Jack Thompson Faces Sanctions Hearing Today in Miami

Jack Thompson has a date in court today.

As previously reported by GamePolitics, the embattled attorney faces a sanctions hearing before Judge Dava Tunis in Miami at 2 p.m.

Judge Tunis, appointed by the Florida Supreme Court to serve as referee in the Florida Bar’s prosecution of Thompson on professional misconduct charges, recently recommended that Thompson be found guilty on 27 of 31 counts.

Today, the judge is expected to issue her recommendation on penalties for Thompson, which could include disbarment. Recent comments by Thompson indicate that he expects to be disbarred.

Whatever Tunis recommends, the final say belongs to the Florida Supreme Court, which will receive Tunis’s final report on September 2nd.

GamePolitics will update Thompson’s situation as soon as we get word from Miami.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree that JT has been getting a little loopy – you’d be hard pressed to find a guy on this site (besides Thompson himself) that would disagree with that.  However, he’s not forcing you to stay away from the game stores.  All he’s doing is giving out misinformation. Misinformation that can easily be stopped with facts.

    Plus, I’d be kinda sad to see JT disbarred.  What I’d like is if Jack started treating us like people, and not as potential murder suspects.  Besides, Jack’s the guy I love to hate.  If he’s gone, someone competent may fill the gap he leaves.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You know, in hindsight, it’s amazing how many of those he actually DID at the hearing…

  3. Matt says:

    Throw a little hissy fit, with a flair of drama.  Magazine rack & glitter, Jack.  Good riddence.

  4. Anonymous says:

    > As for the surprise for her, Jack…please wear pants at the courtroom today, no one wants to see that.

    You might have nailed it: he did say it was a little surprise.


  5. CK20XX says:

    Yep yep, I know, I just can’t help but kick him in the shins like every normal human being… which I suppose may make me a hypocrite as well for a handful of minutes.

    I just… can’t wrap my mind around what would cause someone to fall so far.  It’s easy to forget now that Jack was once a competant lawyer, so what caused him to spiral out of control?  Did it start when Penny Arcade defeated him and donated to charity simultaneously?  Or were there sins and misadventures even before that?


  6. Kincyr says:

    Dennis should tell him that since he’s letting him post, he doesn’t need to hide behind an annonymous proxy.

    岩「…Ace beats Jack」

  7. DarkTetsuya says:

    Well it reminds me of that one scene from the Simpsons;

    "I’m so sure of my innocence, I can waste the court’s time, by rating the super-hunks!"


  8. Rocky ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    sorry for the double post. Let me rewrite that last sentence: "That is definately NOT the Jack Thompson that we know."

  9. Rocky ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack Thompson isn’t a man of God. He’s a hypocrite. True followers of God keep their beliefs to themselves and accepts people for who they are fellow believers or not. That is definately Jack Thompson that we know.

  10. Loudspeaker says:

    Jack I’d like to remind you that you’re already on thin ice with one foot in the water.  Right now the proposed sanctions cannot include jail time.  Keep this in mind before you unveil your "little surprise" for Judge Tunis.  She may respond to your surprise with a contempt of court charge.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  11. tollwutig says:

    Oh he’ll still be able to get on TV, and he’ll probably try even hard to do so.  Considering his wife’s situation he may or may not be able to rely on her income.   His income from the book is staggeringly low, and no one really wants to debate him for money.    If he loses his law license he loses the income from any clients he currently has.  (I don’t see Jack being the type of person who doesn’t ask for money up front if the case doesn’t get him press time)   Also not sure about FL rules, but if an attorney in NC gets disbarred or cannot fulfill his obligation to complete the case the client can seek to get a refund.    So it is possible that if Jacky gets disbarred he’ll have to pay any existing.

    So let’s look at Jacks current income sources.

    1) Wife ( With a medical condition that could possibly reduce her income.)

    2) Attorney Fees – if disbarred no longer viable, with potential to have to refund. Not sure of FL law in this regards.

    3) TV appearances – Loses some credibility as a disbarred attorney, may be able to get them as an "expert"

    4) Speaking Engagements – Loses credibility as a disbarred attorney, still possible to get them from groups who already believe him.  Definately will see a reduction.

    5) Debates – He’s only really not backed out on one of these.  Doubt not being able to flaunt his law license will help him here either.  Look for a reduction, so no real income here.

    6)Book sales – although upfront everyone wanted to read it, it became quickly a re-sell item on Amazon.  He can’t be making too much off of this anymore. 


    So if you think about it, most of Jack’s income isn’t looking so good in the near future.  I’m sure he has investments, and his wife’s income is probably going to be pretty sound.   The thing is Jack lives in a high end area of Miami-Dade County, has a kid in private school, etc.  Those kinda bills add up quickly.    If Jack gets disbarred he may very well have to pursue some other type of employment.




  12. Jack Wessels says:

    I think he was asking why he’s here today. The day he’s supposed to be defending his innocence.

  13. Jack Wessels says:

    Thompson, there is literally nothing you could possibly do to get out of this now. Your attempt at getting Tunis thrown out: Failed. Your 33 subpoenas: Failed. Your "surprise" today: Going to fail.

  14. tollwutig says:

     Since we have much better ability to edit out posts, Dennis has allowed him to comment as long as it is on topic.  He isn’t allowed to do press releases, or tantrums on other topics.  This post gets to stay because it is actually following the rules.




  15. Loudspeaker says:

    OOoooo very good!  I think we have a winner!

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  16. Stinking Kevin says:

    I think JwM makes a good point. 

    JT is not just another game hater. With or without his law license, he’s still the most famous game hater ever there was. At this point, I think it’s his celebrity that gives JT a voice, more than his status with the Florida bar. 

    Just look at us all here, if you need convincing: Any GP story with JT’s name in the headline always gets tons of attention, and whenever JT actually comments in these boards we trip over one another to respond.  

    Why would he bother to post here in the first place? Do you think it’s because he actually enjoys the personal attacks and profanity we invariably shoot back at him? I think it’s because he is "savvy" enough to know that keeping his name in the forefronts of our minds is a true source of power for him.  

    So unless someone can argue that all of us here are suddenly going to stop paying attention to him once he’s disbarred, I have trouble believing that anyone else is going to pay less attention to him because of it either.

  17. DarkTetsuya says:

    Nah it’s too complicated — his brain only has two settings; ‘trolling’ and ‘failing’ … guess which one it’s on right now? 😀

    (Actually depending on how this goes, the co-horts at the site I post news at might be interested… we’ve been keeping an occasional eye on his misdeeds so, this should be interesting.)

     (ew… too many commas… thank god for ‘edit’ feature huh? see what not registering gets ya? I’m sure he’d love to take advantage of it… but oh well. 😛)


  18. Zee ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Actually, rather than a kitchen knife I think he’ll just start a rant about how he’s right about everything because McCain spoke out against GTAIV, which will in turn get twisted into McCain supporting him personally, perhaps with a motion to subpoena McCain as a witness to exhonorate him (at this closing of the hearing, it shouldn’t be possible, but somehow I doubt that’d stop him). Add in a rant and a book plug, and it’s another episode of Law&Order: Thompson’s Crusade.

    It’s a shame he doesn’t have a blog himself, really, it’d be fascinating to see his mind at work. Not to mention that I can imagine the little gems like: Today I read on GP that McCain agrees with me on GTA, finally Dennis has given me what I need to cause rockstar’s downfall. Add a nice Dr. Evil-esque laugh and you’ve got hell of a picture.

  19. jonc2006 says:

    jack, stuffing a gerbil up your ass in the middle of the courtroom is not going to win her over. you get brownie points for the idea though, better luck next time.

  20. GryphonOsiris says:

    Let me take a shot in the dark here; Your surprise is a Bible passage that says women are subservient to men, and therefore by (your logic) have no place in being judges, making the Honorable Judge Tunis’s recommendations invalid?

    I guess what they say is true, a drowning man will grasp for anything he can find when he’s about to go under.


    FYI, this is about defending your childish actions, not about promoting the ‘crusade’ that you set upon yourself. Considering that your "conflict of Interest" Psyc exam proved you sane then people will have less patience for you; since you aren’t nuts, then you must be a liar and an asshole. Your actions alone prove this, Judge Tunis’s ruling proves this, the Florida Bar’s case proves this, all of the witnesses against you proved this. I’d take the hint buddy, take your lashings like a man, like Christ did if you want an analogy that you can comprehend, and bloody well move on!!!

  21. Aliasalpha says:

    At this point, as scary & disturbing as it sounds, I suspect #2 is more likely. At least he’d not get it into the courtroom

  22. Adamas Draconis says:

    ……..Uh….EEEEEWWWWW!!!!!! Who’d want to see that?!?!

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  23. Aliasalpha says:

    How about a combo? He can be a holocaust survivor who was actually a christian imprisoned for standing up to the man. As an added indignity, they put him with the "filthy jews"

  24. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Today is a good day.

    -GRIZZAM PRIME(c)is property of the U.S. Marine Corp. Wetworks Dept., and also The Incredible Hulk-GRIZZAM PRIME is not to be associated with GRIZZAM 512 or any other GRIZZAM entity under penalty of law, so sayith ZARATHOS.

  25. Christian says:

    If one chooses to watch this, is it in bad taste to take popcorn to this event? You know just to watch this moron get his ass handed to him on a silver platter.


  26. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Since Jack, by refusing to cooperate in discovery with Bar Counsel, has be ordered to not put a single witness or introduce a single sheet of paper into evidence, it’ll be interesting to see just how he plans to argue for mitigation of his sanction. What, through his silver-tounged oratory skills? Where he either loses his train of though in mid-sentence or can’t keep simple legal terms and concepts straight? Maybe he’ll resort to his old stand-by of reading into the record names from the Miami White Pages.    

  27. -Jes- ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I call Jack comparing himself with Jebus as he carries his cross to the hill.

  28. Brokenscope says:

    I bet he is finally going to reveal jackvsgoliath.com, Its going to be a blog right?

  29. nightwng2000 says:

    I wonder if Judge Tunis will be the first Judge to actually say "Bwhaa????" while court is in session?

    Surely that will be the only response to any lame, ignorant, stupid comment by John Bruce.  Such as if John Bruce brings up the loyalty oath argument (oh, please… PLEASE… tell me he’s going to bring in another blown up poster board of some nonsense that has nothing to do with anything and starts interrupting the Judge by holding it up every few seconds!) or the nonsense about GP getting spoilers (please, PLEASE, let him try to use that word in his argument!) even though the info is in Public Records.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/nightwing2000 Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as http://groups.myspace.com/pfenl

  30. HarmlessBunny says:

    Jack before you accuse Dennis of being an idiot and not getting anything right…READ THE FRICKEN THING BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY REPLY. He DID mention that the honorable Judge Tunis will ISSUE it in her REFEREE REPORT. Today is a HEARING on the possible sanctions, that the final say will be with the Supreme Court. Jack, Dennis did list ALL of that. Hmmmm whats that? Didn’t see it past your ego? LEARN TO READ…

    As for the surprise for her, Jack…please wear pants at the courtroom today, no one wants to see that.

  31. Jabrwock says:

    No, Dennis, you idiot. She issues them in her Referee\’s Report, due months from now.

    No Jack, you idiot. She can issue them whenever she likes. The Referee’s Report is the "official/formal" version to the Florida Supreme Court. But just like she can announce her findings of guilty months in advance of that report, she can also issue a "preview" of her recommendations.

    PS: I have a little surprise for the \"judge\" today.

    What, like actually showing up to the hearing, after declaring you were going to boycott it?

    No, wait, let me guess, you’re running in the election for her seat. I know! You’re going to come out of the closet! You’re going to file a complaint? You’re going to have a temper tantrum? You’re going to whine like a little puppy until she grants you the right to call the President and his brother as witnesses? You’re going to file lesbian porn in the docket?

    You’re going to call the FBI on her. You’re going to claim she’s a closet Muslim. You’re going to accuse her of being Janet Reno’s secret lover? You’re going to compare her to Stalin/Hitler/Mussolini/Pol Pot/Kim Jong Il?

    Can we have a hint?

    — If your wiimote goes snicker-snack, check your wrist-strap…

  32. David D. ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Jack Thompson, "Attorney" says:
    "I have a little surprise for the \’judge\’ today."

    Dick in a box?

  33. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Calling him a "bully" may be giving him too much credit. A bully is one who uses their superior size and strength to confront and unfairly take advantage of a smaller and weaker opponent. Jack’s more like a coward who’ll wait until you’re not looking and then sucker-punch.

  34. Pierre-Olivier ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yeah! Don’t let another fax machine bite the dust.

    Really, I think asking the question (believe either Dennis or Jack) is already giving an answer. I’d rather believe a reporter who know what he’s talking about, who corrects his mistakes when they’re pointed out and who can show tolerance (remember Pandralisk, he tolerated him for quite a long time) rather than a second-rate lawyer who’s egotistical, narsissitic, paranoid, insulting, slandering,lying and, worst of all. a fax-machine murderer and a time waster. It really isn’t hard to see who’s the most trustworthy.

  35. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    If Jack’s surprise for the Judge is that he’s going to open his mouth and make a complete fool of himself, then that ain’t much of a surprise. She’s seen him do that in her courtroom on any number of occassions.

  36. Mazinger-Z says:

    Jack may still be around… however he’ll be severely limited in what he can do…

    Any sensationalistic news byte will go to him because he’s the only idiot who’ll be dramatic enough to get a response…

    Any respectable news outlet will avoid him or bring him on for the sheer pleasure of picking at the fact that he lost his license and the man’s words will ring hollow with that kind of discredation.

    Any real legal proceedings he wishes to go through will have to be done through a real attorney instead of himself, which kept his legal costs down… He really made no money except as a speaker (and those engagements will dry up with this whole disbarrment thing) and could therefore spend his time in litigation without really losing any money… Can’t lose won’t you weren’t making already.

    I honestly don’t care if he’s still around.  I want justice to be served.

  37. jadedcritic says:

    Jack Thompson, Attorney says:
    "I have a little surprise for the \"judge\" today."

    Quick, somebody hide Judge Tunis’ fax machine.

    Jokes aside, if my choices are to believe Dennis, or believe Jack…  Hmm..anybody want to guess who’s coming out on top of that one. The real irony is, it’s not like I have too many problems with his agenda, I don’t. It’s his public behavior I don’t like. He’s seems to think the courts are his personal weapon to wield against anyone who happens disagree with him.  He’s a bully. THAT’s what I don’t like.

  38. SimonBob says:

    Yeesh, all these threatening comments and references to weapons.  I don’t like Jack’s methods either but I wouldn’t wish harm on the guy.  The disconnected-from-reality part of my brain that’s been alienated over the years by videogames is hoping that the "surprise" is a nice potted fern or a greeting card — yknow, something that says, "no hard feelings, I just pulled my witness list and loyalty oath stunts because I really thought I was going to win the case that way."  I’m hopelessly optimistic enough to think even the judicial system deserves a little sunshine now and again.

    The Mammon Industry

  39. DavCube ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Attention Mr. Thompson, weilder of the amazing ability to reverse his own brain development:


    Thank you.

  40. Mathias says:

    It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally going to happened. I’m glad this pathetic man will finally get what’s coming to him. I’m also glad that he’s making it so entertaining.

  41. EvilleNSI ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    @Luke J J…

    The Australian actor guy…AHAHAH oh god that made me laugh hard. I know exactly what you mean.

    Wiki disambiguation page? Or just the plain search? Don’t forget the photographer either now.

  42. Zevorick says:

    “No, Dennis, you idiot. She issues them in her Referee\’s Report, due months from now. You just can\’t get anything right, can you, Dennis, and you can\’t even keep your lies straight. Jack Thompson PS: I have a little surprise for the \”judge\” today.”

    That’ll do pig, that’ll do. Does he even read the articles before he opens his mouth?

  43. Face777 says:

    Who reckons we should chip in and send whacko-Jacko a console with GTA4 for when he’s sitting at home, bored and alone.  Sure beats playing with yourself and all that gay porn.


    Although, I do expect you, extremist fanatic that you are, to pull a gun and go on rampage.  Even then, your paltry ‘video games made me do it’ would not work.


    You are nothing but a pathetic parasite who is trying to impose his own twisted desires on the world.  Not going to happen.  Unless you develop a new burger for McDonalds or some such.  Now bugger off, why come here if not for the attention?

  44. Mnementh2230 says:

    He can’t help the slashes – he’s posting through a proxy, which automatically inserts them in the course of its function.

  45. Mnementh2230 says:

    It’s going to be hillarious when the lawyer-gamers come on here and put in their signatures: “Attorney, and you’re not anymore.”

  46. Mnementh2230 says:

    Well, Jack, I think considering you’ve been recommended guilty of GROSS DISREGARD FOR THE TRUTH, I think I’d rather listen to Dennis. He checks his facts, admits when he’s mistaken, takes steps to correct his mistakes, and actually *GASP* addresses people respectfully.

    As for your surprise for Judge Tunis (and she IS a judge – your inquiry has been dismissed because you’re a goddamn idiot), whatever it is, it won’t make a damn bit of difference. You’re still going down, hard. Your surprises in the past have been underwhelming at best, and you’ve proven to have an inability to go above and beyond your rather pathetic limits. Go ahead, Jack. Wow us with your “Surprise”. I’m not holding my breath.

  47. Adamas Draconis says:

    You know Jackie boy, I wouldn’t usually do this, even for a LOL. But your yelling this early in the morning (before I’ve even finished my coffee no less!)  inspires me.

    *Holds out a cross* Creature of darkness, hatred, and lies, I summon the power of all that dwell in the light! Begone from here! May you be banished to a place where you may suffer your just punishment and leave us in peace! I’m thinking Skagway, Alaska….Nah I know people there and they don’t deserve that kind of punishment.


    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  48. 1AgainstTheWorld says:

    Jack Thompson, Attorney says:
    "I have a little surprise for the \"judge\" today."

    Let me guess, does it involve gay porn?  Pictures of kangaroos?  Threats of violence supposedly excused by the word "figuratively"?  Or just more of the usual hate-spewing and last-ditch kicking and screaming?  Whatever it is I’m looking forward to it.

    JackDon’tKnowJack  says:
    "What you can’t get, Jack, is those damn slashes out of your posts. "

    At this point I’m convinced he’s doing it just to annoy us.

    JwM says:
    "Sadly, he would be an EX-lawyer, meaning he knows just how far he can go without getting a slander suit."

    I dunno, he sure didn’t know just how far he could go without losing his right to practice law.  All he has to do is let his unstable emotions control him and he’ll overstep the slander line easily.


  49. Ace ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I understand what you are saying, but without his nice shiny lawyer title he’s just another hater spewing propaganda.

    Titles do matter, even in this day and age. But I agree with you that I don’t think he’s going to just stop, he’s going to throw more tantrums but atleast he’s going to have to get someone else to do the legal stuff and once he gets disbarred I think most career minded lawyers will treat him like a leper.

    For the future I predict him standing on freeway offramps holding a cardboard sign saying "Will hate games for attention" as he rambles to himself and accuses the seagulls of plotting against him.

  50. Anonymous says:

    what about when he is on t.v. mouthing?  i can see jwm’s point.  the media will have him on t.v., his rants will strike the nerves of parents, that strikes up the politicians, which really has no affect of wether he is a lawyer or not.   so i can see both of your points.  now i really dont know if it is good or not

  51. CK20XX says:

    He did mention the Referee’s Report.  That’s the report due out on September 2nd, right?  There’s where the final word will be given.

    You can’t really blame everyone for eagerly wanting to burn you in effigy today though.  Why do you have to get so angry and fire your loose cannon at the nearest targets all the time?  This is why you’re in so much trouble in the first place.  Honestly, I would think a man of God would be more loving.

  52. JwM says:

    That was not savvy, that was just idiotic.  That was by no means what I mean.  I just think he knows more than the typical game hater spewing their agenda on the nation.  He knows more how to manipulate the system better than most.  If he didn’t know how to manipulate the system, he would have been disbarred long ago.  I’m by no means holding up for him, I just wonder if it will be as great for gamers and the industry as everyone seems to think. 

  53. Pierre-Olivier ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I somewhat disagree with you.

    With him being disbarred, he won’t be able to try suing video game companies, won’t be able to intimidate police station or schools with recent shootings to ask for the shooter’s gaming record, won’t be able to waste tax money, won’t be able to threathen to sue (since it’d me much harder without being a lawyer) as if sueing was like breathing, won’t be able to hide behind his law licence (or whatever it is) and most of all, won’t be able to use his title of attorney to gain credibility.

    True he wouldn’t be bound by the bar rules, but remember…he hardly go by their rules. He only goes by his, so I doubt it’ll change anything. He’ll still try to slander even more, but without being a lawyer, it’ll be much easier for game companies to sue back if things get out of control (you can count on EA for that, you may not like them, but they love their games (just look at The Sims and Mass Effect)).

  54. Luke J J says:


    "Who’s Jack Thompson?"

    "Some lawyer who thinks video games are the root of all evil."


    "Who’s Jack Thompson?"

    "Some dolt who used to be a lawyer but got caught lying and other stuff, all in the name of Jesus of course!"


    "Who’s Jack Thompson?"

    "Isn’t he that raving lunatic guy that gets on Fox News every now and then for comedic relief?"


    "Who’s Jack Thompson?"

    "That Australian actor guy?"

  55. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    What you can’t get, Jack, is those damn slashes out of your posts. Is there nothing at which you’re not completely incompetent?

  56. sqlrob says:

    Enough savvy to keep himself out of trouble? Sort of like all the savvy he used to keep from getting declared guilty on 27 misconduct charges?


  57. Coit says:

    September.. that is too far away.  How about you give him a swift kick out the door now?

  58. tollwutig says:

    Removed the \ for you Jack, although I am still unable to figure out how you get them in there.  This is a rich text editor and the \ key isn’t that close to  the ‘ & " key on a QWERTY keyboard.



  59. JwM says:

    There is something that I believe many have seem to forgotten, that is, Jack will still be around.  Perhaps trolling around here more now than ever.  Without the restrictions of his sworn duty as a lawyer, he will be free to go on radical tangents as big as he desires.  These rulings will not prevent him from being on TV, instead the caption will be "expert" instead of lawyer.

    I guess what I am trying to say is this:  I believe it will do more harm for gamers if he does get disbarred, than if he doesn’t.  Whilst he has been a lawyer, has any he won any litigation against video games?  Maybe you can count "hot coffee", but I think anyone could have won that case.   If he isn’t a lawyer anymore, he will not be bound by the rules of the bar (not that he has ever followed them), and still be able to get on TV and continue the crusade as an "expert".  Sadly, he would be an EX-lawyer, meaning he knows just how far he can go without getting a slander suit.  If you thought the attacks on gamers and game creators were bad now, just wait until he is disbarred.  Without the bindings of the judicial system, his crusades can spread false information, lies, or whatever, yet he has enough savy as a former lawyer to keep himself from major trouble.  It will get worse, ALOT worse. 

    I do hope he gets what he deserves, but I fear his punishment will in the long run hurt gamers and the industry.  Plus, I wont have anything to chuckle about when I visit GP, if he for some reason decided to quit trolling! 

    Just my $.02


  60. black manta says:

    Two guesses:

    1) Another big sign like the one you brought in to your hearing before Judge Friedman saying something nasty about Judge Tunis.

    2) A manilla envelope with a .357 Magnum in it so you can re-create R. Budd Dwyer’s public suicide!

  61. sqlrob says:

    No, no, this is Jack. Most of the people in the holocaust were Jews. He’d never (in his mind) lower himself to that level, they’re not Christian, therefore not worthy to be compared to Jack.

    He’ll compare himself to the early Christians thrown to the lions, if not Christ himself yet again.


  62. Canary Wundaboy says:

    You know Jack, it’s precisely this sort of conduct that has landed you in this mess in the first place.

    As for the topic at hand, you have already shown on multiple occasions that you know nothing about the process of law, so Ill be taking Dennis’ words over yours. At least he CHECKS his facts.

  63. Matriculated says:

    This "surprise" is either another baseless lawsuit or a concealed weapon he’s hoping to sneak into the court.

  64. Ace says:

    "Jack Thompson PS: I have a little surprise for the \"judge\" today."

    Please make it a kitchen knife, please make it a kitchen knife, please make it a kitchen knife…

    *Reports just in, Jack Thompson assaults judge. Claims video games made him do it. More on this breaking development at 11.*

    While I’d feel deeply sorry for the judge, I’d still crank out some lulz.

    Now go cry in the corner while we celebrate your demise you worthless git. And be sure to come around once you are disbarred so we can make fun of you some more. Mmm, humiliation and public disgrace. Nothing quite like it ey Jackie boy?

    Anyone have the odds on Jack getting disbarred? Any Vegas posters?

  65. Pierre-Olivier ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Still as incoherant as always, Jack. Last time I checked, YOU couldn’t keep your lies straight. I’m sure this referee report will be explained soon (like this loyality oath thing, that’s been prooved afterward to be irrevalent).

    And I seriously doubt your "little surprise" will do you much good.



    Can you confirm what he said about this Referee report?

  66. Henry WIndgates says:

    Oh look, Big Brother of all games decided to drop in and say hello. And you don’t seem to get anything right too, Jack and the surprise would be? Cheating your way in the judiciary system or what?

    Don’t worry, even the mightest of all despots cannot handle one powerful thing and that is the truth.

  67. Jack Thompson, Attorney ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    No, Dennis, you idiot. She issues them in her Referee\’s Report, due months from now. You just can’t get anything right, can you, Dennis, and you can’t even keep your lies straight. Jack Thompson PS: I have a little surprise for the "judge" today.

  68. Henry Windgates says:

    Well, let us all hope that Jack would be locked up safely in a cell where he can no longer cause any nuisance to the society and most of all, there won’t be a Big Brother-esque lawyer to stop us from playing games. We as gamers have the right to play and shall not be affected just because some maniacs that are supposedly fucked in the head picking up guns and starts gunning down people.

    Coincidentally, Jack Thompson’s long history of "crusade" against games kinda reminds me of George Orwell’s "Nineteen Eighty-Four" (hence, Big Brother as mentioned above)

  69. Kharne says:

    Just out of curiosity…

    27 charges… I know that’s not set in stone and he could possibly be guilty of more or less than that (and I’m sure harassing the judge all this time isn’t helping) but for argument’s sake let’s pretend he gets hit with those 27. That’s 27 charges. How can you have that many marks against you and *not* get disbarred? what else could they possibly do at that point?

  70. Mnementh2230 says:

    Anyone want to bet JT comes on here after the trial (or during it, if he really boycotts) and boasts about how he’s got them right where he wants them?

  71. Aliasalpha says:

    Probably the start of a a campaign to imply he was unfairly dismissed, he’ll be comparing himself to a holocaust survivor any minute

  72. AgnostoTheo says:

    I can’t wait. *grabs popcorn and booze* yay.

    Life begins and ends with Choice. Anything in your life that unlawfully or immorally steals Choice from you should be excised immediately, totally, and destroyed utterly.

  73. Matriculated says:

    Things must be REALLY bad for Thompson to admit he thinks he’s going to be disbarred. Every other case Jack’s been in has resulted in him declaring "a great victory" and how his opponents are ready "to be destroyed". What’s different this time?

  74. DragonBomber ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    It is often hard not to be more jovial/immature or celebrate when someone behind so much negative energy and action is nearing the consequences of his or her actions.  I mean, of all the talking heads out there spewing the nonsense that videogames were to blame for all the ills of society and not parents and society’s failures in general, does anyone else really top the list?  I look at it this way, a little bit of the poor taste, immaturity, and nonsense he injected in the public eye is coming back at him.  Some of it is coming at him via the court’s potentially career-ending results come September, and some of it from average people of all walks of life who are tired of being blamed, directly, and indirectly, for problems that we are often not responsible for.

    While I think some posts are a bit much, I can say the same about some of the well known antics that Jack found himself committing.  Using the victims of Virginia Tech in his war against the industry, for example.  His antics were often demeaning to the real life suffering of survivors, family members, and that’s just one group of people he tried to prop up as proof of the danger of videogames.  What about the families of children who chose, yes chose, to commit horrible crimes, whom he held up as proof of the deadly results of videogame consumption?  What about the thousands of children out there slipping through the cracks of the system because of situations they cannot control, but he could stand up against rather than champion idiocy?

    There is a line where we actually become the enemy of logic that we find so offensive, and I should hope most people reading this, or hearing the stories know how to recognize when they themselves have become no better.  We all have opinions and thankfully, many of us are not in positions such as Jack was, so that we might have the power to exploit our personal beliefs and bring about an agenda.  We are not talking heads spewing inflammatory comments on major networks, but find ourselves confined to a smaller viewing audience.  I have no ill will towards Jack personally, but for the families of those whose memories and pain he spit on, I would surely kick him in the nuts were I to find him walking about my little pond.  Or at the very least, spit on him and express my extreme distaste for his brand of profitable lying.

    That’s my opinion and I try not to pass it off as fact.  I am entitled to feeling disgusted by someone who uses the dead to further his career.  I hope he does well in whatever career he finds himself in, should he be disbarred, so long as he stops using people’s grief as fuel for his maniacal spree of false reporting, and hatred.  There are plenty of other jobs out there for him, and I’m sure he will have little trouble getting book deals or other gigs lined up by supportive peanut gallery dwellers with their heads up their asses. 🙂  I wish him much luck to find his true calling, or something that fulfills him in some way.  He is still alive to enjoy that luxury, as are those reading this post.

  75. GryphonOsiris says:

    Drinks for everyone!!!


    But seriously, I’m not surprised at this one little bit. He’s acted like an unrepentant ass for so many years now, honestly believing that the rules apply to everyone else, but not to him. This is his just deserts, and what a rich one it is.

    Tonight, I drink Cider to celebrate the sweetness of this victory, Apple Jack to remember the rotten apple that brought it forth, and play GTA IV to remember the lies he told. Cheers mates!!!

  76. Not Quite Jack Thompson, Attorney says:

    You fools! Don’t you see, this is the beginning of the end for the Florida Bar! Through these deliberately unconstitutional actions, they have forfitted their ‘right’ to oversee the actions of lawyers in this state. By not allowing me to read my written objection into the record, "Judge" Tunis has gone wildly outside the power she claims, incorrectly, to have.

    Thanks to the actions taken today by all parties present, the Florida Bar’s days are numbered. Through my efforts, the Florida Bar will be deconstructed and resurrected as it should be – with my leadership at the helm!


    Not Quite

  77. on'tKnowJack says:

    Yep, that’s my boy, Barnaby. Clearly, he’s joined the ever-growing ranks of people who know just what to with Jack Thompson’s motion-rants. Is there a waste-paper basket big enough to hold all that crap?

  78. EvilleNSI ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’d be willing to bet that it’s not "Mr Mim" but Barnaby Min. Hahah oh poor Jack.

  79. 1AgainstTheWorld says:


    You mean it’s over already?  That was fast.  I guess Jack didn’t get to meander off into irrelevant tangents and waste everyone’s time.

  80. black manta says:

    Somehow, I knew he would do that.

    So essentially the court found him Guilty In Absentia.  Woo-hoo!

    Ok, I’m calling Serpico’s.  I definitely ordering that spaghetti pizza this weekend!

  81. SimonBob says:

    His "surprise" was a one-man walkout?  I’m a little disappointed.  But no more Thompson lawsuits until 2018 will probably be welcomed as a consolation prize in 3, 2, 1…

    The Mammon Industry

  82. Nevexst says:

    lright, here is my adventure in court today:

    I was able to tag along with an actual attorney, so we drove to the courthouse, went up to the courtroom, waited outside until 2pm. Baliff opened the door and I held it open. Sadly, I even held it open for the beast himself.

    So the judge came in. Judge Tunis seems like a real nice lady.

    Thompson wanted to make known that he had a objection in writing. He was able to submit it to the record, but the judge said he couldn’t read it aloud. That really pissed him off, I think. He also passed around copies of the objection to various reporters and a member of the legal community known as "Mr. Mim". He also claimed that "Mr. Mim" was not supposed to be there. So he dropped the objection into his lap and went back to his side of the court. The judge was NOT pleased.

    Eventually, he made comments about the judge not being a judge(This is relating to the Loyalty Oath stuff), said the hearing was moot, and WALKED OUT.

    "The court acknowledges that Mr. Thompson has voluntarily left the proceedings"

    Then the Florida Bar presented it’s evidence. Lalalala, bunch of legal crap.

    The Bar recommends that Thompson’s punishment should be: "Enhanced disbarment, with a reapplyment wait of 10 years"

    After more legalese, the court was ajorned.

    Mr Mim threw away his copy of the objection. A friend of mine who happened to be attending reached to get it at the same time a State Attorney was. We ended up getting a copy of it because the State Attorney was a nice guy.

    And we went home.

    End of story

    (I copypasted this from another site that I wrote this for)

  83. Mazinger-Z says:

    Kotaku has an update.

    Apparently Jack walked out of the court room during the proceedings.  The court recommended for "enhanced disbarrment" in which Jack will not be allowed to re-apply for 10 years.

    Thompson’s sentencing hearing apparently ended in the attorney walking out of the courtroom after saying the judge did not have the authority to hear his case, a reader who sat in on the hearing told us.

  84. Pixelantes Anonymous says:

    He’s not getting disbarred today. Today’s hearing is a recommendation which may or may not be taken into consideration in September when the Florida Supreme Court actually decides on his guilt and/or penalties.

    I don’t really understand why they do it this way, but I’m sure they have their reasons for it.


  85. Anonymous says:

    Most of the states bars won’t even consider issuing a law license to an attorney disbarred in another state.  Those that don’t have it explicitly in their rules would almost certainly not welcome the likes of Judge-Suing Jack.  Disbarment would be the complete end of his law career.


  86. Matriculated says:

    [i]I was in attendance at the trial today.

    I am very willing to provide eyewitness testimony should GP request it.[/i]


    Yes please

  87. Matriculated says:

    <i>If Jack gets disbarred today is he still allowed to practice any kind of law in other states? You know, like when he wanted to sue N.I.U if they didn’t give him all the documents surrounding the shooters play of video games. Could he still do that if he’s disbarred?</i>


    No. If Jack want to practice law in another state then he has to pass that state’s bar exam (that’s even if the state allow disbarred lawyers to take the exam – I’m sure some don’t). Given Jack’s current mental state and his demonstration of knowledge on law, I’d say he’s not passing those exams.

  88. Nevexst says:

    I was in attendance at the trial today.

    I am very willing to provide eyewitness testimony should GP request it.


  89. Matriculated says:

    Jack’s wife is a very succesful and well-respected attourney.

    Considering Jack hasn’t one a case in years and his FOX payouts can’t be that big, I’m guessing she’s the main money earner in the household.

  90. Adam says:

    If Jack gets disbarred today is he still allowed to practice any kind of law in other states? You know, like when he wanted to sue N.I.U if they didn’t give him all the documents surrounding the shooters play of video games. Could he still do that if he’s disbarred?

  91. Mazinger-Z says:

    If you go to the bookstore and read (I don’t recommend actually purchasing) his book, the first chapter or so will describe how he failed the bar exam at least once.

  92. Gray-17 says:

    His wife is an attourney, and probably the main breadwinner of the house. They should be fine.

  93. TheEdge says:

    As much as I want hi m to be gone,I can’t help but be concerned for his family.

    If he doesn’t have a job to support his wife and children,what’s he gonna do?

    His family shouldn’t have t osuffer because he is a douche.

  94. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Manta’s not far from the truth. Unlike your average tax-payer funded, state university’s law school, where they’re quick to give you a "D" and, once you’ve gotten enough "D"s, bounce you to the curb, private, fancy-schmancy law schools with the $35,000+ per year tuition are much less inclined to hand-out poor grades and even less inclined to flunk there students out of school. Who wants to kill the goose that lays golden eggs?

    As to the Bar admission, bar examinations tend to function as a "barrier to entry" which keeps out wanna-be attorneys from glutting the market in states with high numbers of attorneys practicing there already and, thereby, ensures that attorneys in those states can continue to charge high fees for their services. So, states like New York and California, where there are already a large number of attorneys particing have notoriously hard-to-pass bar exams (California’s bar failure rate in some years is as high as 68% failing). Conversely, states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida where there are relatively fewer attorneys and much less attractive states in which to practice have much-easier-to-pass bar exams (80-90% passing). Jack took the Florida Bar. He should have passed it the first time, if he had half a brain. He couldn’t. He got lucky the second time. And the rest is history.



  95. black manta says:

    Apparently Vanderbilt University (where he studied law) hands out its law degrees from a Crackerjack box.

  96. Seafea says:

    Here’s what I’m wondering.  With Jack’s knowledge of the legal system and law as it is – How did he ever get a license?  I’m not trying to be insulting here.  I’m honestly curious. 

  97. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The hearing is going on right now……

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall in the courtroom…..

  98. mogbert2 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dang, it’s times like this I wish I was a better artist. I’d love to do one of thos pastel court sketches that they always show on TV. The first one showing Jack standing in court pontificating; one showing the honorable judge face palming from having to listen to Jack; and a final one showing the benches for the audience, and then behind the audience, a concesion stand with hotdogs, a clown selling balloons, and a popcorn machine.

    At this point, I’m still just hoping this ends witout Jack snapping and doing something violent. Lately he hasn’t seemed as in control as he should be, a lot of the things he has been grasping for are rediculous, Loyalty Oath, 33 subpeonas, possibly fake subpeona on GP (either a joke, an improperly served subpeona in the case mentioned in my next example, or a pitiful attemp at intimidation), and finally the case where GP got publically available public records from the court and Jack is sueing about it. What’s funny is that except to Jack, Dennis hasn’t ever hidden where he got his information, he usually included in his articles. If Jack had simply READ the articles that he responded to, then he would know what an idiot he is being accusing the court of leaking documents.

    He has shown time and again that he doesn’t understand how the legal system works, what the proper procedures are, or what he was supposed to be doing. All in all I wouldn’t mind arguing about video game legislation with him, but he continually lies and misrepresents data to the point where a statement is suspect mearly because he says it. He should have learned a long time ago that if you have to resort to lying and deceit, you aren’t likely fighting for god.

  99. BaronJuJu says:

    Yeah I should have known better by now. I figured he would sit at home during the hearing today then cry that he wasn’t properly represented or some silly stunt.

  100. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    If you’ve ever played poker with Jack, you’d know that his favorite trick is to bluff when he ain’t got nothing better than a 9 high. And he does it so often that you’d know to call him on his silly bluff. And then rake all his chips away.

  101. BaronJuJu says:

    So JT is going to the trial now? I thought he said he was sitting this one out.  Regardless of what he tries, he will be punished and its about time.

  102. black manta says:

    Good guess, but it’s actually from one of the Wing Commander games themselves.  Specifically the second expansion for Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi, "Special Operations 2."  Zach "Jazz" Colson says it to the tirbunal in the opening cutscene after he’s found guilty for his traitorous actions in Wing Commander II.

  103. SimonBob says:

    I saw the Wing Commander movie with my physics-minded uncle and drama-teaching father.  At assorted moments they would alternate yelling, "bad science!" and "bad acting!"  Maybe Jack’s surprise is a copy of the DVD; maybe his punishment should be relocation to the Niven sector. 😀

    The Mammon Industry

  104. tollwutig says:

    As a follow up from the other moderator here in the comments section.  EZK is correct.  There is a certain level of immaturity amongst many commentors.  It does not help when there are 100 comments in a single article, which occurs in every Jack article.   I am fortunately employed full time at my day job, and don’t have time to read every comment possible.  I am sure EZK has his own paying job that takes up his time. 

    Unfortunately we don’t have a way for you to flag a comment for the two of us to look at, but if you do find a comment offensive, please let Dennis know.  Although Dennis is a busy man he takes things here at GP seriously, and if there is an offensive post either EZK or I have missed he will zap it, and alert us to be on a watch out for a user. 


    Some of you have like myself been around since GamePolitics was on LiveJournal and Dennis had little control and no help on comments.  Since then GP has grown, and so has the follow, fortunately so has the ability to control posts, but the people who do look into things are human, we’ll miss some things or we may not agree with you on what violates the rules.   Dennis tries to maintain a rather open posting policy in order to allow readers to post thier views freely.   This does put a larger grey area as to what is and is not acceptable and the two moderators, and Dennis often have to make judgement calls.



  105. Gray-17 says:

    "The level of maturity shown in these comments has declined significantly since persons started actually calling J.B.T. on the stuff he was pulling. The comments of the persons posting here has gotten significantly less and less mature and more and more full of the diatribe that they regularly knock "Jack" for and call him on."

    That’s been going on since the live journal days. The only changes now are that there’s less posts in general, so they stand out more, and people are laughing at and mock Jack rather than swearing at him.

    One, what we must all realize is that "Jack" is NOT going to prison. He has not (Yet) broken any laws in particular that would warrant prison time. We can cease those comments right here and right now.

    True, although at the rate he’s going, he just may manage to get himself locked up as a danger to self or others.

    Two, what you must ALL realize is that this is a man’s livelihood on the line here. So before you all line up to stone the man, make sure you recognize that fact. While I bare no sympathy for "Jack" – and no, his charging practically every video game journalist with Racketterring and Influencing Corrupt Organizations (AKA: RICO) did not help considering I am a video game journalist, I also recognize that he is a human and still has the rights to be treated as one.

    Yes, we realize this. However he’s in danger of losing his law liscense due to his on corruption and incompetance, as such, it’s no reason to treat him better than he deserves. Unfortunately for Jack, his treatment of others and general actions means that he doesn’t deserve to be treated with much respect. Indeed, the only reason he should get treated with any politeness and common curtesy is that fact that people generally hold themselves to a higher level of behavior than Jack calls for.

    Three, We don’t like "Jack". Let’s get that out the way. Not on a person on this site likes "Jack". But show decency enough to atleast use mature comments to assail the man, not cheap petty ones.

    Fair enough, although personally I just prefer to mock him. He’s made himself the fool, so I see no particular reason not to laugh at him.

  106. Loudspeaker says:

    I agree that we should not stoop to JT’s level.  Any threats against him or his family, even when implied are in bad taste.

    When it comes to his career I have zero sympathy.  The only one to blame for JT’s career woes is JT himself.

    I have to agree with Dog Welder that sympathy is not something we should have for JT.  Does JT have sympathy for his fellow man?  If he does then he hides it well.  I’ve yet to see him show his support and sympathies for those families who were hurt by "video game violence" that he supposedly represented.  When Penny Arcade made the donation pledge for him?  Where was he then?

    Papa he’s thrown a LOT of stones.  You cannot expect people, not just gamers, to throw some of those stones back.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  107. Face777 says:

    Reap what ye shall sow. 


    His infantile tirades are coming back to bite him in the ass.  He profited unduly from his criticism of gaming, now his unorthodox tactics are landing him in trouble I really couldn’t give a shit about his ‘livelihood’.  He’ll do as he always does and live off his wife / Fox News / ANYONE who will give him a modicum of attention.


    Cannot wait to see JUST how much his punishment will hurt him.

  108. Dog Welder says:

    Tell you what, Papa Midnight, when Jack begins treating other human beings in a non-condescending manner, I’ll begin treating him with the respect and dignity another human being deserves.

    As far as his livelihood being taken from him goes, I don’t give a damn and I have no sympathy for Jack.  When a person becomes a lawyer, they have a code of conduct to abide by as set forth by the Bar.  Violation of that (especially repeated and egregious violations) should have the expected consequences of removal from that profession.  The fact that Jack feels no remorse because he feels he’s done nothing wrong only indicates that, should he keep his license, he would continue to behave in this manner.  Once again, no sympathy.  He’s a blight on his chosen profession.

    I will at least say though that some comments should probably not have been uttered on this site (or anywhere, for that matter).  Anyone posting death threats and the like need to be removed from the discussion.  And I did notice a number of "immature" comments above, but that really has been par for the course any time Jack shows up.

  109. Papa Midnight says:

    I can’t help but have noticed this for the past few weeks that this has been going on; Actually, I’ve noticed it for an even longer period since before E.Z.K. even became a Moderator around these parts… The level of maturity shown in these comments has declined significantly since persons started actually calling J.B.T. on the stuff he was pulling. The comments of the persons posting here has gotten significantly less and less mature and more and more full of the diatribe that they regularly knock "Jack" for and call him on.

    One, what we must all realize is that "Jack" is NOT going to prison. He has not (Yet) broken any laws in particular that would warrant prison time. We can cease those comments right here and right now.

    Two, what you must ALL realize is that this is a man’s livelihood on the line here. So before you all line up to stone the man, make sure you recognize that fact. While I bare no sympathy for "Jack" – and no, his charging practically every video game journalist with Racketterring and Influencing Corrupt Organizations (AKA: RICO) did not help considering I am a video game journalist, I also recognize that he is a human and still has the rights to be treated as one.

    Three, We don’t like "Jack". Let’s get that out the way. Not on a person on this site likes "Jack". But show decency enough to atleast use mature comments to assail the man, not cheap petty ones.

    Now in all honesty, I expect to be flamed for this post. I expect multiple people to call for the so called "wah-bulance" or to call me a "Jack Thompson supporter", or that for the year or so I’ve been commenting on this site and that for the years I’ve been a video game journalist that I’m really Jack Thompson in disguise. If I don’t see one of these kind of post, I’ll in all honesty be truly surprised. I just ask everyone to recognize the things I’ve pointed out above and to check themselves before making such immature comments.

    Papa Midnight


  110. Kincyr says:

    please don’t use at-signs to mask cursing, they automatically convert to email links.

    岩「…Ace beats Jack」

  111. black manta says:

    "I have a little surprise for the "judge" today." I actually could see JT go: "I’ve been declared legally insane. Mistrial! HAHAHAHA!!!!" just as they drag him away with nets and a straight jacket.

    I’d go with that, especially if he goes berzerk, starts foaming at the mouth and they have to drag him out of the courtroom kicking and screaming.

    It would be like the end of the Droopy cartoon, "Wags to Riches":

    Droopy:  "You know what?  They think he’s a mad dog…"

    *cut to Spike screaming and jibbering as the dog pound truck drives him away*

    Droopy: "And he is, too!"

    Failing that, I’d love to hear Jack quote from an old PC game:

    "This court cannot condemn me!  History will judge my actions!  And our history will be written by the Kilrathi!"

    A gold star to anyone who remembers the came that came from!

  112. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Persons suffering, as Jack does, from Narcissitic Personality Disorder are rarely ever suicide risks. They think way too highly of themselves to ever be capable of pulling the trigger. He is, in his own mind, God’s Gift to the World.

  113. Lanodantheon says:

    I can imagine in approxamately… 1 hour or so, Judge Tunis reading her suggested punishment in 3 words, "You be F***D" But, that would be the very informal way of telling the same thing to JT.

    I could see JT Disbarred, unable to get a license anywhere, made into a precedent in several lawbooks and fined so much money that he ends up with my old job in Custodial at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

    The last part is wishful thinking that’s just too silly, my apologies.

    "2) A manilla envelope with a .357 Magnum in it so you can re-create R. Budd Dwyer’s public suicide!" Manta, I could imagine that, but I wouldn’t want to see it happen. In all likelyhood, IF he decended to that level of madness, his last words would have to be, "The Pixelantes made me do it!"

    But seriously, that possibiity is close to zero. Besides it would be a terrible thing to happen and I wouldn’t want to see it…I hope. Although many people on the net would get the video and review the footage back and forth frame by frame going, "Alive…" *next Frame* "Dead!" *Back a frame* "Alive…" *Next Frame* "Dead!" , *Repeat as desired*

    I don’t like JT, but I don’t wish that upon him.

    "I have a little surprise for the "judge" today." I actually could see JT go: "I’ve been declared legally insane. Mistrial! HAHAHAHA!!!!" just as they drag him away with nets and a straight jacket.

    @John B. Thompson, Attorney: The ruder you are to us, the more we hate you. Stop digging your hole deeper. Granted, this statement applies to me too, but I am different. If we ever met in real life,  Mr. Thompson , you would be rude to me and call me stupid and disrespect me. I on the other hand would call you "Mr. Thompson" and "sir". I respect your rights and opinions as a human being and acknowledge that you have rights to said opinions.

    I may joke about enjoying what happens to you, but that is because my opinion of you is thus: I think you should not be able to practice law. I think you are a hypocrite and a terrible human being who sets a bad example for future generations. I think your anger gets the better of you and that if you just learned to calm down, maybe I’d agree with you. But I don’t, because you insult me, Dennis and everyone else here with your blanket statments and screaming and lies.

    Take my advice Mr. Thompson: Go bury your head in the Miami Beach sands and think about your future.

  114. rocky ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Woah Jacky, oh Jacky, don’t treat me so mean,
    You’re the meanest old bastard that I’ve ever seen.
    I guess if the Bar said so 
    you’d have to pack your shit and go.

  115. Aliasalpha says:

    Everyone, sing it with me!


    Hit the road Jack

    and don’t you come back

    no more, no more, no more, no more

    hit the road jack

    and don’t you come back no more.

  116. Meohfumado ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


  117. JackDon'tKnowJack says:

    Despite Jack’s specious allegations to the contrary, I suspect that Judge Tunis is just a little bit too nice and decent a person to now do what she’s had ample reason to do before: throw Jack’s ass into the Dade County Jail for his flagrantly contemptuous behavior in her courtroom. That woman must have the patience of Job. And, in the form of Jack Thompson, just as many trials and tribulations as were visited upon Job.

  118. Icehawk says:

    I wonder if his "surprise" will be him showing up.  

    All talk and no show.  On the upside you seem to have evolved up to the point of being Boring, stale and distasteful.  Less than hour now jackie, getting worried yet?  You should be.

  119. tollwutig says:

    Nah the big one will come when GP reports the FLSC ruling on Jack, with how things are going late this year or early next year.


  120. BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I have serious doubts as to GP’s ability to survive the Internet Nuke this will create.

  121. Stinking Kevin says:

    I agree with Papa Midnight, that childish personal attacks against JT probably do not serve their intended purpose. No matter how amused you are by the particular string of profanity you weave into your JT. response, I think JT has already won as soon as you post it. The moment you decide his useless comment is important enough to respond to, he’s got exactly what he wants.

    On the other hand, I agree completely with Dog Welder about any moral obligation we have to be concerned with JT’s livelihood. For many years now, JT’s career has been to publicly lobby to remove First Amendment protections for video games, and I would celebrate the end of this career with absolutely no feelings of guilt or remorse, even if it did mean a fellow human being was out of a job.

    However, he’s not out a job. You don’t need a law license to lobby against video games, and I’d be surprised if the disbarment will put any crimp at all in JT’s true livelihood.

    As long as he has the celebrity to get paid to speak his views, he’ll continue in this career, and as long as we are inspired to gush with personal hatred and self-important insults every time GP mentions his name, I expect JT has all the celebrity he needs.

  122. Frost says:

    "Anybody want to wager against that?"

    No, but I’ll wager with. I want so see him held in contempt of court. Just makes his disbarment even sweeter!

  123. Wyvern says:

    You are on, my good sir. 50 internets says his surprise will land with an indecent exposure charge.

  124. Anonymous says:

    I suspect his submissions to the court (post-2nd lawyer reg) will already bring such a charge…

  125. Dog Welder says:

    If I were a betting man (and I am, actually) I would wager that Jack’s surprise (whatever it may be) lands him in contempt of court.  Anybody want to wager against that?

    Jack landing in jail would be gleefully hilarious.

  126. Artifex says:

    "I have a little surprise for the \"judge\" today"

    Is it going to be a "figurative" suprise?


  127. SithLibrarian says:

    I wonder what’s next for Jack?

    Jack’s  Plan Of Ultimate Righteous Revenge.

    Sue God!

    God created the heaveans and the earth.

    The Earth is the home of Florida.

    Florida is where the Florida courts resides.

    Within these courts, exists Judge Tunis, who recently called me out successfully.

    My problems = God’s fault!!! I can’t lose!!!

  128. Aliasalpha says:

    Well since my last jack themed singalong didn’t seem to catch on much, let’s have another go!

    Breakin rocks in the hot sun
    I fought the law and the law won
    I needed money cause I had none
    I fought the law and the law won

    I need to go to bed now but I want to stay up to see the results live, it’s just not the same on a replay…

  129. Henry Windgates says:

    Looks like a desperate lawyer who has a blemished reputation decides to go about accusing everyone else including the judge in this trial. Now I know that Jack Thompson is doing it with mirrors and sleight of hand.

    What a liar and he expects us to feel sorry for ourselves that we’re taking away his freedom of speech despite the fact that he’s taking away from ours? Something wrong here!

  130. JB says:

    I wonder if he’ll get the same amount of TV coverage on Fox News after this is all said and done?


    But of course Jack has them right where he wants them… this is a great victory for Thompson, you know!

  131. metalupis says:

    So, is this an open hearing and if so do we have anyone in the area willing to go and give us updates as quickly as possible?

    Hit the road Jack

    and don’t you come back

    no more, no more, no more, no more

    hit the road jack

    and don’t you come back no more.

  132. jonc2006 says:

    dont worry jack, all is not lost. im sure there is a mcdonalds somewhere in this wonderful world of ours that needs another someone to clean the toilets and ask customers if they want fries with their order.

  133. Henry Windgates says:

    And I guess that Jack Thompson also bear much resemblance to Adam Sutler from V for Vendetta! Despots would be doomed!

  134. InJM says:

    September, eh?  Still a long way off.  We can also expect Jacko to protest with all his might before the Florida Supreme court too.

  135. Diegesis says:

    This has been a long time coming. Hope for the best, people.




  136. Midnight oil is burning says:

    I’m currently swamped with a bunch of work, not getting much sleep, and a bunch of other slightly annoying things, but this news still makes me happy.   Come 2pm I’ll have to start popping some pop corn for the fun.

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