McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent Track Record with Video Game Issues

August 29, 2008 -

CNN is now reporting that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will be John McCain's running mate.

Palin, 44, who has been governor for only two years, appears to have little track record with video games - or much of anything else.

She was a city council person in Wasilla, Alaska from 1992-1996 and was later mayor of that town. She failed in an attempt to become Alaska's Lt. Gov. in 2002, and won the top seat in 2006.

Palin has two sons and three daughters. Her oldest son, age 18, is scheduled to be deployed to Iraq later this yer.


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

I'm all for freedom of ttnet vitamin speech and allowing rent a car game makers to put whatever they want in games, but there's one thing about this app that has me scratching my head.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but from araç kiralama the previous article araba kiralama on this I gathered that players can use Google maps in-game to find the other (real-life?) dealers in their area.  If this is the case, has travesti anyone considered what's stopping someone from using this app to actually move drugs between hands for reals?

But majority araba kiralama of their outrage araç kiralama stems from what it could DO TO children, not the content itself.  Talk to one of these people and you'll find they don't think any books kiralık araba should be banned from children.  Mention American Psycho and they talk about kiralık araç the redeeming value of using imagination to construct a story.  Reading, no matter what the content, is largely viewed as a consequenceless activity for people of any age.  The reason why I mention American Psycho is because of the content itself.  Gaming never has and likely never will have any scenes where someone has sex with a severed head.  Not gonna happen.  Yet despite this, they'll fight tooth and nail to protect their children from two boys kissing in Bully but whatever they read is harmless... yeah.

The entire arguement is kiralık oto based upon a social normality inflicted by luddites who can't figure out the controls for Halo so it's frightening and terrifying and obviously the cause of youth violence on the rise even though, in reality, it's in decline (which is actually a HUGE suprise given minibüs kiralama the economies status).  In  a perfect world, we would have parents that actually parent.  The idea of sales restrictions on media on oto kiralama any form to accomidate parental unwillingness to get involved with their child's life is the real problem to me.  Here I am, 32 years old, and being held up at a self-scan rent a car needing to show ID before I can buy a $10 M rated game all because Soccer Momthra can't be bothered to look at the crap Billy Genericallystupidson does in his free time.  It's too hard for her, so I have to suffer?

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

McCain is NOT a strong environmentalist. He supports offshore drilling, and Palin supports both offshore drilling and drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. McCain can work with Democrats on these issues, plus get some Republicans to go along, then McCain can sign things into law.



  alaska drug rehab

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

real news worthy.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Then don't read it.


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Zzzzz....wait what? McCain chose a running-mate....wait I'm not that interested. Who is it? Gov. Palin? Who? Sarah Palin? Wait McCain chose a female as his running mate? Not to be sexist but McCain chose a female V.P Nominee? 

Ok, first off I saw this coming from a mile away. Actually about as far as Michingan and as far as Flordia. You see Democrats like to be fair and equal. Now some Hilary supporters don't like that. And that some is probably about 40% since they think that as women they should get special treatment. So McCain tries to take the advantage, which he should of done after DNC Meeting about the states of Florida and Michigan. Oh by the way, fair is far! When you break the rule you must serve the sentence, so don't get bitchy about that if your a Democrat. Since of this Mr. McCain chose an inexperience female govenor from Alaska (like anyone gives a flying fuck except those old or dumb Hilary supporters).

So here's the thing, since of McCain's decsion, Obama gots the upper-hand now. Why? Well remember that whole inexpience smeer from McCain towards Obama. Well now he can't play that card for two reason. Obama chose a longtime senator named Joe Bidan and Palin basically has no experience as governor. And as many of you point out McCain basically is the unpopular person when it comes to women especially the youth ones.  So he tries to play the "I got candy if you vote for me" trick but instead its called "Vote for me, I got a female running-mate." 

I mean I have been a long Obama supporter just because he has the smarts. Its going to be sad to see him get corrupted by the U.S. officials when he gets elected. But as South Park mentioned before "It's between a douche and a turd sandwich."

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

I don't know anything about Palin but I don't need to know. McCain and Obama are horrible candidates. The support Obama gets is a joke and it shows how many people in america don't read into politics but take everything at face value. There is a lot of shallow minded people in here. That is why some will be swayed toward McCain. Not because of any of his values (as if any are great) but just because of a woman candidate. They won't read into what she wants and stands for, being a woman is enough for them.

Now people need to stop saying crap like McCain is a murderer. That is just stupid. I don't like him but I am not going to stoop to a hateful level of extremism. I also hate people mentioning leaving the country. This is our country and I love it. Nothing will move me!

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

So in essense, she's nothing more than a stupid pair of tits.

Going for the 'lowest common denominator' vote, are we?


Well,considering his opponent's main crticism is not having the experince,he could have chosen someone with more time in their notch.No track record is better than having a bad one,as far as I'm concerned.

Jeez,no matter how you slice it,both candidates suck ass.We would be better off with a Stewart/Colbert ticket.



Re: Well.......

I thought it was the Colbert/Stewart ticket? Or is it Colbert/Putin?

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

I am curious to Ms. Palin's opinion on the Bush/McCain tragedy more commonly known as the Iraq War which has claimed more American lives than 9/11 which Bush/McCain has failed to link to said war.

Now before anyone responds to this do try to keep in mind that I am not a blind Obama supporter.  Yes I am voting for him, but only because he is the only viable non-McCain candidate at this juncture.  I would vote for a potted plant to keep that murderer McCain out of office.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Is she related to Michael Palin of Monty Python fame?

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Nope, it says nothing about them being related.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

i have to put my two-cents in, Sarah Palin may not be in love with big oil. i don't know her, but if you've seen some of the prices in alaska you might make some drastic and sudden decisions. in the cities the prices aren't  bad i think like (well i actually don't remember) but where i like the price of gas is 6$ a gallon and some other places the price is like 13$ a gallon. just to let you pll know.

this doesn't really matter, but i noticed a simillarity between her campaign race and this one. palin was the inexperienced and the person on the democratic ticket tony knowles had tons of experience, even though alaska is largely republican the race was actually pretty close.

also, alaska is pro-choice for alternative energies and alot of our places are pro-green swapping plastice bags for paper bags grew here as one example and we love our forests, some places like hot springs are going geothermal alot of coast towns where possible are hydro.

also as one small random little fact. Anchorage does not count as being in alaska life is to easy there.


also I'll be bored for a while because im umemployed because of the lack of jobs in the village so ill be happy to answer some peoples questions.












Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

While Gov Sarah Palin, would not have been my first choice, had I been in John McCain's shoes, she does make it much easier for the DNC and democrats at large to destroy the republican's credibility.

Many of you have pointed out her ethical standards are....lacking.  How cozy she is to big oil at the expensive of polar bears and the enviroment.  Her lack of real leadership skill.  I live in a town that's three times the population of the one she ran.  The closest city to me, Boston, has a population just a bit higher, then Alaska itself!  She seeks a role, in which, expertise with foreign policy is her number one has no clue of how things are in the lower 49 states, let alone places like Georgia, Iran, Darfar, China, and even New York City (yes...that IS its own country).

o, I would like to touch on another aspect of Gov. Sarah Palin, that has not been spoken about, but DOES relate to this forum: Creationism.  That's right, she's pro-creationism.  She wants it taught beside Evolutionary Biology, because, The Theory of Evolution, is just a guess.  What could it have to do with science, right?  If she takes such a lax stance to something like that for biology, coupled with McCain's lack of knowledge of computers, and you can tell, the republican part is out to make America stupid and dimwitted.  Not surprisingly, McCain is weak on education, the economy, and handling citizens.

These two individuals might come to view the games we play, is 'unwhole some' for children.  Even though, children make up only a fraction of the total populace who play video games.  Likewise, these two, who have little knowledge of technology, might be regulating our games in the near future.

Now, if THAT doesn't tell you WHY, McCain shouldnt' be in office, nothing will.


PS: The only ones who claim they are Hillary supports, and not voting for Obama, are not real democrats, but racists who cant admit it.


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Great, so now we have Saul Tigh and Laura Roslin running for Republican...

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

While I would have preferred she had spent more time as governor, this is a great pick. She's very conservative, she speaks well, she's actually reformed something, and she's has more executive experience than any of the other three on the ticket.

And I say that if inexperience is a killer, Obama is more unfit than she is. He's spent most of his time in politics running for higher office. He doesn't actually have any accomplishments that didn't fall apart completely or weren't terrible ideas. He hasn't ever reached across the isle.  His accomplishments are lies, and his promises are ruses and spin.

Her downside is that she isn't green, but given that McCain is pushing alternative sources this should work out.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Well one thing for sure: This has got to be the most neutral selection I've ever seen.  All the other possible McCain VP candidates had some kinda baggage with them.  I mean REAL baggage!  This gal's from Alaska.


The only baggage they have their is preventing Russian mobsters from smuggling narcotics into the Americas.

Russian drug cartels from the North.

Colombian drug cartels from the South.

Maybe not ALL Russian or Colombian, but those were the first two mobs that came to mind.


Anyway, it's hard to find anything really negative to say about her other than she's kind of a political newbie.  While I agree that stupid women may see her and think "McCain cares!", I agree that smart women and real feminists will go "I'm not falling for it!"

Either way, no matter who wins this election year, it will certainly be a milestone.  Either our first woman VP, or first African American president.

This is, without a doubt, history in the making.


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

i personally think this is scary (dem here). i hope the number of idiots who suppot mccain instead of obama because hillary didnt get the nomination isnt that big, because you know they will go for this shit. you know, despite the fact that shes a (very slow and unreliable) heartbeat away from the presidency, has no experience, and is under investigation for abusing her power. and if mccain continues to throw the "inexperienced" card at obama after this, i will personally slug him.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

What we really need is a nonpartisan group with the message vote your beliefs, not your DNA, stupid.



Yeesh. I bet the dems and the republicans are both just loving how polarised the US has become over this. Heaven forbid we vote based on policy and position, not gender and race. I'm not voting for Obama because he's mixed race like I am, I'm voting for him because I happen to agree with what a lot he says.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

The Funniest thing?  Sarah is probably more qualified to be president than Obama.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Because she's the first term guv of a state with the population of a mid-sized city?

Are you out of your mind?

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

I know, for some of you this is a hard concept, but Alaska is a very hard state to govern.  There's few logistical resources, its hard to move resources or people from one area to another, some parts of Alaska experience thirty days where its nearly impossible to get any resources to them, and, unlike nearly every other state in America, if you have an emergency in Alaska, you can't get help from across state lines.

Compare this to Barack, who has done nothing like that at any point ever.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Whelp. This'll make things interesting.


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent certainly does. Fun too.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

This has "Oh Snap!" written on it for the Democratic ticket at so many levels.

I'm certain that the Democratic Party 5th column (also known as "the main stream media") is scrambling to do damage control on this.

Can't beat up on her because she's a woman ... that would piss off the already pissed and dissed Hillary supporters who believe she should have had the nomination this year, or have been put on the ticket as VP.

Can't beat up on her for her lack of political experience ... she's apparently on a par with the Obamessiah in that regard (though you can bet they'll be finding ways to separate the types of experience to beat up on her for this).

Can't beat up on her youth for the same reason. She's on a par with Obama.

Can't beat up on her for not personally supporting the military ... her oldest son is about to be deployed to Iraq with the army.


She's good looking (former beauty contestant).
She's conservative.
She's a mom.
She's an outsider (outside the Washington Beltway).
She's young (at 44, she's Gen X, not Baby Boom).
She understand the plight of folks with disabled family members.
She kept a child she knew would be disabled before it was born.
She's had administrative roles in government as both a mayor and a governor -- something that as legislators, neither Democrat on the ticket has had.

As far as women (as opposed to "feminists") not flocking to her call ... well, blacks of all political spectra are flocking to Obama's siren simply because a small percentage of his heritage is African American. Ms. Palin appears to be all woman ... so it's possible that what goes one way, goes the other. There are more women in America than there are blacks (or men for that matter).

And that's all from what I learned in skimming a couple articles.

I suddenly feel a lot better about the first Tuesday in November.


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

 I'm certain that the Democratic Party 5th column (also known as "the main stream media") is scrambling to do damage control on this.

Not this Bullshit again. Hey, guess what the largest media conglomerate in the world is. Hint: it starts with f and ends with x. The liberal media bias is complete shit. The media is owned by large corporations, which tend to favor which political party again? 

Also, this

Yep, the liberal media bias is just so giant there. 

Anyway, the only people who are hearing ''oh snap'' here are republican diehards desperate for there to be interest in the campaign. 

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

1. Her inexperience and youth actually HELP the Democratic party because it completely neuters the main attack line that McCain and his 527 supporters have been using. So on that it's a loss for the Republicans.

2. You can't beat up on Barak Obama for not supporting the military either. Wanting our soldiers to be properly equipped and not sent into a pointless, revenge war also counts as caring about them. So does making sure they have the health care they need and have access to the same G.I. Bill benefits that other soldiers have gotten, something McCain has voted against by the way.

3. She's under an ethics investigation for firing a public safety director when he didn't fire the state trooper who divorced her sister. Now admittedly I've heard that said trooper was a cad, but unless he was actually convicted of a crime she had no right to do take this route.

4. She's the govenor of one of the least populated states in the nation. Alaska has a population equal to some major cities. She's got zero foreign policy experience and with McCain's age, history of health problems, and the way the office of President ages a person prematurely the questions regarding her experience are actually more relevant than those leveled at Barak Obama.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

something i've been seeing is that when it comes to the biggest issues of foeign policy, energy and the economy, she has some credit in energy, however its all in oil... the plus side is that domestic oil is better than imported oil, but oil is still oil and alternative energy is what is really needed. She is also comes off rather anti-green which could be cause some trouble as being green is related to most alternative energies aside from nuclear; my only concern with nuklear is dealing with the waste and doubt she would have any answers for that. 

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Hilary's base supporters won't switch sides because unlike Hilary, Palin is yonger and somewhat attractive, especially compared to Hilrod. If anything they'll find her threatening out of yet more jealousy. >_> She's also not married to Bill though I'm sure Bill would like to hit it but that won't get him or the Clintons back into the White House, thankfully.


Apparently Palin is pro "teach the controversy" on the issue of creationism. Great.

Re: Great

 Heh, and McCain is trying to show how ''progressive '' he is with this pick.

Either way...

I don't know about you guys, but my interests are fucked no matter what.

I'm Pro-Choice, Anti-Gun Control, against the war in Iraq, for alternative fuels, against offshore oil drilling, and...yeah...shit... the closest for me was Ron Paul...


-Entertainment isn't the reason the world sucks. It's the reason we know the world sucks. For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman(2002)Block & Crain(2007)Grand Theft Childhood, by Harvard researchers Larry Kutner&Cheryl Olson

Reality/////////////////////////////////////Fantasy. Seems like a pretty thick line to me...

Re: Either way...

Pro-Choice...until the moment the fetus can feel pain...after that I think the procedure it hits a new low.

Pro-Universal independant energy policy...Alternative fuels are good but most if not all are simply not viable in the short term (I HATE biofuels but that's another fant), we need more nuclear, solar, and domestic drilling at least until we have enough electrical generation capacity to use some really neat alternatives.   I exclude wind because it's way iffy.  Current wind generation "plantations" are only producing 13% of their expected output.

Pro-Winning it now that we are there...We might as well not further destabilize what we've already destabilized by introducing a sudden vacuum of power.  Let the Iraqi Army and Police start their take over on their own time and once completed, cast off as gently as possible.

Anti-Gun control...It's pointless, unless you want your populace to be submissive to a government's whims.

Anti-Needless government general...

Honestly, I would have liked Ron Paul if he wasn't such a dillweed. :P

Re: Either way...

Give that Obama matches you on everything except gun control, perhaps you should vote for him. His stance on gun control isn't very against you people, he just prefers that when somebody breaks into your house to kill you and your family instead of getting killed before you can draw you semi-automatic, you're getting killed before you can draw your revolver.

It's a fair middleground.

Re: Either way...

I think you don't understand his view on gun control.  He's absolutely for keeping weapons out of the hands of law abiding citizens.  Also, from a legal view, there's little difference between a revolver and a handgun.

Re: Either way...

He would sign any piece of gun control legislation that passed his desk. He would lend support to any gun control bill on sponsored by every nutjob group out there.

Please don't try to make another witty comment about guns, cause that last one wasn't very witty.

Re: Either way...

If it's any help, the Democrats seem to have fallen off the whole gun control issue lately; it's a low-priority issue for them, and the public in general isn't exactly clamoring for tighter restrictions, so any moves in that direction would be very unpopular.  There's also the Supreme Court's recent strikedown of DC's handgun ban per the Second Amendment.  Basically the NRA has won the war.  Granted, I don't care one way or another about firearm law, so I haven't been paying it a lot of attention, but my impression's been that Democrats are not about to make any waves on the issue (much like how Republicans are all talk, no action on restricting abortions).

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

As many have already figured out here this is a political gambit.

Either McCain gains votes of those who supported Hillary and want a woman in the white house, makes them second guess voting for Obama, or makes them too disgusted with the situation to vote at all.

In response after the Republican National Convention you'll see Obama turn the focus to his wife as the woman who is coming with him to the White House.

"Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

"Volume helps to get a point across but sharp teeth are better."

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Can't say I'm thrilled with this choice, but I'm not quite cynical enough yet to utterly dismiss her. I'll wait and see how she does against Biden in the debates before I form a final opinion.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

So her son is heading to that abomination in Iraq?

I don't understand how Republicans can get any votes as long as they're sending their kids to die in a meaningless, valueless, senseless war against a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 or Al Queda before we got there.

So, is it hypocritical attacking Obama for his lack of experience while choosing someone for your VP ticket with a fraction of Obama's experience?

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

He won't be now. He just got Secret Service protection. Federal law.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Obama's 'experience' is 143 days.  She ran ALASKA, the toughest state to run from logistical standpoints, for 18 months with no major incident.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

"Her oldest son, age 18, is scheduled to be deployed to Iraq later this year."

And now comes the question of Republican integrity. Will he actually go? My money says he won't. He'll be redeployed somewhere safer.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

Having picked Palin is a complete swipe at Obama  for not picking Hillary has his running mate. Also he picked her for more of her moderate right wing views he does not want to isolate his Independent voters and his right wing base. This might have clinched his presidency but I am waiting for the debates to finalize my vote.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

She's very much on the right for social issues. This assumption that it she was picked to play to the middle is a bit off I think. Pro-life and anti-same-sex marriage makes her more comforting to the evangelical right. If McCain had picked Lieberman or Ridge, it would have blown up the party and sealed a victory for Obama in November. Since McCain still has some trouble with his base, this was both a cynical attempt to woo more disaffected Hillary voters as well as reassure the values voters in the Republican party.

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

....even the feminists are going to be going "Who the hell is this broad?"

Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

This is partially because the new age "Feminists" are currently becoming less a group of women for self-determination and equal rights and chance under the law than a left-wing voting block for equality of outcome.


Re: McCain Picks Sarah Palin as VP; Alaska Guv Has No Apparent

All those Hillary voters were never Democrats if they switch.  Palin does NOT have the same vision for America has Hillary and Obama.

We are truly doomed if McCain/Palin take office.  Hello Canada?

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