ESA: Game-like Training Increasing in the Workplace

Yesterday, GamePolitics reported that the NYPD is considering the use of video game technology to train its personnel.

They’re not the only ones.

According to a new ESA survey of 150 large U.S. companies and non-profits, 70% train their employees with interactive software.  Additionally, more than 75% of those companies already offering simulation game-based training expect to expand their usage in the next three to five years. 78% of those not currently on the bandwagon are expected to hop on in the next five years.

Said ESA CEO Michael Gallagher:

Businesses across the spectrum, from automobile manufacturers to financial service providers, are utilizing entertainment software to help educate their employees to better serve their customers and improve their bottom lines.  Interactive technology is a valuable tool in workforce development and this study underscores the fact that video games have become a mass medium helping Americans live, work and of course play.

The majority of companies surveyed claim to be satisfied with the results and sophistication of their interactive training programs. They cite a reduction of costs, faster and more consistent training, ease of measuring employee participation, and better information retention as the biggest advantages.

-Reporting from San Diego, GP Correspondent Andrew Eisen never had one lesson

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