1. Anonymous says:

    Um.. I am lost.  Are the games not already showing their ratings on the box already?  What is this law about?  I am so ****ing confused!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Imports and H-games for the PC.


    Most of the imports have rateing from their local system though.

  3. Vinzent ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I know that news sites have a lot of news to cover, but that comment on the end…what games don’t get an ESRB rating? Has anyone seen one? As far as I know, you can’t make a game for the big 3 without getting an ESRB rating.

  4. chadachada(123) says:

    Lol, I don’t even need to watch the video, I just need to read these comments. It’s obviously freaking hilarious

  5. Loudspeaker says:

    OMG!  Thank you New York government!  What would we do without your infinite wisdom!  Government is best for the people!

    Wait a tick…  My GTA IV has a rating…


    They went back in time and enforced this law!  AMAZING!!!

    What will they think of next???  Banning bottled water?  Only time will tell!


    -Loudspeaker "Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

  6. StealthMaster86 says:

    "…The Law requres a rating and description in the back of the box…"


    I laughed saying IT’S ALL READY THERE!!!


    :40 made me laughed harder than I did all day as they say the what the law is WHILE they are showing what’s already there…

  7. Rodrigo Ybáñez García says:

    I was thinking that maybe with this law if some parents try to sue Sony because little Timmy went postal in his schoolyard, the law will prevent this because the games are by law rated, so the parents won´t have any excuse to claim they weren´t uninformed about violent games.

    Still, I consider this law is useless because is more to control videogames which is a rising medium than protect society.

    Politicians don´t fucking care about people.


    The cynical side of videogames (spanish only): http://thelostlevel.blogspot.com/ My DeviantArt Page (aka DeviantCensorship): http://www.darkknightstrikes.deviantart.com/

  8. Paul T. Farinelli says:

    Lawl, they show a picture of MGS4 in there. For some reason that strikes me as an odd choice…

  9. Adamas Draconis says:

    I think he means the Irony of people freaking out over Video game violence and how you can "Shoot cops and hookers for points" and then putting a high powered rifle or shotgun in a young teen’s hand with out a second thought.

    Hunting the shadows of the troubled dreams.

  10. Zen says:

    Won’t stop them for a second stating that they have won by making the companies do this.  And then show the existing stuff that is already done as proof.  See this rating…see how this system can be set to play it or not…I DID THAT!  Can’t wait. 

  11. ChuckLez says:

    Another useless law.

    Don’t really care if it gets passed, 99% of all violent games that parents are all worked up about go through the ESRB already (would any major retailer even carry a non-rated game?) and display their rating quite clearly and, would ya believe it, always in the same place. 

    BTW: Good Morning 😀

  12. Brokenscope says:

    What wrong with the real thing? All it did was bring the state inline with most other states?

    Not to say I like the NY law.

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