Rebellion Exec: Byron Report was Good for Video Game Biz

The Tanya Byron review may have been controversial in some quarters, but Chris Kingsley (left), Chief Technology Officer of UK developer Rebellion is fine with it, reports

In fact, Kingsley believes the TV psychiatrist’s probe into the effects of video games on children was a net plus for the industry:

It helped to raise the profile in a way, and helped to answer a lot of questions. But games is just one section of it, and I think a lot of the challenges are faced by the other sectors are potentially things that we’ll be facing in the future. So that will be interesting to watch.

And while ELSPA is currently lobbying for PEGI to become the one-stop content rating shop for UK games, Kingsley told he’s okay with Dr. Byron’s recommendation that game rating duties be turned over to the BBFC:

As long as the BBFC can cope, and I can see some issues with how they rate games – because rating games is a more difficult prospect than movies, which you can just sit down for a couple of hours and you’re going to know what’s in there. With games there’s a lot more content and a lot more potential for missing things, or if you don’t quite play the game in the right way, you’re not going to see the right things happen.


What we don’t want to see is regulation getting in the way of the games industry too much, but we’ll have to see how that works out in the next few weeks and months, as to what actually happens.


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    Anonymous says:

    The point about ill-informed American commentators was a good one, especially for anybody whose been following this site for years rather than months.

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    ZippyDSM says:

    As I said she has at least has creds Phil only has one master or BA in experimental psychology basically meaning he is unfit to be a shirk in some states, at least shes not a TV whore like Mr "I am getting a divorce because I am an asshole" Phill…oy drama queens….


    thats 3 or 4 masters, so the beifit of the doubt should be given here.



    I is fuzzy brained mew =^^=
    (in need of a bad overhaul)


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    DarknessDeku! ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Yeah, but Dr. Phil makes the biggest scene he can over everything he does.  He also likes to place the blame on anything that is popular technology, mostly Myspace.  A few days ago he blamed prostitution on Craigslist.  I would never go to him for advice.

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    DarknessDeku! ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Come on people, can we stop with the flame wars?  No offense, but it gets bad enough when Jack Thompson gets in here.

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    Anonymous says:

    Dear Chap, I cannot shove my tea and crumpets, for I have not exercised that orifice enough to do so. Although your point about the standard text is well-taken. On the subject of TV ‘Psychologists’, they exploit the pain and suffering of others and make it into profit for them. Nothing short of Fox News or snuff films is more despicable, which is why I disagree with you, old bean.

    Also, the phrase ‘with the utmost dignity’ is similar to ‘no disrespect’, which is used when one means the exact opposite. Please use no false dignity for shoving of tea and crumpets, they are too delicious to be treated in such a manner.

  6. 0
    Canary Wundaboy says:

    With the greatest respect, this isn’t America. We don’t have Fox. 😉

    And I like using the italic and the bold, the standard text looks sucky. Nobody has complained despite me using it since the forum changed over, so kindly take your tea and your crumpets and with the utmost dignity; shove them.

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    SounDemon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The bold and underlined text is hardly neccesary, old bean. Please refrain from acting in such a childish manner in the future.

    Observe the disagreeable fellow known as Dr. Phil. He uses other people’s pain and suffering as a method to gain money for the network; and at the end of every show, he actually brings in someone who knows what they are doing. It is highly despicable, my dear chap.

    Now, after you are done doing the rough equivalent of using all caps, how about some tea and crumpets, old chum?

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    GusTavToo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Zippy DSM wrote: "the sad fact will remain they will ban anything they dislike, what would be better if the BBFC just slotted media and not be so anal about the content."

    While you might not like the decisions that the BBFC has made, it is clearly not the case that they can ‘ban anything they dislike’. The Manhunt2 saga clearly shows the constraining legal framework within which they work. The BBFC’s attmempt to refuse Manhunt2 a classification was overturned by the VAC because they had failed to show how it met the legal criteria for a classification refusal.

    They work within a clear statutory framework and have a transparent review and appeal process.

    Compare and contrast that with the operation of PEGI and the ESRB, which do not exist within that kind of legal framework and can therefore be far more arbitrary in their decision making.

  9. 0
    ZippyDSM says:


    I would love if the BBFC “sold off” the game system to pegi but the sad fact will remain they will ban anything they dislike, what would be better if the BBFC just slotted media and not be so anal about the content.

    What’s more the 18 ratings level is protected by law and yet they still whine over it.

    I is fuzzy brained mew =^^=
    (in need of a bad overhaul)


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    TBoneTony ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I would rather have both the PEGI and the BBFC working together on the Videogame ratings.


    But of course, you can tell two different rating systems to work together, but it does not mean that their differences in opinions would be settled.


    One has to be made aware that the UK has the Government controlled BBFC while the PEGI is European independant. And because of the different languages, that is why the PEGI uses symbols even though it could lead to missinterpretations if you don’t read what they stand for in the Game Manual.


    I would side with the PEGI over the BBFC because of the way that the BBFC handled the Manhunt2 issue really made me feel uncomfortable with them.


    Rating games based on the justification of the violence and banning it based on the Satinsm  is not really a good idea in my view.

    When you rate something, if you have an 18 rating there, then you should use it. Regardless if you think that parents would notice or not.


    You can’t be held responsible for actions that you have no control over, that is something I wish I would be able to tell everyone from the Videogame Industry to the BBFC to even the parents of people who have been killed in school shootings.



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    Matthew says:

    Donald Trump and Sir Alan Sugar are on The Apprentice. Numerous business savvies have ruled over the Dragons’ Den. Gordon Ramsay still has Michelin stars after doing six or seven series of cooking shows. Being on TV doesn’t make you any less qualified or able to do whatever it is you do.

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    Canary Wundaboy says:

    She has a degree and by all accounts is a more than competent psychologist.

    Just because she also chose to earn some money by applying her trade on TV doesnt make her any less qualified to conduct a report, if anything her public profile increases the scrutiny people have applied to her and has made her more accountable.

    If the review had gone against us and been done by someone else, the first thign we’d all have complained about was how unnaccountable bureacrats were denying our freedoms etc….

    The review was pro-gamer and very positive for our industry, our rights and our hobby itself. We should be grateful indeed, but this review is now old news, dead and buried, I have no idea why it’s being brought up yet again just so the American commentators on this forum can throw their ill-informed comments back into the mix.

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    Zerodash. ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I still don’t understand how a government could employ a TV pop personality to make a report from which public policy would be made.  Regardless of the report’s conclusions, the entire concept is odd.  That would be like asking Oprah to release a study to base laws on.

    Of course, MP Vaz made sure to lie about the report anyway…

  14. 0
    Anonymous says:

    Well, she’s more like a famous qualified person than a qualified famous person, I suppose a better comparison would be to ask Judge Judy to investigate a governmental legislation. It’s kind of a wierd choice, I’ll admit, but she’s not totally unqualified to do the job.

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