Thai Tech Blogger Scoffs at Claims of GTA Involvement in Cabbie Killing

Jesada Chandraprasert (left), who pens the Technology Thailand blog for Cnet Asia, wasted no time in disputing media reports that the murder of a Bangkok cab driver was prompted by his alleged killer’s play of Grand Theft Auto:

the gist of the story is that a "good boy" up and kills a taxi driver for his money… Anyway, it turns out that this kid likes to play GTA and his parents… have concluded that it must be the game’s influence…


I know, you must be thinking "same poopoo, different country". I couldn’t agree more! People tend to find different things to blame for things that go wrong in their lives. This country is no exception… anyone who walks past a newsstand can tell you what you see on the front page of the Thai Rath [daily newspaper] is much more graphical than the worst of these games and movies.


Since [the Thai Ministry of Health is] bothering to make a list [of games to avoid], don’t forget to include Temple Fair favorites like Whack a Mole that promotes animal cruelty, bumper cars for encouraging bad driving habits,  shooting the water gun into the clown’s mouth which teaches you to use guns, an a plethora of other "violent" carnival games.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe that alot of you idiots really think that poster IS Jack Thompson when it is painfully obvious he is not.

  2. Anonymous says:

     Thai media here control by government. Internet media and blog are free. TV and newspaper don’t courage for truth.

  3. lordlundar says:

    I wonder if that’s why so many people have such an innate fear of clowns? Or if it’s therapeutic in overcoming it?

  4. Father Time says:

    No not that type of game I mean the type where you have some small clowns faces and you have to hit them with a ball to knock them over. That type of game.

  5. E. Zachary Knight says:

    Actually that is illegal in the US. The holes are actually just barely bigger than the ball. So you can still get the ball through, you just have to have amazingly accurate aim.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Listen. Dennis can report what ever he wants to. Not only that, but this story Is important because we get to hear about someone from the country that isn’t a complete idiot.

    By the way, I’m not sure that’s the real Thompson. If it is, then he’s wrong. FOX painted Jack as an expert. Dennis never said this guy was an expert, so quit complaining.

  7. DexX ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Good old Jack Thompson and his "facts".

    Here’s a fact for you, Jack:  since video games hit the mainstream in the mid-eighties, violent crime statistic have dropped dramatically.

    If what you continually spout is true, if video games were breeding legions of psycho killer children, then the statistics would have gone up, but no, they have gone down – WAY down.

    Care to explain that one, Jackieboy?

  8. Voligne the Archon says:

    CAD! I love that webcomic.

    I know what will happen to me if I go to hell, I will get to listen to politicians for eternity.

  9. Decoy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    This would be a better news report. Good luck trying to blame video games then. HA!

  10. Trevor McGee says:

    Logic?! Nay, logic does not apply to reality in our times. Hell, reality doesn’t apply to reality in our times. In our reality we ignore any problems people suffer from (i.e. poor home environment, abusive sources in their lives, etc.) and we immediately blame whatever atrocities they may have committed on whatever video game they may happen to have in the house. Sure, occasionally, it’s a movie or a book, but that’s been dying down since it’s become obvious that video games are actually the true evil of the universe.

  11. Decoy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    The carnival is a training device for immoral and violent behavior?!? I didn’t see that one coming. Maybee that’s why clowns are scary? Look out! Bo-Bo is going to use you for target pratice!

  12. jadedcritic says:

    Am I the only one getting sick of "this guy says" news?  I mean I never used to like "Hal Halpin says" news, just means that some guy with a blog has an opinion.  (shocking).  Must be a slow day for actual news I guess.

  13. SeanB says:

    I to gank this thread, but i feel it’s the right thread to bring this topic up on.

    I think it’s time that gamepolitics got a new logo at the top of it’s website. This article and many others like it have proven that this website has a very GLOBAL appeal. The logo shown up top is a generic game controller pasted with the american flag. While gamepolitics started many years ago talking mostly about video game law issues in the U.S.A., i think it’s time to update it to reflect the appeal this website now draws.

    on topic however, i’m glad that this Cnet Asia blogger has the guts to speak out on this issue. Many others would fear for thier lives to speak against a government act like this.

  14. DarkTetsuya says:

    of course what they don’t tell you is that the hole is *juuuust* too small for the ball to fit through…

  15. Father Time says:

    You know when you think about it the same logic that applies for video games turning kids violent can also be applied to those carnival games, like the ‘throw a ball at a clown’s face to win prizes’ game.

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