TV News Report on CT Attorney General vs. Beer Pong

Earlier this week GamePolitics reported on Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s concerns over upcoming Wii-ware title Beer Pong.

Blumenthal criticized the game for encouraging underage drinking and slammed the ESRB for not assigning Beer Pong (since renamed to Pong Toss) an Adults Only rating.

Shelly Sindland of Connecticut Fox News affiliate WTIC-61 has a video report, including additional comments from the A.G.


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  2. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    10 years from now the’re gonna say that drinking any liquide promotes underaged drinking or right after they finish blaming baby bottles. 


  3. SS says:

    hahaha.  They interview a teenage girl who was probably given a biased backstory so she would say what they wanted.  They also refer to 13 year olds as children.  Please don’t come away with the impression that all 14 year olds are as empty minded as that girl.  Nice choice for a person to interview.  She must have a Phd. on the topic too.  These guys are utterly brilliant in making this video. 

    Can I interview a 10 year old on inlfation when I take a Journalism class?  Please?  These kids are really smart and well informed and are excellent canidates for consultation on complicated matters.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Heres a great point

    These people are so concerned about protecting the children because they are worried about them being able to make adult decisions but yet they interview them and treat them as an adults with adult questions.


  5. relax_guy says:



    it’s not like this game was called "Cookin’ crackrocks."  it was beer bong,  and yes.. drinking beer is unhealthy, but beerpong encourages drinking the same way cooking mama encourages over eating and the subordination of women…



    which is interesting that folks in the us have no problem with that haha.

  6. JustChris says:

    These General Attorneys have it made. It’s like you don’t have to know about the stuff- to talk about the stuff!

    Has anyone actually played the game, and found actual "beer guzzling"? Are there cups with yellowish or brownish liquid…is there text in it that says "beer" within the game? This I’d seriously want to know.

    "I don’t understand why something that is illegal is okay in a video game."

    Call me stupid, but I believe it was a spur of the moment brain fart that produced this quote. Being a teenage girl, even if she doesn’t play any video games herself, she is likely aware of the culture, and that other video games contain illegal activities like killing or speeding in traffic. And at the time of the interview she felt compelled to "go with the flow" without hesitating to recall what she knows already.

  7. MonkeyPeaches ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Let me guess, there will be people protesting stores selling this game even though it’s a WiiWare title meaning it won’t be in stores.

  8. Tolazytoapplyforalogon says:

    Exactly, what are the chances the teenager never saw the video and I bet the questioning was completly lead.

    "Don’t you think Beer Pong promotes drinking and shouldnt people take under age drinking seriously?"


    "Well it promotes and illigal activity, underage drinking."

    So does driving a car before your 16 you jerk…



  9. NecroSen says:


    Look! One of those adorable children is speaking her pretty little mind and trying to tell the world about the evils of this videogame! What a brave soul she is. SAVE HER! AH!!!

    Seriously, though, wtf mate? There is no reason to have any problem with this game except to use it as a scapegoat for political gains, which appears to be the case. If you have an issue with this game, then you should also have an issue with Need For Speed, Gran Turismo, Pong, Psychonauts, Halo, F.E.A.R., Gears of War, anything with Barbie in it, My Little Pony, LEGOs, thousands of cartoon shows, countless movies, millions of books, and just about anything else on this planet that involves HAVING AN IMAGINATION.

    I challenge the makers of this game to change its name back to Beer Pong and tell that AG to shove it.

  10. Smarty Pants (I'm back) says:

    Oh, a teenager, a very reliable source. Not to stereotype all teenagers, because I know many smart teens, but there are also a lot of stupid ones. Plus, in stories like this, they never show the other side’s opinion. The game never had ACTUAL consumption of alcohol in it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Games gonna sell a damn site more than it would have without his help.

    Way to put money in Nintendo’s hands AG, real quality work there…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Another idiot Attorney General speaks out. There seems to be a lot of those lately, like the NY AG who brought down a bunch of USENET servers by threatening ISPs with bogus deceptive business practices allegations.


  13. Cheater87 says:

    Once again the media crying over something cauases self censorship. DAMN YOU MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!

  14. E. Zachary Knight says:

    I love balanced reporting. I was so glad to see them interview the designers of the game nad people from the ESRB. I was also surprised to see an interview with a representative of the ECA in there. That was a totally awesome and well balanced report…Wait…it was all a dream you say? You mean there was no balance what so ever? You mena it was all a peice to praise the AG and his idiotic opinions? Dang! I thought we lived in a country where people weren’t afraid to perform fair and balanced reporting.

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  15. -Jes- ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "Fox News affiliate"

    That says it all, really.

    Unreliable agenda-skewed crap!

  16. Scoop11 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think the whole thing is silly, personally, although the company did address some of the concerns.

    And thank you for reminding me what I played in college with the other fraternities and sororities on campus! Or at least what we called it, anyway — it was Beer Pong except with quarters. I wasn’t a big drinker and hated the taste of beer, so the brothers and sisters in my fraternity let me on occassion play without having to drink.

  17. T5 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Richard Blumenthal can do no wrong here in CT, expect more puff pices to follow either out of blind worship or fear.  Also one little girl? COME ON, talk to anyone of the hundreds, nay thousands of gamers who reisde in the constitution state. 

  18. DeusPayne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Ahaha… I love how they couldn’t find someone in authority to bash the game, so they just interviwed at 14  year old girl. What a bunch of crap. "I don’t understand why something that is illegal is okay in a video game." BECAUSE IT’S A VIDEO GAME!!!! There is no actual consumption of alcohol. Hell, 90% of the time I play beiruit, I don’t end up drinking. It’s a goddamn game. And as it’s been said before, we don’t rate games based on the legality of the subject matter. You’d be hard pressed to see an M rating on any of the racing games, yet if you’re going by their logic, they promote underage driving and promote illegal street racing. But since that has no hot buttons to rile up the masses, they jump down beer pong for being loosely (let me reiterate LOOSELY) associated with underage drinking. Maybe we’ll bitch about games with drunk driving in them too… wait… never mind.

  19. nightwng2000 says:

    So… has the AG bashed POGO dot com for "encouraging gambling"?

    Has he blamed flipping cards into a hat for card sharking?

    Has he blamed professional pool/snooker competitions for encouraging gambling on pool games in bars, thereby encouraging underage drinking in bars?

    C’mon, AG, there are so many things to blame for "bad behavior".  Whasamatta?  Afraid you’ll alienate too many constituants who love to gamble?


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