Daily Kos Diarist Flashes Cleavage to Win FF XI Player of the Month Election

Final Fantasy XI gamer catwho, posting on liberal political supersite Daily Kos, describes using her feminine wiles (read: cleavage) in an attempt to win a "player of the month" election on a popular Final Fantasy XI fan site. Posted under The Politics of Video Games, catwho writes:

While the Presidential war rages on, I’m fighting the good fight on a video game forum of all places…  But now, I’m in a race on that very forum — for Player of the Month for my video game.  This is more or less like the Democratic Primaries where it came down to Clinton and Obama — I’m the only girl in the race, and it’s the funny popular guy that is my main competition…


More or less, the "race" is just a popularity contest.  Unlike the Democratic primary, however, this is a no-holds-barred knock-down drag-em-out slugfest.  I’m behind in votes, so I offer to sing songs for people.  I surge ahead briefly.  Then I break out the big guns and post a shot of my cleavage.  (Sexism? What’s that?)  My competitor responds by posting a pic of his man cleavage, chest hair and all.  Words cannot describe the horrors contained in this image…

GP: Seems like it worked. Election results on Allakhazam show catwho edging out her nearest competitor.

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  1. j0k3r says:

    Thanks good job;

    Btw, I think Atari and Midway will drop out too, but mostly travesti because  these guys have done nothing travesti or little and need to start saving costs. and dizi izle


    Now I don’t have to get off my ass for the important shit anymore!

    Whats next, ordering pizza from Xbox live?

    Wait… I think that sounds like a good idea.

    But I think voting should MAKE you get off your ass, and see outside or a second while you go vote. I mean, your picking the president of the United States of America for God’s Sake… least you can do is drive down there and punch out a card.

  2. oto kirlama says:

    I’m all for freedom of ttnet vitamin speech and allowing rent a car game makers to put whatever they want in games, but there’s one thing about this app that has me scratching my head.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but from araç kiralama the previous article araba kiralama on this I gathered that players can use Google maps in-game to find the other (real-life?) dealers in their area.  If this is the case, has travesti anyone considered what’s stopping someone from using this app to actually move drugs between hands for reals?

    But majority araba kiralama of their outrage araç kiralama stems from what it could DO TO children, not the content itself.  Talk to one of these people and you’ll find they don’t think any books kiralık araba should be banned from children.  Mention American Psycho and they talk about kiralık araç the redeeming value of using imagination to construct a story.  Reading, no matter what the content, is largely viewed as a consequenceless activity for people of any age.  The reason why I mention American Psycho is because of the content itself.  Gaming never has and likely never will have any scenes where someone has sex with a severed head.  Not gonna happen.  Yet despite this, they’ll fight tooth and nail to protect their children from two boys kissing in Bully but whatever they read is harmless… yeah.

    The entire arguement is kiralık oto based upon a social normality inflicted by luddites who can’t figure out the controls for Halo so it’s frightening and terrifying and obviously the cause of youth violence on the rise even though, in reality, it’s in decline (which is actually a HUGE suprise given minibüs kiralama the economies status).  In  a perfect world, we would have parents that actually parent.  The idea of sales restrictions on media on oto kiralama any form to accomidate parental unwillingness to get involved with their child’s life is the real problem to me.  Here I am, 32 years old, and being held up at a self-scan rent a car needing to show ID before I can buy a $10 M rated game all because Soccer Momthra can’t be bothered to look at the crap Billy Genericallystupidson does in his free time.  It’s too hard for her, so I have to suffer?

  3. Timon28 says:

    It kinda sad actually for someone having to stoop this low for attention. Where I come from its kinda making you out like a Slut, a Whore or whatever. But I guess ya gotta do what ya gotta do for attention. Kinda sad if ya think about and expecially to get some gamer attention. Especially where on Alla where the pervs love to talk sex and post sexual suggestive pics. What that has to do with FFXI I have yet to figure out, but i guess it fits in there somewhere. But sorry Catwho you had to degrade your self just for some attention. CIAO

  4. The Blackrose says:

    Who is this?

    Oh wait, I don’t read Allakhazam.  Last time I did, I came close to having an aneurysm.

    Now lets see her post some cleavage on BlueGartr and see how far that gets her.

  5. GrimCW ( User Karma: -3 ) says:

    lol thats my thoughts to, its all in preferance as to what you wear and how you act, and trying to force YOUR opinions on others is only going to make it worse (also see america tries to ban sex!… more or less, it was a history channel thing on the "history of sex" i watched once, its pretty nutz)

    as for worse things, iirc when i was in the Navy and stationed in Washington state, there was a west coast thing that started in california by some radio show where if you drove with your headlights on during the day on friday, girls would flash you…

    dunno if that still happens, and never tried it myself, but i have riden passanger and seen it happen (once to my master chief… OMFG was he confused as hell! that old guy nearly crapped himself…)

  6. lumi says:

    I’m still not getting my point across, I suppose.

    My example was pre-supposing she posted a (provocative) picture of herself.  If there had simply been pre-existing profile pics of each, and without an overt reference to her own chest, someone had ruled against her and said it was because of her physique, it would be considered outrageous, sexist, etc.  No one would be arguing that it wasn’t wrong.

    The fact that she was the first person to bring it up doesn’t make it right.  And much as people here like to point out that "immature behavior" in the gaming arena hurts the public perception of the games industry, endorsing the notion that she should be given credit (positive or negative) for posting a picture of her chest is endorsing the notion that it’s okay to judge her on that criteria, regardless of its relevance.

    I’m not saying she shouldn’t post pictures of herself online, I’m not saying she shouldn’t win whatever the hell this contest is, I’m just saying she shouldn’t win, or expect to win, because she’s willing to flash the Internet, because unless I completely missed the actual content of the contest, it had nothing to do with physical appearance.

    It’s like TT/R* doing their usual GTA advertising campaign.  Good for them in the short run, bad for everyone else in the long run.

  7. GrimCW ( User Karma: -3 ) says:

    i see what yer saying but it still remains fact that its gonna happen.

    as for playing it down because her "rack" wasnt all that impressive, or any other such remark, one must remember SHE brought it into play, NOT the guys there.

    though an "extremist" would play it as the guys fault, the reality is SHE put that on the playing field, NOT the guys involved.

    that was her choice, and it was a rather provacative one (that payed off no less) and trying to slam it onto those who witnissed it and their reaction is, or rather should be, a moot point.

    she played the card, so if the dealer wasn’t impressed with her hand, then she should lose.

  8. lumi says:

    I’m thinking you missed the mark a bit, as I’m a very sexually liberal guy.  Also, I pretty much despise any group that self-identifies as "feminist".

    The point is, being sexual is fine, but come on, this is precisely the sort of thing that men are looked down upon (judging woman by their physique rather than any sort of relevant criteria).  If this had been a beauty contest, then by all means, have at it.  It would make sense.

    But if someone had been judging this contest and said "we voted for him because, quite frankly, we didn’t find her rack impressive enough", don’t tell me there wouldn’t have been a ridiculous uproar (and rightly so, as that has jack-all to do with anything).

  9. Zevorick says:

    Because this is every woman amirite? 

    Women (read extreme feminists), should understand that if being sexual is indeed a personal preference, then they should not ridicule others for using said sexuality. Not saying you’re an extreme feminist since I don’t know you, but just getting a little bit off my chest, pun intended. So she’s using her cleavage… big deal? I see plenty of people doing more ridiculous/contradictory things on my way to work.

  10. lumi says:

    Way to fight those gender stereotypes there.  Nice to know we can count on gamer girls themselves to re-affirm that they’re a body first and a person second.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Those are some rockin tits but I think I’d still vote for the guy simply because it’s so funny that he posted a pic of his moobs (man boobs) in response.

    Seriously that had me rotflol.

  12. Zero Beat ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thank you, catwho, for offering us a glimpse of your awesome boobage.  You normally have to be sprayed with cat urine to see such rockin’ tits.

  13. Black Dragon says:

    For a "player of the month" race? Yeah, I’d probably vote for her too.

    I mean, she obviously wants it more than the other guy :p

  14. Jackalman says:


    Enhanced itnerrogation goes to the extremes

    It is believed that the new system of "enhanced interrogation" overloads the victim’s brain with intense trauma, probably by using images that provoque fear beyond what we have seen so far

  15. KayleL says:

    This is why I hate the early episodes of the Apprentice. The women team almost always win the first couple of challenges due to sex sells.

    Why can’t we vote based the additude, or personality of the person like it’s suppose to be.

  16. Kris O. says:

    It’s a shame that major elections aren’t based on who has the best rack. It’d make things a lot easier, and I wouldn’t feel so bad about voting.

  17. GrimCW ( User Karma: -3 ) says:

    oye, it just shows how many people on the net are truly lifeless pervs…

    as if female gamers are truly that rare… maybe en mass within the public eye, but i’ve known more female gamers than i have male to be honest. My great lady being one of’em (and i finally wrangled my Wii back from her for more than a day :p if JT’s right about video game violence though, than her playing of manhunt 2 so often must mean my face should be flatter than a week old road kill.  not that she didn’t nearly knock me out just playing the game….)

    its truly sick if someone has to pull out gender for that sorta thing too, and who’s to say "she" isn’t actually a guy with fat shaven manboobs?  or that the pic wasn’t one found on the net and edited?

    ha ha.. j/k but ya never know till ya know. Net anonymity can really F ya up if you believe everyone all the time.

    its like watching fox news without doing the research yourself.

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