With Controversy Comes Increased Online Traffic to Torture Game


When violent video game controveries flare, it’s often said that critics are unintentionally increasing traffic to the game in question.

Such appears to be the case with The Torture Game 2.

The amateur, online game has been attracting no small amout of attention lately, including a parental alert from watchdog group the Parents Television Council.

The free game is available at online gaming portals Newgrounds and Kongregate.

But a message posted by Newgrounds guru Tom Fulp documents that the controversy is actually bringing many new players to the game:

The latest controversy has been surrounding The Torture Game 2, a fun little ragdoll physics engine that lets you do all sorts of horrible things to a lifeless dummy. Sensible Erection put together a gallery of all the fancy artwork you can create with TG2… at which point Derek Yu made a post about it on TIGSource and a whole debate erupted.


MSNBC picked up on the TIGSource debate and posted their own article about the game, but the real fun came when FOX News weighed in with a Fair & Balanced video, expressing their disgust while showing real-time footage of the person being tortured. Hey! At least we slapped a MATURE rating on the game and made you click a link to view it… Fox just dumped it into every living room in America!


As a result of their efforts, many more people are now enjoying The Torture Game 2.

 The Fox News video mentioned by Fulp appears at left.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The game was a hit here at the office, even before all the media attention.

    Now there are only 2 of us left. The rest are either dead or we’ve locked them up in the closet…


  2. NoFish ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Another note: Kids have been ripping heads off barbie dolls for as long as I’ve been alive at the very least. This is pretty much just ripping heads off barbie dolls for the 21st century.

  3. Paul Farinelli says:

    Oh please, the dummy doesn’t even have a human response, or any sort of response for that matter. It’s just a little program you can use to see the ways you can affect a ragdoll in a virtual space.

  4. kurisu7885 (can't log in) says:

    Thanks to them I knew of this game and it’s now a part of my favorites list on that site.

    Also, the same person already made a torture game and the site has tons others like it. WHere were these people then?

  5. Roie says:

    Okay, so maybe it’s a little gross.

    On the other hand, it looks like an incredibly boring game…

  6. JustChris says:

    To sincerely answer the caption question: "Does [this] online video game teach children how to torture?" …not much. It shows what torture can LOOK LIKE, and you might learn some new ways to create puncture wounds… but being taught something doesn’t necessarily give you the drive to do something. You cannot compare the emotional impact of stabbing a live, screaming person to a virtual test dummy that doesn’t react.

    FOX news is like that company that is run journalists that barely passed writing classes without flunking in their major. Bad students BS in their papers….bad journalists BS on the news. Those "harmless" grades do have an impact on your life and everyone else’s.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it…doesn’t Fox News and their ilk WANT kids to be down with torture so they’ll think everything at Guantanamo is fine and dandy?

  8. Anonymous says:

    What did they fucking think would happen to the popularity of the game if they did a report on it?

  9. Ace ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’d tried this game a few weeks before this uproar came about. And at first you ofcourse try the usual. Try to take all the skin off his face without killin him, rip off as many limbs as you can without killing him, saw as many little pieces off as you can, nail limbs onto wrong stumps etc.

    But then you realize it’s more than just a torture simulator, it’s a ragdoll game. So I took a look at some of the things people had done and had loads of fun posing and making costumes for my little doll man…then I realized I was just playing elaborate dollie dress up and promptly went to do manly things like bend steel and eat raw eggs so I wouldn’t catch the gay. Rarr!

    All joking aside…while the game does offer plenty of oppertunity for maiming and slaughter, you can find other stuff to do as well. Maybe we should question the people that did NOT find another use for the game but to saw off heads again and again and again? (I’d have liked a hacksaw option personally, more visceral).

  10. dmr9748 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    What happened to the good old days where parents actually "protected" their children from the things they found to be disturbing on the internet with the use of software and services like "Net Nanny" or "Cyber Patrol"?

    Seriously,  if they are going to be so irresponsible to not watch over their own children, what qualifies them to speak on behalf of any other american citizen?  There are certain responsibilities that everyone must understand and uphold with everything in life and especially with the internet.

    It’s like if you have porn sitting around in your house and you have kids.  If your kids are exposed to it, is the porn industry at fault because they made it available to you?  No.  It’s your fault because you did not put it in a secure area away from your kids.

    It’s no different from the internet.  You know there are things on the internet that should not be exposed to children yet you knowingly and willful allow your children to use the internet completely unsupervised.  It’s not the developers fault, nor is it the ISP’s fault that your child has access to this materail, it’s the parent fault for not putting the effort into upholding their responsibility to supervise their children.

    Seriously, when are these people going to grow up and take responsbility for themselves and their children?

    All this crap is common sense.  To attempt to push the blame for exposure or even possible exposure of such materail on to one’s own children on to someone else is nothing more than the parents exposing how truly irresponsible they are. 

  11. Cadia says:

    "We Have Evidence"

    no what you have is speculation and poor researching, most of what comes out of these sods mouths is based on there personal opinions, you can tell the way the news caster says its disgusting and the way the person being interviewed reacts. when she under took her "research" it wasn’t to prove or disprove if video games have effects on children rather to prove it that is not the state of mind to be in when researching something as delicate and unknown as the mind. we know jack all about it and we probably never will.

    i dont dinie that some pychopaths are influence in some way (though not directly) by video games its might give them an idea on how to do it, that is plusable but one must be in an unstable state of mind for it to do so and if thats the case why isn’t he/she getting help? they go on an on about the video games are evil and must be stopped but they never stop to think people are flawed why not make more mental health centre’s? where is these kids and adults friends and family? why havn’t they done anything? but no its the vidja games fault!. but saying video games are the cause is extremely ignorant, the phychopaths and troubled kids and adults have a choice the choice to or not to do what they will, once you get down to it you find it is the person not the video games or movies we all have our own free will

    the kids who recently went on a rampage with baseball bats and crobars made the choice to do so and didn’t want to face the consequences of there actions.

    i’ve played this game and it sickened me. and i’ve played the bloodiest games you can imagine MK:SM is one of my favourite games i am not numb to torture i am not numb to pain i do not love gore and vilence to be fair i am a very sensitive person. the news is making video games into a sterotype there trying to make families think video games and think something evil that will turn there kids into monsters, why they do this i dont know. maybe they are abusing there powers (as they often do) to stop people buying video games as it means that if there playing video games there not watching the news. who’s to say..

  12. Anonymous says:

    Phear me for I am the big bad boogerman! I come to steal your childrenz away!!!!oneone1111elvenone!


    I found it only slightly entertaining, the game occupied my attention for about an hour, then I wen’t and read a book. I doubt Fox News cares what happens to the game so long as they get more people watching their network, hot women and controversial stories is the name of their game, they even claim to have the right to misrepresent the information, they never claim it is accurate people just assume Fox is telling the truth.

  13. jadedcritic says:

    Maybe this is a bit unpopular of me to say, but I think I’ll say it anyway. I’m starting to lose patience with people that constantly want to explain violence and it’s causes.  As if the human condition is inherently good and perfect, which it clearly is not, so they have to find some reason why good people do bad things.  Or bad people do bad things for that matter. As if they could just figure out why bad things happen, champagne would fall from the heavens and we could all hold hands and skip off into the sunset.  Damn that rock music, it makes kids disobedient.  Fast forward 40 years.   Damn those video games!  It makes kids violent!  Guys, cmon.  Isn’t this is a little bit naive?  Isn’t it based on the assumption that we as a species haven’t been killing each other for looking different and believing in the wrong things for how many hundreds of years?  Blame it on Cain.  Granted, I don’t know the bible that well, but wasn’t killing Abel generally considered the first murder?  There’s a seductive allure to violence.  All the problems in the world don’t mean a damn thing on the wrong end of a gun. The sooner we admit that to ourselves, maybe we as a society can start to be more honest.  Violence is part of the human condition.  Deal with it.

    In the meantime, I fail to see how poking a physics ragdoll with a stick is any more inherently inhumane then building a bathroom for your sim with no door and watching his kidneys explode because he can’t reach it. Why do we do it?  Because it’s freaking funny. I once had the entire population of a city lobotomized just because I was bored.  (Alpha Centauri).  Now that I think about it, I can recall a few occasions playing the Masters of Orion franchise that I vaporized entire worlds just because they were in my way. News flash for faux news.  It’s NOT REAL.  Now scurry along and try to find yourself some real news to report on!  mmmmm?

  14. Anon says:

    I find it kind of funny that they can sya torture is so evil when Fox airs a show like 24. This show practically glorifies torture and then they turn around and say its horrible in a game no one [used] to care about. Hell I never even knew there was a Torture Game 1 until the 2nd one came out.

  15. Anonymous says:

    So these idiots have no problem with the US Army, FBI, CIA, etc torturing (even if it’s by proxy or they allege that waterboarding is no torture), but if you do it in a flash "game", it is despicable.

    Great. This is why so many things are so wrong in the US right now.

  16. Anonymous says:

    "We have to warn you, these images are graphic and disturbing."


    ???  It looks like a stuffed crash test dummy on wires, covered in green slime and red paint.

    404:  Disturbing images not found.

  17. Tristram says:

    Does anyone know if Fox has advertising or other financial intirests connected to the game some how?

  18. E. Zachary Knight says:

    When you think about it though, Fox News and other groups probably have people assigned to look for controversy involving games. So Maybe it is all Dennis’ fault for reporting on it first.

    But not really. It is the fault of people who look for controversy so they can splay it all over the airwaves.

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  19. Questionmark says:

    I love how it’s always about the children. OF COURSE kids should not be playing that game. Are you going to tell me you think movies like Saw and Hostel are made for kids cause they’re shown in the same theatre as Bee Movie and Kung Fu Panda?

    Besides as many people have already said in this thread, no one would know about this game if the stupid news media outlets on TV hadn’t reported on it.


    I admit GP posted first but they have a rather niche reader market, unlike Faux News who broadcasts to everyone and their disfigured dog.

  20. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    And only about 10 years of proper science. She knows that psychology (and pretty much all other science) was poorly formulated (and based in religious sensationalism see the "chop your child’s dick off to keep them from jerkin’ it" studies) up until somewhat recently, right? No? Huh….


    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman(2002)Block & Crain(2007)Grand Theft Childhood, by Harvard Medical School researchers Larry Kutner and Cheryl Olson

  21. PHOENIXZERO says:

    And it’s still bullshit.


    Too bad that if there was really a news channel that gave real "no spin" non-sensationalistic news it’d probably be dead last in ratings.

  22. Tristram says:

    I’m pretty sure, since no PERSON is having their internal organs or psyche signifigantly damaged, what you do in this game isn’t tourture.  Just ask the vice president.

  23. Anonymous Ninja says:

    Aren’t these the people who support torturing "terror suspects" openly and even have guests who openly say it? And yet this game comes along and it’s "Oh, this game is evil we must regulate games on the internet because it will make our children immune to torture.  THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!"

     Fucking hypocrites, I know from experience that life is toture and THAT is what makes people numb, what’s wrong with escaping every once in a while?  It doesn’t hurt real people.  Oh wait, Fox News thinks it does thus it is right.  Idiots…

    Off topic: How do you get the custom facemake to work?  I’m guessing you can’t just stick any face picture on there.

  24. Aristocles says:

    It’s interesting how she points to evidence "Over the past fifty years" to support her argument. And for years I thought that video games were invented in the 70’s, you learn something new every day.

  25. InJM says:

    So does 50 years worth of studies cover new media or are we still talking about banning Lady Chatterly’s Lover?  I may have mispelled that title..  

  26. Anonymous says:




    Fun Project!


    When the bitches faces appear on the video streamed from FOX news, press prt scr on your keyboard, open up paint, press edit, cut her face out of the pic, save it as a new .bmp image, then play Torture Game 2, press customize, follow the instructions, and BAM, you’re now torturing that bitchy FOX news anchor!


    Fuck You FOX News.

  27. DEUCE says:




  28. Furluge says:

    Just like others have said, it’s disgusting that the people who are running around glorifying torture are complaining about this. I imagine they’re really ticked because the ragdoll isn’t brown enough for them.

  29. shagrath says:

    I turned it off half way through, I’m so past done listening to these random people excrete half truths and whole lies.

    She hasn’t found any evidence that game’s relieve tension because she hasn’t looked, it’s that simple.

    She’s sick of hearing excuses? I’m sick of her and her cohorts sliming their way onto national television and attacking video games to help sell their biased books, polish their good guy badges and get off on saving the children they themselves treat as pawns in their quest for attention.

    Shove it up your ass you sanctimonious pair of bitches.


  30. Adam ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I have to be completely honest with everybody. I had almost forgotten why nobody respects Fox News (other then the fact they let Jack Thompson on their network everytime he gets a wild hair up his ass) and this segment just reminded me.

  31. Kilika says:

    I love how they mention how "there are shows out there that show torture", yet they’re doing exactly that by showing those scenes.

    But who expected less from Fox News, right?

  32. CyberSkull says:

     Like I said earlier, I would have never heard of it if it weren’t for the fuss raised.

  33. Nekowolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ah, Fox…such an amusing crackup! It takes a very special kind of people to run a station like that, and an even more special to believe.

  34. DeusPayne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Did everyone just gloss over the fact that their "expert" started spouting a bunch of lies about research and ‘evidence’ that games effect kids. Not only that, but she compares it to porn. How they are related I have no idea, let alone the fact that she then relates porn to rape. So in her mind, the link is, games are like porn, porn leads to rape, therefore, games lead to violence. WHAT!?!

    She needs to learn what the word CAUSAL actually means. Cause it’s painfully clear she has no clue what the word means.

  35. Anonymous says:

    "games lead to porn, porn leads to rape, rape leads to violence, violence… leads to suffering!"

                                                      – Yoda [sic]

  36. AgnostoTheo says:

    How easily things get turned around in fox news. It’s a flash game. It’s free, and it’s not even particularly interesting. It’s sort of like throwing darts at an outline on a fence. Yet it’s dangerous to children? Chist on a Stick, people. -.-


    Life begins and ends with Choice. Anything in your life that unlawfully or immorally steals Choice from you should be excised immediately, totally, and destroyed utterly.

  37. neoelasticman says:

    I like the darts metaphor. I’ve shot arrows at a human-shaped target before, does that mean I’m a mass murderer waiting to happen? No! It means I think shooting arrows at a target is FUN, a concept that many people seem not to get these days.

    Sigh… if people like these rule the world, we are doomed to a life somewhat akin to 1984.

  38. Belgarion89 says:

    Hey man, Faux News isn’t all bad; their anchor chicks are smokin’ hot!


    So speak I, some random guy.

  39. JQuilty says:

    Let’s not legitimize the Parents’ Trash Cult by referring to them as a ‘watchdog’.


  40. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    HAH! God I love it when these assholes end up creating problems they were trying to avoid! I’m gonna go buy 2,000 copies of MANHUNT and give them to small children now! EAT IT FAUX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BLEH!!!


    -If shit and bricks were candy and tits, we’d all be livin’ large. For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman(2002)Block & Crain(2007)Grand Theft Childhood, by Harvard Medical School researchers Larry Kutner and Cheryl Olson

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