Resident Evil 5 Race Controversy Resurfaces

While the issue of race in the trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 5 has received no small share of attention in recent months, it continues to spark outrage among some members of the black community.

On Your Black Writers today, Tolu Olorunda takes exception to the RE5 trailer:

What I witnessed [in the RE5 trailer] was nerve-wrecking, painful, mind-numbing and heart-racing… It wasted no time in capitalizing upon the long history of blatant depictions of Africans as savages and helpless imbeciles. The trailer featured a Caucasian male mutilating African villages, along with Africans. With the not-so ancient history of colonialism and neo-colonialism in Africa, the issue of racial insensitivity and indifference must be brought to the centerfold…

Olorunda also raises the issue of under-representation of African-Americans in the video game industry:

The Video Game industry is one which has profited immensely from the casualty of black on black hostility. Notable products of its faculty include, “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” “Def Jam: Icon” and “Grand Theft Auto.” This $10 billion market owes the majority of its inspiration to the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers…


A 2005 survey suggests that Blacks constitute 2% of the demographic makeup of Game Developers, with Latinos making 2.5%. How ironic is it, that this reality does very little to punctuate the disproportionate consumption of video game products by Black and Brown teenagers…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    so only people who attack America are considered terrorists?

    I’m pretty sure it’s not what you meant, but it is what you said

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually, "Playing the (whatever) card" is an expression that a person uses a certain situation or condition to get the "trump" on others.  It comes from card games.  It usually means you are going for an easy victory instead of actually playing a winning hand because of some quirk of fate in your favor.  It can be anything, age (old or young), race, nationality, disability, lack of disability, association or any combination of personal issues. 

  3. Artifex says:


    A single lioness can take down a fully grown cape buffalo, hungry or not. So I’d like to see any human being (badass or not) try to "smack" an +500 pound lion running at full speed toward them and "discourage" the lion without becoming dinner for the lion.

  4. BlackIce, Dragunov Marksman ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You appear to have no idea what Terrorists actually are. In CoD4, the Arabs aren’t Terrorists. They are, or were, a state Army. You know, like the Iraqi Army was before we made the mistake of invading.

    You could call them Terrorists if they actually attacked US Soil with intent to kill civilians, but they didn’t. So, they’re not Terrorists.

  5. Verbinator ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "Playing the race card" means someone going for an emotional, rather than rational reaction from the audience. It is typically played when someone’s position may be strengthened by making someone look like a victim of racism or racist motives … when in fact race has nothing to do with the situation … only that one person involved is of one race and the other is of another.

    Classic recent examples: The O.J. Simpson trial. The outcome had nothing to do with his guilt or innocence, just that he was a black man being victimized by a racist white judicial system. The Duke rape case is a more recent case. The student athletes were rich and white. The alleged victim was black and poor. The District Attorney and the media played the race card to convince the public … for a while, that these young men had raped a girl working her way through college.

  6. jonwanker says:

    Soooooo shooting black zombies is racist, but shooting Arab terrorists isn’t? Not that I mind, I love COD4, but doesn’t the same logic apply? In fact, there is a stronger argument that COD4 protrays a racial and religious stigma against Muslims and Arabs.

    RE:5 — Not set in Africa. Only inferred symbolic referrence to historical injustices. Nothing in the plot of the game or series is offensive, only the image is. Not killing black people — killing black zombies; also not because they’re black, but because they are zombies. Created by the Japanese.

    COD4 — Set in ‘unspecified Islamic Arab state’ (implying that all Arabs/Muslims are radical Islamic Terrorists); involves the triggering of a nuclear weapon obtained from the Russians by the leader of a terrorist organisation when the Americans are poised to complete their invasion (Saddam/Osama reference here — remember the speculation during the invasion that Saddam might trigger a nuke in a last ditch effort to repell the US invasion?? Of course, the leader then goes into hiding and a massive search is conducted by special forces and intelligence personnel, only this time they find him). Could also be an allusion to Iran.

    Does not referrence the long and complex history of radical Islam extremism, nor the history of US/Western foreign policy during the Cold War. Reduces the conflict to merely one of the evil Muslim/Arab terrorist along with the evil Russian ‘soviet throwback’ nationalist hating the west (which has done nothing wrong and stands for the good and ‘freedom’) and throwing off nukes.


    But then again, IT’S JUST A FUCKING GAME.

  7. Chadachada says:

    I live near Detroit…those "sweeping generalizations" are almost spot on. It’s sad, that most of Detroit is black, and most of Detroit is desolate, "gangsta" and just plain bad. If I went strolling through Detroit by myself, odds are I’d be at least yelled at for being white, but there’s a chance I’d be mugged (or worse).

    My dad grew up in Detroit, went to school in the uptown. He got threatened fairly often, sometimes at knifepoint, all for being white.

    Just saying

  8. TheStripe says:

     So, because of Jim Crowe laws, I’m justified in running away from my family?

    Sounds like a piss-poor excuse to me.  In fact, if I thought the government was cracking down on me for the color of my skin, I’d probably be forced closer to my family, you know, strength in solidarity, and all that? 

    While I don’t believe that every person of color is a family deserter, and every deserted parent is a deadbeat, the generalization solely serves to illustrate an all too common scenario.  Polite suggestions that men of all colors need to accept the responsibility of where they put their penises generally go unheard. 

  9. Burke ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You would require training and a hell of a reaction time/reflexes, because a pouncing lion is gonna be really really fast.. Or failing which, immense luck…

  10. s says:

     C: Dodge and smack it with my butt stock to discourage it and make it go away because I’m a badass.  Lions are not zombies so they can be reasoned without killing them.  A hungrey lion will give up if it figures your to tough to other with.

  11. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well, one could point a finger to years of institutional racism.

    But, ultimately personal accountability *is* pretty important.

    I would say that your sweeping generalizations don’t bode well for anyone respecting your opinion though.


  12. TheStripe says:

    Well, that and the fact that no one complained when Black fiddy’cen’ guns down dozens upon dozens of white police officers.  

    Remember, it’s only racism if the perpetrator is white. 

  13. TheStripe says:

     BIG cultural problems.  They can’t keep kids in the inner cities from burning the goddamned building down, let alone not destroying expensive equipment.  The problem with inner city schools is and always was bad parenting.  Men knock up their girlfriends then run for the hills.  Girls want to be able to go out and get drunk and get hair extensions and nail jobs, so the kid ends up at home unparented. Then everyone is surprised when it doesn’t know how to behave in polite public.  

    All of this is somehow white people’s fault.  Go figure.

  14. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "dramatic finger-pointing toward race (pulling the race card)"

    That changes the definition a little.  Is it realyl for gain, or it just pointing out the racial contexts of an item? 🙂

    Further, I think saying that race is irrelevant in video games is like saying race is irrelevant in movies, or Television.  I think any storytelling medium can be considered in terms of racial content, which is a matter of being right or wrong, good or bad.  Just another level of analysis.

    Now certainly, he errors on indicating some level of disdain for the game without full game experience (which no one has).  But the issues he has with the trailer are very tangible, given context. 

    I think that’s the issue I’ve had here.  The argument from many detractors seems to be that race shouldn’t be an issue with this trailer at all.  But given what happens in the trailer, (one can’t say for the game), but the indications from the trailer lean toward the ideas of othering and some racially uneasy imagery.

    Sure, to condemn all parties is ridiculous.  But to discount this guy because he’s "pulling the race card" seems like a quick way to say "he’s talking about race where i don’t see it, he can’t be right, so I won’t try to understand it and see where he’s coming from".  Which I think would happen regardless of the topic he’s discussing.

  15. Xlorep DarkHelm says:

    Ironically, Spaniards aren’t classified as "latino" or "hispanic", which is a term often used for Central and South American people that usually speak spanish (or in Brazil’s case, Portugese). No… the Spaniards themselves are actually Caucasian.

    "I’m not responcabel fer my comuter’s spleling errnors." — Xlorep DarkHelm

  16. Dark Sovereign says:

    The inner city has cultural problems. Funding them just won’t help all that much. A little, sure, but not all thta much.

  17. Artifex says:

    Pulling the ‘race card’ when it is uncalled for is much like pulling a ‘godwin’ when the comparison is uncalled for, it’s such an extremist and weak way to make an argument that it makes a person sound silly for making the argument in the first place.

    So, It isn’t that the issue of race is being brought up on a blog dedicated to racial bias (imagined or not). It has much more to do with dramatic finger-pointing toward race (pulling the race card) as a sole reason for outrage in a context where it is irrelevant (videogames), with the single purpose to charge an argument that is fundamentally flawed (because white zombies in an African setting just doesn’t make any sense, among other issues).

    Not just because race is normally discussed on that blog.

    It’s one thing for a person to say that they have a problem with the depiction of a race in a videogame trailer without any exterior context, and share their concerns in a rational and level headed manner, etc… but to immediately cry ‘omg racists!’ and condemn not only the game, but its creators and all those who aren’t equally offended as well, is ridiculous to say the least.


    ed: fixed sp/formating

  18. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    So in a blog where he regularly talks about race, "he’s pulling the race card " when he discusses race as perceived in a video game trailer?

  19. Tom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "As far as the composition of the video game industry by race. Well … so? There is no race barrier in game development. But there is and always has been an ability and passion for the craft barrier. Everyone regardless of age, gender, race, preferences, etc. has to get past that.  No one in the industry says "You’re black or brown, you’re not working for my company." But you do have to be smart, motivated, clever, talented, trained, and tried under fire to work and stay working in games."

    There may be no race barrier in game development as an industry but the underlying issue is access to the education, technology and opportunties required to break into the industry.  To that end I would love to see inner city schools or schools in poor neighbourhoods offering more computer programming or computer art classes to allow people who might not otherwise have access to the tools the opportunity to get started in the industry.  The Hollywood, mass-media version of the inner city is, I would imagine, very different from the reality and it would be a good thing to give people more tools to tell the real story.

  20. Pinworm says:

    These days, I have more sympathy for the racist cause then for the victums-of-racism cause. I’m sick of this shit.

  21. the1jeffy says:


    The activist parade marches again, adding much in the way of dis-information and hysteria, and adding nothing in the way of dealing with real race issues that exist.

    ~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

  22. ronnoc ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

     The racism charge is rather uncalled for, but he has a point: "It wasted no time in capitalizing upon the long history of blatant depictions of Africans as savages and helpless imbeciles."

     Both this game and Far Cry 2 are set in Africa, which I am excited about, but they don’t present the best picture of Africa.  Of course, I dont’ think any video game makes the place it is set look good…

  23. Dark Sovereign says:

    Typically, it’s the use of race to gain some advantage or to disadvantage an opponent. For instance, many of Obama’s supporters use racism to justify people going against Obama or use his race to justify voting for him (in my experience, the Europeans and the New York Times are the most guilty).

  24. Anonymous says:


    The Video Game industry is one which has profited immensely from the casualty of black on black hostility. Notable products of its faculty include, “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” “Def Jam: Icon” and “Grand Theft Auto.” This $10 billion market owes the majority of its inspiration to the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers…

    wow.. ok correct me if im wrong but isnt the only one being racist here the writer of the article. Surely suggesting GTA and those other games, and hence crime, guns, murder are results of ‘the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers ‘ is like somehow trying to say those criminal situations are uniquely ‘black’ which lets face it, they arent. ANYONE can shoot a gun. The colour of your skin doesnt affect your ability to pull a trigger.

    The only things in RE5 he picks up on are that ‘The trailer featured a Caucasian male mutilating African villages, along with Africans’ . THATS WHAT HE SELECTIVELY CHOOSES TO SEE! again, who is the racist? The creators for making a ZOMBIE GAME (thats already had 5 previous iterations (including Zero) set in spain, and america filled with hispanics, and whites and other races), or the journalist who sees it as a ‘Caucasian male mutilating African villages, along with Africans’ . He is not KILLING ‘AFRICANS’ he is KILLING ZOMBIES AND MUTANTS.

    In THIS iteration of the resident evil series the virus/parasites just HAPPEN to be inhabiting the bodies of african males, WHICH IS A GOOD  AND JUSTIFIED  DESIGN CHOICE IF THE GAME IS SET IN AN AFRICAN VILLAGE! how absolutely STUPID would it look if the majority of the inhabitants of the african village were made white? seriously. IT would look completely stupid and make ooh ZERO sense. Oh and then of course the designers would be accused of not wanting to portray black in a video game and replacing them with whites as blacks ‘are second class’ or something. God this gets me SO mad.

    FFS if the trailer showed a white zombie and a black zombie, and the protagonist shakes hand with the white zombie and pats him on the back and then shoots the black zombie, in every encounter of the trailer, then fair enough, he may have a point. but im PRETTY DAMNED SURE chris redfield would shoot ANY RACE of zombie/mutant equally quickly if it was lurching forward to take a chunk out of him. In fact if it ever happened to me you can be DAMNED sure id do the SAME THING.

    It cant be discrimination if every race of zombie (through 5 games) has been treated equally. how can that POSSIBLY be discrimination against  ‘black’ zombies. GEEZ this whole idea is completely ridiculous.




    "With the not-so ancient history of colonialism and neo-colonialism in Africa, the issue of racial insensitivity and indifference must be brought to the centerfold…"

    NO IT MUSTN’T AT ALL!  I cannot disagree any more with this statement. WHY must it be brought to the centrefold??? seriously.WHY?

     Im not trivialising black history here but this ISNT a black history lesson in a game box, its a GAME. Its not meant to be anything about ‘black people’ as a race, or a comment on ‘black people’ being savages or whatever. Its meant to be a GAME about hordes of zombies and trying to survive the horror. THATS WHY ITS CALLED SURVIVAL HORROR. T

    he only stereotyping is that you are a human who wants to survive, and THEY arent and want to kill you( and for the record when i say THEY i mean Zombies, not black people/africans/ whatever. Just so no1can misread what im saying, because apparently it has to be written in BIG WRITING like a disclaimer for some people who are obsessed with skin colour, perhaps they should stamop it over everything in big red ink stamps just to make it clear. Or is choosing red Colourist to green and blue and would they get bad press for that?)

    Just because a game CONTAINS something, doesnt mean its promoting or degrading it. Havent we learned that with the video game violence debate? A game can contain any race it wants to it doesnt necessarily MEAN anything. Why cant it just be a zombie game that happens to be set in africa and therefore features the indigenous race of that country. Seems reasonable to me.

     But then again, i see people first then skin colour second. Shame the journalist cannot.


  25. digipen89 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I feel the people calling it racist are in fact being a little bit racist themselves. I didn’t see it as me killing white people in 0-3 + spinoffs, or killing Spaniads in 4 and I won’t see it as killing African’s in 5. I see it as there’s a crud load of zombies trying to kill me and it’s me or them. They could be white,black,yellow, purple, orange, gray, I don’t care. If someone is trying to kill me I’m going to fight back.

    I didn’t think the Africans displayed in the RE5 trailers were portrayed as dumb. Also, there have been non-white characters in Resident Evil before. Ada Wong, Carlos Oliveira, these characters were shooting white zombies.

  26. Chris100185 says:

    It’s all BS. Where was the controversey from the Spanish Community for RE4. And I’d be lynched if I complained that you can only kill white people in the first 3 RE games. From what we’ve seen The game takes place in Africa tribal villages , Surprisngly enough most of the zombies(or whatever they’re calling them in this one) are of African decent. It would look a bit ridiculous if we run into these villages and there’s a bunch of rich looking caucasion guys sitting around drinking tea.

  27. Mad_Scientist says:

    The blog doesn’t mention a source for the 2005 survey of game developer demographics, but I’m curious whether that survey involved the world wide game industry, or just North America. Cause if it was world wide, Japan would kind of skew the results a bit. Not that the number of Black or Hispanic developers would be very high even if that was the case, but it would make something of a difference.

  28. KayleL says:

    Does anybody know the episode of South Park when there was a debate about changing the South Park flag? The flag was racist because it’s a bunch of white stick people watching a black stick figure being hanged. Many kids were so not racist that they didn’t see that it was a black stick person being hang, all they see is just a person being hanged.

    The message of the episode was that many people became so anti-racist that themselves are racist by making a image look racist. That’s how I fell about this topic.

    When we play Def Jam, or Grand Theft Auto, we don’t care that we are playing as a black criminal, we just want to play as a criminal. I hate his choose of racist game examples.

    Def Jam: Icon is full of black people because Def Jam is a hip-hop label company, which is full of black artists. Grand Theft Auto is full of white people. There are italian, russian, cuban, american, etc. It wasn’t till San Andreas there really started to use black people as criminals. If anything GTA is pro-black.

    The problem that really boils my blood is not the bloggers that calls RE5 racist, it’s some of the gamers response. Some of them are using such strong racist terms against bloggers which in the end, proves their point.

  29. cppcrusader says:

    Wow, we almost made it three months before another "random guy with a blog who missed the boat the first 3 or 4 times around" posts the same kneejerk reaction with little thought or research beforehand.

    Say GP, any chance of getting next and previous story buttons on the article pages like before?

  30. Anonymous says:

    I can understand a certian amount of outrage on this honestly, though it would be nice if these people would bother to read in a little on these sort of things than just see "WHITE MAN SHOOTING A BLACK MAN! IT’S RACISM!!!!!". For goodness sake, the game is in africa and about "zombies" it’s not portraying all african amercians as being zombies. It’s a game about killing ZOMBIES which are trying to eat your face off. It has nothing to do with the color of their damn skin.  And I agree with JimK, some of these ‘activists’ are so pronouncedly towards their side that they are indeed being racist towards white people. I’m not saying white people didn’t do bad things in the past mind you but for god sake but just continuing the cycle of hate and hurt doesn’t solve a damn thing.

  31. DeusPayne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I love the "they took no time capitalizing" line. So… the first 4 games… plus all the spinoffs, was all just a precurser for the japanese developers to spew radical racial hatred. Perhaps GP should start adding ‘Conspiracy Theory’ tags.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I am nerve-wrecked, pained, mind-numbed and my heart is racing that this person is trying to perpetuate hate and race-mongering by writing the article.

    I’m just so tired of everyone looking for a reason to be offended. The world isn’t perfect, get over it.

  33. Mark K says:

    What he fails to mention is that 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Def Jam: Icon were games whose development was driven by African Americans. 50 Cent was heavily involved in Bulletproof, and defended it against outcries from political and parents organizations over the game’s violence. Def Jam included the likenesses and voices of many of Def Jam’s stable of artists, and the IP (afaik) is licensed to EA, not owned by them.

    It seems disingenious to pull the race card and cry foul over a pair of games that were the product of African American involvement on a high level.

    And I also find it ironic that the author ridiculous the games industry for only 2.5 % of them being latino, yet makes no mention of "los ganados" from Resident Evil 4, Spaniards who are behaving almost exactly as the Africans are in this trailer. I guess white-on-hispanic violence is acceptable, but not white-on-black?

  34. StealthKnight says:

    Their were more white guys in this trailer then the origional, which had only one.  I don’t think we need to complain anymore, because it looks like it will be hard to not run into a white zombie in this game. Better yet, we have a black woman a main character! these guys will not have to worry about racism being in the game.

  35. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    That doesn’t make sense, since he’s talkign about depictions of the trailer,and how that made him feel/react.  Previous context or not, the trailer shows what it shows, and people see it however their personal context affords them to.

  36. Dark Sovereign says:

    Kind of? Also, Europe would likely schew (sp?) the results to. Not as badly as Japan, but still.

  37. Tom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    First, this issue is dead and buried.  Second, the blogger (please don’t call them a journalist) who wrote that post is being an idiot and being so sensationalistic that it would bring a tear of pride to Rupert Murdoch’s evil red eye.

    Let’s look at the shining beacon of stupidity:

    "The Video Game industry is one which has profited immensely from the casualty of black on black hostility. Notable products of its faculty include, “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” “Def Jam: Icon” and “Grand Theft Auto.” This $10 billion market owes the majority of its inspiration to the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers…"

    First off, "profited immensely" is a questionable phrase at best, something he would know if he did a modicum of research.  The only game mentioned that would fall into the category of "immensely profitable" would be GTA.  Anyone with any knowledge of video games would know that the GTA games take satirical aim at all segments of the population, not just the "tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers."  Then suggesting that the market is inspired by the culture of gang violence?  That’s not only ignorant, it’s willfully disregarding facts and reality.

    Tolu Olorunda is, on this matter, completely divorced from reality.

    There is legitimacy to the claims that the image of a white man gunning down an African village echoes realities that are, for some Africans, not far in the past however for the gamer generation white on black African violence is almost unknown when compared to black on black violence.  While colonialism created scars that may never heal it is disengenous to propogate the "white devil" stereotype as the source of all ill when the violence currently occuring in Africa is black on black

  38. Verbinator ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "Damn the video game industry for victimizing white people by making games about the tragic decisions of other white people." 

    That pretty much covers the entire history of video games up until someone decided it would be OK to put people of color in the games … as either heroes or villains.

    As far as the composition of the video game industry by race. Well … so? There is no race barrier in game development. But there is and always has been an ability and passion for the craft barrier. Everyone regardless of age, gender, race, preferences, etc. has to get past that.  No one in the industry says "You’re black or brown, you’re not working for my company." But you do have to be smart, motivated, clever, talented, trained, and tried under fire to work and stay working in games.

    I think the only games this author plays are ones with "race cards" in them (as in "he played the race card.").




  39. GrimCW ( User Karma: -3 ) says:

    "The Video Game industry is one which has profited immensely from the casualty of black on black hostility. Notable products of its faculty include, “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” “Def Jam: Icon” and “Grand Theft Auto.” This $10 billion market owes the majority of its inspiration to the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers…"


    so wait… its racist to depict the people in the games as young black and brown people, but its also racist to base games off violent situations that black and brown people commit to?

    isn’t it also racist to assume its ONLY black and brown people making these "tragic Decisions"?

    whelp, i’m convinced this persons another uninformed idiot looking for a cheap 5 minute fame moment…


  40. NovaBlack. ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

     how stupid  is  it  to pick apart zombies by race.

    I mean look at it this way. Take this similar scenario:

    -Your in a field.

    -A wild lion runs toward you agressively growling with a sign on it saying ‘not been fed in 2 weeks, wil eat you’

    – you have a loaded gun.

    Do you:

    a) shoot at the lion, its dangerous, because ITS A LION (you dont need to think any further than that) and you need to protect yourself

    b) put the gun down, and forget that this is a lion, and instead sit and ponder what particular SPECIES(race) of lion this is, as that may somehow change your opinion of the lion running toward you with its jaws inches away from your head, and rather than shoot sit there and cover yourself in bbq sauce and lay on a dish whilst you sit and think.

  41. Tom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    More so then any other form of media, video games are based on conflict so they’re either going to be set in areas where conflict makes sense – like Africa or the Middle East – or where we have a cultural expectation of conflict even if reality contradicts it – like New York.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Resident Evil 2 had blakc zombies. That alone should make his arugment invalid.


  43. Canary Wundaboy says:

    All the journalist has proved here that HE is in fact the racist one.

    Everyone here has seen past the skin colour on show, he’s the one placing such importance on it and demanding that it be brought to the fore.

  44. Andrew says:

    I don’t know if anybody has mentioned this but the main character in RE5 has a partner who is a BLACK WOMAN! I guess they’ll claim next that the partner shooting black zombies perpetuates "black on black violence".

  45. NovaBlack. ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    LOL awesome point some1 on the article made:


    Actually, due to the parasite causing the zombification rather than the traditional virus,  the spanish and african "zombies" in the latest resident evil games have been smarter than the white ones in the earlier Resident Evil’s. Is Capcom being racist against whites by saying that they are dumber?


    Hahaha. Totally true, and a good point considering that one of the writers main objections is the africans being portrayed as ‘imbeciles’.

    I wonder if once he finds this out he will write another article asking capcom to dumb down the african zombies as its not fair to discriminate against the other races by saying blacks are cleverer. I think not.

  46. BlindReaper says:

    I completely agree. Resident Evil could never be considered a racist game. I’ve played through all seven of them and this is the only Resident Evil were the zombies are not of Caucasian decent. Before you assume that Capcom is a racist company you should first look into the games past. Due to the content of the previous Resident Evil titles it is absurd to consider Resident Evil 5 as being a racist game.

  47. Saratoga says:

    If you think that people who get offended by a video game is why racism exists then you are a total moron.  Somehow I don’t think the KKK and other racists are sitting around playing Resident Evil and talking about the video game politics at their meetings.  

  48. Anonymous says:

    How many historical injustices can you name off the top of YOUR head? 100,000? Maybe 2,000,000?
    Hypocrite. If you can’t be bothered to remember all of them, don’t expect anyone to remember the ones you think are important.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Ah yes, we should learn how to ignore everyone’s differences and pretend like historical injustices never happened and deny their lasting effects…  If we just pretend like racism doesn’t exist, it won’t!  Because you know, denial and wish fulfillment actually change reality.

    And of course, in the meantime, any negative generalizations we make about all the members of an entire race is really just their own fault.  I mean it’s not like our thoughts and actions are our own responsibilities or anything.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t know that people called geniuses "fucktards". Is that common from where you come from?

  51. Mech ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    No, not complaing, but finding racism where there isn’t any and spreading racist sentiments. You know how racism will ceases to exist? When those racist sentiments stop being taught to people. With the world now becoming a global community, as long as people don’t learn racist ideals from other people, they likely won’t have many, or any at all. This person has likely created more racists by this article then he would have if he had not wrote it at all. How sad is THAT?

  52. Haggard ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yeah, when I hear people complaining about racism my first response is to whip out the KKK hood and slap on the swastika armband.

  53. james_gatz says:

     The author makes an excellent point. The image of a white man killing savage Africans plays into the perpetuation of racist stereotypes in the media. It’s unrealistic that the game creators wanted to produce a racist game on purpose, or have some racist agenda, but you’re blind if you don’t see how racially insensitive the trailer is. 

    All of these critical comments are absolutely breaking my heart. If Capcom created RE5 in a world where all people–Whites, Blacks, men, women–were portrayed equally in video games, then there might be some justification in defending RE5. I would say the same if Black people produced RE5. 

    But we don’t live in that world. We’re not even close to living in a post-racist society! And somehow I imagine Black people don’t make up 10% of the CEOs of video game companies. 


  54. lovemygames says:

    Why do people have to do this!?? I just wanna play the game. This is my favorite game series. I never thought that people would actually make a big deal out of this game. There is no reason. PERIOD! People are just being selfish!

  55. sampatz says:

    It’s amazing how people can get hurt from such a mundane thing.  The game was made in Japan which has like 90 percent Japanese people as the majority.  I don’t think anyone in the Resident Evil devolopement team said "God I hate Africans, let’s make a game where we kill them,"  I’ve seen the interveiws where someone from capcom said they wanted to have a cradle of life theme and that there might be a connection from Billy from Resident Evil 0.  Calm down people I dought Chris Redfeild wants my son to hunt black/african people.

  56. sampatz says:

    It’s amazing how people can get hurt from such a mundane thing.  The game was made in Japan which has like 90 percent Japanese people as the majority.  I don’t think anyone in the Resident Evil devolopement team said "God I hate Africans, let’s make a game where we kill them,"  I’ve seen the interveiws where someone from capcom said they wanted to have a cradle of life theme and that there might be a connection from Billy from Resident Evil 0.  Calm down people I dought Chris Redfeild wants my son to hunt black/african people.

  57. PenTa says:

    y the heck does he bother with 50 Cent: Bulletproof? Just as i was over the trauma… It ain’t a game, its a frisbee…

  58. Timmeh says:

    So, after lots of years of videogames wherein totally NO black protagonists were seen (i find thát something racist), a game (San Andreas) comes up with a black protagonist, and in the game you’re able to kick everyones ass, including black people, its all about black on black violence? Well, fuck you.

  59. Anonymous says:

    oh God, shut-up you silly idiots! Don’t you see it’s a promotional trap? Do you honestly think the producers of this game didn’t foresee the "outraged" rection. Anyone remeber Manhunt? Any publicity is good publicity – even so-called "negative" publicity.

    Sales for this game’ll go through the roof, guarnteed.

  60. Razielkain7 says:

    Ok so when is Jesse Jackson getting his copy to beta test.  The last few months leading to this games release is going to be interesting.  I also think Michelle Obama and Al Sharpton should have their own reserved time at the demo booth at TGS 08.  Am I racist, no. But those three make money by telling the rest of the world that you are.  This guy is such a weabos.


  61. Anonymous says:

    So…..basically Tolu Olorunda is an absolute fuking retard without a leg to stand on. Good! So when is the game released?




  62. Alix says:

    Having played the game myself at E3, I actually thought it was pretty retarded how they decided to "handle" the situation by just throwing in some lighter-skinned people with crappy AI. I just don’t see how this game is being racist, it’s not like Chris Redfield is running through the scenes screaming racist comments and brutally killing who ever comes at him. People are freaking out for no reason, this game is no different than the others in the series.

  63. NolliesAngel says:

    wow…..this guy…….wow…… I can honestly say I am amazed at the lack of……how the hell do i comment on this rubbish… *shakes head and walks away* rediculous…… 

  64. Anonymous says:

    I am sick of this shit.

    As an black American, I am tired of other so called proud black Americans making ridiculous complaints. They went too far this time. This is by the must fucktarded argument against a game. Honestly, a lot of black Americans like the Resident Evil franchise and the intelligent ones that know the difference between racism and game backstory look forward to it.

    Would you shut the fuck up already? Thanks to you, idiotic white people who think they have an excuse to be racist because of dumbass statements made by people like you are given more ammo. Honestly you and them need to be put on a fucking island an bombed insanely.

    To the guy that wrote the blog:

    You aren’t smart. You aren’t an ambassador for the injustices of African Americans on video games. You aren’t pointing out racism by the game developers.

    What you are pointing out is how fucking ridiculous people like you are and how you keep pulling us back in the Civil Rights era. People like you mock what civil rights is all about. You should break your computer. Get a life, start to read more, and stop making the rest of looking fucking morons.


    And for the jackasses making comments like : I’m sick of these people blah blah…oh shut the fuck up. Don’t pat yourselves on the back. You just want justification in having a sweeping generalization of a whole group of people to make yourselves look intelligent. You are fucktarded as well and you are partially responsible for why people like him are so fucking stupid.

  65. Pissed off Dude ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Why the hell are peaple so upset about this?!? Its a dude killing Zombies. How is this bad. Last time i checked, zombies were bad, or was there a memo that a white guy cant kill black zombies, and the peaple making this are JAPENESE! I have never heard of peaple in Japan hating black peaple, that dosent make any sense. Just peaple tring to get attention. F@#! you Tolu Olorunda.

  66. ian says:

    Is this shite the reason why RES 5 has been put back so long? It was supposed to of been released 6 months ago! What a crock of shit!

    What made me piss my sides laughing is the excuses black people are making to the reasons why this game shouldnt be released. Like the "historical injustices"…….Yeah! Like the very famous historical event when a white man went to africa and killed hundreds of black zombies……remember?…..nah me neither.



  67. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure that if there was a White Entertainment Television on cable that tons of black people would start pointing the finger at white people, even though they get to have their own BET and everything. If this game was set in a little hillbilly town filled with nothing but white people and the main character was black, I GUARANTEE there wouldn’t be a single white person complaining that the game depicts white people as savages. I’m sure the people that made this game weren’t sitting there thinking "how can I make this game as racist as possible?" It just happens to be set in Africa where there’s a large black population. I’m sick of these people thinking everyone is against them

  68. simbian says:

    Who ever heard of "black zombies"? That would be the least of my concern in a zombie invasion. I would never run around with a gun and be like "omg, there’s a black one!" I would be like, "OMG, WTF, sh*t sh*t sh*t, zombies!"

    Although, now that they’ve mentioned it, I’ll probably notice it now.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Exactly. If the black Dr. Phil lived in poverty during his youth in Africa, then you may be able to understand how he feels only if during his time they actually had a white guy going around killing all of his people.

    Maybe he wouldn’t be so offended if there was a game based in africa where the people killed their own kind like they do in real life.

  70. elektrikinfrnox says:

    wow. im so sick of people complaining about racism. the game takes place in africa. black people live there. so if the game takes place there then why wouldnt there be black people.  germans dont complain about WWII games, and all it is is americans killing germans.  i  could understand if it took place in downtown chicago and all it was was blacks being killed. but its africa, where whites are the minorites, so if the majority of the infected are black, as it would be were an outbreak to happen there, then so be it. stop complaining that blacks are being killed by whites. wow. in RE4 no hispanic groups started complaining about the fact that all the enemies were hispanic. probably becaused they realized its in spain where hispanic people live, so why wouldnt the enemies be them. and the fact that they are complaining about how they are depicted as ‘savages and helpless imbeciles’ is so ridiculous. thats what happens when you get infected, regardless of skin color or religion or anything. quit whining about the deaths of blacks. it happens. get over it. and just because a black person is shot for trying to bite/kill me, doesnt mean i shot them cause they were black. get over yourselves, your honestly not that important for video game companies to want to make games about killing you. wow

  71. Father Time says:

    And if it were white vs. white (for the 5th time), he’d complain that there aren’t enough black guys in video games and that makes the industry racist as a whole.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  72. Father Time says:

    What on Earth do colonialism slavery and segregation have to do with a ficitional story about zombies? Really if you’re looking at the trailer and all that comes to mind, then you’re the one who’s seeing color.


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  73. Anonymous says:

    Yeah smallest things… the world’s history of colonialism, slavery, segregation, etc. – just trivial, really.  Nothing to go on about.

  74. Loudspeaker says:

    Ok well that concludes it… Can’t win with people who have this mindset  lol!

    Wonder if they visit the same mental places JT does?

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  75. Arad ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If the ‘hero’ was black and the zombies were white, he’d complain that the game portrays black men as gun-toting crazies who target white folk.

    Eh, what can we do?  Some people can make themselves angry over the smallest things.

  76. Father Time says:

    He meant the author specifically an d race baiters like him. You aren’t really good at reading comprehension, are you?


    "What for you bury me in the cold cold ground?" – Tasmanian devil

  77. Temok says:

    As far as I know, Spain is pretty much in the west of Europe…Maybe you meant Grand Theft Auto 4.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Actually, I thought there was some complaints from Spain. My understanding of why it didn’t stick was that Capcom half dodged the bullet by not actually saying that it was Spain that the game was based in, and by shuffling around a few superficial details, like the name of the currency.

  79. Anonymous says:

    agreed, 110%!!!

    the author of this blog is a FuckHead, and should be shot for trying to put down a great game, thyre killing ZOMBIES not africans…seriously…what a dumass

    and i think video games should be free from racist rules, and ideals. this game is DEFINATELY NOT racist.

    go fuck yourself, stupid mindless blog starter.

    and maby if the african american says hes looking forwar dot the game, he MIGHT know if its racist or not;P



  80. Anonymous says:

    Wow. For one, nobody took 50 Cent: Bulletproof seriously. But as for the other games, this person really needs to do some further research into the subject matter being dealt with here.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Nobody claimed that at all.

    And I’m sick of self-conscious morons like you getting defensive just because someone has the nerve – the NERVE – to suggest that racism has lasting cultural repurcussions and can’t just be dismissed away as if it doesn’t matter.

    Ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away.  Good life lesson.

    And just because someone is interrogating a work of art doesn’t mean they are calling you a racist.  Chill out.

  82. JC says:

    Same, they them selves keep racism alive instead of letting it die a quiet death. These people just want attention, thinking they’ll be given some recognition intead of gaining infamousy.

  83. JimK says:

    I am SO sick of race-baiting jerks who claim everyone else is racist when it’s THEM who can’t see past skin color.

    I wonder if these idiots know how much damage they do to race relations in America.



  84. Anonymous says:

    It would be unusual if Africa was portrayed as having only black people, since much of the continent was conquered and colonized by white Europeans.

  85. Anonymous says:

     I’m amazed at how ignorant the vast majority of commenters are here.  I thought GP would attract a smarter, better educated, more intellectual crowd…

    Wait, what am I saying?  

    I agree with you guys!  Black people have had it too good for too long!  They need to stop bitching about things like race because racism doesn’t exist any more.  Suck it up, darkies, because being white is the hardest thing in the world.  Stop playing the race card, unless you’re talking about how hard white people have it.


    An Oppressed White Man


  86. jadedcritic says:

    Thinking about this – by and large I’m inclined to agree with the majority who seem to feel its ridiculous.  I do not agree with the people who think it’s a form of inverse racism.  I wouldn’t go that far.  I’d just stop at calling it a double-standard. Really, there’s only two logical explanations.  The first is that the people trying to make an issue out of it are just trying to get there 15 minutes of fame, the second is that they’re really dumb enough to see one game of killing african zombies as racist and 15+ years of killing white people, as OK.  I would go so far as to see that whichever explanation it turns out to be, I don’t much care what they think.  Sure, it was irritating at first, but it’s not interesting enough to dwell on.

    Then something occurred to me.  Imagine if it was all women.  Amazon zombies on the moon or something.  Domestic violence advocates would probably be all over that in a second. Without commenting on whether or not they should be, I think it almost certain we’d be having a similar discussion.  Though I don’t know from any real first-hand experience, I’m told the german regulatory agencies take a somewhat harsh view on nazi imagery.  Again,  no values judgement, if it’s true, they’re not proud of their past and I don’t blame them.  What that basically amounts to a culture exerting (or trying to) exert control over media they find objectionable.  How is that any different then what’s going on here?  Just that the press is commonly how we do it in this country.  Didn’t public sentiment swell before the civil war when abolitionist newspapers in the north starting harping on the slavery cause?  Fast forward a couple hundred years, and I think it’s possible these bloggers may be trying to do the same thing.  They may be trying to call attention to something they feel is wrong. 

    Unfortunately, that brings me full circle, in the sense that I believe that they are wrong. But they are allowed to be wrong, and I am allowed to not listen to them.  (shrug)  circle of life.

  87. IMTHENEWELVE says:


  88. Nick says:

    It comes to a point where you start to wonder if some of these bloggers actually believe the crap they’re wrighting, or if they just want attention.

  89. Ruffles says:

    It’s ironic that Africa has Africans in it. Guy was just trying to bring in some food aid. BAM. Zombies.

  90. Mech ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    No kidding. Also people like him are why people are racists against blacks in the first place.

  91. Anonymous says:




    The next time I get chased by a zombie, I’ll be sure to make sure it isn’t a black person, so as to avoid being racist.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Hell, I doubt even if they change the location to ‘south’ Africa.. people will still complain! 

  93. Gehn says:

    “The trailer featured a Caucasian male mutilating African villages, along with Africans.”

    In simpler English: Darn racists coming down here, mutilating our villages AND the people in them. >_>

  94. ChrowX ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ’50 Cent: Bulletproof’ and ‘Def Jam: Icon’ Are actually terrible games that many gamers completely hated. Sadly, the only people who really bought those games, or attempted to, were young African Americans who already thought guns and violence and the ‘gangsta’ lifestyle are cool. Don’t blame the publishers and programmers for making the game, it’s the consumers that make it popular. Also, as mentioned by other posters, it was the African American celeberities who had a significant part in the making of those games, regardless of the race of the programmers, who are apparently all terribly racist for not portraying all blacks in some holy light.

    This is probably going to sound terribly racist, but if less African Americans like this guy spent time whining, playing the race card, and victimising themselves, they’d likely have more time to fight any actual injustices that were occurring in the world. What the hell does this guy want? It’s Resident Evil! Not "KKK: Master Race Rampage in Africa!"

  95. mogbert says:

    Unfortunately, that doesn’t help much, because even Ngai Croal was claiming racism in the trailer.

  96. mogbert says:

    Maybe this has already been stated, but because the thread is so long, I’ll post my views.

    At first, characters were simple colors, like red or blue, the resolution was somewhere around 120×180, so details weren’t available. But as soon as you started being able to show race, then people will play the racism card. There is ALWAYS somethng to complain about. In the following, I will give the situation, and the complaint.

    Not in the game: No representation. It’s like we don’t matter!

    Only in the background: Added in just to shut us up! they want us to just be part of the background, but they wouldn’t actually put us in the game!

    As on of the bad guys: They are having people practice beating and killing us! It’s a conspiracy.

    As one of the good guys: They are trying to show us as a violent people, running around and killing everything!

    As on of the good guys and one of the bad guys: They are just perpetuation the stigma of Black-on-black violence!

    You really can’t win. And the complainer in this case wants to play both sides of the card (am I mixing my metaphors?). First they claim that the violent dipiction of black in gaming is because there isn’t enough black representation. Then when they claim examples of the bad black games, they point out ones made by that 2.5%.

    Just give up, you can’t win. It doesn’t matter that this game isn’t made by white people, it’s enough for them that it wasn’t made by black people. It doesn’t matter that in the first three games you spent most of your time killing white zombies. It doesn’t matter that there is a mix of white and black zombies in this game. There was even an interview asking if the white zombies were added in later because of the complaints, and he said they were always there based on their on-location research of South African areas, they just weren’t in the trailer much. All that matters is they can see the racism, and anyone who can’t must be either blind or in on the conspiracy.

    P.S. Personally, I’m not getting this game yet. I had RE4 for Gamecube and Wii. I couldn’t play it on the GC because I just can’t do a 3rd person shooter well. I’m just going to wait for them to do a Wii-make.

  97. Seiena_Cyrus ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Okay So I know this has been touched on quite a lot I’m sure but I gotta get this outta my system

    *quotes* It wasted no time in capitalizing upon the long history of blatant depictions of Africans as savages and helpless imbeciles. *unquotes*

    It’s…Resident…Evil People!!! They aren’t protraying ignorant african americans! They’re Portraying *gasp* ZOMBIES!!! Okay I feel better now.

  98. Anonymous says:

    GTA: white guy- look a violent game.

    GTA II: white guy- sequel to violent game.

    GTA III: Italian guy- Oh now it’s really violent

    Vice City: Italian guy- Another sequel. Hey why aren’t there any blac-


    GTA IV: Russian guy- Oh, next violent game.

  99. Anonymous117 says:





  100. Christophe Janson ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well the black people have been through alot so if they are only asking us to eraze them from being seen in popular media such as videogames i don’t think that’s asking to much. And really what better way to show how much we have improved in mutual understanding than to ban all violence towards black people in videogames. Really creating special laws to show the differences of races and histories is really the best way to create a funtional multicultural society were everyone remembers and recognises that they are not only human but niggers, bitches, japs and white power as well… So all you black people and muslims out there keep on blaming all the white folks for everything wrong in the world and keep reminding them of how you have been wronged. Otherwise people might actually forget about racial differences, and then we would be only human. And who would want to live in a bland world like that?

  101. Anonymous says:

    I swear. i have never bought a RE game because they kinda blow but im so buying RE5 just to piss off all the idiots swearing up and down that the game is racist and bigoted.

  102. HunterD says:

     No, they ARE taking it at face value.

    If you look at the trailer, and take any information you have about RE1-4 out of your mind. (You don’t know about zombies or viruses that make people act weird) then it’s very easy to see it as a racist depiction of "savage" black people.

    The problem is they’re not looking deep enough, saying "Hmm, well, RE4 was about spanish folks with a virus that made them act all savage. So I guess RE5 is about Africans with the same virus, or a similar one"

    It’s not that they’re looking too deeply, it’s that they are not looking deeply enough.


    This isn’t to deny that SOME reactionaries DO look too deeply at things.

    (Ergo: A black comic character straightened their hair. They’re trying to make him white!)

    But the RE5 case is more not looking deeply enough, or not doing research

  103. Rene Rivers ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So I guess zombies can only be white people. I have an idea for people…





  104. TheEdge says:

    Meh,no one would say anything if it was white people getting shot up.

    I doubt most people think when they’re playing games"Huh,what race is the person I’m shooting,slashing/stabbing/destroying ect. a part of?",so this dude is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  105. cullarn says:

    just wait till next week when a story gp covers  about jack thompson and video game racism!! there will be no end to the comments !!!!!

  106. Reno Nalanthi says:

    More complete and utter BS.

    Nobody ever takes into account that the silly ranting and raving of the black community about this and that being racist is the result of said community’s overt display of racism.  Instead of taking it at face value, they look well too deep into anything they can get their hands on.

    These activist communities seriously need to STFU and GTFO.. THEY are the racists.  I would have thought nothing about any of this until one of them had to plant the seed of analysis.

  107. Chadachada says:

    I would be totally up for a really generic, stereo-typical "white trash" zombie game, with all white zombies/people, in a trailer park, all that jazz

  108. Christian Astrup ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Seriously, this annoys me to no end. What is it with these people who just have to play the victim every chance they get?

  109. Anonymous says:

    Dear Tolu Olorunda,

       What part of zombies do you not understand? All you are doing is propagating racism. Please stop hidering progress as a global community. Thank you.

    -Person with common sense

  110. Anonymous says:

    So it was ok to kill off a zombie infested Spanish(brown people) village but, its bad to kill off African(black people) zombies.

    Can RE 6 be some Canadian guy(really white guy) mowing down zombies in a trailer park(white trash)?


  111. Anonymous says:

    Lets not forget something, white people don’t even make the Resident Evil games. As I recall, Capcom is based in Japan, and looking at the credits at the end of the trailer, there are a lot of Japanesse peoples name on there.

    People really need to stop with all of the race baiting, people want to complain about racism, but they are the only ones talking about it.

  112. Croswenthy says:

    When people make articles like this, it just makes me shake my head and laugh.  I’m going to start by posting a hypothetical:  What if RE4 took place in Haiti, and was filled with white people?  Would that be more or less racist?  Would it be better if games just didn’t take place in countries and areas largely populated by African-Americans?  Where does this all end?

  113. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Chris Redfield? Who’s that? If it’s the games main character, I apologize, I don’t care for Resident Evil.

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up:

    Jonathan Freedman (2002)

    Block and Crain (2007)

    Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  114. Mutantemeco says:

    Lets put this racially obsessed writer in Chris Redfield’s position and see how much race matters when an ancient viral strain is threatening all of mankind and using anything it can get inside of and control to kill you.

  115. s1lent pwner says:

    as an african american, i see where he is coming from but i dont fully agree. he does not know the full story of why the main character is in an african village. the violence actually did not look to me as slaughter but as survival. i think there are more serious and verifiable racist issues in the video game industry like the issue of Cole’s (from Gears of War) character being derived entirely from stereotype.

  116. JustChris says:

    "As a Mexican (which means my ancestors had a high probabilty of being spaniards), one of my favorite games is RE4, while it had spaniards in the game, the most insult I had was the type of spanish dialect in which Los Ganados spoke."

    Those Ganados wanted to make me into picadillo, one of my favorite foods!

  117. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Apparently you can.


    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up:

    Jonathan Freedman (2002)

    Block and Crain (2007)

    Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  118. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Oh, and I think we both forgot about women in games. There are very few female main characters in games who don’t have stereotypical attributes.

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman (2002)Block and Crain (2007)Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  119. Kincyr says:

    exactly, you can’t cry racism in cases of self-defense

    岩「…Ace beats Jack」

  120. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    I agree. I think the whole "what’s behind the mask" thing was what made MC so cool, since you could put yourself in that helmet of his. I don’t know if the books helped that though…they sorta described him as looking very…white. To me, that took away alot of the mystery that made him cool. I remember I was hoping they’d show his face in the last game!!!!!!SPOILER!!!!!!, but they never did!!!!!END SPOILER!!!!!, and I think it was better for it. As for cultural stereotypes, they are prevelant, but not just in games. Every form of entertainment has ’em. Thing is, most people aren’t interested in seeing or playing "Successful Black Man", or "Friendly Italian Gentleman". I do think it would be cool if we had more diversity in our heroes without resorting to stereotypes, but this sorta "cry racist" crap doesn’t help. This comment is poorly organized…I apologize for that.

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman (2002)Block and Crain (2007)Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Ch

  121. E. Zachary Knight says:

    This discussion has been beaten to death, but I want to say something.

    THis guy claims that the game depicts a white man slaughtering a black village.

    What I saw was a white man entering a black village, walking peacefully by many black villagers not once raising his weapon.

    Then I saw, two black men attacking another black man and injecting him with something. Then a whole bunch of black zombies attacked the white man and he defended himself.

    It wasn’t until the zombies attcked that he started shooting.

    E. Zachary Knight


    E. Zachary Knight
    Divine Knight Gaming
    Oklahoma Game Development
    Rusty Outlook
    Random Tower
    My Patreon

  122. HunterD says:

     As I said before, I don’t think the game or the makers are racist BUT.

    People of color ARE underrepresented in games in terms of main characters.

    Yeah there are some major supporting cast members, but how many major games (as in, not based on a rapper) are there where the main hero is non-white or non-asian?

    Especially if the character isn’t very stereotypical?

    There is under-representation.

    Now, that said, I think it’s probably going to solve itself.

    With "Create a character" becoming more and more prevalent, and better and better all the time, it’s easier to make a character who represents any ethnicity you want.

    That and "characters without a face" (guys who never take off their mask and such) and thus represent "everyone" are probably the wave of the future, a way to represent every ethnicity as much as the players wish.

  123. LovePuffin says:

    I’m sorry… but I just think that anyone who says that African-Americans aren’t represented in gaming just isn’t paying attention.

    In the Halo series, African-American Sgt. Avery J. Johnson is a huge story character, critical to the games and the universe of the games. And for that matter how does anyone know that Master Chief or any other Spartans aren’t black?

    In Gears of War (which won scores of awards and critical acclaim), Cole is black. He may not be a "main" character but I don’t think he’s a "token black guy" either.

    I’m sure I could come up with any number of other examples. But that isn’t my point.

    I’m an artist who wants to get into the gaming industry, and I know a few people who already work for gaming companies. I really don’t think that anyone working on RE5 is going "No, that white boy isn’t pasty enough — and hey, make those zombies more black." The setting is in Haiti. I’m pretty sure that is what they’re trying to work towards. The artists and developers for these companies just want to make something that people will enjoy, not cause huge debates over race.

    * The World Just Spins Faster Than Me *

  124. Bigblackfella says:

    I don’t think that the devs of this game sat around their computers thinking,  "How racist can we make this one?!" If this moron would look at the backstory of this game then maybe he;d understand.

  125. Terry says:

    I’m gonna buy 5 copies and share them with everyone I know to spread the racial hate that is resident evil 5!! MUHAHAH .. I only know 5 people.

  126. Firebird ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    *sigh*, my hopes on humanity dwindles with nonsense like this.

    With the new upcoming generation of children, the gap between the races closes ever more, I really don’t its a cause for concern after 40 years or so since we begun to accept our cultural diffrences a lot more.

    As a Mexican (which means my ancestors had a high probabilty of being spaniards), one of my favorite games is RE4, while it had spaniards in the game, the most insult I had was the type of spanish dialect in which Los Ganados spoke. Geographical/Cultural accuracies aside, I have one last thing to say…….

    Why again are we talking about race, when its about a pathetic asshole more likely exploiting race for his selfish cause without research?

    I will contemplate this while I punch myself in the balls reading blogs on it.

    NO INSULT, I just wanted prove my manliness!!!


  127. SomeChristianKid says:

    Funny how many comments a blog can get from just having the word racisim in it 😀

    Well I can sort of understand how the dude would be pissed with the trailer showing black guys all crazy and shit but technically speaking they are infected so they should be crazy, plus due to the location of it I don’t really think having crazy asians and white folks would make much sense 😀

    I must say there are quite a bit of black people that keep spouting how theres so much racisim in a certain subject when there really isn’t, sorry if my comment has offended any black reader or of any other race.

  128. JustChris says:

    People get offended by this a lot yes, but what really irks me is that they’re seeing something Capcom doesn’t see, and thus you can be offensive simply by what is interpreted and not what is intended. Please don’t complain to people about something you see when they are unable to see it.

    I bet if Sex and the City were about four black women, some black people would cry out loud over the slutty image these women are portraying. We have done enough to provide equality, and now by defending certain racial groups we are elevating them above others, and not treating them equally.

    This may not have happened have they been RE fans to begin with. Knowing about the backstory to the series does help, I know it’s surprising. Capcom takes care in not offending anyone with their games. In particular with Devil May Cry 4, the fictional religious group might have a few Catholic qualities but it was made to look as vague as possible.

  129. qAaRoN ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    First of all, the locale of Resident Evil 5 looks like Haiti ((maybe it is?  didn’t read much on it)) or something close to it, where violence and genocide run rampart.  Secondly, if it is to represent such a place, a majority ((if not all)) of the ignorant, violent people living there are indeed black.  Not too mention the fact that they’re being "infected" and just like in every other Resident Evil game, they become mindless, blood thirsty individuals.  So once again the people crying "racist" on this matter are the same people who felt bad for Rodney King.  Nevermind the fact that he didn’t stop for police and was as high as a kite doing double the speed limit.  He was black and mistreated.  Someone call these douche bags a "Wahhh"-bulance.

  130. Keeli says:

    I agree with you, Hunter, don’t get me wrong. There’s a difference in listening to some of the Mexican activists decrying racism during a drug bust and the KKK take over the "Minuteman Project" to encourage people to take up arms and shoot any brown-skinned people anywhere near the border, same as there’s a difference between listening to activists claim racism in killing zombies and the same aforementioned white supremacists calling for lynchings.

    The developers themselves might not have been aware of just how huge this is… but keep in mind, to port it over to other countries, they do have to have consultants from those other countries. Advertisements for one game go through extreme changes between countries; The marketing group for the US knew exactly what they were doing.

    Which brings me to why I mentioned the 50 cent game; yes, its going to be a horrible game. But if you go off of what Tolu was trying to point out, which is the imagery and the supposed attitude being pushed from the trailer for the race factor, what about the idea of an African-American man killing Arabs a/o Muslims? It probably won’t gather the same controversy as the RE5 ad, even though right now you can point to places like Somalia and Sudan where those two groups (ok, so not African-AMERICANS, but indigenous African ethnic groups) are shedding blood right now.

  131. Anonymous says:

    I agree, but I have a question for you all.  I am a black guy as you can tell through my name.  I am called white all the time because Rock, Metal, and Jazz are my favorite types of music, I am called white because I don’t wear my pants down to my knees, I am called white because I love video games.  I am called white because I actually want to do something with my life, I am called white because I think gangbanging is stupid, I am called white because I speak proper english. 

    Isn’t that racism?  But black people ignore things like this and focus on trival things like black people in video games.  Black people want attention, they want the spotlight.  This blogger just got exactly what he wanted. 



  132. HunterD says:

     Oh I agree the reactionary folks who scream racism when it doesn’t exist are not helping.

    I just disagree with the concept that they are as much to blame as people who really are racist and want to kill off anyone who isn’t their group.

    I can’t help but wonder how much the developers really knew if it’d be a powderkeg. 

    I’ve never been to Japan (want to, but haven’t yet) but from most I’ve heard one Gaijin is pretty much  the same as another to them, and they’re often shocked at racism from non-japanese to other non-japanese.

    I think the 50 cent game, if it’s at all like the last one, will be so mocked and ridiculed and bad, that it will be taken as parody. (hell, they may even present it as parody)

    Protesting a 50 cent game is like protesting the tabletop RPG "FATAL".

    (don’t bother looking it up if you don’t know it, just suffice it to say it’s a game that would be incredibly offensive if it were not so damn far on the stupid scale that you don’t even get angry at it, you just facepalm and feel your faith in humanity dwindle)


  133. TheStripe says:

    Actually, it owes the majority of it’s inspiration to WWII.  So maybe we should be sending "Thanks for the Gaming Industry" Cards to Hirohito and Hitler, post-mortem. 

  134. Keeli says:

    I have to both disagree and agree with the claim that "Its some black peoples’ fault that racism exists." No, its not their fault that it exists, its been around ever since one human was able to look at another and go "He looks different than me… He must be lower than me." However, I DO believe that a select few, who want to cry wolf wherever they can, help perpetuate certain negative feelings and thoughts.

    Like you, HunterD, i’m a hybrid, only I’m half Caucasian and half Hispanic… living on the border of Arizona and Mexico. And yes, while I will say that there is plenty of racism given by "the majority" here (Arizona’s version of Godwin’s law: Switch Hitler/the Nazi’s with "Dirty Mexicans".),  there are certainly groups of people from the "minority" who don’t help things. Its one thing to want to point something out as a cause for concern, but when something is specifically being used to garner attention and discourse — and say what you like about the Asian developers, but they KNEW what a powder keg this would be in America, land of civil lawsuits, then you’re just making a whining noise instead of using it to its full advantage.

    I’m also an anthropologist major, and I specifically went to my urban anthropologist and cultural anthropologist professors with the first trailer, and they both ended up using it in certain classes, along with some earlier writings of Tolu, to show the students about the differences in viewpoints on just one item of media. The clip is attention grabbing, incredibly so in its imagery. The most interesting part of our discourse in my class, however, was how many of the class found it to not be racist, including one Sudanese boy who recently came to the USA.

    The thing he mentioned (and the one I’m curious about)? If there will be any firestorm over 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the one where 50 Cent is going to Iraq and ends up fighting terrorists for…yeah.

  135. Vlox says:

    Oh man. I completely forgot about that. What’s a neutral color… ah yes. Gray. The walkie-talkies shall be gray.

  136. ronnoc ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

     After reading the entire blog post, I have come to the conclusion that the writer is a lunatic.  The whole thing is pseudo-science, nonsense, and conspiracy theories.


     For one thing:

    "To say the least, Resident Evil 5 producer, Jun Takeuchi, appears to be a card-carrying member of that classic club which pride themselves in being comfortably uninformed of the racial realities that engulf the societies in which they exist."

     I find it perfectly reasonable that the developers didn’t see the controversy coming.  It is likely that they’ve never seen a black person in real life, let alone dealt with Caucasian-African relations.  He lives in Japan, and is not conspiring with the music industry to further the ‘desecration of young Black/Brown imaginations.’

     This guy is a complete nutcase.

  137. Anonymous says:

    If this guy was complaining when it was all white zombies getting shot and hacked from the past, then he might have a leg to stand on. But since he is just throwing it out there, without looking at the history of the series, then his point is not valid. Every game is different, and puts the character in different places around the world. Wouldnt it be a little strange if there was no blacks in the new RE game, but they were in Africa or Haiti? I think so. Arent we trying to recreate the area that the main character is in to maintain the games authenticity? I would like to have a long talk with Tolu Olarunda so that we can hash out any of his OWN racists thoughts against whites, and his inability to carry on intelligent conversation. Because of HIS racist banter, i am going to purchase the game for just that reason. I might not have thought of it that way, but now i will.. cheers. thanks for being another crappy racists TOLU AKA asshole.

  138. Vox says:

    Sigh, I guess Capcom is going to have to hire George Lucas to digitally replace all African Americans in RE5 with walkie-talkies after all.

    I knew this course of action was due once the "blog outrage" hit the newsband about RE5 last year.

  139. Aliasalpha says:

    My 2% of a dollar:

    1) How do you mutilate a village? Cut off the last half a dozen houses on one side? Villagers sure but an actual village?

    2) Serious question: Black & Brown people? As far as I’ve seen, what everyone describes as black (morgan freeman, ice t, micheal jackson… oh wait) is actually brown. The closest I’ve seen to actually black skin is some of the sudanese refugees who live in my town & even then they’re still brown (basically the difference between milk chocolate & cooking chocolate). Is brown supposed to be middle eastern, half black/half white, latino?

    3) Since we’ve not seen the full game, there could well be one of those religious missionary groups or red cross kind of organisations there to mix up the black & white balance. That’d be a fairly realistic way to add racial diversity & give you the chance to shoot honkey-zombies as well.

    4) There was a good routine that David Cross did on a CD (I think its on "Shut Up You Fucking Baby") about racism & zombies. Something about segregated graveyards in the south of america and when everyone rises as zombies, the white zombies not letting black zombies join in on the mayhem.

  140. SS says:

    I see your point myself.  It would be definately wrong for the setting to be in Israel in many people’s eyes.  The game would be lambasted by the press.  There’s a double standard here.  While RE5 will be blasted by the press it would not compare to the attention it would recieve if it was in Israel.  

    I would bet that if they had set the game in Israel many more gamers and mainstream news outlets would have criticized the game.  This game is subconciously slightly offending even though in our concious minds its not as we reason through the facts given to us.  But subconciously you kind of see a white man dominating colored people. 

    A lot of blacks and other groups that have been historically abused by whites are subconciously disgusted by RE5 even with the reasons given behind the setting.  Listening to the subconcious is often not advisable when dealing with preconceptions from an older era. 


  141. SS says:

    This blogger has good intentions albiet coupled with ignorance and lack of research.  I think he’s been lambasted enough already.  He just stepped into murky areas that he thought he knew and stumbled greatly.  I’m sure he realized what he did wrong and I’m not gonna lambast for his knee jerk article.  I would have done the same if I was in his position and didn’t have any idea about video games. 

  142. Abadox50 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    How do you know that Resident Evil 5 isn’t supposed to be a commentary on America trying to police the world? Oh, that’s right. Nobody has played it yet.

  143. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    They aren’t killing black people, they’re killing black zombies, and not because they’re black. If the next game takes place in Isreal, with Isreali zombies, it will be no different. They will be killing zombies, regardless of race. Matter of fact, if the game takes place in Isreal, hell, it might be kickass. You could be fighting zombies AND Muslim extremists!!!


    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up:

    Jonathan Freedman (2002)

    Block and Crain (2007)

    Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  144. Bogans says:

    How can you be sensitive to people who are determined to find something be offended by?

    I don’t see why a Resident Evil game couldn’t be set in Israel.

  145. vasudean says:

    You know what, instead of wasting an entire paragraph on why I disagree with the person who wrote the blog, I’m going to put up a url to a video that basically sums up what I would say.  Note: I have nothing against Black people, I have friends who’re black.

  146. Anonymous says:

    I’m a tad offended by it myself. Let’s be honest now: if the game took place in Israel and involved an American slaughtering Jews, some folks here would be upset. Africa has a long history of murder and oppression by white powers who "knew what’s best."

    Is it intentional in this case? Of course not, but it’s remarkably insensitive.

  147. Keegs79 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

     Just an idiot blogger. Funny how they mentioned how many blacks working in the industry. I think there is 0% at Capcom considering it a japanese company and for that matter probably everyone the whole industry in Japan is Japanese. Who would have thought? Stupidity of people amaze me. Idiot bloggers annoy me.

  148. Anonymous says:

    If Chris Redfield is in Africa where every person he happens to kill is gay, I’ll be offended.

    If he’s in West Hollywood, however, and every person he kills is gay? NATURAL

  149. Bogans ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I definitely agree. I think most of our society’s problems could be solved if people would engage in respectful discussion instead of shouting matches.

    Nice talking to you.

  150. HunterD says:


    It’s always nice to debate a "thorny" subject like this and have it be done respectfully.

    It’s a shame so many people, from so many sides of so many conflicts, seem to be incapable of doing that, and just seem to subscribe to the "If I yell the loudest, I win" school of debate.

  151. Meohfumado says:

    You can never please some people…

    Put a black guy as a supporting character in a violent film and its, "Why can’t the black man be the star of the film?  Black man always has to be the sidekick for the handsome white lead!"

    So you put the black guy as the star in a violent film and its, "Why they have to make a movie with a violent black man?  Are they saying all black men are violent?  That’s a negative stereotype!!"

    So you stop making movies, and instead turn to advertising.  You are shooting the cover of a fashion magazine, and decide to put LeBron James on the cover.  You decide to put him with a model, who happens to be white…to show the whole happy people holding hands thing…and its "ZOMG you show an a black man with a white model, it looks like he’s running off with her, capitalizing off of racial fears of black men raping white women!!!"


    You can only be offended if you want to be, and people like Ngai and this guy really like to be offended it seems.  You don’t hear me complaining about every film that ever portrayed Italian-Americans as violent criminals…

    So let them write their pathetic little ‘we wus wronged’ blog, and ignore them.  Pay actual attention and give respect to the people who are actually trying to be part of the solution, and working to make things better, instead of just complaining about how crappy everything is.

  152. Bogans ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think we’re on the same page here. I shouldn’t have said people like Tolu were just as guilty, but they’re still standing in the way of solutions.

  153. HunterD says:

     I get what you mean, but I think one should remember that, unfortunatly, racism isn’t just limited to people who cry out racism where none exists and people who make casual comments.
    There are real, vehement racists out there who really do intentionally foster racism.

    So I don’t agree with folks like Tolu being equally responsible to them.

    Now, I’d say folks who cry racism at every opportunity ARE more responsible than, say, people like Charlie Sheen who let a slur slip out while under tremendous stress.

    Probably their biggest problem is focusing on the wrong things.

    If someone who is famous calls a black person the N word and then says "50 years ago we’d have had you up a tree with a pitchfork hanging out of your ass" the fact he called them the N word is NOT the racist part of the show. (That was the rest of Michael Richards rant that night, but it seldom got mentioned on the news)

    I agree alot of the "anti-racist" movement needs to get it’s priorities together, focus on the definite absolutely real problems. Not the minutia that is arguable.

    Doing stuff like saying RE5 is racist does undermine the whole cause, because it makes it much easier for people to ignore you when you point out actual legitimate issues.



  154. Conejo says:

    while it may be correct to complain about the lack of positive black people in games, it is disingenuous to use the 50 Cent or Def Jam games as examples of the white man hating the black man. 

    why?  because these are games that are conceptualized and pushed by black people.

    it is, essentially, like complaining that there’s no good black models on television and then using BET shows as examples of what is wrong with the portrayal of black people. 

    Here are we — and yonder yawns the universe.

  155. Bogans ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I don’t mean that no one should ever mention racism, I mean that we (society) should discuss racism with a "we are all really the same" attitude, not a divisive "us vs. them" attitude. The "us vs. them" attitude is the root of racism, and people like Tolu Olorunda who seem determined to always divide people by race and see racial tension where none exists are fostering this attitude as much if not more as anyone who, for example, makes a "casual" racist comment to a friend.

  156. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Yeah, BET is the biggest source of racist imagery ever. I remember I was watching it (God knows why), and they had an advertisement for some all-black reality show in which a person gets STABBED in the first episode. That channel does so much to the black community-err-FOR the black community.

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up:

    Jonathan Freedman (2002)

    Block and Crain (2007)

    Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  157. Anonymous says:

    "This $10 billion market owes the majority of its inspiration to the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers…"


  158. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    You could also bring up the fact that many African natives sold fellow Africans into slavery. Oh, and you do realize I was being humorous, right? I’m sure you did, I just wanted to make sure…

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up:

    Jonathan Freedman (2002)

    Block and Crain (2007)

    Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  159. HunterD says:

    I’m going to ask a question before I take your words out of context.

    Do you mean people shouldn’t jump to extreme conclusions. (EG: The game features a white guy killing black people, therefore it must be racist)


    that people shouldn’t discuss racial problems at all. (EG: No one ever mentions racism again, ever)

    Because I agree with one, and not the other.

    But I still disagree that even the former example is equally as guilty of fostering racism as people who are, you know, actually do want to kill off everyone who is a different skintone than them. (Wether that skintone is lighter are darker doesn’t matter)



  160. TheEdge says:


    Well spoken.

    I doubt there are any games on the market that are intended to be racist,and race is the last thing I think about when I’m playing games.

  161. Austin_Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m gonna disect this whole thing, all while making food, so if it comes out weird, its because I’m cooking at the same time.


    "What I witnessed [in the RE5 trailer] was nerve-wrecking, painful, mind-numbing and heart-racing… It wasted no time in capitalizing upon the long history of blatant depictions of Africans as savages and helpless imbeciles. The trailer featured a Caucasian male mutilating African villages, along with Africans. With the not-so ancient history of colonialism and neo-colonialism in Africa, the issue of racial insensitivity and indifference must be brought to the centerfold…"

    ‘long history of blatant depictions of Africans as savafes and helpless imbeciles’. 

    To be fair, they acted (and still do to today) with a degree of savagery unfound in any other part of the world.  True, in the big cities they are cultured and intelligent, but in the villages they are often very savage people.

    That isn’t to say that they’re not still good people.  Look at the values found in African villages, values that you can’t find in many of the families that descended from that part of the world today.  Honor, Loyalty, Respect. 

    ‘The trailer featured a Caucasian male mutilating African villages, along with Africans’

    Really?  Where do you see him mutilating a village or its inhabitants?  Could it be you’re just trying to make things up to make a splash, eh?

    Once again, the game is made by japanese people who have never had a problem with slavery or colonialism.  Maybe the Author of this article should hop off of his soap box long enough to do some fucking research,  but that would probably make it harder for him to make his oh-so politically correct and assinine statement.


    Someone should ask the author about other industries that have made profit off the ‘black on black casualty’, like the movie industry, the music industry, and BET.  Honestly, this author needs to pull his head out of his ass and get a real job, not just sit around trying to find racism where there is none.  And people wonder why racism is still alive and well, it’s people like the author.

  162. Bogans ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    HunterD, until skin color becomes as much of a non-issue as eye color racism will always exist. That’s why people say "It’s people like that why there is racism"; those who insist on bringing  up racial differences at every opportunity are just as guilty of continuing racism as anyone else.

  163. CyberSkull says:

    His argument about blacks being underrepresented in the gaming industry would be compelling if his banner argument, Resident Evil 5, was actually made in the US. Being made in Japan, it is quite likely that no one not Japanese was involved with the production.

  164. HunterD says:

     You know, I realize I’m in the minority here (figuratively and literally, I’m half black, half white) but here’s the thing.

    I’m not going to say the GAME is racist.

    I highly doubt any of the people making the game even really thought of the way it’d look to a lot of people.

    I doubt the majority of people who play the game will be racist.


    But if you do not think a bunch of skinheads are anxiously awaiting the game, you are naive.

    I see alot of silly ignorant comments on here.

    "It’s people like that why there is racism"

    Honestly, if that doesn’t sound naive and ignorant to you, you need to get out more.

    When my parents were dating, they got death threats.

    Death threats that only intensified when they married, and when I was born.

    They informed the law, who basically told them that they (the law) didn’t care if they got killed.

    To this very day, I have family I am not allowed in the house of, simply because I am half-black.

    And I won’t even get into he stories my father has, considering he was born in the 1930s in Mississippi.

    I am not about to deny that there are black people who overstate claims of racism. I’ve seen people complain about a black comic book character getting ‘whitewashed’ because they straightened their hair.

    And in my day to day life, I’ve had to deal with far more black people who hate me for being half white than I have white people who hate me for being half black.

    But to claim "It’s some black peoples fault that racism exists"?

    I don’t think RE5 is racist, nor was it intended to be. 

    But I do think some of the reactions in this thread are racist, wether they were intended to be or not.




  165. GryphonOsiris says:

    I could bring up the points that it was the Spanish that started the whole west African Slave Trade, and that the West African’s had their own inter-tribal slaves that they’d buy and sell.

    But I won’t.

  166. GryphonOsiris says:
    Funny how people automatically scream racism if a game has a white guy killing any other ethnicity. People screamed racism about Crysis because you were killing Asian guys, but seemed to forget that you were fighting the North Korean Army and that it would be very unlikely to find a beret wearing Frenchman, or a sausage guzzling German amongst their ranks. Or how they are crying foul that Farcry 2 and Resident Evil 5 takes place in Africa. Well, it’s the last continent left for video games!!! We’ve have games in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica… not Australia, but that’s because no one cares about them. J/K.
    Africa is the last place left for a decent M rated game, but since you’re fighting locals, instead of Alan Quartermain look-alikes then it automatically makes the game racist. It is ok, it seems, to have Arabs be Terrorists, Englishmen be Megalomaniacs, Asians all be Samurai, Americans to be gangland hitmen, Germans be Nazi’s, and Russians to be Soviet conscripts but not ok to have a zombie outbreak in Africa.
    I guess the falls into the "Everyone else is a racist except me and my fellow ethnic group" catagory.


  167. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Damnit anonymous, you just don’t get it do you?! African Americans have a history and…persecution…and…slavery and stuff…and…they were slaves…YOU ARE IGNORANT!

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up:

    Jonathan Freedman (2002)

    Block and Crain (2007)

    Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  168. Dark Sovereign says:

    The reason that racism against white people isn’t brought up because they are invariably termed racists or whiners. The phenomena you are observing is what conservatives call "the culture of victimization".

  169. NovaBlack. ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    another good quote from a forum on this:


    Wasn’t it Dr. King who famously said he had a dream that his "four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character"? Funny that gamers are the only ones who don’t see the inherent racism the  journalist so desperately wants to inject here.



  170. Helpless Kitten says:

    I can understand some of the confusion with these videos.  After viewing it without sound and pretending that I do not know the subject matter (zombies) it looks pretty strange.  The zombies do not look or act the way people are used to; that is they are fast, well cordinated, seem to be working in groups and show no obvious signs of rotting or mutation.  Unless I knew that this was a zombie infected village I could easily think that this is a strange man who has some how gotten an entire village homicidally pissed off at him.

    However I am familiar with the Resident Evil series, I know why the main character needs to look as he does (most of the main characters have been related to eachother either by blood or a common history).  The zombies of this game are a little more "human" looking than usual but that may be one of those things that changes as the game progresses.

    It is a shame but articles like this are why game designers usually shy away from minority characters.  It’s more trouble than it is worth.

  171. Peter W Dawson says:

    Huh, I guess everything’s fine in the Middle East. The election must be over too. I mean, if they werent, they wouldn’t possibly have the time to whine about something as trivial as a video game having Africans in Africa, right?





  172. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I find it funny that I don’t see a whole lot of vietnamese bring about this much attention to any games invovling the Vietnam conflict or Japanese/Germans on video games about WWII.

    For some reason, it only blown out of preportion when it involves "black or brown" individuals.

    This is insane.  Why is portraying factual information in games made out to be such a problem? 

    Maybe we should burn every history book on the planet that mentions violent behavior anywhere in the world. 

    I am sick and tired of people like Tolu Olorunda who bring up facts about his own race, be it from the past or the present, and make it out to be a racial attack against "black or brown" individuals.

    If the fact that hostility is a problem with "black or brown" individuals, maybe he should turn his focus away from making such ludicrous claims against video games and go stop his peers in Africa and all over the world from being so hostile to everyone. 

    The only person here that is being racially intollerable is Tolu Olorunda as he is not tollerating the history of his peers as well as their actions in our present day society. 

    Also, how dare he make any statement involving profiting on "black on black hostility."  Does that mean 50 Cent made no money on the game and had no involvement whatsoever at any point during the making of the game?

    Why isn’t Tolu Olorunda pounding on 50 Cent’s door saying he should be ashamed for profiting on "black on black hostility"?

    Now, let’s focus on some real racial issues.  Why is it acceptable to have "black or brown" individuals, like 50 Cent, use racial slurs like "cracker" when refering to white individuals completely uncensored yet it’s not acceptable for a white person to "return the favor"?

    Why is it acceptable for one race to use racial slurs but it’s not acceptable another race to do the same?

    I find it funny that people like Tolu Olorunda is up in arms when a white individual does something "racial questionable" against "black or brown" individuals but has better things to do when "black or brown" individuals blatently disrespects another race, including their own, publicly be it in person or broadcasted nationally either on TV or the radio.

    Why is the magnitude of the "racialy questionable" content of a game in development much larger than the use of racial slurs in music and television?

    Seriously, people need to really think twice when prioritizing what racially degrading topics should be address in today’s society and think about racial equaility rather than equailty for one’s own race.

  173. Anonymous says:


    Remember when all of those spanish people got really angry at the content in resident evil 4?  me neither….

  174. Anonymous says:

    Once again, this is a chicken and egg situation.

    I do understand how, taken out of context this image could be presented from the trailer, but it’s not called Resident Evil for no reason, learning a little of the back-story, and the context of the game, would go a long way into explaining what people believe they are seeing.

    It’s a sensitive subject, without a doubt, but people are filling in the blanks themselves, rather than realising that what the player is fighting are Zombies, they look only ‘half alive’ because they are dead.

  175. Anonymous says:

    You have some legitimate points in there, but for the love of all, try some proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, it’ll make your post legible enough for people to read and realize that you have those legitimate points to make in the first place.


  176. Fire says:

    The Video Game industry is one which has profited immensely from the casualty of black on black hostility. Notable products of its faculty include, “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” “Def Jam: Icon” and “Grand Theft Auto.” This $10 billion market owes the majority of its inspiration to the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers…

    You have nobody to blame but Black people for making this possible, lets be reasonable here hmmm no 50cent bulletproof if 50cent wasn’t already a Rap Icon already inspiring many teens with his Gangster Rap. Def Jam:Icon well uhhh yes and you have nobody to blame?? Def Jam is filled with RAP icons that also profted from the Music Market inspriing kids. and well ummm lets see we have Majority of Black Rappers alot of time escpecially 50cents and many other famous rap artists who are pretty skilled but singing nothing but Sex, Violence, Gang Banging and all that stuff so you really have nobody to blame but Black people for inspiring the vast majority of the Ghetto Neighborhoods. After all it was Black people and gangsta rap that inspired such Travesty’s in both gameplay, and story for 50cent Bullet Proof and Def Jam Icon.

    the gaming market has also profited Immensely from just games where you have to kill people no matter which color. Whites kill Whites all the time and even asians and also germans and the list goes on. This doesn’t mean at all that they are racist. It just means games were you kill people and or things usually profit more.

    A 2005 survey suggests that Blacks constitute 2% of the demographic makeup of Game Developers, with Latinos making 2.5%. How ironic is it, that this reality does very little to punctuate the disproportionate consumption of video game products by Black and Brown teenagers…

    Well so are you saying that if more black people are game developers these things wouldn’t happen? I mean games that are inspired By Black people in the first place?

    Yes it’s true the video game Industry doesn’t have many Blacks and Latinos, but honestly you have to ask yourself the question, how many Black people have a good College Education compared to White and Asians or are even remotely interested in Game Developing?

  177. Oz says:

    Agreed. These people of course jumping to conclusions and saying what will get them press and help push their agenda. This idiot WANTS people to be racist that way he can cry persecution and gets to keep his job.

    I guess nobody told him the Resident Evil story hence wont comprehend why the villiage is acting like that. Are eastern europeans crying racism after Resident Evil 4? Gimmie a break.

  178. Wyvern says:

    Oh yeah, two in a shoe store, ones injured. And there were one or two others that I can’t remember.

  179. Chadachada says:

    Maybe I just didn’t notice because the COLOR of a zombie doesn’t matter =)

    I only played through a couple times, there were black survivors?

  180. Wyvern says:

    Actually, the zombies in Hawaiian shirts carrying hunting knives are all black guys. And there are a few black survivors.

  181. Chadachada says:

    O crap…I forgot about Dead Rising

    How many black people were in Dead Rising? There was Otis, a psycho-escaped-inmate-with-a-giant-gun, and I think that was pretty much it. No survivors or zombies were black, huh.

  182. HunterD says:

    I hate the Blade movies, but IIRC.

    There was Blades mother in the first movie, plus some more in some of the big ensemble scenes.

    Not sure about the sequels.

    But of course one could make the case that there’s not any black major villains because then people would think of them as "Black movies".


  183. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to point out that Japan was xenophobic well before World War II came around. Ever heard of the "Black Ships" (ie Commodore Matthew Perry’s fleet) and the chaos they caused just by sailing into Edo or if Japanese homeowners allowed gaijin into their homes, they were to immediately commit seppuku to preserve their honor? Strangely though, most modern Japanese don’t seem to hold a grudge for Hiroshima or Nagasaki (at least in my experience).

    As for the subject about black people, I don’t see what the issue is either. Black people in Japan are treated like any other foreign race (the only race the Japanese don’t have a problem with at all are the Japanese; even Chinese and Koreans are discriminated to a degree), so there’s no reason to believe that the Japanese made blacks the enemy because they hate them.

  184. Tyler Baumbarger says:

    Yes, Japan has a history of xenophobia. (Of course, if someone dropped a nuke on my country I’d be xenophobic too.) But the fact is that it is racist to expect people to feel guilty because they are not black.

    Had the game been produced by a largely black developer group, the controversey wouldn’t exist.

  185. MrB. says:

    Hey, Capcom can only tackle one social statement at a time! That’s why they made Chris Refield a homosexual.

    Now, if they made Chris Redfield black, female and homosexual, they would have the perfect PC trifecta and no one could bitch about anything.

  186. point09micron ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "(take the Blade trilogy, was there even a single black vampire in these movies?)"


    Of course not.  If movies have taught us anything, it’s that all vampires are Eurotrash who spend most of their time at raves.

  187. Hackangel ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The Video Game industry is one which has profited immensely from the casualty of black on black hostility. Notable products of its faculty include, “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” “Def Jam: Icon” and “Grand Theft Auto.” This $10 billion market owes the majority of its inspiration to the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers…

    The videogame has someho profited even more from the "casualty" of white on white hostility. Notable products the majoity of the games out there. Hollywood also has made money from black on white violence (take the Blade trilogy, was there even a single black vampire in these movies?). I don’t remember anyone making a fuss about either.

    Truth of the matter, some people will see racism will not. Racism sensitivity can be educated but knee-jek reactions won’t help anyone reach a better understanding of each others.

  188. TextOnlySword says:

    Those statistics are entirely meaningless unless we’re also given the percentages of other races as well. For all this guy’s willing to say, there could be 1% white game developers and 98.5% Asian.  It means nothing without a proper context to put it in.

    To claim that the majority of the video game industry is inspired by "…the tragic decisions of young black and brown teenagers…" is quite frankly, stupid. Does this guy have any experience with video games other than what he sees on Fox News?

    It’s like he doesn’t even know that Residant Evil is a series of zombie games. Of course they’re going to act like "savages". Kind of like how, you know, the white zombies from the earlier games acted?

  189. ecco6t9 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I can see the point being made here but fact is there is no racist agenda in this game.

  190. TheStripe says:

    In a discussion of race, I feel compelled to have some hard fact behind the statements I make.  If I just said "Black Fathers leaving the family puts the children and the mother at such a disadvantage that she cannot raise them to properly respect social mores and disciplinary systems, and they end up lacking the structure that they need to establish a reasonable internal censor," without basing it in fact, then I’m just being a racist.  It turns into He Said/She Said, and as soon as someone points the finger and shouts "Racist" everyone else in the room looks to try and figure out how that racist was allowed to speak in the first place.  

    I do really believe that parenting is the problem.  Not just with black america, but with "we have a credit problem" america, and "we have a youth violence problem" america (even though that’s patently false), too.  If new parents consulted books, web sites and organizations like, Crosswalk, and the rest of the gamut of free parents services, maybe they’d be able to teach their child how to behave in school/take responsibility/ do the right thing.  Of course, this is all pinned on the idea that it takes two (at least) to raise a child.  If Dad runs off to do . . . whatever, mom doesn’t have time to raise kids; she has to work.  This also illustrates a problem in child welfare laws, but throwing legislation at this problem has done nothing.  Child support law does nothing if Dad chooses not to pay it.  Yeah, if they catch him, and if they convict him, mom and son can get control of a percentage of his assets, but if he had plenty of asset, do you think he’d be running from his family? 

    Leave it at this: does a properly raised child spit and swear at her second grade teacher?  Does a properly raised child resort to petty violence as means to an end (or even just for fun)?  No matter what you believe about HOW to parent a child, the end result of every method tends to be of the non-violent and societally constructive type.  If we all raised our children to be kind, open-minded, polite and responsible, we wouldn’t have a race problem.  We probably wouldn’t have a debt problem, or an oil crisis either, because kids wouldn’t be getting and maxing out credit cards as soon as they leave the nest, and we’d see far fewer gas-guzzling SUVtards which drive the price up for the rest of us.  Personal responsibility goes a long long way, people, and the only way to get it is to be properly taught.

  191. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well with inlammatory statistics like that I can see why. Jerk.  🙂

    I kid. I kid. I kid.

    But I think registering comparitive statistics can turn a conversation very easily into further comparisons, driving a conversation easily toward superiority connotations.  When in fact, you’ve got a topic of discussion that indicates "a" problem (and heatedly arguably "the" problem) with the black community.

    While I would discourage opening a discussion abotu race with "This is THE problem", no matter what answer you have, I wouldn’t disuade you from attempting to have discourse with people on the topic when it arises.  You’re coming as an outsider voice, which will always be problematic for you, but it sounds like you’re coming from a place of actually wanting to work (or at least theorize) toward problem solving.

    Though then its potentially a matter of implying that outsider help is needed . . .

     . . . its tough. 🙂  But I would encourage you to try to maintain the dialog. 



  192. TheStripe says:

    "Further, how about the old saying "Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it"?  If there isn’t reasonable discourse, aren’t we leaving the world open to repetition?" 

    So true.  The problem is that we can’t talk about race.  I’m white, and I’m not allowed to talk about race to non-whites.  If I do, I’m a racist.  If I suggest for a minute, as several Black leaders already have, that the problem with modern black culture and society is that Black fathers desert their children more than three times as often as non-blacks, I’m a racist.  


    We can’t talk about racism because black America can’t accept that it may be to blame for it’s own problems.

  193. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    That’s King’s dream, for sure.  And for the time, great, that’s the extremity necessary.

    But doesn’t not talking about race preclude that sense of history, self pride and heritage?   I think a world where we don’t discuss race just serves to homogenize people into something less facetous.  Boring even, right?

    And the difficulty always is that race is so often tied to visual perception.  Everyone draws an opinion on past experience, which I think predisposes everyone to prejudice.  Most people may have squashed that, arguably, but everyone still has eyes, opinions and past experiences.

    Further, how about the old saying "Those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it"?  If there isn’t reasonable discourse, aren’t we leaving the world open to repetition?

    Granted, once you get past the initial knee-jerk reactions, good discourse comes.  But its those first responders that probably woudl benefit most from the discussion. :/



  194. Dark Sovereign says:

    The point of "post-racialism" is supposed to be that all people are treated equally. To quote King "judging by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin". Race simply doesn’t need to be discussed unless there is any proof for institutionalized racism. The white community by and large moved pass race, and, from my experience, so has the Asian community. The black community, and, to a large extent, the Latino community, hold everyone back from the post-racial dream. The black community declares any kind of movement against black criminals to be racist, regardless of the fact that the reason blacks are imprisoned more often is because they commit more crimes. The Latinos regard any kind of enforcement of our borders against illegal immigration as racism. These are generalizations, of course, and do not apply to all of either community. However, the problem is so widespread that I regard the use of these generalizations as justified.

  195. Artifex says:

    There is, however, a vast difference between unwaranted accusation and a rational discussion.

    Also, since when has race not been discussed? I guess I just don’t see where the argument could be made. Its been plenty discussed almost every time this issue has been brought up, here and in other forums all across the net, and likely discussed any other time race has been brought up. Sure, there will always be the initial group of people who will make a kneejerk reaction or cover up their ears/eyes, but there is always rational discussion amoungst the crowds, you just have to be willing to look for it.

  196. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    One could argue that not talking about race has set us back, since it sjust this elephant in the closet that we yell at if it ever comes out.

  197. TheStripe says:

     That makes me want to do a screen grab of that site, change all instances of Black to White and wait for the rioters to burn my house down for being a white supremacist.

  198. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Black Agenda Report: The journal of African American political thought and action.

    Hmm… let’s do a little switcheroo…

    White Agenda Report: The journal of White Americal political thought and action.



    I sure hope the fool that wrote the article doesn’t believe he’s not racist. He can preach all the "love" he wants, all I hear is, "Don’t hate, perpetuate."

  199. TheStripe says:

    Well said.  To focus a little tighter on the microcosm; in America, black culture tends to wave it’s flag for problems that it labels as white oppression.  Unfortunately, many of these problems (credit and bankruptcy laws, most recently) effect white people as much or more than black people, but both black america and the (usually poor) white people each individually lack the numbers or appeal to get anything done.  Black America hurts its causes by defining socioeconomic ills as "Black Problems," and refusing white assistance while alienating white victims of the same ills.  If black america could see how very little these problems actually have to do with race and how very much they have to do with money (or lack thereof) perhaps there could be some unification in the lower socioeconomic brackets to edict some real change.  What actually happens is the poor black disenfranchised get much better press than the poor white disenfranchised, and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  When every member of the congregation at a black church who suffered from the sub-prime lending scandal gets a reparations check, or their home back, every poor white person without an effective propaganda organization starts to contempt that black church, thus giving rise to more racists.

    Just because a problem effects more of one race than others doesn’t mean that it’s a racist problem.  As soon as black america can learn that and begin to unify with whites and hispanics and asians that are in the same boat, maybe we can start fixing some of these problems. 

  200. Tom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m not sure what you mean with your last paragraph so I’d love some clarification if you get a chance.

    I wrote that last sentence in a hurry and had to leave the computer but I would like to elaborate.  It was a gross oversimplification because, of course, there are black and hispanic people from all backgrounds who would be interested in creating games.  You’re starting to see more black and hispanic people in the industry and, I imagine, by the time the next generation of systems comes around you’ll see a percentage that much more accurately reflects society as a whole.

    The issues is economics, not race.  Everyone imposes a racial layer because it’s a natural brain mechanism, but when you look at the numbers and circumstances you’ll find that a lot of the problems that people consider "epidemic" in the black or hispanic community are present in the white community but are tied to economic markers.  Absentee fathers, for example, are a problem among economically depressed populations like some parts of the UK that are predominantly white.

    Traditionally immigrant populations began their lives in the States at the bottom rung of the economic ladder but eventually there is upward mobility.  The history that you mentioned above that should not be forgetten lest it be repeated has been a hinderence to the black community and it made upward mobility more difficult.  One of the problems, from this layman’s perspective, is that aspects of black culture that are sensationalized by the media – and yes, some video games – tend to reinforce the notion that the lifestyle surrounding the economic situation – like gangs and drug use – are either positive or an attractive negative.  In a sense a black culture that celebrates the accoutrements of economic hardship is keeping the black race in an economic limbo that feeds the culture.

    You do have the rare occurance, the Snoop or 50 Cent, who emerges into the mainstream and is then rewarded by society at large.  This is where you see the racism emerge, to my mind, because this is where you have notions of black cultural identity being usurped and abused by corporations in order to make money despite the collatoral damage.


  201. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "You want to see more blacks and hispanics designing games, then offer the tools to poor neighbourhoods."

    Because that’s the only place you’ll find Black or Hispanic people interested in the games industry? 🙂  jk

    You make an understandable point about generational introduction to art career, which I also agree with.

    But one can easily harbor some fear/fanatacism for having a group of people interested in centralizing a people that are, more or less, catching up.  I get a feeling thats at least where his fervor its coming from. 


  202. Tom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Questions of black representation in the industry should be raised but the writer does it wrong.  His implication that the video game industry is a success because it is inspired by the actions of black youths is completely false and dismissive of thousands of titles that have nothing to do with black culture that were created by hundreds of thousands of people working hard for many, many hours.  The writer has clearly done no research whatsoever and is making grandious claims based on his ignorance.

    Black representation in the games industry isn’t due to racism on the part of the industry or industry professionals but it’s an unfortunate result of social factors.  In order to get into the games industry you need to have experience programming or creating 3d artwork – both of those fields have a relatively high barrier of entry because they require expensive tools to practice on and years of expensive schooling.  Unfortunately that makes it a difficult proposition for people from poor neighbourhoods because it is more difficult for them to get access to the required tools.  Blacks and hispanics have a higher percentage of low wage earners living in poor neighbourhoods compared to whites and so are afforded less opportunities to meet the requirements to break into the game industry. 

    It’s also important to note that oftentimes when people do move from a poor environment they choose to do so by embracing more traditionaly prestigious social roles – businessmen, doctors, lawyers, etc.  It’s the next generation that generally entertain artistic or alternative ambitions.

    It’s not a fault of the game industry, it’s a reflection of our society and the faults therein.  You want to see more blacks and hispanics designing games, then offer the tools to poor neighbourhoods.

  203. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I agree with alot of what you say.   It feels that alot of reaction from this topic comes out of disinterest in accepting that someone could have an issue with the discussion of race in the trailer.

    The writer seems to go in a lot of directions, with the trailer as a jumping point.   His concerns appear to go beyond an indictment of RE and into a voicing of a larger concern of black presence and representation in that game industry.   Which I think also, easily gets lost when this topic is brought up with fair and minimal comentary, as GP does fairly consistantly.

  204. LightAce says:

    You can shoot white people and russians and everyone says its not hurting anyone but once you shoot black people then it becomes racist. -.-

  205. Necromancist says:

    Respecting this guy’s opinions and all, I find it quite hard to come up with any critisism against this without feeling at least a little stab of cultural guilt.

    In short, as has been said by many people here, racism won’t die until we stop poking it with sticks.

  206. otakustu says:

    The funny thing is, I’m betting that just like Resi 4 the actual black villager killing will represent only the first 25% of the game. After that it’s mutant freaks and huge genetically modified bosses to plug full of lead!

  207. Wa_Hi says:

    i wouldnt mind a game like that really long as it had good game mechanics and graphics and a proper story line. any more for me race aruguments are just kind of meh. i really just dont care anymore if your white good for you if your black good for you if your asian good for you i dont care. If you treat me with disrespect i tend not to care what you have to say what ever your race i can see where you all your all coming from but really i still kinda dont care yall can live your lives the way you feel you need to live them. what ever your race, age, religion, political view and or life style if your a pos your pos no way around it. i dont believe we as homosapians will ever really stop killing and hating each other on some random basis. Weve done it since we where little more than cave men throwing sharp rocks at each other and i have no reason to believe that we will change any time soon. its the human condition.  I EAT BABIES!!!


    had to throw that in there for a good ol redvsblue refrence.

  208. Mech ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "I bet though if you played a where you played a Palestinian shooting an American or Israeli there would quite some huff about how its propaganda, racist this and that?"

    You mean kinda like all those games where you are killing Germans? Oh wait, I don’t see any huff about that… oh shit it is even based on real life events! Holy hell, man, how did we all miss THAT one?

  209. SuperKing says:

    I don’t know what i hate more about these kinds of post. The writer or the obnoxious echo chamber that is the blogsphere. Or the inane ramblings of people that say they don’t see what the huff is about. That somehow they are immune to seeing race while the whole world is not. Everyone thinks that racism is some prick in a bed sheet with a noose. When its also holding assumptions that are amazing ignorant like the game is made by Japanese people therefore it isn’t racist? How do you respond to someone who claims to be not only an expert is American history but holier than thou? Both the author and most of the responders hold the same absolute position about race. That its them and us. Which would explain the reactions. I bet though if you played a where you played a Palestinian shooting an American or Israeli there would quite some huff about how its propaganda, racist this and that? But most people live in an ahistorical vacuum and themselves as the objective viewer so whatever.



  210. Mysticgamer ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Nope, no one said anything about Resident 2, 3, Veronica, or 4.  Also no one said anything about Dead Rising either.

  211. Marc Lewis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    ummm, have you played 4? I’m pretty sure that just about every one of the infected characters in that game is white… where was the outrage there? BTW, out of curiousity, why does the final bad guy in most (if not all) RE games turn out to be a white guy.

    While the blogger’s heart is in the right place (Racism IS in fact bad) he should understand the history of the story first.  The vilagers in this game are getting treated no differently than they were in 4 from what I can see. 

    But please, I beg of commentors not to blindly bash him.  It can make you look just as stupid as you are trying to make the blogger seem.  Back up your arguments.  Not trying to regulate anyones commenting, just a suggestion.

  212. Adamas Draconis says:

    they mostly were in the original game, because there wasn’t enough processing power left over for varying skin colors and female zombies came about because of better programing and compression. but for the most part the zombies looked like they evolved from Caucasians….hmmm does that count as racism?


    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  213. Loudspeaker says:

    I honestly think this guy would whine either way.  If you replace the black zombies with white zombies then he’d cry out you aren’t correctly representing African races.  The only way THIS GUY will be happy is if the "hero" is black and the zombies are white.

    "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  214. Arad ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I wonder if all the zombies were white males, there would be the same level of OUTRAGE.

    Heaven forbid a person take into account the setting and subject matter before kicking the outrage engines into overdrive. -_-

  215. Hoodlum says:

    wow this is a shame Im black and I didnt feel any offence when I watched the re5 trailor. I hate when my people wanna use racism as a way to solve their problems I know it exists but I dont care as long as noone comes at me with that crap its like you cant put anything in a video game or this  or that race might get offended everyone has problems I get looked at like a ghost or harrassed by police when i go to a mall but I dont bring race into something has noothing to do with it

  216. Dick Ward says:

    It was something like…  ehm… started with a….   letter…..  of the alphabet.  I’ll get it!

  217. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    They’re portrayed as savage and stupid because they are ZOMBIES!!!! Not because they’re black! God DAMN! Zombies are supposed to be stupid and bloodthirsty! Unfortunately only a "black or brown" person could argue with him, otherwise he’d probably cry racist.

    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up:

    Jonathan Freedman (2002)

    Block and Crain (2007)

    Grand Theft Childhood, a book by Harvard Medical School researchers Lawrence Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  218. Tom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Serbia isn’t in the Middle-East, it’s in Europe.  They were involved in a war in the 90’s that coined the term "ethnic cleansing."

  219. DarkTetsuya says:

    Ah ok…. I have played a little GTA4 but never actually got into it (my brother’s tv was kinda hard to see so I couldn’t really figure out where I was going)

    I’m surprised that wasn’t more of an issue what with everything going on in the mid-east… I guess I should be thankful. 😛


  220. Tom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I don’t think that anyone’s complaining about criticism – if they are then they are being foolish – but rather that the criticism is of an incomplete product.  Unless these critics have a leaked alpha that they’ve played through they really don’t know what’s being said about Africa.  There are many very valid points to be raised about the situation in many parts of Africa and none of the critics seem to be considering that a zombie story could address some of these issues.

    For example, couldn’t the use of zombies be a metaphor for the aspects of strong tribal loyalties that have led to so much violence and death?  Could it similarly be a metaphor for the rampant mindset in some places that says that the way to cure AIDS is to have sex with a virgin?  They could also be using zombies as a way to show the plight of Africans who have been abused by western pharmacutical companies or used as guinnea pigs by multinational companies.  The issues that they’re dealing with in the game could go much deeper then "shewt teh zombeez!!!111" but we can’t know that yet.

    What they’re doing is paramount to refusing to watch American History X because it starts off with a Neo-Nazi curb-stomping a black man.

  221. Dark Sovereign says:

    The concern is well known. It’s legitimacy is suspect. People who constantly bring up racism "prime" those who deal with them to start evaluating situations based on race. The effect doesn’t last long, but it doesn’t help race relations either. Most Americans nowadays don’t care about the race of people in their entertainment, so long as it’s not a blatant stereotype. When you declare a product racist, the people who formerly didn’t care about race start to pay more attention to it and react differently based on race, setting race relations back a few decades.

  222. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think its unfortunate that, even after many people approaching the issue in different ways, and most of the high profile critics of the




    coming at the issue from differnet angles, people, at least in comments, do not take the time to re-evaluate the issue, or try to understand what the concern is.

    What people also often do not appreciate is that the often dismissed form of storytelling found in video games, is now getting some attention for its capacity to express and utilize more adult, serious, and even painful issues.  Games ahve definitely come a long way, and have more or less earned the right to fall under this sort of criticism.

    If someone isn’t calling for the game to be stopped or otherwise banned (I didn’t check the course for that, did you?), is criticism of subject matter really that bad?

  223. DarkTetsuya says:

    Yeah give it a couple weeks time, no one will remember this guy’s name… like that one lady what’s her name… oh well.


  224. Dick Ward says:

    N’gai brought up interesting points and generated good conversation.  This guy’s just ignorant.  No better than those calling out Mass Effect for it’s realistic interactive rape.

    If you can’t be bothered to know anything about videogames, keep your mouth shut.

  225. Dark Sovereign says:

    Niko’s white. He’s Serbian (as evidenced by the line in the opening credits "better than my Serbian" by Roman).

  226. DarkTetsuya says:

    I’m surprised there wasn’t controversy like this when GTA 4 came out (well, specifically about race, I know there’s been plenty of other controversy) Say what race is Niko, anyway?

    At least these stories have slowed to a trickle, as far as I’ve noticed.


  227. Dark Sovereign says:

    I’d mostly agree. That doesn’t mean that foreigners shouldn’t expect some form of decency when they go there. Remember the flap about the "rape" committed by American marines? Remember how that charge wasn’t real? Have you heard of the roving black vans preaching hatred against foreigners? Not every country needs to act like America. But it isn’t racist to expect something other than full blown xenophobia.

  228. Tyler Baumbarger says:

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Different countries have different racial histories. To expect Japan to act as if they had the same racial history as America is in itself racist. "Oh, everyone should feel sorry for something some racist white people have done!"

  229. DarknessDeku! says:

    I think it’s more racist to give special treatment to one race.  I wish people would stop trying to put black people on a high pedestal.

  230. Anonymous says:

    This quote belongs on the back of the RE5 box:

    "What I witnessed [in Resident Evil 5] was nerve-wrecking, painful, mind-numbing and heart-racing…" – Tolu Olorunda

    An endorsement if I ever heard one.  Sounds like a great survival-horror game to me!

    "The Video Game industry is one which has profited immensely from the casualty of black on black hostility. Notable products of its faculty include,

    “50 Cent: Bulletproof,” Talk to Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent about that if you’re upset.  He got paid.

    “Def Jam: Icon” Talk to Russell Simmons about that if you’re upset.  He got paid.

    “Grand Theft Auto.”  GTA is an equal-opportunity parody.  And Samuel L. Jackson says it’s OK so I’m with him.

    "A 2005 survey suggests that Blacks constitute 2% of the demographic makeup of Game Developers, with Latinos making 2.5%. How ironic is it, that this reality does very little to punctuate the disproportionate consumption of video game products by Black and Brown teenagers…"

    Please!  Game developers are 50% asian!  He wants to push out one minority in favor of his own.  Stop this man from trying to ruin my fun.  Nothing gets me more upset than self-righteous a-holes imposing their views upon my entertainment (*cough* Jack Thompson).  Has anyone else noticed the blatant racism against white males in television and in advertisements?  According to prime-time television white males are all morons.  I’m sick of being openly mocked.  That’s why I play games now.

  231. TJLK says:

    I’m tired of this story.  The person was watching this video with the mindset that he should be offended.  You can look at the longest trailer and there is an obvious transition from peaceful to zombie infested people.  It doesn’t even begin to get violent until halfway through so it does show non-zombie individuals.  It also doesn’t get violent, aside from the political uprising scene, until the first person is infected and turned into a zombie.

    The trailer was well directed but is not racist unless you are specifically trying to make it racist.  It is pretty pathetic.

  232. Tallimar ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    gas prices continue to skyrocket, obese isp companies are trying to place themselves as internet gatekeepers, the american economy is really shaky at best, bush continues to drive this country into record debts. parts of the midwest are flooding under heavy rainfall and all this guy can complain about are black zombies in a game set in africa?  *shakes head in disappointment*

  233. Brokenscope says:


    With gas prices so high recently, running the whaaaaambulance has gotten expensive. Of course its an election year so everyone is calling for it.

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