Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

June 5, 2008 -

A Florida Judge recently recommended that Jack Thompson be found guilty on 27 counts of professional misconduct. A federal judge tossed his lawsuit against the Florida Supreme Court on Tuesday. And the Florida Bar yesterday moved to have him disbarred for a decade.

But, don't fear for Jack Thompson.

No dummy he, the controversial anti-game activist has his detractors right where he wants them. At least, according to Thompson.

Under the subject line of SWEET! (GP: I kid you not), an e-mail circulated by Thompson this morning cites today's Daily Business Review coverage of his case and reads, in part:

Because of the [DBR] article, which contains my entire Objections filing, I am now getting phone calls from highly respected people who are proving to me the criminal conduct of The Florida Bar... We are meeting with law enforcement officials about that. 
This is all wonderful.  Light is now being shone in some very dark places, and the Daily Business Review has assisted in that wonderfully.
I am now going to win this fight, by the grace of God and because of the First Amendment, most particularly the right to freedom of the press.  Certain Florida Bar officials need to hire criminal defense lawyers today.  The investigations are already underway.  And if you think I'm kidding, then you don't know Jack.

So much for the sweet. Or should we say, the SWEET!

On the SOUR! side, after Thompson declared in a recent sworn federal court motion that Bar trial referee Dava Tunis had leaked case documents to GamePolitics, we pointed out that his claim - which he wrote that he was making under penalty of perjury - was untrue. We also explained that we had received the documents from Eunice Sigler, Director of the Office of Government Liaison and Public Relations for the 11th Judicial Circuit of Florida, pursuant to our various public records requests.

Just one day after our story debunking Thompson's false claim regarding Judge Tunis ran, the controversial attorney filed a document with Eunice Sigler's boss, demanding to see her official loyalty oath. Readers will recall that he has unsuccessfully targeted Judge Tunis over the loyalty oath issue as well.

Thompson's focus on Ms. Sigler, a court administrator simply carrying out her duties, seems from here like a case of very sour grapes.


Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Jack had a fair idea on GTA, he just took it way too far.  1st amendment applies to all including gamers and game developers.  Just because he didn't like it doesn't mean that he can run it through the mud and make playing games a deplorable act.  He was around when Pong came out and that can be looked at as two dicks passing a piece of ass.  No one was protsting that.

JT should seriously look at his priorities alittle more carefully and consider what this could do to the rest of his family.

Jack Thompson: Sour & Sour

DBR wrote:

Thompson contends he is the target of a wide-reaching conspiracy to get him disbarred.

Gee, having them print that doesn't sound like a good thing.

Throughout the battle, he insists, the Bar has sought to silence him in violation of his First Amendment rights.
Lies, 1st amendment doesn't mean you have the right to force others to hear you, not going to bother going back into this...

As the Wednesday hearing began, Thompson rose to object to the proceedings in a testy exchange with the judge, whom he has attempted to get removed from his case.
That sure sounds SWEET to me....

She invited him to submit his objections in writing. In response, Thompson said he had a right to state for the record his objection to the hearing.
And they let you do it, in written form while not allowing you to monopolize their ruling and time.

... the tables will be turned. It will then be my time at bat and a jury of normal people in this county will undo all that you have done."
Ohh, now that would be a good one!  Lets have this potential "jury of normal people" catch up on your history, and see how well you win them over to "undo all that you have done"!  Like I have said, his last run in has encouraged his immoral and unethical behavior, making him think he can overturn anything.

"I wish you a very good day because I'm done here," Thompson told the judge before leaving."

Classy move there...

Tunis recommended in May that Thompson be found guilty of 27 violations of Florida Bar rules....[snip a few paragraphs]
Again, that sound sooo good....

Tuma said Thompson's behavior isn't likely to stop unless he is disbarred. "Respondent's conduct or misconduct in this case and throughout these proceedings clearly prove he's unable to conduct himself in a manner consistent with the rules of the Florida Bar," Tuma said.
Best & most truthful quote in that article.

Thompson countered the high court's decision violates his Sixth Amendment right to choose his own legal representation.
You got what you wanted, and they politely just told you to STFU for wasting their time & resources.  Again, free speech doesn't mean they have to listen to you.

As for the phone calls, who wants to bet it turns out like last time?  He said lots of people were calling him up over the last one, and only ended up with one person who also has the same questionable ethics and failure to follow proper legal procedures....

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

'Your laws cannot harm me! My delusions are like a shield of steel!'

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Doesn't "I have them right were I want them sound like something out of a really bad and really old super hereo movie? What a child

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

"I am now going to win this fight, by the grace of God and because of the First Amendment, most particularly the right to freedom of the press.  Certain Florida Bar officials need to hire criminal defense lawyers today.  The investigations are already underway.  And if you think I'm kidding, then you don't know Jack."

Your right, we don't know Jack cause you are completely nuts.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

While I'm still failry certain SCOFLA will succeed in disbarring Jack, his quote form the DBR concerns me:

"When this is done, and when you recommend my disbarrment and when the Supreme Court does disbar me ... the tables will be turned. It will then be my time at bat and a jury of normal people in this county will undo all that you have done."

We all know how Jack's strength is playing to the ignorance of others.  Just how many jurors could he be able to find that know enough about him or even be sympathetic to him?  How many people in Florida, let alone Miami-Dade County, actually know about him?  To wit, half my family lives in Florida and they've never heard of him until I told them all about him.  My cousin and his partner have lives in Miami for the last several years, and considering he's gay they should have almost certainly heard about Thompson's anti-gay activities.

So really, how much influence would Jack have over the jury selection process?  And if, by some long shot, they find him not guilty or not guilty on only half or a few of the counts and SCOFLA decides he's as guilty as a cat in a goldfish bowl, what could SCOFLA do then?  Anyone?

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

The process of jury selection (voir dire) gives a savvy attorney -- to some extent -- the ability to stack the deck. Each side is allowed a certain number of challenges to the other sides selections and, for some number of that certain number, for cause (i.e., a good reason) request of the court that the juryperson not be seated and, for some number of that certain number, for no stated reason demand by right (i.e., the court has no say in the matter) that the juryperson not be seated. There's a billion dollar industry for consultants who help attorneys pick juries. It is often at the jury-picking stage that cases are won or lost.

However, Jack doesn't get to re-litigate his Bar proceedings before a jury in a civil action. That don't happen. I suspect he's talking about coming up with some kind of civil action by which he thinks he can indirectly invalidate his Bar proceedings. What that is I have absolutely no idea. My mind don't work like Jack's does. 

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

I'm hoping you've been around for at least one round of voir dire and maybe done a couple to see in glorious, HD detail just how this would go down.  Now imagine this: you have your pool.  They're sitting there in their "business attire" (which in CA means a damn pink track suit - NEVER have I seen such an enraged bailiff), kind of bored, wondering how they're going to get out of this one and get back to work/watching TV/doing whatever the hell veniremen do after they claim hardship.  The plaintiff, acting pro se, stands for voir dire and begins to question the pool, maybe remembering something from that Trial Adv. class at Vanderbilt about using your questions to influence the jury.  So begins the Jack Attack.  On the pool.  So they all get dismissed for collectively saying something along the lines of "yeah, I'd be prejudiced in this matter because you just convinced me you're a flaming whacko conspiracy nut who asked me why I would not believe it to be my 'Christian duty to place myself upon the gears of the machine and stop the immolation of countless children.'"  Comes now pool two.  Rinse, repeat.  Counsel for the defense hasn't even stood up.  Hasn't said a word.  Just sits there, letting it all happen.  How many shell-shocked citizens would come stumbling out of that courtroom and how many judicial clerks would come dashing in, word of mouth having spread that Jacko was up to this shenanigan, before the judge would get fed up, push the little red button, duck behind the faux-wood bulletproofing, and watch the CSOs apply shotgun butt to Jack-skull until he stopped resisting?

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour



'Don't disbar me, bro!'

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

also you forgot one very important thing

The process of jury selection (voir dire) gives a savvy attorney .


the key word is SAVVY


Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Heh, now I picture Jack being his usual paranoid self and having a witch hunt with the picking of the jury members...

But would it really be a witch hunt if they are out to get you?  If you are a gamer, you are more then likely to have heard about him, and "are very sympathetic" to his cause....  Same for all the other people & stuff he has attacked, I'm sure those with such feelings would be just as ethical as him when questioned about such....

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

So Jack... Ever hear about a river in Egypt?

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Sure he does, that is where he is moving his just bought Jack Thompson Memorial Bridge (aka the former Brooklyn Bridge) to!

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

There's also some ocean-front property in Arizona he can go purchase as well.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Got to be either Egypt or Paris, he's either in 'De Nile' or 'In Seine', I'm just trying to figure out which..

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

I've been trying for ages to think what JT's attitude reminded me of...

i finally remembered it!

The Iraqi Information minister! (scroll down the page a bit for the awesome quotes)

"They're not even [within] 100 miles [of Baghdad]. They are not in any
place. They hold no place in Iraq. This is an illusion ... they are
trying to sell to the others an illusion."

I think he'd get on perfectly with JT, as they both could only see Victory no matter how badly they failed

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

I'll say it again, this comparison does a diservice to the Iraqi Information Minister.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Jack for once in your life face the consequences of your actions and shut the fuck up, even Jesus is starting to get annoyed.

Fun little game

So JT is all about being a christian, and he says everything he does is because he's a christian. Now, imagine if a priest tells him he's being very uncristian-like. When you're done laughing, please post what you think the reaction would be. Let's have fun here!

Re: Fun little game

Priest: Jack, I've been hearing some disturbing things about and from you in the news. The way your acting isn't how God tells us to act towards each other.


Jack: The video game companies have gotten to you! Your with THEM, but you will never stop me. GOD  is on my side!!! *Followed by him singing "Jesus he knows me" by Phill Collins as he runs from the chapel*


Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

im surprised his letter didnt include the phrase "they think im crazy ill show them whos crazy" (insert manical laugh here)

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Problem I have is that Jack is getting MUCH more personal with his attacks.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

It really reminds the last days of WWII when Hitler propaganda claimed that Germany win even when Red Army started the offense on Berlin. Everybody knows how it ended up.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Was that before or after Hitler's generals told him that Universal and Warner dropped support of HD-DVD in favor of Blu-Ray?

So, so sorry! I couldn't resist :)

(If one doesn't get the reference, search youtube.com for "hitler hd-dvd")

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

He just won't stay down. Oy...

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Always makes me laugh how Jack refers to SLAPP litigation against him when he is the source of more SLAPP suits than any other lawyer on the bar. If any of the Media outlets dares to disagree with or disprove him, it's lawsuit time, this has happened for Joystiq, Kotaku and GamePolitics, and there's absolutely no denying that those lawsuits were about the fact they said something that Jack didn't want people to hear and nothing to do with them breaking the law in any way.

So yes, Thompson is the ultimate case of 'do as I say, not as I do'.

As for the article, white noise. The people who read the defence got only Thompson's side of the story, you can be certain that almost, if not all of those people contacting him, assuming people are contacting him, are finding out he's the sort of person who writes complaints to Strauss Zelnicks mum and are backing off very quickly. Those that aren't, considering he's not naming names (as usual), most likely consist of other lawyers who didn't get away with turning their responsiblity into a personal dictatorship.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

God has a message, he says "leave me outta this, you're on your own buddy."

If Thompson were a video game character, he's be flashing red right now.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

"God has a message, he says 'leave me outta this, you're on your own buddy.'"

I heard him loud and clear when he said it.




Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

So not only is the entire video game industry conspiring against him with certain webcomics, but the entire judicial system of the United States is as well? Or at least the Florida courts?

It might be interesting to see how batty he gets when he's finally disbarred, but despite his railing against video games, his almost equally hilarious history of harrassing of rap groups and Janet Reno, and the fact he brought all this on himself you almost feel sorry for the guy.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Funny how he cites the first amendment as his defense when all of his dealings have to do with violating exactly that in the form of censoring video games...

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Jack Thompson is an amazing person for continuing his crusade, and is absolutely right!


GTA should be banned, along with all other violent video games! This is the problem with America today!

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

T. Trollerton!  LOL!  Well done sir!

I'd have been caught if not for my reading it as sarcasm.  Well played.

"Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

"Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

No, the problem with America today is the lack of personal responsability. People are always looking for a scapegoat, and right now violent video games are the current favorite. Previously, comic books, Elvis, rock & roll, rap, and music videos have all been blamed for the same things, with the same results. Games are just the newest scapegoat, and if you believe otherwise, you're horribly naieve. What evidence do you have to support your position? There are a few studies that show a correlation between violent video games and agressive behavior - THAT'S IT.

Bottom line on this: A game isn't going to make anyone do anything. It won't force a person to do anything. There are millions of gamers in the US, and yet violent crime has been going DOWN.

As for banning violent games, it's unconstitutional. Under what possible grounds would you ban them?

EDIT: I just read the name... T. Trollerton. I've been trolled! Well done, sir!

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

i almost fell for it too so dont feel so bad

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Trollerton. LOL!!

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Not that I ever believed that JT was a competent attourney beyond knowing a handful of legal terms, but this... This is just silly. A disbarment trial for him, which is likely to end with him losing his ability to practice law is going to miraculously turn around and expose some massive conspiracy that will turn JT into some sort of epic hero? Let's say this whole thing does get turned around. The only thing JT will get out of this is a shred of dignity, even though, as far as I understand, the case is already decided against him. So JT gets off scott-free, but as it stands, his reputation as an unprofessional, loud, obnoxious, amoral idiot are still in existence. Where does he get the delusion that by not losing a case he is suddenly free from all of his past mistakes, thus making him some glorious beacon of hope?

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

I bet Jack's going to be the most optimistic guy in the unemployment line "my career isn't over, I've got them just where I want them! Lull them into a false sense of security then bang! I'm back on top again!"

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

I wonder if the people who Jack has been contacted by are from the Law Firm of "Dewey, Cheatum and Howell", and if the police officer he's been talking to is Inspector Detector.

I can see it now, hundreds of pages of drivel being faxed to countless sources, perhaps even black-faxing to torture those poor, poor machines. Fax Machine rights activists won't stand for this Jack; this is cruel and unusual punisment for these workhorse Fax Machines. Haven't they suffered enough?

Fax Machines United!

[/sarcasm] O.k, I'm done now.


But seriously, I'll put $100 in cold hard cash down that everything after the word "Because" is an outright lie.

Site sources and evidence Jack, who is contacting you, name of the police officer in charge of the investigation, have them verify all of this, and a crisp, new $100 bill is yours.

I dare ya.

I double-dog dare ya.

I triple-dog dare ya.

"The Good, the Bad, and the Videogame" Reviews on the best, worst, and controversial issues of Videogames. gryphonosiris.blogspot.com/

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

And remember, if it turns out it's true, the $100 was satire.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Nah, given his track record for lying, this is a shoe in victory for me.

"The Good, the Bad, and the Videogame" Reviews on the best, worst, and controversial issues of Videogames. gryphonosiris.blogspot.com/

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

The fact that Jack is being disbarred is fantastic. However, I feel deeply sorry for anyone who has to deal with him for the next four months. This is indeed the desperate act of a desperate man and he will do anything and everything he can not to prove that he is right, that being far too difficult of a task, but try and prove that no one has the "authority" to tell him hes wrong. Jack is the kind of person who will make everyones lives miserable as much as he possibly can simply becuase he is not getting his way. Judge Tunis, Ms. Sigler, hell everyone involved with the Florida Bar are now being harrassed by this lunatic who has a wonderful knack for getting on TV and shouting obsurdities. To steal some of Jacks words, Im glad we have people like Judge Tunis who are willing to "fight the good fight".

About Xanatos Roulettes

I read this about Jack having everyone right where he wants them, and two things come to mind:

1. He must be lying again, perhaps trying to scare the bar into not disbarring him.

2. As many have pointed out, he's pulled this stunt many times before, and it's so convuluted by now that it's essentially a Xanatos Roulette.

What is a Xanatos Roulette?  From the website tvtropes.org:



"Ha, loser. A true tactician doesn't know WHAT the hell he's doing until he's halfway done with it."

Quint, MS Paint Masterpieces

 "Ah, my ridiculously circuitous plan is one-quarter complete!"

--Robot Devil, Futurama, "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings"

In a Xanatos Gambit, an especially cunning villain is able to trick the heroes into giving him what he wants. The Xanatos Roulette takes this one step too far. The villain is upgraded from "cunning" to "seemingly omniscient". The plan is ridiculously convoluted, often relying on events that are completely within the realm of chance -- yet it comes off without a single hitch (or so we're told; it's only in retrospect that we find out that pretty much everything that's happened in the series up to this point was part of one huge, overarching plot).

Basically, an attempt to make a villain seem impressive, stretched to the point where Willing Suspension Of Disbelief is broken. You really have to establish a character as The Chessmaster for them to be able to pull this off without arousing your audience's skepticism.

Often part of retconning in a new Big Bad, as it turns out everything up to then (including the supposed successes of the heroes against the old villains) is all part of their scheme. Also often the justification of the Omniscient Morality License; their control over events is supposedly total. Additionally, if a character messes with their own mind, getting their memories back almost inevitably becomes a Xanatos Roulette at some point.

May be parodied by having events obviously (and blatantly) be out of the character's control, and yet still have them take credit for it. Or, y'know, have the Xanatos Gilligan topple their Rube Goldberg plot with a poke.

Useful litmus test for distinguishing a Xanatos Gambit from a Roulette: If your first reaction on hearing the plan explained is "Dear God, that's brilliant!" it's a Gambit. On the other hand, if you inadvertently burst out "There is no way you planned that!" it's a Roulette.

When the main story is several of these folding out at once, you have a Thirty Xanatos Pileup.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

You know, sometimes I think Jack believes he's the hero of some really bad '70s action flick... the Video Game Industry is like some evil organizatrion that apparently killed his best friend who was about to retire from the police force, and now he's out for vengeance. Clearly, all these court aides and judges who are following the law or doing their jobs, have been bought off by the Video Game Industry — the faceless conglomerate of all Man's sins. Close-ups and cheesy music abound. And hot chicks from 'fros, because it isn't a bad '70s movie without hot chicks with 'fros...

So yeah, clearly, EVERYONE is out Just to get Jack. He is the center of the universe — or did you not get that memo?

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

"I am now getting phone calls from highly respected people who are proving to me the criminal conduct of The Florida Bar... We are meeting with law enforcement officials about that." 

Florida State Penitentiary (FSP): "Hello Mr. Thompson.. this is the Florida State Penitentiary Calling.."
Jack Thompson (JT): "Why hello, are you calling me in regards to the criminal conduct of the Florida Bar?  I want all the dirt!"
FSP: "No, actually, we are calling to commit you.  Sir, you are off your rocker and we will have someone coming to your house shortly to obtain...."

JT: "Great! You can give me all the dirt then!"
FSP: "I don't think you underst...."
JT: "See you soon.. together we will rock the Bar!!"
FSP " Okay...... sir?"

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Only Jackass could make a pile of manure sound like its candy for the kiddies.

Highly respected people? Obviously none who would be willing to do so publically, which means Jack is creating even more imaginary friends. Time for another psychiactric exam.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Can I just say that anyone who didn't see this coming, shoot yourself in the foot right now.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Yay! My foot is safe! Jack's got them now!

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

Doesn't he pull his "I have them right where I want them" bullshit everytime his back is up against the wall on any issue? It almost sounds like something a little kid would say to his grade school teacher when there in trouble at school and want to get mommy or daddy's help because "The teacher is being mean". Why can't he just accept the fact that he did wrong, and now he has to pay for it.

GO HOME JACK!!!! GO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SICK WIFE (I wonder if she's really sick, or just sick of him...lol. Only another cancer survivor like myself can really get away with that) AND LEAVE THE GAME INDUSTRY ALONE!!!!

I once had a teacher tell me when I was a kid in Junior High and I got into trouble at school "You do the crime, you do the time, don't whine". Jack did the crime, knows he did the crime, is facing doing the time, doesn't want to do the time, and now he's whining like the little bitch that we all know that he is. What an ass. He says God and Jesus are on his side and he'll win. Trust me, I have a feeling they're laughing at him even harder than we are.

Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

"I wonder if she's really sick, or just sick of him...lol. Only another cancer survivor like myself can really get away with that"

I once e-mailed him about that, and he said she was doing fine.

A friend of mine lost a loved one to cancer back in October of 01. Last time he ever cried at a funeral.




Re: Jack Thompson: Sweet & Sour

"Because of the [DBR] article, which contains my entire Objections filing, I am now getting phone calls from highly respected people who are proving to me the criminal conduct of The Florida Bar... We are meeting with law enforcement officials about that. "

Incidently here's how to interpret this passage: "Highly respected people" means people people that Jack thinks are highly respected, which essentially just means people that aren't on Jack's shit list yet; "Proving to me" means exactly that - proving to Jack - and given that Jack has a rather warped perception of reality where any unfriendly word is a death threat, that something is proof to him is meaningless; "Meeting with law enforcement" means that Jack's started harassing the police and FBI about the Florida Bar's "crimes" - likely without the knowledge or consent of the "respected people" he says he's talking with.

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