Traveling to PAX Today

Sorry for the lack of stories today… Had an early flight to PAX, including a mid-day change of planes in Detroit.

I’m in the cab at the Seattle Airport, and will get some GP goodness posted a little later…


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    Austin_Lewis says:

    Hey Dennis, if you come back through Detroit again, here’s what you need to do:

    Find the monorail.  Go to McDonalds.  Get some burgers, nuggets, whatever.  Go to monorail, ride back and forth while waiting for your flight.  A friend of mine did this and pretty much watched human interaction at its finest for three hours when our flight was delayed once.

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    Eville1NSI ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Look for the guy wearing the purple dinner jacket and black hat with a bunch of "hello my name is" stickers 😀 I’ll buy you a drink 😀

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    Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    We love you enough that it’s okay, haha.  I had to flush my computer and reinstall my OS.  So I am still in the process of reinstalling all of my software…  (FTP, Firefox, web/game dev stuff, games…)

    My freakin ethernet wasn’t recogized by my OS, so I had to go online with my girlfriend’s computer and download the driver…  it still wont play sound yet…  This computer is nearing it’s end as a primary machine after 5 years and minor upgrades (more RAM, but thats it)…  Pretty damn good for a PC if you ask me.  I have only seen Macs last longer…  One at my work is 8 years old, no upgrades…

    Time to build a computer…  NewEgg, here I come!

    Anyways, have fun man, let us know of your travels.  In a year or 2 I’ll prolly see you there.

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