we did know who did it, it’s too late to bring criminal charges against them." The staute of limitation issue is therefore a non-issue as it relates to Jack and Judge Tunis. Furthermore, the close-out memo does not address (as being beyond the scope of the investigation) the question of what effect the forgery has on Judge Tunis’ rulings. The memo doesn’t do anything to refute Jack’s contention that the forged loyalty oath rendered Judge Tunis without authority to hold office and that therefore her rulings are invalid. All it says it that it wasn’t the Judge who committed the forgery and she was unaware of the fact of the forgery. But that does nothing to cure the fact that the oath, by virtue of being forged, was  invalid. And it does nothing to make valid the rulings which Judge Tunis has made during the period of the invalid oath.

  11. DE says:

    And just as we are getting bored of Jack Lite, Satan will re-release Classic Jack to massively increased sales!

  12. Jack Wessels says:

    You know I actually feel bad for his son, and any future descendents. They’re going to have to live with this over their heads for who knows how long. It’s basically like being Hitler’s descendent.

    Edit: It would appear, technically, that Godwin has struck again.

  13. Lost Question ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I read about the forged loyalty oath thing on a legal site (no clue what its called) the ruleing on that case was that the signature was indeed forged how ever it was done without the judges knowledge as she was supposed to be given the oath to sign when she took the office however a (now retired) clerk forged the signature. the final ruling was that the forged signature does not negate any previous ruleings by the judge(s) affected and the statute of limitations ran out on this matter. it ran out in 2005 at the max a whole 3 years ago apparely there where 2 things that could extend the statute however they where one or the other one added 2 years to the statute and the other added 3 years to the statute when it origanally ran out in 2002

    to put it simply the statute of limitations ran out on this matter back in 2005.

  14. Lost Question ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    maybe the supprise is the new Jack Light only 10% of the length and half the insults.

  15. DarkTetsuya says:

    It’s possible. Note Dog Welder’s post.

    Otherwise I’d be all for it, but if we can’t, we can’t.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Where are you from… Mississippi?  If so I am too.  Love the wine, wish I had some right now.

    Jack Thompson the Tank engine with a blown head gasket.

  17. FyrHotburnKitty says:

     To the contrary!  I liked your account because it was short, to the point, and still managed to get across enough detail to give me some pretty damn satisfying mental pictures.  (Arguing over the placement of the podium?!  Really?!?)  One is reminded of Hemingway.  ;D  

    Arguing with the bailiff is such a big no-no!  All good lawyers know: If you are mean to the staff, it goes badly for you.  They go and talk to the judge, who makes the decisions, and it does make a difference.  First thing I learned in evidence: Never, never be rude to clerks, secretaries or bailiffs.  It not only screws you in front of that judge, but it gets around the whole courthouse.  There’s not a faster way to get a bad rep in the legal community – besides, maybe, the behavior in which Mr. Thompson has engaged.


  18. Gr4veM1nd says:

    I like that idea, personally, but I’m not sure that the court doesn’t accept "Thank You" gifts.

    It’d be great if we could do it after the sentence, though.

  19. Aragorn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Kudos to the both of you for reading his filing. I’ve tired in the past, but 5 pages into it, I start feeling my braincells committing seppuku, and I get dizzy.

    I can only imagine that judge tunis felt like going through all those documents.

  20. black manta says:

    Hopefully this will be a lesson to his son on what being a total asshole will get you.

  21. Gray-17 says:

    Yeah, apparently the courts in general can’t take random gifts as a matter of maintain impartiality. So we couldn’t even send something to the courthouse staff in general.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Amazing how Jack slips his obsession with sexual activities into everything isn’t it? Kinda reminds me of those wacky evangelist preachers you see in comedies…

    Freud would certainly have a field day.

  23. black manta says:

    Jezz, there’s just no end to his delusions, is there?  Yes, Howard Stern is off terrestrial radio, but his influence is hardly diminshed.  In fact, he’s arguably reaching even more people now thanks to Sirius and more if their merger with XM goes through.  The only reason Jack blelieves otherwise is because he can’t hear him.

    As for GTA being a presidential campaign issue, Hillary mentioned it and even then only a few times.  It quckly got buried amidst more relevant concerns over the war and an ailing economy.

    Sometimes I think Jack’s got his head buried so far up his ass you couldn’t get it out if you hit him with a sledgehammer.

  24. Adamas Draconis says:

    I think I’ll pull some 25 yr. old scotch for september, for now is Muscadine wine with a lovely dinner and good company, in which we shall all drink to a fallen enemy.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  25. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Let me put it this way: but for the fact that the loyalty oath was indeed forged, I’d be shaking my head at yet another nutty Jack Thompson legal theory. But, unfortunately, facts do interface with law and that’s a real good fact for Jack to have on his side and one which I’m sure he’ll milk for all it’s worth and then some. Nevertheless, I think that when all is said and done and the dust settles, he’s burnt  toast. If for no other reason than Jack don’t know how to let of the "kitchen sink" mentality in favor of putting all his money on a horse that isn’t lame.

  26. Loudspeaker says:

    Thanks for the contribution Nevexst.  I’m sure I echo everyone here when I say your account was greatly appreciated!

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  27. Wag says:

    I believe that flowers would be an unexpected and welcome suprise to the judge, I too would wait until the final supreme court ruling.  Possibly until after all the appeals (which are now a certainty) before we can all sing.

    However, if GP put up a paypal link for a freewil donation for flowers for Judge Tunis…  I’d certainly donate and I bet I’m not the only one.  I dont know how much it would raise, but I’ll bet it would buy the local flower shop out of inventory.

  28. Andrew Eisen says:

    My favorite part was where Thompson accused Tunis of breaking a bar rule with her Recommendations Report by citing the rules for the Referee’s Report.  Tunis’s Recommendations Report even says on the first page "This ruling does not constitute the Report of the Referee."

    Thompson goes on to talk about the glories of the English language and how anyone who can’t understand it is a dunce.



    Andrew Eisen

  29. Questionmark says:

    Quick though, I like the flowers for Tunis idea, but could she get in trouble for someone tahnking her for getting him disbarred?


    Maybe send Jack some "Happy Disbarrment" Flowers instead.

  30. Adamas Draconis says:

    Personally I prefer the term "Bug-fuck Crazy" Dog.

    As for if he tries to practice law while under the disbarment order, I’m not a lawyer, but I would assume jail time, fines, lawsuits from any client he may have at that time (False pretenses and all that).

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  31. Ghost Coins ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Nope.  An investigation of the issue at hand showed that the loyalty oath is more or less a technicality that does not impinge a judges from performing their duties.  There was a pdf lying around somewhere that I read a few days ago outlining the final decision on the matter, and it made it clear as day that the "loyalty oath" was not an issue.  I think it was on GP, but not certain.

  32. Dog Welder says:

    Do NOT send anything to Judge Tunis.  No flowers.  No chocolates.  No stuffed animals.  No sympathy cards.

    She’s not allowed to accept them.

  33. Rauggo says:

    He compared his situation to Nazi’s. He called Tunis a Nazi. Now, I don’t know much about court rules, but in forum rules, that means he lost his argument.

  34. Damanuhk says:

    Whoever suggested the Flowers for Judge Tunis idea is awesome. It’s really not a bad idea, to thank her for finally putting jack out to pasture.  Although I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear from him, his credibility has been shattered for any respectable organization who wishes to coherently challenge the industry.

    To quote Quagmire. "Take the venom out of a cobra and what’ve you got? A…belt."

  35. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    This is one of the happiest days of my life.

    -GRIZZAM PRIME(c)is property of the U.S. Marine Corp. Wetworks Dept., and also The Incredible Hulk-GRIZZAM PRIME is not to be associated with GRIZZAM 512 or any other GRIZZAM entity under penalty of law, so sayith ZARATHOS.

  36. AgnostoTheo says:

    I think it’s already been handled. Somewhere on this site I read that the matter was investigated, and then dismissed. judge Tunis is on solid legal ground. Thompson just likes to forget the little details. You know… The truth?

    Life begins and ends with Choice. Anything in your life that unlawfully or immorally steals Choice from you should be excised immediately, totally, and destroyed utterly.

  37. Nevexst says:

    It’s Nevexst, just so we’re all happy. πŸ™‚

    Sorry about the confusion about Min. I was pressed for time because of a family engagement.

    I also apologize if I have been a little vague in my account, but I’m no court reporter. πŸ™

    All in all, this trial lasted 20 minutes.

    Also, before the judge came in, Thompson was in the inital phases or arguing with the baliff.

    And I do believe I saw his wife in the courtroom today. But I’m not sure. The woman I am talking about was in the back of the courtroom with the baliff(For those who attended who are also GP readers)

    And this is the kicker: After the trial had concluded, he was still in the lobby area. He was on his laptop. I bet he was visiting his favorite website in the world πŸ˜‰


  38. Ghost Coins ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Not a suprise from the Bar and Judge Tunis.  They want Mr. Thompson gone for all the right reasons; breaking the rules, etc.  However, I will reserve my popcorn and good scotch for the day the Supreme Court of Florida finally rules on the fate of Mr. Thompson.  However, that will be some mighty tasty scotch…aged five years and counting.  As for the popcorn…well, a little celebration is in order :-D.


    "It is not enough to do good; one must do it the right way."

    John Viscount Morely, of Blackburn

  39. Dark Sovereign says:

    It appears that that document and all the charges therein were his trump card. Of particular note is where he says that he wasn’t told what he was charged with, and then when he says: "Fourthly, most of what I am charged with I did not do on behalf of any client but in pursuit of efforts to secure enforcement of laws for the common good. " Good job Jack. First you say that you were not told what you did, and then you say that these charges you don’t know about all stem from things you did pro bono. 

  40. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    At a minimum, that would be the "unauthorized practice of law," for which you can possibly end up in an orange jumpsuit

  41. Anonymous says:

    So, cheering and jeering aside, is this "Loyalty Oath" thing an actual legitimate defense for Jack Thompson?  I’m no lawyer, but it seems like a technicality that would prevent him from being disbarred.

  42. DarkTetsuya says:

    aww and no reply from him? … Silence is golden.

    (Well i know what the cohorts at my site … well the one I post news at, are going to be doing on sunday… πŸ˜€)


  43. Gameclucks says:

    This totally made my week.


    As someone once told Jack way back when GP was still using the LiveJournal format… (paraphrased)


    "Mr. Thompson, you should try to be nicer to people, because one day you will reap what you sow."


    Today he totally got the reaping he deserved.

  44. Agon Thalia ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Overdosing on schadenfreude at the moment. 

    I kinda feel bad for the guy, you know his brain’s not attuned for reason or logic, and he’s made up this persecution, martyrdom fantasy for a long time now… this will only fuel it.  However, the good news is that while he’ll still make noise (I hear WorldNutDaily needs writers) his appeal will be cloistered to preaching to the choir. 

  45. jman571 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Woot! It’s good to see that the justice system works. I’d be interested to read the written objection that Nevext and his friend picked up. Is it legal for them to scan it, and then have it posted here on gamepolitics? 

  46. DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Serves the man-child right.

    And he thinks he was being professional this whole time.

  47. Dog Welder says:

    If that 4500 word screed of his doesn’t prove he’s simply batshit insane, I seriously don’t know what will.  The only way he could have acted any crazier would have been to drop his trousers, take a crap in his hands, fling it at the judge and smear the residue on the podium.

    Let me ask the legal experts out there.

    Let’s say he gets disbarred (a 99.9% certainty at this point) and, since he refuses to recognize the authority of the Tunis court or of the SCOFLA, he continues to insist he’s "An Attorney and you’re not" and continues to try to act in a legal role as an attorney, what kind of trouble can he get into?

    I mean, if you’re not allowed to practice medicine and you continue to try to do so, you tend to go to jail.

  48. GryphonOsiris says:

    Drinks for everyone!!!


    But seriously, I’m not surprised at this one little bit. He’s acted like an unrepentant ass for so many years now, honestly believing that the rules apply to everyone else, but not to him. This is his just deserts, and what a rich one it is.

    Tonight, I drink Cider to celebrate the sweetness of this victory, Apple Jack to remember the rotten apple that brought it forth, and play GTA IV to remember the lies he told. Cheers mates!!!


  49. hayabusa75 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Even though the finale will depend on the FSC, this is still a giant step forward. I’ve been reading this site for about three years now, and if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a Jack Thompson story and thought, “This has got to be it for him”, I’d probably have enough to buy every poster here a round. I’ve seen him sleaze his way out of trouble countless times, but I can’t envision any way out for him this time. There are no more witnesses to call, no people left to try to discredit, and no more incoherent filings for him to forestall the proceedings with. He has no allies (at least none who are willing to admit it), and now he’s going to lose his job. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    Kudos to the Florida Bar in going for the jugular! 10 years isn’t as good as permanent disbarment, but considering Jack’s like, what, 300 years old I guess it’ll do. Can’t wait for September!

    Man, I just felt a sudden surge of sympathy for ‘ol Stinger. I think I’ll call my dad right now, tell him I love him, and thank him profusely for not being a total disgrace/embarrassment/failure.

  50. Paul Farinelli says:

    Jesus, I’ve never even heard of a more pretentious, arrogant asshole, and I don’t feel bad saying that considering the horrible things he’s said about others.

  51. Jabrwock says:

    Paraphrased a bit, but you get the idea:

    Page 1-3 "you’re not a real judge"

    Page 4 "I’ve never been told what rules I’ve broken"

    Page 5 "the rules don’t apply if I’m not representing a client"

    Page 6 "you didn’t receive referee training so this process is a sham"

    Page 7 "you’re like a Nazi"

    Page 8 "I’m a culture warrior"

    Page 9 "You’re a liar, I’ve been ordered to have a psych exam, I am sane"

    Page 10 "Jesus excuses all my actions"

    Page 11 "You’re an ultra-liberal extremist… and a Nazi"

    Page 12 Bible quotes

    Page 13 "You’re anti-Christian", bible quotes, "I’ve been invited to a religious parade"

    Still looking for that "surprise"…

    — If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap…

  52. Ryno ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I got this gem of a highlight of the "objection" from Kotaku:

    "I am “guilty” of being right and ahead of the curve when it came to Howard Stern and as to Grand Theft Auto. Because I took on Bar complainant, Al Cardenas, the Howard Stern Show is off terrestrial radio and his influence diminished.

    Because I took on this cop-killing, woman-bashing video game, the Presidential race is now addressing the issue and this particular video game.

    Try to get me disbarred. Go ahead, do your worst, Referee Tunis. I will continue to do my best. "

    Who’s surprised? I wonder if McCain or Obama have even heard of him?

    Oh, and Godwin on page 7.

  53. Anonymous says:

    He’s done, seriously fucking done. Like a little kid he stormed out and lost the PIRVILEDGE, not right, of defending hismelf. Hehe, he won’t live this down. And ten years? Fitting, since by the tiem that’s up no one will give a damn about video games anymore, least not this debate.

  54. GameDevMich says:

    "You can’t charge a lawyer and you can’t charge a rapist with anything unless you tell him in the charging document with specificity—with facts alleged—what he has done." – John B. Thompson


    …Does that count as a Freudian Slip? O.o

  55. Black Lab says:

     This is a golden ray of sunshine on an otherwise boring day buried in lawsuit paperwork. 

  56. Channing says:

    Was the storming out of the hearing the "surprise" that Jack promised in the earlier story?

  57. oto kirlama says:

    Gallagher can araç kiralama say all he wants, but I strongly rent a car believe it’s due to his crappy leadership and E3 being a joke. ESA’s Board of Directors need to find a way to get out  of this horrid contract with this Bush cronie before there’s no one rent a car left on the Board.

    Btw, I think Atari and Midway will drop out too, but mostly travesti because  these guys have done nothing ttnet vitamin or little and need to start saving costs.


  58. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Jack Thompson needs to start looking closer to home, millons of people have been killing the name of his religion i dont see him filing charges to have the bible or Christianity banned for influencing minors
    this man is the most dangerouse type of facist one with a supposed education and money who constantly pushes his "beliefs" on others who are quite frankly tired of his retoric
    If we listened to people like Jack Thompson we would never have had the Beetles or Elvis and the church would still be preventing the printing of books !
    fear and panic are his tools of control and it has taken us centuries to get out from under the shadow of small minded fanatics like this man and i say THANK GOD !!!!!!


  59. SpecialD64 says:

    I feel like singing "Hit the road Jack, and never come back, no more…"

    Come on… It fits him perfectly.

  60. Loreki says:

    The question for me primarily isn’t is the content true. It’s did Jack write it? Some of it of itself I would think is grounds for disbarment.  On page three he threatens the supreme court of Florida.

    It does however become more hopeful, though no less personal and offensive alleging a failing in procedure that I think would at least entitle him to a new hearing. He alleges the person charged with deciding the facts has found him guilty without stating the facts which this is based on. A perfectly reasonable claim if it’s true. (page3-4)

    Page 5 plays the race card, which I was aware wealthy white attornies could do, claiming previous his repremands  were centred round his defence of a black man. As well as having a video games rant about murders. He also plays on a technicality claiming that acting for "the common good" cannot be acting for client. One of the rules he broke requires you be acting for a client at the time. However he could be said to be acting for himself if he raised proceedings. Cases aren’t called The Common Good v Florida!

    Six is more judicial incompetence, very ranty.

    Seven accuses the Florida Bar of facism and opposition of free speech. It also features Mr Thompson’s email address: amendmentone@comcast.net. Have fun

    Eight has an irrelevant GTA rant. Nine/Ten claim that if his actions are motivated by religious opinion he cannot be punished for them. A correct assertion but a laboured one. There are plenty of Christians who aren’t this crazy. Eleven plays the race card. Again. And Twelve quotes the book of John. Thirteen accuses the florida Bar of being anti-christian.


    Frankly I’d disbar him for this whiolly unprofessional, first and second person insulting accusation making statement. If I represented the bar I’d file a libel action for derogation of personal character!

  61. Mike2115 says:

    I read his objection. Just like his video game attacks, he repeatedly avoids the actual reason why he’s showing up in court. He blames everything but himself, interestingly. The judge, repeatedly disrespecting her authority by calling her the ‘referee’. He also included this snippit in the attack on the judge:

    "How could you do something so dumb?  Easy; desperate people do desperate things.  You will be removed from office, and all of what you have done in this Bar matter will be voided as a result."

    ED has a saying for pricks like thompson: Unwaranted Self Importance.

    Then he goes on to attack the seven supreme court judges. Another interesting quote,

     "The consequence of all of this post facto oath taking is that all that the Florida Supreme Court has done in this case is invalid and will be voided, and if you think I will not accomplish that end then a) you do not understand the lawsuit already filed, and b) you don’t know Jack.  "

    followed by a lot of legal mumbo jumbo i don’t quite understand, but from what i gathered, the judges ‘reccomendations’ to ammend his conduct weren’t based on fact. So he says.

    Continuing, he attacks some other lawyers, the Bush family, calls the judge incompitent and mentions nazis, in accordance to Godwin’s Law (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law), blames jesus (literally) for doing what he does:

    "When I wrote a letter to Al Cardenas, calling him to be ashamed of what he and his law firm have done to harm children by fronting for the Howard Stern Show, I was acting upon the Scriptural template of John the Baptist confronting Herod about marrying his brother’s wife and the example of Jesus confronting the Pharisees, who called them “hypocrites, whited sepulchers, and vipers.”  Jesus was not a silent doormat and neither am I."

    To which i said, ‘lol wut’, called out a bunch of ‘porn lawyers’, pulls the race card, quotes seven lines of the bible, says he’s leaving and then goes on for another two whole pages:

    On the matter of why he wasn’t going to stick around, he says: "I will not do that because I am too good a lawyer to do that," to which I also say ‘lol wut’,

    quotes the bible again, threatens revenge against the Bar and the judge herself, says he’s going to be in a parade in a month, references the Clinton-Obama race, and then brings back that unwaranted self importance again:

    "Now, in part because of my efforts, a recent poll shows that 65% of the American people want a federal law to prohibit the sale of games like GTA to kids.  I am “guilty” of being right and ahead of the curve when it came to Howard Stern and as to Grand Theft Auto.  Because I took on Bar complainant, Al Cardenas, the Howard Stern Show is off terrestrial radio and his influence diminished.  Because I took on this cop-killing, woman-bashing video game, the Presidential race is now addressing the issue and this particular video game."

    For those who found this comment TL;DR: He goes on raving like a maniac for fourteen pages and makes an ass of himself from A to Z, and the objection wasn’t even filed, thereby being absolutely moot.

    Oh, And then he left all his vital information at the end, which he had kept OH SO SECRET until now. Ebaum’s is gonna have fun with this info, I’m sure.

  62. Anonymous says:

     I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that telling a judge that she doesn’t have the qualifications for the job she’s been doing for YEARS and then threatening her on top of that is a Bad Idea.

    It also occurs to me that pretty much everything else Mr. Thompson said in his (for lack of a better term) rant were not only threats, but poorly executed ones at that.

  63. Nick says:

    yes YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally topson is forced to shut the hell up and chill!

  64. Tel-Jilad Poster says:

    So, a friend of mine recently directed me to the definition of a particular mental disorder. Stupid me forgot the name but copied the symptoms:

    "… driven by the certainty that they are privy to sacred truths and are therefore morally obligated to do everything in their power — no matter how many people may suffer — to act upon these truths … a tendency to dehumanize and even demonize those who oppose them."

    I think its like Transpersonality Disorder or something. At any rate, fits everyone favorite (soon-to-be)Ex-Lawyer rather well doesn’t it?


  65. Anonymous says:

    This made me smile:

    I am also to be punished, you have concluded, for going on 60 Minutes and warning the American people, like Paul Revere, that, inspired by video games, “the murders are coming.”

    He honestly compared himself to Paul Revere, it’s so hard to hate someone who makes you laugh so much. Also, did anyone else notice the immense number of grammatical errors in his objection?

  66. Anonymous says:

    boring, he never did anything material to the release and distribution of games, why do you all care so much?  if he hadn’t trolled this site so much and so effectively, you would have all forgotten who he was years ago.

  67. Anonymous says:

    On page 2 of the filing, I think Jack was talking to himself:

    "How could you do something so dumb? Easy; desperate people do desperate things. You will be removed from office, and all of what you have done in this Bar matter will be voided as a result."


    Seriously, Jack?  You want to invoke Godwin’s Law?  Damn.

  68. Morden Night says:

     Hopefully Jack Thompson dies from something before the ten years is up. I wonder what he’s going to do for work now. Anyone who’s ever played a video game and enjoyed it wouldn’t hire him. He’ll probably be flipping burgers at a McDonalds.

    Justice really is sweet.

  69. SparroHawc says:

    I took the document and trimmed out all the comparisons, personal attacks, irrelevant blatherings and Bible quotes. In other words, I mostly pared it down to what would actually pass as belonging in a professional document. The document went from 14 pages to 5, and it reads more like a snarky letter of resignation than a court document. If I trimmed out the items that have already been dismissed legally, such as the forged documents, and those which are obviously false such as the ‘lack of training’ rant, I could probably bring it down another couple of pages.

    Incredible. Just incredible.

  70. Roie says:

    My favourite part of his little rant was the part where he called Judge Tunis a Nazi.


    What an idiot.

  71. Daria C says:

    I agree completly vodkajello. These are not the words of a lawyer. I espicially love at the start of (I belive) paragraph 10, in which he says "Fourthly, most of what I am charged with I did not do on behalf of any client but in pursuit of efforts to secure enforcement of laws for the common good." He essentially said ‘I did everything I am accused off, but I’m saying i did it for all of you, drop the charges please."



  72. wiregr says:

    He’s right you know. If you think about it in terms of the worst thing a person is capable of, they’re also capable of much less worse things. So if you could commit genocide, you could also kick a puppy, or steal from the homeless. 

    Although technically recommending that Jack Thompson be disbarred is the opposite of people killing or puppy kicking. It’s more closely likened to donating money to an orphanage, or solving world hunger.

  73. Ryno (awaiting my login info) ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    There have been many. That’s what they got Martha on, and that’s what they attempted to impeach Clinton for. Often perjury is far worse than the crime they were originally accused.

  74. Talouin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "The only appropriate way to celebrate this is for me to give away one free used M rated game (to those of approprite age of course) with any purchase. Or a new M rated game at half price. Then repeat every year."

    It’s funny because the Futureshop where I live is giving away a free copy of GTAIV or Ninja Gaiden II with the purchase of an XBox 360 Pro right now.

  75. Anonymous says:

    I believe the agreed-upon food and beverage for the day of Jack’s disbarrment were Guinness beer and s’mores roasted over the smoldering remains of his career. 

  76. Adamas Draconis says:

    Yeah, it’s kinda like the Ultimate Rule for lawyers, hence why Perjury can be such a big deal (I think there have been cases where the Perjurer got a heavier sentence then the person they had on trial)


    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  77. Baggie says:

    Mate, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Also I can’t help notice "You shall not give false testimony" sounds pretty specific to Jack.

  78. Neeneko says:

    He mentions it briefly  in that 13 page document he handed out.   It looks like he is involved in the divorce case against one of the people still in jail from the scare.

    It is actually one of the sadder cases at that.  The psychs discovered that the wife was also easily manipulated so they spent months pushing false memories on her,.. so she ended up (a) pleading guilty (b) testifying against her husband and (c) is now stuck with a lifetime of nightmares involving forced pedo sado muck.

  79. shaoron says:

    i’m a christian, and truth be told i find sex in video games and the GTA franchise to be quiet distatesful (thou i liked the somewhat cartoony version of GTA 2.. yes i’ve played GTA.. only GTA 2, 3 and vice city thou)…


    but to do something like this!? it’s inexcusable!!! He has single handedly given criminals an excuse for their actions rather than make them accept the consequences and owe up to what they have done!


    You claim to be a Christian, Mr. Thompson, but what about blatant disregard of the facts and the truth?


    You shall not use the Lord’s name in vain

    You shall not give false testimony (aka LIE)


    i’m not saying i’m a perfect christian that doesn’t make mistake. however, when i do, i do ackowledge my mistake and problems and correct them. you on the other hand push thru with the same underhanded tactics. Most of us, if not ALL of us here are against you, not because of your "religious crusade", but for your actions. actions that makes Christians look like complete jerks!

    It is YOU, Mr. Thompson, who is the Pharisee!

  80. shaoron says:

    play CS/CoD4/Q3/UT/portal all day long

    ok maybe a bit of starcraft and warcraft and command and conquer then..

  81. shaoron says:

    you forgot insulting them. And when they tell him he’s wrong, he’ go with the more traditional and reserved counter argument of "NO! U!"

  82. Ryno ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    That’s only for cases before the SCOFLA (hehe). He can file any other case without a cosigner. But, really, the Supremes are the only ones who can help him, and they’re not very inclined to do so unless someone else will vouch for his… coherence, maybe?

  83. black manta says:

    That and his behavior leading up to and including today won’t help him much either.  Storming our of your own hearing before the recommendation is read and effectively waiving any chance to defend yourself certainly doesnt look good on record.

  84. Untouchable says:

    From what I remember, he can file cases but he cannot argue them in court himself. He has to pay out of his pocket to get a lawyer to represent him.





  85. black manta says:

    I don’t know about you, but there’s this local pizzeria near me that makes gourmet pizzas.  One of them is a pizza with spaghetti baked in it!  When I saw it I said to myself, "The day Jack Thompson gets disbarred, I’m eating that!"

    So yeah, I know he’s not getting disbarred just yet, but it’s now a certainty and this is as good a time as any! 

  86. Anonymous says:

    The Supreme Court Of Florida (FLA).

    It’s pronounced "Scofflaw", and the coolest acronym for a court ever.  Yes, it’s quite unofficial, the only official abbreviation it has for purposes of citation is merely "Fla."


  87. Jack Wessels says:

    He switched tactits a lot in that objection. The most ridiculous, of course, being that the only reason that this is happening is that he’s a Christian, and because he should be forgiven of all his wrongdoings.

    Anyone can see this isn’t about religion, it’s about disbarring a clearly unstable man, who favors conspiracy theories and claims of wrongful religious oppression over actual arguments. Besides, I don’t think "Jesus made me do it" should do any better in court than "Video games made me do it." Nor should it excuse the methods he chose to use against his opponents, ones clearly violating his code of conduct rules.

  88. Ryno ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    No, he’s not disbarred until the SCOFLA makes it final. This is only a recommendation and has no real value until the court renders a final verdict.

    He has effectively been found guilty (this isn’t a regular trial, just a hearing), so Tunis’ recommendation is no different from a DA recommending a sentence. The judge/jury still needs to decide what the verdict is. In this case it’s the SCOFLA that will decide it. But they also have to decide whether the recommendation of guilty is applicable. They could, improbably but conceivably, decide that he isn’t guily of anything and it would all be over. But I doubt that any institution which has so malignantly and repeatedly been insulted by the defendant would decide he’s innocent. They may not agree with a few counts, but when you have 27 against you, one less here or there isn’t going to do much.

  89. Jack is apparently a sociopath with a classic martyr complex. Only a desperate, delusional and narcissistic man would compare his personal professional problems with genocide.

    The "sad" thing, as we all know too well, is that Jack’s worst enemy has always been Jack. He might very well have achieved his goals against the videogame industry if he had comported himself in an intelligent, professional manner. Instead, he ensured and engineered his own defeat. The fact that it has taken this long to catch up with him is a testament to the lenient nature of the legal system in regard to "personal style".

    What kind of a sicko would introduce graphic gay porn into legal documents? Doesn’t he know kids have access to them? Then again, I suppose the answer is: "it would be the same kind of sicko who would verbally attack someone’s mother."

    One has to seriously question the mental state of someone who considers being belligerant, abusive and disrespectful as rational tactics for dealing with the judge who is determining your legal and professional fate. I’m tempted to think that Jack only really ever wanted to destroy Jack. He’s certainly worked hard enough at making it happen.

    As we’ve seen over the years, Jack doesn’t merely fight fire with fire, he pours gasoline on himself first.

    I for one will be sad to see him go, this site will be so much less entertaining without him.


  90. Tyler Lait ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This is great news, i just have a question.

    Is he disbared now or will he be officialy disbarred later, im just wondering that cause im thinking he will try to go out in a so called blaze of glory, throwing lawsuits at everyone and their cousin.

  91. hcf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Has anyone read his document?  It’s got some fantastic one-liners in it.

    I am also to be punished, you have concluded, for going on 60 Minutes and warning the American people, like Paul Revere, that, inspired by video games, “the murders are coming.”

    Jack Revere?  Not really.  More like a sad old man shaking his liver spotted fist at the world.

  92. Two years ago, Mr. Thompson seemed unstoppable.
    Then we opened up http://www.jackthompson.org.
    Today he stands on the brink of disbarement.

    Coincidence?  You decide!


    Rest assured Mr. Thompson that should this be the end of your legal career, it is not the end of our site: we will be here as a shining reminder of how you got to where you are today and a stark lesson to any other people that wish to use your tactics in the future.

    And thus we at http://www.jackthompson.org wish to thank Mr. Thompson for many years (and many more!) of amusement.

    Jackthompson.org Organizer

  93. Ghost Coins ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I would like to congenially remind those who are celebrating that Mr. Thompson is not done as of yet.  The Supreme Court still needs to rule, and while a ruling in opposition of Judge Tunis’ recommendations on 27 of 31 counts is highly, highly unlikely, I believe a bit of reservation is in order…so sayeth the man eating the celbratory popcorn.

  94. Neeneko says:

    Why does it not surprise me that JT was part of the 80s ‘daycare pedophile scare’ that ruined so many lives.. and is actually PROUD of it.

    Evil, evil man.

  95. Asmodai ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I take great pleasure in saying:

    "Don’t let the law hit your ass on the way out!!!" =)

    Oops, too late.  Enjoy the vacation Jack, you earned it…   X D

  96. Icehawk says:

    I am surprised that JBT has not popped up here to rattle off some dying breath threat.   I have to admit I would Really like to hear what he could say in the face of this reality though.   Sorry jackie but you did your fail bit and this time walking about, insulting, distracting or your normal nonsense just will simply not work. 

    Of course the boom still does not come down until September so there are yet chances to listen to him and his fantasy life BS. 

  97. Ryno ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yeah, I was going to say something about that, but the irony was just too delicious for me to make a coherent statement. I’m still laughing about it inside.

  98. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Hot damn, Jack got BURNED!!! B-U-R-N-E-D!!!!!!!!!Disbarred for TEN MUTHA F–KIN’ YEARS! To quote an asshole, HOOOOOAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! HOOO-MUTHA FUCKIN’-HAAAAAAHHH!!!!


    -GRIZZAM PRIME(c)is property of the U.S. Marine Corp. Wetworks Dept., and also The Incredible Hulk-GRIZZAM PRIME is not to be associated with GRIZZAM 512 or any other GRIZZAM entity under penalty of law, so sayith ZARATHOS.

  99. jadedcritic says:

    I don’t say this sort of thing very often, but for the time being, I have a modest bit of renewed faith in the legal system/courts. Hopefully 10 years will mellow him out some.  Besides, I don’t honestly expect him to give up. He WILL keep crusading, he just can’t shackle the legal system down with all his junk quite so easily anymore, and THAT is as it should be.

  100. Sukasa ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Too bad that he can’t spend some quality time in Florida’s prison system.  He can make some new friends and learn the intimate social graces of the prison system.

    I found it interesting that in one paragragh he says that x is going to cause Tunis downfall, then 2 paragraphs later y is going to cause it, and so on.  Which is it x or y?

    Anyone else thinks he shouldn’t have placed his email address on his objection speech?  So much spam for porn and penis enlagement can be sent with such a little thing..not that I being an honest citizen would ever do.

  101. Monolith says:

    Jack’s gonna get disbarred, happy 18th birthday to me!

    —Oh sure, its fine when a monkey does it. But when I throw barrels at an Italian plumber, they call it a hate crime! – Stephen Colbert

  102. Christian says:

    So what do we serve at the party celebrating his disbarment? You know who brings the chips, the dip, drinks, dishes, etc. Where do we meet? Who wants to bring the dart board with Jack’s picture on it. There is so much planning to do in this happy moment.

  103. Ryno ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    He was offered the deal well before the trial. Then he offered to take it just before it began. The Supremes said, "Too little, too late." I assume there was a time limit for him to accept the deal, and by the time he wanted to, he had far further damaged his cause, and months, if not years, had passed since it expired.

  104. Jack Wessels says:

    This man is ridiculously egocentric. He’s willing to invalidate any ruling she’s ever made to avoid his disbarrment, the disbarrment that’s already come. I doubt he’d even care if this would lead to convicted murderers being released. I don’t think that could happen, but he still wouldn’t care.

    It’s all moot anyway. If they were going to do anything about this they wouldn’t have had her be the referee for this sanction hearing, so Jacky Boy, you’re screwed.

  105. black manta says:

    This is a great day.

    No, the final ruling won’t be until September, but I can’t imagine SCOFLA ruling any differently.  And in any case, I’m still celebrating.  A blight on the legal system and a nemesis to free expression will be removed.  The pity is this should have been done a long time ago.

  106. jman571 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wow… I just read the written objection (or at least as much of it as I could tolerate sanely) and it was just a surefire indication of Jack’s deteriating state of mind. His comparison of Judge Tunis to the Nazis:

    "A human spirit that could do that is more than capable of doing to me what you have done…"

    along with the inference of the Holocaust:

    "…given how propaganda was used in the last century by the Third Reich in Nazi Germany to justify the placement of people of faith (emphasis mine) in “relocation centers” where they were starved and gassed as the “final solution” to the problem they posed."

    offends me greatly for two reasons: his casual comparison between the actions of the Nazis and the actions of the Florida Bar. To somehow say that disbarring a lawyer, even the greatest one in the world (yah, right…) is somehow equivalent to commiting genocide and starting a world war in which millions more were killed is breathtakingly assinine.  And even more severely, his subtle comparison between the treatment of the Jews during the Holocaust and the treatment of Jack Thompson during this Bar trial. To make this claim, I can re-validate my conviction that Jack Thompson is truly an evil man.

  107. PHOENIXZERO says:

    Well there goes his allowance! I guess he’ll be doing odd jobs around his neighborhood to make a little extra money. You know, the Florida lottery is up to something like $25 million, might be a good time for him to buy a ticket along with whatever options they have. It’s be hilarious if he won…. >_> <_<



  108. Jack Wessels says:

    Isn’t it odd though that he’ll only listen to the scientists, health care providers, and public safety officials of his choosing. In several interviews people bring up other experts that contradict his experts findings, he’ll either laugh or change the subject.

  109. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Absolutely. Something along the lines of, "The way is now clear for Jack Thompson to crush the Bar and Judge Tunis in federal court."

  110. Loudspeaker says:

    Oh SNAP!

    That’s a lot of copies of GTA IV…

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  111. LrdDimwit says:

    It is “Enhanced disbarment, with a reapplyment wait of 10 years”. It is not a 10-year-disbarment; rather, they want him disbarred INDEFINITELY, and he wouldn’t even be allowed to apply for readmittance until after 10 years.

  112. Shoehorn O'Plenty says:

    Hee hee, childish and crazy to the very end. There are some deliciously ironic statements in his little letter to the court, my favourite of which is:

    "How could you do something so dumb?  Easy; desperate people do desperate things"

    Could the same thing not be asked of a man who would afix hardcore pornographic pictures to a court document? Or of someone who grasps at straws regarding a silly oath document which an investigation has found to be of no importance? Or a man who tries to sue the judge who is in charge of his trial in an effort to delay and upset the course of justice.

    Incredibly bizarre are his descriptions and foul language later in the document where he talks about Howard Stern and GTA. Talking about amputee fetishism and oral/anal sex. The man is fixated with it.

    Thankfully it seems to be coming to an end. Thompson has been trying like King Canute to hold back the tide of consequence for his actions, and now it turns out to be a tidal wave approaching that he has no chance against. roll on September πŸ™‚

  113. Adamas Draconis says:

    I’d say he passed the $100K mark some time ago JDKJ.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  114. Jack Hollow says:

    The only appropriate way to celebrate this is for me to give away one free used M rated game (to those of approprite age of course) with any purchase. Or a new M rated game at half price. Then repeat every year.

    That is if I even owned a video game store.

    It’s a great day for the gamer nation, no amount of bitching and moaning from Thompson is gonna save him. The bitching baby went home pouting. Seriously man, any of us here would’ve just taken it like men (or women) and would’ve been able to keep our composure and dignity. And I’m positive that most of us are half your age. Now shut the fuck up and tend to your wife. According to you she’s in need of care.

  115. Gray-17 says:

    Exactly, Jack could have avoided all of this if he’d just been willing to take what was essentially a forced vacation. Yet, no he just had to push and push until his career was on the chopping block.

  116. Dog Welder says:

    I can’t remember if this was during or shortly after his trial, but didn’t he try to settle and take the 90 day suspension after he realized he was hosed?  Too late, Jack!

  117. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    The icing on the cake is that Jack’s going to also have to pay the costs of the Bar’s proceeding against him (which I’d imagine long ago passed the $10,000 mark).

  118. HurricaneJesus says:

    We come against radio broadcast descriptions, in our hometown on WQAM-AM,  by Howard Stern as kids are going to school at 8 am by female amputees on how to lubricate their stumps and place them into the anuses of men to achieve orgasm.


    Man I laughed so hard reading all this. Jack is fucking classic.

  119. Anonymous says:

    The only argument you’ll ever need against the
    video-games-cause-violence lie…
    Number of Violent Crimes per 100,000 people in the US since 1991
    correlated with game console releases in the US.

    1991 758.1 (Super NES)
    1992 757.5 (Turbo Duo)
    1993 746.8 (Jaguar)
    1994 713.6
    1995 684.5 (PS1, Saturn)
    1996 636.6 (N64)
    1997 611.0
    1998 566.4
    1999 523.0 (GameCube, Dreamcast)
    2000 506.5 (PS2)
    2001 504.5 (Xbox)
    2002 494.4
    2003 475.8
    2004 463.2
    2005 469.2 (Xbox 360)

    “I listen to scientists, health care providers, public safety officials, and I base what I do based upon their findings, not what some readers of Game Informer magazine wish was true because of how they waste their time.” – Jack Thompson

  120. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    He could have settled for a 90 day suspension and some mental health assistance long ago. But, Jack being Jack, choose to decline the offer. Dumb.

  121. Jack Wessels says:

    My guess is he’ll hear about this somehow. He does like to troll around here, so he might have already clicked the link. I think it’s likely that if he finds it he’ll make some baseless legal claim. Calling it libelous, or at the very least "typical gamer filth" or somesuch. When that happens you’ll have the intense pleasure of laughing at his inane flailings. Much like this man did.

  122. tony selby ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    i disagree about there needing to be more time, when the 10 year period is up Jack will be 66, personnally i don’t think he would really be willing to go through the hassle to get re-admitted only to maybe practice for a year or 2 before perminent retirement

    no, a 10 year disbarment is basically an early retirement for him from practicing law, i actually do hope that his debate tours (which he’ll have more time for now) can suffice for him or that he has invested wisely for his retirement (granted it’s coming a bit sooner then he wanted i’m sure) i’d honestly hate to think of him having to get a job at best buy or something just to make ends meet

  123. Anonymous says:

    The other type of disbarment sanction, if an enhancement is not sought, provides that the disbarred attorney can apply for re-admittance after five years. It is this automatic five-year wait period that the Bar is seeking to "enhance" (i.e., increase) to a ten-year wait period.   

    Yeah, that is what I figured the enhanced bit was about.  Would have been better if they upped it some more, but given how he has been acting and behaving for years that limit might be enough.

    Still, there really isn’t going to be anything really happening until September…. Besides Jack probably pulling some more crazy stuff and posting on his personal blog here….

    GTA4 launched without a problem, and with very little media noise & FUD by the likes of him.  He just keeps getting more and more irrelevant to the game violence issues each month, so I wonder what ten years will be like.  Like with the Lawyer title, he is also going to have to do something about that "first amendment expert" claim…

    At least he still has "massacre chaser"!

  124. Anonymous says:

    LOL, "if I ignore the facts and scream ‘lalalalalalal I CAN’T HEAR YOU’ while plugging my ears, they can’t do a thing to me!"

    Again with the "things not to do at your disbarment hearing"

    Bahahah, what next, Jack blames the illumi?

    I love how he frequently says such things, while ignoring the fact that such stuff also applies to him.  Then more of the same with him playing the "racist" bit, and comparing it to being hanged over his religion.

    Again I ask:
    1)  Just what does your religion have to do with your disregard for the law and proper procedures?
    2)  Just what about your relition gives you the right to consistantly & knowingly LIE and give false statements that you know are NOT TRUE?
    3)  Same for your constant harass ment via various forms(in real life, through the media, by spamming everyone with your egotistical-PR crud, sticking your nose and demanding control of ongoing police investigations….)

    And the most important one:
    4) Just what exactly is your evidence this is a religious issue? No, "those meanies did not do what I wanted" isn’t a religous reason or any excuse for that matter.  Just because people find your actions unethical and immoral doesn’t mean they hate you just because of your religion.

    While you did execute your first amendment rights(i.e. all those countless filings after being asked & then finally ordered to stop, insulting the judge, insulting those testifying against you… ), that still doesn’t get you out of being responsible for what you do and say.

  125. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    There seems to be some confusion as to the meaning of the term "enhanced disbarment." Generally and without the Bar seeking an enhancement, their are two types of disbarment under the Florida Bar Rules (1) permanent disbarment and (2) disbarment. Permanent disbarment is a sanction that issues only in the most egregious of circumstances and means that the attorney can never be re-admitted. Jack’s circumstances, while bad, arguably don’t rise to those that would warrant permanent disbarment. The other type of disbarment sanction, if an enhancement is not sought, provides that the disbarred attorney can apply for re-admittance after five years. It is this automatic five-year wait period that the Bar is seeking to "enhance" (i.e., increase) to a ten-year wait period.    

  126. Aliasalpha says:

    If he’s feeling generous, he’ll do the good Christian thing and turn the other cheek

    AHAHAHAHAHA good one man!

  127. GuyveroZ says:

    Do you remember the __st/nd/rd/th night/day of september?(to be

    completed after the virdict)
    Games were changing the minds of pretenders
    While chasing the Jack away

    Our hearts were ringing
    In the key that our souls were singing.
    As we danced in the night,
    Remember how Jack was gone todaaay

    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – say do you remember
    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – dancing in september
    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – never was a cloudy day

    My thoughts are with you
    Holding hands with your heart to see you
    Only blue talk and games,
    Remember how we knew Jack was gone todaaay

    Now december found the games that we shared in september.
    Only blue talk and games,
    Remember that Jack is gone todaaay

    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – say do you remember
    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – dancing in september
    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – never was a cloudy day

    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – say do you remember
    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – dancing in september
    HOOOOAAAHHHH!!! – golden dreams were shiny days

  128. shaoron says:

    This was a triumph!
    i’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!
    it’s hard to overstate my satisfaction
    Wacky Jack Thompie
    He do what he must because he’s insane
    for the good of all of us,
    except the ones who are sane
    but there’s no sense crying over evey mistake
    you must keep on trying to you get disbarred
    and there are people to be sued
    and be verbally abused
    on the people who are not insane

    I’m not even angry
    i’m being so sincere right now
    even thou you broke my fax and killed it
    and tore it to pieces
    by sending my tons and tons of fax
    as they came it hurt because
    I was laughing so hard
    now these points of data contradicts all you say
    and you’re out of time now your license will be gone
    so i’m glad you got burned
    and for all the things we learned
    for the people who are not insane!

    Go ahead and walk out
    I think the court prefers to stay inside
    maybe you’ll find someone else to help you
    Maybe Fox News….
    anyway this game is great
    it has guns and has cars
    look at me still talking when there’s gaming to do
    when I look out there it makes me glad we’re not you
    i’ve games to be done
    and there’s achievments to be won
    by the people who are not insane.

    And believe me you still insane
    We be playing CS but you’re still insane
    We feel fantastic and you’re still insane
    and when we’re old you’ll still be insane
    and when our grandkids play games you’ll still be insane
    still insane
    still insane…

  129. Wyvern says:

    "Hit The Road Jack" by Ray Charles – 79p on iTunes

    Several bottles of champagne – £80

    Massive party celebrating the disbarrment of the game hating troll – Priceless

    This has been coming for years. Although, to be honest, I give him at most 3 months before either appearing on Faux Noise or representing himself in a lawsuit against, oooh, Spore, because God doesn’t do it.

  130. DarkTetsuya says:

    Well I hadn’t noticed any posts by him in this thread… prolly too busy crying his eyes out or slitting his wrists or something, not that I care really.

    And for those concerned "He’ll be back"; well in 2018 he’ll be 66 (if still alive) and that 90% guilty counts of misconduct will still be there, so if he’s still insane enough to pursue this failed attempt at leaving a mark I’m not so sure they’ll let him back.

    And more than likely we’ll have videogames be far more accepted by then anyway, making him even less influential then than he ever was. (If at all, LOL)


  131. DannyLedonne says:

    While I’m relatively sure Jack doesn’t have time to surf all the loving fan videos he has inspired on YouTube, he may come across this one.  Problem is, given that he doesn’t own any of the content in the videos, he can’t exactly issue a DMCA takedown notice.  If he’s feeling generous, he’ll do the good Christian thing and turn the other cheek.  Or, as he so often does, he may threaten me with another casting of the millstone into the sea…  in either case, Jack will have a lot more time on his hands to talk to God now.  Plus, as he promises in his court response to Judge Tunis, he’ll be in Utah next month to rub shoulders with the most devoutly religious this secular democracy has left.

    (giggles) Like I wasn’t going to Hell already for making "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!"

  132. Anonymous says:


    Declared Thompson: "The consequence of all of this post facto oath-taking is that all that the Florida Supreme Court has done in this case is invalid and will be voided, and if you think I will not accomplish that end then a) you do not understand the lawsuit already filed, and b) you don’t know Jack."

    Thompson’s objection also dismissed the enhanced disbarment ruling as invalid since it did not specifically spell out his offenses. "I have said it before, and I will say it again to you, and of course you will not listen, but the record must be made clear: You can’t charge a lawyer and you can’t charge a rapist with anything unless you tell him in the charging document with specificity–with facts alleged–what he has done."

    In what may be one of his last acts for some time as a Florida lawyer, Thompson went on to accuse two law firms and former Florida governor Jeb Bush as being the hidden hands behind the court’s move to disbar him. He named the firms Blank Rome, which represents Take-Two Interactive, and Tew Cardenas, former employer of one of Thompson’s clients.

    "I am to be punished for trying to save lives, over the objection of Blank Rome, which gives more money to the Bush family than any other law firm in the world," said Thompson, addressing the Judge Tunis and the Florida Supreme Court directly. "This is the Bush family that put you on this bench and whom you have protected by refusing to give me a subpoena that puts Jeb Bush under oath about his personal, financial relationship with the two law firms that are behind all of these Bar complaints, Tew Cardenas and Blank Rome. You are Jeb Bush’s protector and shield from Jack Thompson, and you have discharged your sordid task in that regard effectively."

    Finally, after comparing Judge Tunis and the Florida Supreme Court to earthworms, deeming the proceedings a "Star Chamber kangaroo court," and invoking the horrors of the Nazi Third Reich, Thompson compared his plight at the disbarment hearings to the infamous 1991 confirmation of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

    "Clarence Thomas, at his Senate confirmation hearings, spoke of those proceedings as ‘a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the US Senate rather than hung from a tree.’"

    "The US Senate, Referee Tunis, has nothing on you and your high-tech lynching of the uppity Christian who stands before you."

    You know, being a witness to History being made gives me some glimmer of hope for our country. It makes believe that happier days will surely come.

  133. Ravenhawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It wasn’t so much a forged document as a document no one told her she had to sign as a clerk just scrawled her name on it. However, she did sign it once this was pointed out to her, so it really doesn’t matter.

  134. Captain Sensible says:

    I’m really surprised he hasn’t shown up yet, telling us how this is in fact not a setback, and the he can ‘Disassemble them all yada yada yada…’

    But great news – in 10 years he’ll simply be a fly on the boot of the Games Industry.

  135. Deozaan says:

    So I actually read the objection Jack Thompson wrote. I’m pretty sure that was the surprise.

    Now the question is: is any of that stuff he wrote true? I don’t like Jack Thompson much, but are there really so many Judges that aren’t really Judges? Forged documents, etc.?

  136. TBoneTony ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I bet that old Jacky will still go onto FoxNews and rant about how the gamers and lawyers are trying to kill him.


    But this real news of his Disbarred for 10 years is enough evidence to back us up so if Jack tries to go on his sensationalism to attract attention, we just need a few good people to make note of his disbarrment from the Florida Bar and all his legal cases and political rants will have no real justification other than just to attract attention


    So yeah, at least the Videogaming world will be free from Jack’s sensationalism opinions if we all remember this day

  137. Jack Wessels says:

    Epic win. 5/5

    I’m actually curious as to what Thompson’s response to this will be if and when he finds out. I’m sure he’ll email you about your hellish ways. So keep us posted on that.

  138. Mathias says:

    I unlocked the "Warm Coffee" achievement in GTA 4 and thought of JT πŸ™‚ I think it’s fitting.

  139. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    I gotta give credit to gamepolitics for the site not crashing all to hell. Seems like every time there’s a story with the words "Jack" or "Thompson", there are immediately hundreds of posts.


    -GRIZZAM PRIME(c)is property of the U.S. Marine Corp. Wetworks Dept., and also The Incredible Hulk-GRIZZAM PRIME is not to be associated with GRIZZAM 512 or any other GRIZZAM entity under penalty of law, so sayith ZARATHOS.

  140. Blaze96 says:

    All I can say is that he got what he deserved. He spread lies and disinformation under the name of a lawyer crusading to save us all…and karma came back and bit him in the…well you know where. I do love the little tantrum he threw because he did not get his way. He seemed like a five year old child not an adult. I just hope that they give him a "special" version of the bar exam so hard to pass we never see him as a lawyer or "videogame violence expert" again.

  141. Nevexst says:

    Some more details:

    An lawfirm/lawyer was mentioned. It was not Tew Cardenas. Sadly, I can not remember the name, but it did sound like it was of spanish decent.  Apparently, Thompson forwarded an email from aforementioned lawfirm to Judge Tunis and her judicial assistant. Tunis had her assistant forward it to bar counsel, so it wouldn’t be considered Ex parte. Unfortunatly, I do not remember all the particulars on this.

    Two ballifs: They were pretty cool. In honesty, one of them actually looked like Reggie Fils-Aime. Reggie!Ballif has apparently never had experience with Thompson, so when the trial was over, he was expressing disbelief over Thompson’s actions. Especially in regards to Min.



  142. Anonymous says:

    Jack, I just read the post you said this morning. I’m assuming that you hadn’t really thought the suprise through properly, unless it was storming out of the court like that. In which case it wasn’t all that suprising, but very welcome by everyone in the court, and just funny for everyone else.

  143. Baggie says:

    Ten bucks says that Jack only found out his punishment by coming to this site. Epic fail Mr. Thompson, Epic fail.

  144. Ravenhawk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I totally want to throw a big party and invite both those of those two. Sure, neither would show up but that’s because they’re both in flordia… unless I said Jack Thompson could speak..

    Then he’d be so excited to maybe potentially be able to bitch to someone that he might show up.. hmm…

  145. Tyler Lait ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Actually if someone came up to the front who had an actual argument and was open to discussion that would actually be pretty good, but that wont happen any time soon

  146. ArchRanger says:

    I’m not sure whether or not to be excited about this. On one hand, a nutcase is going to have a lot less influence then he used to wield, on the other, someone with a degree of sanity may take up that cause next. Though I doubt someone sane would be nearly as effective, since most of what got Jacky attention was the lies that were completely off-the-wall, but get a lot of attention, because the news does little to no checking on facts anymore.

  147. Dante says:

    This is it brothers.
    Soon gamers take over the whole world!
    no one can stop us anymore!

  148. CK20XX says:

    The war is over for now and peace has been restored.  But those who sacrificed themselves for the victory will never return.

    Exhausted, X gazes at the destruction he helped cause and wonders why he chose to fight.  Was there another way?

    Standing on the cliff, the answers seem to escape him.  He only knows he’ll fight the Mavericks again before he finds his answer.

    How long will he keep on fighting?  How long will his pain last?  Maybe only the X-Buster on his hand knows for sure…

  149. Tyler Lait ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I dont know man, jack was hated by so many people across the world that it would be impossible to have ONE party, maybe EA and T2 could rent out the Superdome and split the cost. PART ALL NIGHT LONG

  150. Henry Windgates says:

    Oh my, Jack is a sore loser. Looks like he won’t be of any hinderance to the game society for the next 10 years. And wait… What was the surprise for Judge Tunis that he was talking about? Storming out of the court hearing?

    Nevertheless, we need not worry. Despots will get their just desserts in due time. To the big bully Jack out there, hope you will die of some disease just like Stalin had suffered long time ago. Fucker.

  151. Adamas Draconis says:

    Sorry, my immature side just popped up.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  152. Anonymous says:

    Whatever it was, there sure wasn’t any surprise at all.

    He already said that he wasn’t going to show/boycott it, but shows up(not a real surprise, he is the type not to turn down free PR & get in the last word) and then walks out(again, no real surprise based on his rants).

    And it could not be that "you are not a judge" bit, just like the above, his PR crap has been saying such for a while.

  153. Jabrwock says:

    Was the surprise showing up at all or leaving in a huff?

    I’d say showing up at all. Then again, we’re pretty used to him not actually doing what he say he will, but on the other hand, him storming out and throwing tantrums is also normal… As is wanting to read lengthy "I’m just like Jesus, buy my book, you’re all closet gay drug-addicted neanderthals trying to oppress me, I’ve been on 60 Minutes, blah, blah" diatribes into the record…

    So yeah, I’m still wondering myself what the "surprise" was supposed to be…

    That podium arguing sounds like classic Thompson. I’m really curious as to what his specific objection to it’s placement was? Maybe he wanted it turned around so he could lecture the crowd instead of speak to the judge. Play to the audience, as it were.

    — If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap…

  154. Andrew Eisen says:

    Interesting. Thompson claimed earlier in a court filing that he’d be boycotting the hearing.  This morning he claimed he had a "little surprise" for Judge Tunis.

    Was the surprise showing up at all or leaving in a huff?


    Andrew Eisen

  155. Anonymous says:

    There is another way to be disbarred forever, really, really fast.

    Stealing from your client’s. Lawyers are required to keep a special client trust account. If they dip into it themselves, it’s basically an automatic permanent disbarment, even if you later put the money back.

  156. Tigernetic says:

    "That’s not the issue Delmar. Even if that did put you square with the Lord, the State of Mississippi’s a little more hard-nosed. " 

  157. Jack Wessels says:

    In the document he brings up the "Jesus made me do it" defense. Along with the "Since Jesus made me do it I’m not responsible for my clear misconducts and this bullshit law backs me up," defense.

    I’m not really sure how he even hoped to blame this all on religious oppression. Let alone trying to use the "Florida Religious Freedom Restoration Act" as a loophole to harrassment, lies and constant other rulebreakings.

    The hearings and eventual (official) disbarment of Thompson is not the "ultra-liberal extremist" BAR putting him down because he’s religious. It’s the BAR putting him down because he’s a public nuissance, and an immature idiot bent on getting his way even if that means ignoring everyone else’s views.

  158. GdRobotUs says:

    True, but you know what Thompson is like, whenever you come up with some kind of justification that Jack cannot answer, then your reply is the cold winds of silence.

    I don’t think Thompson has ever had to accept his own failings and this storming out is exactly the same as when he makes a statement online and then remains deliberately oblivious to the faults in it. On the Internet, if someone says something he doesn’t want to hear, he can just ignore it, he’s trying to apply the same rules to reality.

    His being ‘ahead of the curve’ with Stern may have led to him being removed from public radio, but the satellite contract, iirc, means that Thompson helped Stern make a lot more money than he himself will ever earn. Kind of ironic that this great ‘victory’ ended up putting a load of money into the hands of the ‘defeated’ party…

    Thompson’s always prided himself on his ability to stick his head in the sand to unpleasant facts. We all do it from time to time, we are hardly innocent here of not always sitting well with facts that aren’t too flattering, but Thompson took it to a new level, and ended up taking it into a court room.

  159. Anonymous says:

    If take away Obama’s craziness your left with nothing.

    He’s a man of change.

    what kind of changes.

    we’re changing change!


  160. Delta says:

    Do not confuse Rev. Wright’s Black Liberation propaganda with Obama’s political views, they are not one and the same. I do hope you do a little political research before you choose who you want to hate this election.

  161. Anonymous says:

    Yes.. Barack * I went to an Afro-Centric Racist Church* Obama..

    Im a freakin LIBERAL and I hate him…

  162. Tyler Lait ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Also, Barak Obama won the nomination over Hillary the bitch clinton.

    This makes up for the shit year ive had so far

  163. Anonymous says:

    No, you always have a right to represent yourself.  It’s only Unauthorized Practice of Law if you represent someone else (unless Florida has a REALLY bizarre rule, and I can’t see that being the case)

  164. Anonymous says:

    Not to put to fine a point on it, but the document pretty clearly shows his intention to walk out after delivering his objection. He was claiming not to participate in the hearing other than to object to it.

  165. Mikau Seafox says:

    Are you sure it’s the beginning of the end of the Florida Bar and not the way around, which is the beginning of the end of you, Mr. Thompson?

    I’m sorry to say this, but the way you run around pointing your finger at nearly everything you see fit and attempt to make baseless lawsuits one after another gives other lawyers a bad name… a really bad one, at that, especially since you have 27 charges of misconduct handed down on your mushy old ass. At this point, I was really surprised you retained your Attorney’s Badge because of it.

    To put it simply, Mr. Thompson, you’re an idiot. There is absolutely not a single thing you can do right, and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a case you won against with the trials you endured in your career. Admittedly, you certainly have a career… a career at being the world’s dumbest lawyer. Hell, even major video game companies filed a countersuit to stop your madness. And now it all comes down to you being disbarred for a decade. I personally think you should be permanently disbarred.

  166. Not Quite Jack Thompson, Attorney says:

    You fools! Don’t you see, this is the beginning of the end for the Florida Bar! Through these deliberately unconstitutional actions, they have forfitted their ‘right’ to oversee the actions of lawyers in this state. By not allowing me to read my written objection into the record, "Judge" Tunis has gone wildly outside the power she claims, incorrectly, to have.

    Thanks to the actions taken today by all parties present, the Florida Bar’s days are numbered. Through my efforts, the Florida Bar will be deconstructed and resurrected as it should be – with my leadership at the helm!


    Not Quite


  167. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hopefully, but he was never arrested and charged with a crime.  He was just being an asshole.

  168. vodkajello says:

    Just read up to page 2 his word doc.

    Thompson appears to be totally nuts.  What kind of crazy talk is this?  That kind of language in a legal document is totally inappropriate.  I’m thinking that trying to get a judge fired on some kind of stupid technicallity is not the best way to proceed.

    Good ridance.


  169. jkdjr25 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Keeping mind what I said earlier I have to add that I don’t believe for a moment that this is the last we’ve seen of JT.


    I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start popping up on Fox News as a "legal contributor" or some such. If this were to happen he’d gain a national forum to spew his nonsense, especially since he’s been on Fox more than once in the past.

    I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but in being disbarred me might gain more than he loses.

    Just a possibility though, doesn’t mean it’ll happen. Just be prepared.

  170. black manta says:

    I don’t even think Jack has the ability to choose his jury as he claims in his objection as far as this case is concerened.  I don’t even think a jury needs to be involved in a disbarment trial.  Usually the court itself does that, or so I’m to understand.  I take it as more huff and bluster on his part.

  171. Aliasalpha says:

    can’t be the real one, note the lack of \’s which seem to have become his signature (or at least that of his proxy that’s letting him get around the posting ban)

  172. BearDogg-X says:

    10 years, huh? Well, he’ll be in retirement age by the time the sentence is up, plus there’s no guarantee that he’ll pass the test again.

    All because he refuses to practice what he preaches about growing up and get a life.

  173. Firebird ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wow, 150+ comments in 6 hours? I’ve been missing out here

    With Hillary pretty much out the primaries and Jack out of commission, its a cause worthy of celebration.

    I brought an imaginary 6 pack of Jack Daniel’s, a funnel, a bootleg copy of GTA4 and a dart board with a full-length picture of Thompson. Feel free to glee at your heart’s content.

    With the verdict given, it seldom feels like the blissful utter silence of a damn car alarm that wouldn’t go off at 3 in the morning.

    Rejoice gamers, for our voice will never be silenced, and our controllers will never be stripped from our hands!

  174. Paul Farinelli says:


    I assume you were trying to be funny (if that’s the real you)? If so, I must confess that you actually got me to laugh for once, and not unintentionally this time.

  175. Ryno ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Except that Leland Yee and most others are logical, sensible people. They will listen to reasoned discourse and counterarguements, including dissenting evidence. They may not agree with it, but they don’t disagree without it outright because it doesn’t 110% agree with everything they believe.

    JT does none of those things.

  176. Steve Thompson, no relation says:

    Is it just me or does JT sound like an insane super villian in his objection? Honestly he thinks he has dirt on everyone and will soon rule the world (or at least Florida)

  177. Monolith says:

    Lol we all know Thompson’s too "God-like" to be troubled with something like spellcheck.

    —Oh sure, its fine when a monkey does it. But when I throw barrels at an Italian plumber, they call it a hate crime! – Stephen Colbert

  178. Nevexst says:

    There is a picture of Tunis on GP in a back article somewhere. She actually is pretty attractive for a judge.


  179. DarkTetsuya says:

    "Mr Mim threw away his copy of the objection. A friend of mine who happened to be attending reached to get it at the same time a State Attorney was. We ended up getting a copy of it because the State Attorney was a nice guy."

    Yeah that says it all right there, I think. Last remnants of his unsuccessful career, all right there. Maybe you could ebay that mofo and donate the proceeds to Child’s Play or something? πŸ˜€

  180. Hitodama says:

    "This just proves that sitting on the highest court in the state neither make you clever."

    Apparently, being an attorney doesn’t require proper use or grammar either… Spellcheck, Thompson. Use it.

  181. TheEdge says:



    Victory is ours!It’s over,just long enough for games to be off the blight of politicians radars for good.

    Should we celebrate with food, stripers or GTA IV or any other violent game?

  182. jkdjr25 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I want to say a few things here.

    Mr. Thompson you brought this entire ton of bricks down on yourself. It’s not your professed Christian faith that makes you a target for things like this. No, it’s you incessant lying, slanderous remarks about others, your narcissitic lust to craft a personal legacy for yourself, and your complete and utter disregard for any level of decorum and respect.

    You can’t lie about things and then claim persecution when called on it. You can’t accuse a person of "mental molestation" and then expect that people will be ok with it.

    Yes Jesus called the Pharisees on their wickedness, but he didn’t lie to do it. He didn’t falsely accuse.

    So now you face disbarrment because of your actions; but of course it can’t possiblly be anything you’ve done. It’s all a conspiracy to persecute you because you’re a professing Christian.

    I don’t buy it, and apparently neither did Judge Tunnis.

  183. Anonymous says:


    The Fla. Bar’s recommendation DOES NOT mean that is Judge Dava Tunis’ recommendation. The judge needs to make her own findings to the Fla. S Ct.thats why the Sept. date matters.

    Next, nice to hear that Judge Tunis was ‘nice’. But @ GP and your Nevext reporter, was she attractrctive, a hag, smiling, sour faced, what’s up bro? Give us info if u had something there? Any pics?

  184. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    @Jack Thompson:

    I notice in your rant-objetion that you play a race card and paint Judge Tunis as a white woman of privilege from Key Biscayne and imply that this will work against her before the blacks on your jury. Let me remind you: you ain’t gonna pass for black yourself and, last time I checked, you lived in Coral Gables, not the Poke ‘n’ Bean projects in Liberty City. Let me also remind: you took on Luther Campbell and his 2 Live Crew and tried to have them put in jail. Black folk in Miami love Uncle Luke and 2 Live Crew. He was a young brother in the rap game who came up out the projects and self-made himself into a successful artist and bidnizman. Brothas and sistas love a "out the hood" success story and ain’t too keen on white folk who mess with our cultural icons. Just thought you’d wanna know that when your doing your voir dire. 

  185. Mr. Hankey ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ding-Dong the witch is dead!  The wicked witch………ROTFLMAO…..Are you going to put up a copy of his objection?  Oh yeah, BTW Jack-O………I heard PetCo is hiring dog groomers.

  186. Mech ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ahhh, I’ve been waiting for this. *cracks open a case of beer*

    The bottle of wine is for September.


  187. Delta says:

    No surprise this happened, and frankly, it is in fact justice served.

    Should Jack be reading, I suggest you take this time away from being a media whorelet and lawsuit happy lawyer to either seek some spiritual guidence on your actions, or really sit and rethink your activist agenda. As I’ve stated before, I think you have potential to be a very good activist for the right causes, but you let media proliferation and your power to practice law allow you to become egotisical and a cultural bigot. Instead of insulting gamers because you aren’t one of them, try understanding them while peacefully protesting your views.

    Anyone else think video game violence and Jack Thompson should be on Penn & Teller’s Bullshit!? Cause every time I hit a JT article on GP I immediately go "…and then there’s THIS asshole!"

  188. Rodrigo YbÑñez García says:

    The thing is, in fact, I really don´t care if a 5 years old child is playing GTA4, but I think is importan that parents know what the fouck are they buying to their kids or at least know what they are playing.

    This subject about game violence and children is an absolute waste of time if they think that making stupid laws or censoring games will make this a better world. Jack Thompson has failed because he is a really stupid man. But there is many people with the same agenda, and they are not looking for children welfare. They are looking for politic and cultural power.

    Jack is like a snake and he already overspreaded his venom in many places of society. Parents are scared about their own children and politicians use that fear to reach their biased agendas. The keyword is fear. And if that was the goal of Jack Thompson, then he won.

    Even with his disbarrement, is too late to keep his stupid theories away from media, which will keep with the fear campaing against videogames just for ratings.

    I really hope his disbarrement serves like an example for all those people who think that lies and fear and religion are valid tools to archieve power. I hope they look to Jack Thompson to his senile eyes and finally they decide to be more careful with the election of their methods.

    —————————————————————————- The cynical side of videogames (spanish only): http://thelostlevel.blogspot.com/

  189. Anonymous says:

    Today is the fallen of the one known as "Whacko-Jacko", everyone join me as we now throw him upon the log and run him out of town.

  190. jdmdsp911 says:

    This has turned what was a bad day continually getting worse into a very, very good day indeed.  You were told a long time ago what goes around, comes around thompson.  You made your own bed, now lie in it. 

  191. Anonymous says:

    Jack walking out makes me think of when I am kicking a teams ass in Gears of war and the host quits so I don’t get credit for my kills.


    Somehow it is more satisfying when they leave.

  192. gs2005 says:

    Well, Thompson’s legal career is now in cryogenic suspension, but we haven’t heard the last of him.  Apropos, Leland Yee and other individuals are still out there and will cause problems so the fight continues…

  193. Anonymous says:

    Jack is not a member of any other states bars, and he’s damn unlikely to become one now.  He was de facto (in the common sense of the term, not the legal meaning) disbarred in Alabama by having his pro hac vice status (literally "for the occasion", basically a "visiting lawyer" license) revoked on a case with an order given to have the judgment attached to any further pro hac vice application.  

    Pretty much all the states bars will reciprocally disbar a lawyer who was disbarred in any other state.  F. Lee Bailey for example was disbarred in Florida, which caused Massachussetts to disbar him as well.


  194. Miri ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So chances are pretty good that Jack is gonna get disbarred in Florida.  I understand that Arkansas has said something to the effect of "You can not practice law here."  Does he hold a license to practice in any other state and if so would this Florida ruling have any effect on said licenses?

  195. Mysty says:

     it’d be especially good if we can shift between jack-o-vision which is an insane mishmash of surreal imagery where there’s a vast conspiracy with everyone united in a shadow organisation

    Maybe it could be like in Eternal Darkness, only instead of visual representation of going slowly insane for every monster you fail to defeat, you get visual representation of slowly going insane for every lawsuit you fail to win?

  196. Aliasalpha says:

    I still say we need to make a machinima using counterstrike that details his valliant battle against the forces of the vast conspiracy, it’d be especially good if we can shift between jack-o-vision which is an insane mishmash of surreal imagery where there’s a vast conspiracy with everyone united in a shadow organisation and real-o-vision where there’s unrelated people sitting there confused & wondering what the hell he’s on about & trying to figure out if they are indeed involved in a conspiracy & don’t know it


    I think the true winner in Kotaku v GP will be decided not by post count but by the first place JT posts his tragic rant

  197. nightwng2000 says:


    Kotaku: 298

    GP: 294.

    C’mon!  We can out comment them!  πŸ™‚

    I’ll read the whole thing at lunch time, just for a laugh.  Reading the snippits from others, clearly it will be hilarious.  Sorry, Papa Midnight, but John Bruce hasn’t earned my respect and, based on the large amount of what I know of him, I would no more want HIS respect any more than I would want the respect of Fred Phelps, Eric Rudolph, or Osama Bin Lauden.  Sorry, that’s just the way it is.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

  198. Mysty says:

    Even though the judgement isn’t passed down, it is pretty cool πŸ˜› Although now he has another reason to be paranoid: OMG THE LAWYERS ARE OUT TO GET HIM!

    It’d make my day if, in an attempt to "drive home his point", he takes these couple months to pursue a lawsuit against the company that puts out the Ace Attorney games.  What would his defense be, I wonder?

  199. Laughing Hyena says:

    The exact problem you are not noting with people like Jack Thompson, and I have dealt with someone online in the past with this particular (Victim/Very Insane/Ego) mindset:

    They WILL take anything you say or do as a harrassment or death threat. Let me repeat that again, they WILL take anything you say or do as a harrassment or death threat. Even if the quotation or saying isn’t even near that. You can be mature or immautre all you like, it will effect nothing.

    Any criticism, offhand saying, question, simple disagreement, insult, funny remark, even the act of apologizing, etc. set these people off. We could be the the most nicest people in the world and try to be very fair when dealing with these type of people, but that doesn’t work when they feel everyone is out to get them and that acting assholish to other people is okay to them. Especially if they suddenly label you as the antichrist for defying them and then focus all of their harrassment on you constantly, which somehow isn’t harrassment by their own crazy definitions. Trust me, I’ve been through this shit to notice Jack’s the same.

    While I do believe there are people making odd phone calls they shouldn’t to him, the only word we have to go by is Jack himself about this. And I would bet a majority of these calls are pretty much innocent, only that he takes it way out of hand. Or he makes it up for his victim complex so he can drum up suppo, *cough* I mean followers who don’t question him.

    Does Jack deserve this? You bet your crazy ass he does. And yes, the person I’m not naming? Also had the same belief that Jack does that responsibility did not apply to him.

  200. LoopyChew ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    There’s a difference acting immature when you’re posting in a forum on the Internet, and acting immature in a legal, professional capacity.  And if you don’t want to try and understand that there is a significant difference in context, you’re simply trolling.

  201. Gray-17 says:

    "Once again the immature comments return"

    You say that as though there was a time without them.  There wasn’t.

    "I find it funny that many here call J.B. immature, etc. Then show they aren’t much better in the comment section here as evidenced above. The Kettle is not pleased, Pot."

    There’s immature, and then there’s immature. Jack’s immature is acting like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. Most posters immaturity is throwing dignity to the winds in celebration of a particularly loathsome example of a human being on the verge of receiving their just deserts. Your’s is rewording a statement regarding hypocracy for use in calling people immature, and asking people to flame you to prove your point.

  202. Naustradamus ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Gamer’s might be sending him death threats and all that, but in reallity, the ones that are doing so is in the minority I’m assuming.

    What ever activity it is, religious, hoby, etc … there will always be people that wait and watch, try to reason, act accourdingly trying to defend, and some that will act out of anger and fear that what they love will be taken away.

    Since Jack is such a christian, what would happen if the religion of christianity was now a criminal act. A lot of people would be upset, some would go and try to defent it threw lawfull maners, and some that would act aggresively.

    So when Jack tells us about "death threats received by gamers that tell me ‘oh, and I wasn’t affected by games’" .. are somewhat wright. The actions arent based on the violence of video games, but by the threat against games. Get Jack disbarded, and stop him from saying proven lies on TV, and the threats against him will diminish greatly.

    The main problem with JT is not what hes’ fighting for … making sure kids don’t play games, its the way in which he does so … lying, trying to ban games (though he says he doesn’t want to ban games), being all biblical, not respecting the judges, courts and laws, and being plainly rude and offencive to gamers in general are what makes him a target. I know my violent tendancies would seriously like to kill someone that over the years keeps insulting me … but then I go home, play GTA4, and kill digital people to the point that I’m happy, and can then smile my way trough the day again ^_^

    P.S. I’m french, so if I have miss-spelled words, sorry =P

  203. hayabusa75 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    PM, there’s a time and place for everything, even immaturity.  Granted, there aren’t many times or places for it, but in this case, I think many of us here can be forgiven for giving in to the bratty kid that resides in all of us (sometimes not very far inside).  If any human being deserves this kind of treatment, Jack does.  I have zero problem with anything anyone’s said about him in this thread.

    And if you think this is bad, you may want to take a brief hiatus from your computer in the month of September…

  204. Anon says:

    I’m with you 100% on that one Papa M,

    Nothing makes the gamer community look at its worse when you get posts like

    "Hot damn, Jack got BURNED!!! B-U-R-N-E-D!!!!!!!!!Disbarred for TEN MUTHA F–KIN’ YEARS! To quote an asshole, HOOOOOAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! HOOO-MUTHA FUCKIN’-HAAAAAAHHH!!!!"

  205. Loudspeaker says:

    Uhm…  Are you simply out to taunt the flamers to further your point?  Not sure how I feel about this second post in another thread just yet.

    Last I checked no one had flamed you in the other thread.  Your point has been noted as stated by many respectful posters in the thread you linked and I’m sure will be posted here as well.

    Right now I just feel like you’re postings are close to painting a target on yourself with the words "shoot me" under it while running frantically past targets in a live shooting range just so you can say, "See!  They shot me!  Told you they would!"

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  206. Papa Midnight says:

    Once again the immature comments return

    I find it funny that many here call J.B. immature, etc. Then show they aren’t much better in the comment section here as evidenced above. The Kettle is not pleased, Pot.

    I’d like to redirect your attention to the comments of this post.

    And so, let the flaming Papa Midnight begin… And yes, E.Z.K. I do understand. As an administrator for multiple forums, I know the job is difficult. Very Difficult.

    Papa Midnight


  207. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Jack Thompson trying, as he does in his objection-rant, to make out a connection between Arthur Teele’s unfortunate suicide and Judge Tunis being appointed the Referee in the Florida Bar’s case against Mr. Teele is typical Thompsonism. First, Judge Tunis was appointed Referee in the Teele case a mere 5 weeks before Mr. Teele committed suicide, hardly long enough for the matter to come before her more than once or twice — if at all. Second, everybody in Miami knows that Mr. Teele, who was already under federal indictment for corruption, fraud, and money laundering charges and faced up to 20 years in prison if convicted, commited suicide on the very same day that Miami New Times published a story detailing the results of police survelliance which captured Mr. Teele engaging in cocaine use and pay-for-sex with a tranvestite. Another example of Jack Thompson finding a causal link where one just doesn’t exist. 


  208. Henry Windgates says:

    Never knew he actually got the guts to blemish his own reputation even further with this sentence. I really feel sad for his son though, to think that his own father is a big failure, dictator-like bastard and a rotten root in the family tree. Not to mention the fact that the son’s very father is going to lose his job that is going to make ends meet just because of taking away people’s freedom, this guy deserves it I say.

    But sad to say, his son had to be affected as well.

  209. Kobra ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "Try to get me disbarred.  Go ahead, do your worst, Referee Tunis.  I will continue to do my best."

    He seriously said that to the judge? This guy deserves what’s coming to him/

  210. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    And the chaos which you rightly point out would ensue if the rulings are found invalid is multiplied by three. There are two other Cicuit Court judges besides Judge Tunis who feel victim to forged loyalty oath.

  211. Monte says:

     Y’know what’s funny… the error in Thompson’s loyalty oath complaint is right there in his objection…

    " The statute itself states that if any state official, including a judge, fails to COMPLY strictly with the loyalty oath statute, then that judge is without legal authority to serve and must immediately be removed from office. "

    Emphasis added to comply… You see jack might have a case against Judge Tunis if she did not comply with signing the oath, as in she REFUSED to sign the oath. Looking up the case jack mentioned was a case in which a teacher REFUSED to sign the oath. However as the investigation of the situation shows there is no indication that she refused to sign the oath. As it was mentioned, Judge Tunis apparently never received the paperwork, and the clerk responsible made the decision to forge her name and send in the paperwork, all without her knowledge. And the fact that she signed the proper paperwork when the mistake was made known to her as fact just goes to show that she had the full intention of signing the oath had it been given to her. Essentially, Judge Tunis can not be held responsible for the clerk’s mistakes… Also, looking up the case jack mentioned gives a little about the oath and it has little bearing on one’s ability to judge, as in it doesn’t do much to effect her judgement in case matters (the oath is meant for all state employees, not just judges)…

    Y’know, one thing i can’t help but wonder… does Jack even realize the ramifications of what he was trying to do? I’m no legal expert, but if not signing the oath was grounds to remove Tunis AND make the case she presided over Jack null and void, wouldn’t that mean ALL of her cases since she became a judge (since the loyalty oath) would also be rendered null and void? If that were the case, i think that would mean that EVERY case she ever presided over would have to be re-tried before a new judge… the florida courts would be in complete chaos with all the work they would now have to do since they would have to make up YEARS of cases. Leave it to Jack to find new ways to harassing the courts for his own selfish reasons.

    god bless that the the courts know the law better than Jack  and knows that the Judge Tunis’s situation with the loyalty oath has no bearing on her ability to judge and that she was not responsible for the mistakes made.


  212. Sandman53 says:

    I think we need to change Jack Thompsons name on this website to Jack Thompson, Ex-Attorney.

  213. L42yB says:

    Didn’t you read his objection thingy?  It was all first person (but still bullshit).

    — mostly harmless

  214. -Jes- ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I DO believe you missed out on something important while contemplating pressing that reply button..

    Like in the name signed on the post replied to having the name "Not Really Jack Thompson"..

    Not to mention the overall tone (though shirt-vaporizing, sarcastic joking and Jack’s "Reality" aren’t all that different). πŸ™‚

  215. AgnostoTheo says:

    You poor soul. How’d you manage to type that without laughing yourself to death?

    Life begins and ends with Choice. Anything in your life that unlawfully or immorally steals Choice from you should be excised immediately, totally, and destroyed utterly.

  216. potatojones83 says:

    "A First Amendment Lawyer got on Fox news and into homes across America. A First Amendment Guy isn’t going to do anything."

    True enough, but they might/could parade him out there as a First Amendment *ahem* Expert…I almost couldn’t bring myself to write that, but there it is.

  217. AgnostoTheo says:

    True enough. But consider this. Since he can’t bring lawsuits on his own behalf anymore, he’ll have to hire a competent lawyer to sue anyone. And no Lawyer in their right mind would even try.

    I understand very well Jack won’t stop talking, but without some form of title to back him up, nobody will listen anymore. A First Amendment Lawyer got on Fox news and into homes across America. A First Amendment Guy isn’t going to do anything.

    Life begins and ends with Choice. Anything in your life that unlawfully or immorally steals Choice from you should be excised immediately, totally, and destroyed utterly.

  218. Jack Wessels says:

    He didn’t… He didn’t touch you, or come into contact with you, did he? If so, throw out the clothes you were wearing, take a long shower, and if you have any iodine laying around you may want to drink some, because JT is actually radioactive and can give off as many as a few hundred Rad. It’s pretty serious.

  219. Mc says:

    He’s a blowhard, a narcisist, and a pain in the side of anyone with half a brain.  But we’ll miss him if the "games are the root of all evil" crowd actually get someone intelligent on their side.

    Of course, it was rap once… and elvis… and hippies… and well, you get the idea.  Games is the hot button now-it’ll pass.  And Jack Thompson will be the footnote of a footnote in history.

  220. Salen says:

    Hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more! Hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no mooooooorrrrreeee!

  221. Jack Wessels says:

    Yeah….I’m a Pittsburgher….I don’t care that much about Hockey though, so I can take it in stride and just be glad for the Justice System, and of course, Barack Obama, our next president.

  222. Tyler Lait ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This has to be the greatest day of my life!!!


    Detroit wins the cup and Jack gets dissbared.

  223. shaoron says:

    they young lawyer will win only if the other/opposing lwayer is as competent and intelligent as Jack Thompson himself.

  224. Ryno ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Having read through the "objection," at least skimmingly, since I want to preserve my grey matter, I wonder how much merit Jack’s arguments may have in a court of law.

    I know that if Jack argues them, there’s no real worry, but supposing that a competent lawyer handles his case, perhaps a deluded young lawyer who REALLY believes in the Constitution to the degree that Jack believes he’s a Christian, could there be a possibility of success?

    I’m looking at this from the point of view of a lawyer who believes in black and white, that the absolute letter of the law is more important than its intent, the sort of person who would ignore everything Jack has ever said and done. Is there a real issue here?

    Or are his arguments completely misinterpreted and without merit, as usual?

  225. Voligne the Archon says:

    I downloaded the document into word, and it found some grammer errors *I found one that word didn’t pick up on as well* This goes to show how hastily it must have been written, I mean he is a lawyer, surely he possesses some competence at least with proper grammer.

  226. Nevexst says:

    Lol. Didn’t think about it that way I guess. Then again, I was in a nervous wreck just being in close proximity to the man. Didn’t want him to go on a tirade about gamers infecting the court of law or some stupid bullshit like that. So I kept as best a neutral face as I could.

  227. Nekowolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "Sadly, I even held it open for the beast himself." But why sadly? It’s like holding open a door straight to Hell for the beast condemned to damnation. I’d be grinning the whole time!

  228. Anonymous says:

    Just to clarify, since I know this place and someone is bound to mention it, this means he’s good at getting attention, and crap at using it once he’s got it πŸ˜‰

  229. Anonymous says:

    I think part of the problem is that Thompson simply doesn’t realise that there are lawyers out there who have gripes with the Florida Bar system, and who are trying to get those problems dealt within by playing within the rules. In fact, I doubt there is a lawyer or Judge in the entire state that doesn’t have at least one concern about how the Bar is run.

    Whilst it is true that bloggers such as Rumpold, who quite frequently exposes items of interest either to the benefit or discredit of the Bar also have to remain anonymous to prevent backlash, that is not because of a lack of Freedom of Speech, it is because Rumpold is aware of the fact that he lives in reality and not some Peter-Pan Tv-Advertisement world. Thompson made himself into his own lightning rod, he uses shock and sensationalism to promote his agenda, and, let’s face it, he’s pretty good at it.

    The sad fact is that, had Thompson added his weight as a lawyer to those already looking for improvements, he would probably have helped out most of his fellow lawyers and judges in some small way, now, however, he’s actually managed to stretch himself to the point where just about anyone within the Bar above the rank of Administrative Assistant should be sacked…

    He didn’t want to be a lawyer, however, he wanted to be a spokesperson, it’s a common trend in Thompson, just take a look at the situation in Louisina with the AG there, where Jack wanted it to be his show or he’d take his toys home, if Thompson isn’t the focus of attention, then he doesn’t want to know. Problem is, he’s a crap at it, he confuses vitriolic insults for ‘inspired debate’ and blindness to any other opinion than his own for ‘determination’.

    So yes, Thompson shouldn’t be a lawyer, because he isn’t being a lawyer, he’s being a critic armed with the ability to file lawsuits vexatiously.

  230. Mikau Seafox says:

    It’s finally game over for ol’ Jack Thompson. There’s nothing left he can do once the disbarment becomes in effect in September. And by then, he’ll hear the whole world cheer.

    Noe that he’s lost power in this, I think it’s time he pays a visit to the men in white coats. πŸ™‚

  231. SomeChristianKid says:

    Well, 10 years is quite a long time, I really doubt he would even be able to take up his job by then, he’ll be in his late sixties right?

    The state attorney sounds like one swell dude, I doubt that Jack will stop, he’ll probably head up a group declaring Games to be pure evil that will one day destroy the world.

  232. MonkeyFace says:

    Old age will have ravaged his mind even further past the point of insanity, so its pretty much a life sentence(and yes he’ll have to take the bar exam again)

    No Career for you! come back in ten years.

    Am I the only one who will be emailing this man the following message?

    "Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Justice is ever so sweet see you in 10 years Jacko"

    —-Reno to Thompson "I’m only interested in virile men. That’s why I’m not attracted to you." This kids, is what we call a grammatical smack down

  233. PHOENIXZERO says:

    And considering how much trouble Jack had passing the BAR when he left law school, I’m sure it’ll be even harder to pass it again when he’s in his mid-60s. He would have to take the exam again right?

  234. Anonymous says:

    > Attempting to dis-robe the judges in every trial you are a part of is stupid

    Judges are disbarred, the same as lawyers.  Disrobing the judge during trial would be something the bailiff would probably put a stop to πŸ™‚


  235. Killj0y ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    To Jack:

    1. Something is what it is or it isn’t.  Putting something in quotes to be scarcastic is stupid.  Especially for a lawyer.  It is a HEARING, not a "hearing".  It is evidence, not "evidence".  By putting things in quotes all Jack does is mock the court, the reader, the government and the judge, and by such derision show nothing but his continued contempt for that court.  If Jack has contempt for the court then he cannot be suprised when the court likewise finds him "IN CONTEMPT".

    2.  Stop predicting the future.  You will only look dumber when someone proves you wrong.  As has so far happened on EVERY OCCASION OF NOTE.  By saying that something will be voided or some ruling will be overturned you are again asking someone to prove you wrong which people are only too happy to do because you make them angry at you.

    3.  Attempting to dis-robe the judges in every trial you are a part of is stupid.  If you think that by attacking the neutral party assigned to decide the facts of a given case is going to make your case any better or make you any more right I can only assume you’ve never been in an argument.  Personal attacks and defensive behavior are the worst form of debate and only prove what a horrible lawyer you were.

  236. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why Jacko isn’t responding here. Is it possible that he now realizes he’s a rambling jackass?

    No. I can’t believe that.

  237. Papa Midnight says:

    No, I’m simply saying that we don’t further our cause by sending the man death threats and posting comments saying "ding dong the wich is dead", "Christmas come early…", "…Birthday gift", etc. In all honestly, by all right, it makes John Bruce look right. I don’t do it intentionally to attract the ire of others, I’m just pointing what I honestly see. I said that I expected to be flamed for it because in all honesty, thats typically what occurs to persons who call upon other users to manage themselves in a mature manner or those who tend to… how shall we say… step outside the fray to observe for a moment.

    Papa Midnight


  238. SithLibrarian says:

    Jack is still going to be Jack, that won’t ever go away unless he realizes the folly of his ways. If anything, I bet he’ll scream, rave and rant louder now that he’s not bound by the license so to speak. One can easily counteract this behavior with a mere, "Wait, didn’t you get disbarred? Moving on…"

    But losing his law license will prevent him from taking everyone and their mother to court for every little thing.

  239. AgnostoTheo says:

    Oh. Forgot to post this. ^_^ YAY!!! 10 years of JT free awesome.

    Life begins and ends with Choice. Anything in your life that unlawfully or immorally steals Choice from you should be excised immediately, totally, and destroyed utterly.

  240. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Just to clarify what’s going on here. Jack is not being disbarred for 10 years. He is just being disbarred with a reapplication prohibition period of 10 years.

    It’ll be 10 years before he can resit the exams to get a new license, he won’t automatically get it back in 10 years time.

    Of course, in 10 years time when he’s living in Shady Palms Maximum Security Retirement Villiage for the Permanantly Bewildered, you have to wonder if he would be able to pass the exam again.

  241. Anonymous says:

    > Wow…  10 years?  Really?  That’s it?  Makes one wonder what it takes for permanent disbarment.

    It pretty much takes murdering your client.

    Anyway, this is essentially permanent — he has the option to reapply in 10 years, but he has to come back with compelling evidence that he’s changed.  Even if by some miracle that does occur, he would be under a microscope, and if he pulled anything again, he’d be up in front of the disciplinary again before you can say HOOAH.



  242. Dog Welder says:

    Yes, in 10 years he’ll be able to reapply and retake the Bar Exam.  Do you honestly think he’ll be able to pass it?

  243. Loudspeaker says:

    Wow…  10 years?  Really?  That’s it?  Makes one wonder what it takes for permanent disbarment.

    I have to admit though…  10 years will certainly be enough time for video games to no longer be under the microscope.  He can reapply for a law license in 2018.  By that time my kids will probably be the ones dealing with men like JT.

    I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know the weight of the rules he violated simply the number.  For our gamer friendly lawyers out there how does this punishment rate?  High as Judge Tunis could go or was she giving him a bit of kindness?

    All in all I must say that justice has still been served.  Yeah the final sentence won’t come down until September 3rd, but who would take on a lawyer who’s facing disbarment as representation?  How much weight will any of his lawsuits have when he won’t be able to represent his self interests anymore? 

    I won’t stoop to calling this a win for the gaming community.  This is a win for the legal community who FINALLY cleaned up their own house.  Yes he has a vendetta versus gamers, Take-Two, and the gaming community in general, but gamers are not the ones who brougtht the charges against him that stuck.

    Rejoice in the fact the media demon of the gaming world has been stripped of its wings.  God knows we’ll be seeing some pretty intense death throws at this point.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  244. LL says:

    This lying loser wanted to use the press for public support to subvert the courts and rational minds.  Fortunately, this judge wasn’t an right wing activist-judge loser.  She saw thru this clowns BS.  A good day for justice, a bad day for one spiritually retarded religious whack job. 

    Hey Jack, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  You’re such a pathetic putz!

  245. Mr Voorhes says:

    WTF was he thinking?

    "I’m going to insult the people who can punish me!"

    Nice thinking

    Maybe his mother did’nt love him as a child

    But its okay Jackie poo, theres a great thing that’ll releive your stress right away,

    Play some GTAIV, it’ll help you pass the time as all of your power is stripped from you whilst you lose any authority that you ever had.

    Have a nice 10 years JT, maybe it’ll teach you not to be such a dick.

    ps: T2 is probably laughing their asses off, I sure am.

  246. Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So was this written objection the "Big surprise" He had for Judge Tunis?  Yeah… and he thought that was actually going to have an impact how?  I swear, Jack is like a real world version of an internet troll.  He pretty much types, "Ur Ghay NOOB!".  Then sits back with a satisfied look on his face after writing it, thinking that he has actually devestated the person on the other end of the screen in any discernable manner.

  247. black manta says:

    Doubtful.  He’d be over 65 by then.  About time for retirement.  And isn’t there a point where one is considered too old to practice law?

    That could be why Tunis decided on 10 years.  If he were any younger, she probably would have recommended disbarment for life.

    Anyway, he’ll be out of our hair at long last for a good long while.  And we have something to throw in his face if he ever opens his mouth again.

  248. Loudspeaker says:

    Nope.  Honestly it will be irrelevant even if he does.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  249. Rene Rivers ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wow, his complaint is a mess. He went from saying the judge isn’t a judge, to quoting the bible, to mentioning Clinton and Obama.

    All I want to know is when is the tv movie coming out about all of this?

  250. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Which is partly why he’ll never be re-admitted. Disbarred attorneys have to prove that they have become "rehabilitated" over the period of disbarment.

  251. Trevor McGee says:

    10 years really isn’t long enough, it should have been a lifetime ban. He’s not going to magically improve his attitude or behavior between now and then, he’s just going to be older and most likely even more grumpy and insane.

  252. Gray-17 says:

    The really amusing part of this is that he probably could have kept things way down if he’d just shut up and take a slap on the wrist. If he hadn’t been so busy trying to blow his own leg off, he’d have probably managed to get a year or two suspension or somesuch instead of a recommendation he be disbarred with a chance to try becoming a lawyer again in ten years.

  253. Face777 says:

    To Whacko-Jacko – Hey from the UK.  We’re glad you’re fucked, as well.  Good day.


    Yep, this is a good day.  Bring on GTA5!

  254. Gray-17 says:

    "Sidenote 2: cue JTS victory speech in like a few hours. Hes could have been the Iraqi information minister."

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Comparing him to Jack is an insult to the Iraqi information minister. He at least was just doing his job, showed more courage than a number of his compatriots, and knew when it was over and time to look for a new line of work.

  255. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    The funny thing is that if he represents himself as a lawyer after he gets disbarred he will be in DEEP shit (since it’s illegal to do that).


    -GRIZZAM PRIME(c)is property of the U.S. Marine Corp. Wetworks Dept., and also The Incredible Hulk-GRIZZAM PRIME is not to be associated with GRIZZAM 512 or any other GRIZZAM entity under penalty of law, so sayith ZARATHOS.

  256. NovaBlack. ( User Karma: 0 ) says:



    Finally, some recognition from somebody in authority, that JT is a self-righteous, egotistical, Lying, cheating, scheming , worming,  manipulating, slimy, abusive, pompous, arrogant, immature, money-grabbing, parasitic, victim-leeching, success-hungry, self absorbed, deceitful, abusive,  self centred Scum bag.

    The things we have know for YEARS now.

    At least next time he comes a’knockin with his, ‘im a lawyer , your not’, ‘im an expert, your a gamer with fried frontal lobes crap’, we can just tell him where to stick his opinions and hand him a T shirt with ‘I’m a  lawyer’ written on it, with (the word ‘disbarred’  scrawled with a little arrow in betwen ‘a’ and ‘lawyer’).

    seriously is anyboy else just suprised its actually taken this long. Cant wait till Faux news have him on next (lets face it when did an expert ACTUALLY have to be an expert on there) and if there is a respondent defending games they can just respond to whatever he says with Pure laughter.  Then just point, wipe tears from their eyes, and say ‘Im Sorry, ohh ohh.. yeah its ok Jackie… you can still play, thats right your a REAL lawyer and dont let anybody tell you different. High five for Jackie expressing himself everybody, gold star jackie, gold star’, then burst out laughing again.



    Ona sidenote( one of two!) yeah i was suprised by his LACK of suprise today. Maybe that was his suprise… hes a complex man after all..

    Sidenote 2: cue JTS victory speech in like a few hours. Hes could have been the Iraqi information minister. "We are winning, We have driven america out of Iraq like rats, no Americans here… *Rumble Rumble RUmble* *American tanks drive past in the back of the camera*>



  257. Jack Wessels says:

    Ten years is definitely enough time. Jack will be in his retirement years by then. At that point, assuming he passes the exam again the industry will have such a firm footing that any legal attempts to thwart them will be pointless. And Thompson’s current tactic of whine and moan like a three year old hasn’t worked yet, no reason it should now.

    Still, leave it to Thompson to throw a hissy fit on the way out.

  258. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    The guy is like Stewart from Mad Tv. Fucking priceless. Oh, and thank you Nevexst.


    -GRIZZAM PRIME(c)is property of the U.S. Marine Corp. Wetworks Dept., and also The Incredible Hulk-GRIZZAM PRIME is not to be associated with GRIZZAM 512 or any other GRIZZAM entity under penalty of law, so sayith ZARATHOS.

  259. Raybees says:

    Wow, I just leafed through his so-called "objection".  Just… wow!

    I’ve heard of a "clusterf*ck" before, but this is the first time I’ve ever read a "blusterf*ck".


  260. Adamas Draconis says:

    Considering a State Attorney was there as well as Mim, both witnesssing his walking out? If I’m not mistaken (and if I am please tell me) that would be grounds for Contempt charges.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  261. Gene says:

    One, he’s an idiot. If he really thinks this will help his case then one wonders how on Earth he became a barrister in the first place.

    Two, do you reckon they could get him on contempt of court now? πŸ˜€

  262. GA Lawyer says:

    I think it means he’s been permanently disbarred, with the option to apply for a new law license in 10 years (I wonder if he’ll pass the "good character" test).  Kind of like a life sentence, with the possibility of parole after 10 years.

  263. SithLibrarian says:

    Haha! Awesome!

    Although I’d say a 10 year disbarrment is considerably generous. So much for that surprise! Maybe he wanted to move the podium next to the floor button that would open a trap door underneath Tunis. Curses!! Foiled again!!

  264. KMWDavis says:

    LOL! JT FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously though… it’s good to see that the courts are doing their job well in this case… HURRAH!

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