Game-Legislating NC Senator Smoked Pot, Defaulted on Mortgage

The Associated Press reports that North Carolina State Senator Julia Boseman, who has twice introduced bills to regulate video game sales, smoked pot as an elected official and is in default on the mortgage for a vacation home.

The revelations surfaced in the fallout of a split between Boseman, a Democrat, and her partner.

From the AP story:

During a child custody hearing in December, Boseman testified she had problems with drugs at the tail end of her relationship with her then-domestic partner. Details of her financial troubles… surfaced last week during a different court hearing, when it was disclosed the couple had failed since last August to make the $7,156 monthly payments on their $1.3 million home… The home is scheduled to be auctioned June 25…


According to a transcript of the December hearing, Boseman said: "In probably September of 2003, is when Melissa walked in, and I was smoking marijuana. At that point, I went to counseling to try to get help with that and other problems."


Boseman was a New Hanover County commissioner in 2003.

As GamePolitics reported, Boseman proposed video game legislation in 2005 and 2007. Neither bill succeeded, although the 2005 measure was passed overwhelmingly by Boseman’s State Senate colleagues. The bill eventually died in North Carolina’s House of Representatives.

Boseman, up for re-election in November, told the AP:

After deep personal reflection and professional help, those things are behind me, and I’ve rededicated myself to my family and my work… I have little doubt that my political opponents will once again try to make my private life a public issue… I guess we’ll see in November.

UPDATE: The Wilmington Star-News has more on Sen. Boseman’s issues.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I never said Spitzer gets a pass for anything. I think he should go to prison for the crimes he committed. But his solicitation of prostitutes is specifically hypocritical because he prosecuted people as NY AG for soliciting prostitutes. Boseman sponsored game legislation and smoked pot and defaulted on a mortgage. That is not hypocritical. Criminal? Yes. Irresponsible? Yes. But not hypocritical and not having any relation whatsoever to games.

  2. BmK ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    You have offically won me over with your arguement. I guess the things Miss Bosman is doing would not fall under the actual term of hypocracy. I’m personally consider myself a social/civil/ethical/moral libertarian. If it doesn’t involve actual harm to others either physically or materialy, the government should stay the hell out of our lives and our children’s lives. Nanny-state politicans such as Miss Bosman and Leland Yee just happen to really piss me off in this regard but attacking them for things they do or have done in their personal lives lowers us down to the level of idiots like Jack Thompson and his ilk.

    So you are right, let us attack legislation on the basis of why we believe it is wrong rather then attacking the person who proposed it based on things they have done or are doing that have nothing to do with the legislation in question. With that said i still despise these nanny-state politicans and their idoitic legislation and would love to see them removed from power.

  3. Loudspeaker says:

    I disagree.

    Hal Halpin does not hold a public office.  Politicians do.  Politicians right the law to keep society "just".  So why should we let someone write law who doesn’t even bother to follow the law?

    As EZK already brought up this it is a felony to be in posession of pot.  If this was a speeding ticket then we have a completely different situation.  However, this is not a speeding ticket.

    Let me put it another way.  Is it the offense that matters or that she broke the law?

    You said yourself "Politicians should be held accountable…"  If you truly believe that then the rest of your comment is moot.  She doesn’t get a pass for smoking weed.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  4. Loudspeaker says:

    So it’s ok not to criticize if you attack ALL games just if you attack one game?

    You feel Spitzer gets a pass if he attacked the gaming industry rather than just GTA?  That’s very interesting.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  5. Anon says:

    Thats kind of reaching man, she used to smoke pot and screwed up on her mortgage, its not like shes living in a gutter somewhere.

  6. Corey says:


    It is an impossible task to be a moral person. What some people see as good others will see as evil. Many people support the right for homosexuals to be together while others believe they are pure hell spawn. Marijuana use is another issue that splits this country’s moral beliefs. There are millions of people here who believe that marijuana use is no more harmful or even less so than alcohol. If you are an opponent of assisted suicide you will be beloved by some and belittled by others. Do you not believe that our cause of stopping game legislation is moral and ethical? Why do we call them moral crusader and not ourselves? Many of us feel Jack Thompson is as evil as he makes us out to be. Moral legislation is ALL legislation as it is implemented in hopes of making life better for the general populace. So no, this senators actions show no sign of hypocrisy at all. Perhaps if we found out she buys M rated games for her kids/grandkids then I would cry hypocrite. 

  7. Corey says:

    Attacking someone at a personal level is one of the most devious and underhanded tactics one can possibly use to win an argument. We don’t need to do this to win our fight against the "moral crusaders." I feel it is best for us to take the high road and battle ignorance with logic and reason as opposed to mudslinging. And her actions, while questionable, are not the least bit hypocritical. She wants games not to be sold to underage individuals. How that relates to marijuana use is beyond me. Some of you think that because she supported game legislation, she is some kind of ultra conservative religious freak who wants drug users put to death. People are more complex than that. We have varying insights on different issues. Morals have nothing to do with law so it makes sense to me that she may support marijuana use and condemn violence in media. That stance is simply not hypocritical. I truly hate it when someone says something along the lines of your opinion on (subject here) is wrong because you are a drug user or an immigrant or overweight or poor or rich or black or white. For the record, I don’t agree with her plan to legislate games, but I will argue that position based its merits not the merits of the person who proposed it.  

  8. BmK ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    Personally i’m all for the legalization of cannabis/marijuana but when a politican is trying to force moralistic legislation (which is what video game legislation is) down our throats while at the same time doing something that one would consider immoral or something that is illiegal (i personally don’t consider smoking weed immoral or wrong whatsoever, i pertake in it sometimes myself, but others would find iti mmoral or wrong) i find that hypocritical.

    I true believe those who make the laws should be held to a much higher standard then the rest of us. When you’re trying to pass moralistic legislation then you damn well better not be doing anything one could find immoral or something that is against the law.

  9. Gray-17 says:

    True, if it wasn’t for her legislation it wouldn’t be on the radar here. Yet she has tried anti-game legislation twice in the past, isn’t on the record as regreting to my knowledge. Therefore when she comes up in the news, it may be of some relevance to GP. Given that this is an election year for her, a minor personal scandal that may impact her reelection is worth GP noting when reports of it surface.

    If it wasn’t an election year for her, then I’d say yeah, it’d be below the noise and not really worth it’s own article. However it is one, so I’d say it’s worthwhile.

  10. Red_Flag says:

    @Artifex – Politicians should be held accountable, but reporting on this serves no tangible purpose besides self-righteous finger-pointing. It has nothing to do with video games. Unless you think that the personal lives of everyone involved in the politics of video games should be brought out for examination. If that’s the case, then I’m waiting with bated breath for the expose on Hal Halpin. Fair’s fair, right?

  11. Red_Flag says:

    They should *not* get a free pass.

    But neither should they be called out for transgressions that have absolutely nothing to do with the junction of video games and politics. If it wasn’t for her legislation (which is wholly unrelated to her personal problems), this would not even be on the radar. This piece does nothing but petty sniping and is no better than media pundits and their obsessions with flag pins.

  12. Red_Flag says:

    Spitzer prosecuted people for the same act he committed. Different from someone whose indiscretions are wholly unrelated the the video game legislation that brought this to GP’s interest in the first place. One is legislative and executive hypocrisy, the other is not.

  13. Mervin Bunter ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I find our reactions to this story very interesting. Remember when video game critic Spitzer was found to be involved in a prostitution ring? We jumped all over him. Now we have another video game critic caught doing something illegal. So why do we now say, "We shouldn’t throw mud around"?

    I agree that Spitzer is deserving of more vitriol, primarily because his crime is more heinous. But neither crime affects video gaming in any way. Both crimes are equally hypocritical.

  14. Gray-17 says:

    No one is saying she doesn’t have the right to engage in legislation. They’re questioning how much we want to trust her to do so given a demonstrated disregard for the law and personal financial troubles.

    There’s no comparison to your family’s financial troubles, the family business is still private financial affairs, not public ones.

  15. Gray-17 says:

    So… Politician’s breaking the law get a pass according to you? They shouldn’t be called to account for it?

  16. Corey says:

    The argument that she has no right to engage in legislation because she is having trouble with financials is ludicrous. My family has had recent financial troubles recently as well but that does not mean we are not intelligent or incapable of running our business. Times are just hard and everyone in our industry is suffering. I am still capable of giving advice and making intelligent insights despite the fact that I’m broke. I think the senator is wrong about game legislation but I also think that has no relation to her ability to pay off a vacation home. If anything this proves she is honest as many politicians would likely resort to using public funds to pay off an overdue mortgage.  

  17. TJLK says:

    Are you serious GP?  Come on…  This story is lame.  Why would you sink to this level?

    "oooo she smoked pot in office…."  Dumb.  I must say this might be the most pathetic story I’ve read on GP.  Anyone who thinks that this is a legitimate concern is lame too.  Grow up.

  18. black manta says:

    More proof that politicians have no business legislating morality.  As more often than not, they’ve got skeletons in their own closets.

  19. Corey says:

    Although politicians and celebrities lives are part of the public record, there was no point in GP running this story. This is the kind of sensationalist story that gets regulated to crap journalistic entities like Fox News and tabloid newspapers. GP has a right to run the story but I and quite a few others feel it was a sleazy move to do so. I just thought GP was above this sort of thing. I guess I was wrong. 

  20. Grombar ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Come on, man. This kind of personal crap doesn’t have anything to do with games, or with anything but the dirtiest kind of politics.

    You know I respect your work, Dennis, but this ought to be beneath you.

  21. Joel Why ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Sorry, but this is a pointless story.  I don’t like video game legislation, but this hardly an argument against the proposed bill.  Leave the silly, personal attacks to the politicians!

  22. GameDevMich says:

    @Artifex – Well said.

    The points made consisting of "If she can’t take care of her life, how do we expect her to fair better as a political official?" are valid to an extent.

    When compared to a certain (former) NY official who "loves some hooker lovin," this example is not nearly as ironic or drenched in hypocracy as some let on.  I don’t think this falls into the classic politician "Do as I say, and not as I do" routine.

    I think this is closer to a future scenario:

    Politician: "Here’s my new anti-game legislation proposal!"

    To which one would respond : "…Ok. Next on the agenda…"

  23. Loudspeaker says:

    Ok wait a second, time out here…

    If I was caught, admitted to, or convicted of posessing, smoking pot I’d be fired on the spot for having poor judgement and the inability to perform my job duties.  Why is it a politician is held to lower standards?

    Do I agree that smoking marijuana should be illegal?  No.  However, that doesn’t change the fact that currently it is in the United States.  A government official who is in the business of creating laws should be held accountable for breaking those same laws.  If she feels there’s nothing wrong with the use of pot then why doesn’t she push to have the law changed?  She IS an elected official.

    On that note the big thing I picked up from the Wilmington-Star news article was this quote:

    In her message, Boseman did not directly address the drug claim but acknowledged past behavior that she said she has put behind her.

    "The truth is that years ago when I was going through a difficult time and my relationship was ending, I did things I am not proud of," she said. "After deep personal reflection and professional help, those days are behind me, and I rededicated myself to my family and my work."

    Ok fair enough.  I can relate to times in my own life I’d like to just erase because of how horrible things turned out due to variables beyond my control.  However, she’s keep this focused purely on her personal life.  Does this mean she’s claiming her personal life had zero impact on her professional life and the decisions she made there?  Were those bills she pushed to regulate video games part of her difficult time?  Last I checked the line between my personal and professional life was deeply blurred as it is for most Americans since we take work home with us at one level or another.

    Now, for the whole defaulting on the mortgage bit.  That I’m giving a pass on since she is in a fight with her domestic partner.  Basically she’s going through a divorce which sucks.  I know, been there, done that, have the t-shirt to prove it.  As the article reveals the home was jointly owned and considering the current housing market it probably has a lower value than when they purchased it.  So, neither one wants to pay on it or claim ownership of it because it will mean extra debt.  Something the courts will work out no doubt.  That is indeed mudslinging to bring up something that many are going through right now.  This is definitely something that has nothing to do with her professional life.  Does it reflect on her ability to make financial decisions as Chris Dean, the chairman of the New Hanover County Republican Party suggests?  Not at all.  Honestly it makes the mortgage and economic crisis a reality for Ms. Boseman.

    All in all here’s my take.  If Ms. Boseman comes forward and says she’s for the legalization of marijuana then her using it is null and void in my book.  If she doesn’t then it is a point against her.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  24. Derovius says:

     What one does in their personal life has no bearing on how society should conduct itself. Don’t get me wrong, I find the notion of legislated video games very heavy handed, but what a backer of said bill does when they are not in session has no bearing on its legitimacy what so ever. Now, if she took a j-break in the middle of session, or got caught like some high school kid in the washroom, than it might be a little more relevant.

  25. Bperry says:

    Yeah, I cant see how her personal issues pertain to her games legislation. This is news for general news but I’m not sure It belongs on "Games" politics. Lets attack this legislative effort on the its values, not the deficiencies of the creators.

  26. cullarn says:

    at the risk of being rude i can see the other side of the argument

    if she cant even run her own life properly what business does she have trying to control what the rest of us see

  27. Artifex says:

    @At everyone "OK" with home forclosure and smoking weed. Calling this article mudslinging.

    This isn’t about dredging up old issues just to smear a politician, and her problems are not limited to just financial problems and using an ILLEGAL drug. (Yeah, it may be silly, but it’s still illegal.) Read the AP and Wilmington Star article, and think about the larger implications of the outstanding facts.

    Everyone is human and makes mistakes (even government officials) and as long as those mistakes don’t impact your work or are easily fixed, that’s fine. However, this isn’t just a couple problems that are easily fixed, there are larger issues that GP hasn’t listed in the article and they are ongoing.

    Ultimately, it’s about corruption of a person in a position of power, and a senator trying to legislate responsibility into people’s lives while having little of their own. I wouldn’t accept this Senator representing me for ANY law or bill, let alone anything regarding videogames.

  28. Gray-17 says:

    She’s up for reelection, and we have no reason to believe she won’t try to legislate games again given she’s tried twice now. That’s why this is relevant.

  29. lostboy says:

    Ghost Coins said it by far the best.  Suffice to add I agree with the majority here that the article is irrelevant and uncalled-for mudslinging, and it detracts from GP’s credibility.

  30. Gray-17 says:

    People, the thing is she’s an elected official. Therefore by default her "private" life is of interest to the public in cases where it would possibly affect her work. Use of illegal drugs and poor financial planning are things that can affect her job performance, and they certainly call into question her judgement. Given that it’s an election year, it’s definitely something worth considering. If she’s got decent answers for questions regarding these problems, fine; if she doesn’t, do people really want to reelect her?

    It’s relevant to us from the standpont that she’s sponsored videogame legislation in the past. Therefore things that could affect her reelection is likely to be of some interest to some of us.

  31. Eville1NSI ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    While I agree that this doesn’t have anything to do with video games I can’t help but laugh that she has a problem with weed. It brings to mind Half Baked.


    "You in here for some Marijuana? I’ve sucked dick for coke. Have you ever sucked dick for Marijuana?"

    (I Seen him!)


    "Um, no, no I haven’t."


    If you can’t be a responsible consumer then don’t consume.

    Aside from that, this story belongs on Fox or CNN.

  32. nightwng2000 says:

    I sort of agree as well.  Though I won’t condemn GP for following the story that originated in mainstream media.

    I’m not a fan of the use of "recreational drugs" or their legalization of them.  But, clearly, it has no bearing on what is or is not appropriate media content.

    Nor is having financial difficulties.

    Neither issue can really be considered "hypocrisy" as some others are describing it because there is no real comparison.

    In fact, comparing financial difficulties to the video game bill is like saying video gamers who have financial difficulties must be having them BECAUSE of video games.

    Or using another familiar comparison that was used some time ago by a certain person who claimed that another member had heart problems because they played video games.  Remember that one?

    Frankly, I just don’t see the connection.  Now, if she said the state should pay for lots and lots of Rated XXX movies to be produced…


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  33. Red_Flag says:

    This is uncalled for, Dennis. What does her mortgage have to do with video games? What do her drug habits have to do with video games? That isn’t "hypocrisy" as far as video games are concerned. That is you being petty.

    I’m all for calling out politicians over misconduct, but this is not the forum to do so carte blanche. You’re spotlighting her personal problems because she targeted games. Fine. Then in the issue of fairness, and since it relates to video games, how about you tell us about any and all of Hal Halpin’s personal and family issues? Or yours?

  34. nightwng2000 says:

    I don’t agree with everything Julia Boseman stands for.  Especially the video games bill.

    But lets be honest, she isn’t one of the most vocal folks on this bill.  She isn’t jumping up and down screaming "protect the children!" like some politicians.

    From what I’ve seen, she hasn’t even tried to rush this bill through.  While it did get some political attention at one point, it simply ran out of time the first time around.  Showing that some things were far more important.

    I seem to recall that the first bill was, in fact, claimed to have been drafted, or at least co-drafted, by a certain Anti-First Amendment, Tin-Pot-Dictator-Wannabe, Demon-Pretender-To-The-Throne-Of-Heaven worshipping, dishonorable, unethical, bigoted, current lawyer from FL.  I don’t know if this second attempt at this bill is the exact same bill or not.  But I find it rather hilarious that Senator Boseman would accept squat from a bigot as the aforementioned individual.  Considering that she is one of those individuals that he is bigoted against.

    Senator Boseman has made some other interesting comments in the past regarding media, including regarding a bill another senator wanted passed that had something to do with the type of movies being produced in NC.  I think, but can’t remember for certain as it was last year or the year before, that it had to do with state assissted funding of movies.  She was opposed to the limitations in the bill and I recall her making some interesting comments about it.  Sadly, I can’t recall specifically what they were, but maybe Dennis or someone can locate them.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

  35. Corey says:

    One more thing. Using these actions to try to discredit her views on videogames is about the equivalent of Fox News using Obama’s lack of a flag pin to discredit his views on foreign policy. It is not illegal but I think it is unethical and hurts the credibility of this site when stories like this appear.

  36. Corey says:

    I also agree that GP got a bit out of hand with this story. This is a common fallacy that people use all the time especially in politics. GP has attacked this woman in a very personal manner when it should be debating the merits of her proposed ideas. It is not right to try and relate two unrelated things and call it hypocrisy. Smoking pot is not a major gripe in any video game I can think of. I also don’t believe this woman ever got up in front of a crowd and condemned GTA for pot smoking. It is even more unethical for GP to bring up this woman’s financial difficulties as that truly has nothing to do with her views on videogames. I’m sorry but I think Gamepolitics is seriously in the wrong here and should rethink how they present stories like this in the future as the headline appears to convey a lot of hostility. We already have the facts and the law on our side, there is no need to start digging up dirt on every politician who has a problem with videogames. Especially for infractions as minor as this. 

  37. Overcast says:

    So bascially – she’s pretty much a normal person?

    I’m sure everyother politican just does a better job of hiding things, lol


  38. Mark says:

    I’m slightly confused.

    How do the current issues that this lady are facing directly impact Games and/or the legislation of such?

    Is this a form of "Where are they now?" or something?

    Unless she’s planning on introducing more legislation on games, then I’m at a loss as to why this information is important…unless it’s a form of schadenfreude

  39. Jim Strathmeyer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So is not recycling and not coming to complete stops at stop signs.

  40. Sebastian says:

    And 40 years ago, Homosexuality was a crime.

    OK, it’s probably a bad idea for any member of the gouvernment to break any law whatsoever  – but just because something is illegal doesen’t mean it’s morally wrong.

  41. Brokenscope says:

    Fine smartass

    They bought a house using a MORTAGAGE they couldn’t afford, but in the end its the same god damned thing.

    They got a mortagage with little or no regard for their income and banks gave them the mortagage with little or no regard to their credit rating. It was a big gamble on the part of a whole lot of people, and in the end a whole lot of people lost that gamble.

    Not to mention, that I’ve never heard someone say, "We are mortgaging our first home" Instead most people say "We are buying our first home".

  42. Anonymous says:

    somewhere, ed mcmahon is schilling for nickels…

    be it $1.3 million or 130,000, everyone buys homes they can’t afford. that’s why they borrow from banks to pay for them you retard.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I think people should chill out and lay off Dennis. Besides, it’s not like he broke the story on this. He’s merely relating what was reported by the Associated Press.

  44. Gray-17 says:

    You know people, this ain’t an accusation by GP against her. This ain’t mudsliging to discredit her position. This is GamePolitics reporting "Anti-game legislator faces minor scandal ahead of November elections."

    Face facts people, once a politician drafts a law against something such as videogames (more than once no less) they and their career are inherently of some degree of interest to people that enjoy/are proponents of that something. Therefore things that may threaten their career are often worth reporting on. A minor scandal in an election year is one of those things.

    It doesn’t matter if their actions are hypocritical or not, or if it undermines points they’ve tried to make or not. If a politician decrying violence in games leaves office because he got caught going to prostitutes, it does not mean that he didn’t have a point about violence. It does however mean he is out of office.

    Senator Boseman’s actions have her facing some unpleasant questions in an election year, and ultimately that is what GP is reporting on.

  45. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Yeah, this is a little schoolyardish.

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large.

  46. Spellchk says:

    Well said.  I would have even been ok with the reporting on this story but I think its a bit uncalled for to point out she defaulted on her vacation home.  At least in the GP headline.  In my view it should have stoped at Smoked Pot.  Seemed petty is all.

  47. Ghost Coins ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I am kind of feeling the same thing GameDevMich and DeusPayne are.  While the hypocrisy is a touch delicious, the pointing of fingers over social drivel is a bit beneath us I would think.  The "Look, look, look-see-they-are-not-perfect-they-do x, y, and z-they-are-the same-if-not-worse-than-what-they-say-we -are" function, while semi-satisfying, does not really push the free-speech/video game agenda forward.  On the contrary, this story will, most likely, be seen as an arbitrary attack on one of the culture’s long standing opponents.  Instead of playing a good hand, we are tossing mud about.  If we are going to attack them, then on the principles of the free speech they hope to supress, defend the validity of video games as art, or, hell, point to the economic boon that developers bring to the area and why many states are beginning to offer tax breaks to lure them to their respective constituencies.  Point out that NC has done none of this, point out flaws in Senator Boseman’s logic, point to the stack of science that supports our side in the matter of video game violence.  Otherwise, I would shuffle this story in the continuum of relevance with one done on how many video games are getting swept away in the flooding that is occuring in the mid-west.

  48. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    You support game legislation? Well you also defaulted on your mortgage! Take that!

    Lame. Whatever though, not my blog.

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large.

  49. Gray-17 says:

    If they’re doing something off the job that might affect their work such as make them vulnerable to blackmail, or likely to be in court or prison, it’ll be of some interest to a person’s employer. An elected offical’s employer is the general public, therefore behavior that may impact their performance on the job will be of interest to the public.

  50. hellscaper ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The whole "smoked pot" thing is a little sensationalist, who cares what a person does off the job?

  51. JQuilty says:

    Lawlz. I don’t find smoking pot off the job to be anything bad, but I gotta laugh at the hypocracy.

  52. Sebastian says:

    You mean, like pollution through empty Twinkie wrappers and joint butts lying around everywhere? 😀

  53. Trails ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    all the gaming legislation I’ve seen is political gamesmanship, full stop.  While the senator is a douchebag for proposing this, wasting tax dollars, not confronting other, REAL issues, her personal problems are unrelated, imo.

    This one strikes me as mudslinging,  unneeded to make a (valid) point about video game legislation.

  54. Brokenscope says:

    offtopic time!

    Im sorry, you aren’t a victim of the mortgage crisis when you are defualting on a 1.3 million dollar home located on the coast. Unless you have had some major financial crisis, you bought a house you damn well knew you couldn’t afford.

  55. Adam Christ says:

    she thinks game legislation best serves her constituents, so you attack her for being one of the millions of victims of the mortgage crisis?   maybe her kids have bad grades in school, can we post those too?  and the weed smoking – that’s certainly an area where gamers can claim the high ground.

    shame on you.  this is a great site and it needs to avoid the needless mudslinging to stay that way.

  56. Voligne the Archon says:

    I hate mudslinging, in any situation for any reason, lets listen to the lady and leave her personal life out of this, as we like to say, we control what goes on in our house.

  57. L42yB says:

    I agree… mud slinging is unneccessary and irrelevant to the facts.  I don’t see how her being irresponsible with her money or smoking pot changes anything….

    — mostly harmless

  58. Brokenscope says:

    Hmm, did she claim that videogames glorify drugs?

    on the other hand, elected officials should know better than to break the law (Regardless of how stupid the  law is).

  59. Shoehorn O'Plenty says:

    I don’t believe it’s mudslinging. It’s pointing out the hypocracy and idiocy of this woman.

    I imagine her video game bills were introduced as a kind of "save teh childrens!" ploy to look good for all the soccer moms out there, yet her personal life was in bad shape which had nothing to do with video games at all.

    Her problems stemmed from a drug addiction and relationship troubles it seems, but how many bills has she sponsored to assist any of those things? I’m guessing none.


  60. E. Zachary Knight says:

    At least we now know what her motivation was to write those bills. She was high at the time.

    But I personnally, I don’t really enjoy mud slinging either. It is kind of pointless. Unless someone has done something so bad that it would interfere with their career. Although drug possesion is a felony I believe.

    E. Zachary Knight


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  61. DeusPayne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m going to go ahead and assume that she didn’t have the 1.5oz that is needed in NC to be a felony. Regardless, NC is even one of the states that has started to decriminalize personal use of marijuana. NC even has an active hemp industry.

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