Chinese Legislator Calls For Crackdown on Online Game Addiction

The vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of China’s National People’s Congress has called for closer monitoring of children who use the Internet.

As reported by Xinhua, Li Jianguo is purportedly concerned about preventing addiction. From the Xinhua story:

About 10 percent of the estimated 40 million Chinese children using the Internet were addicted, said Li, secretary-general of the top legislature, in a report on the implementation of the Law on the Protection of Juveniles since it came into force in June 2007.


The figures were collected from 11 provinces after a two-month survey, said Li, noting that Internet addiction was mainly caused by on-line games and a lack of supervision by the authorities. Li said the management and supervision of Internet games and Internet cafes must be strengthened, and he urged researchers to study methods to help minors avoid Internet addiction. 

GP: China, of course, is notorious for both blocking and monitoring the Internet access of its citizens – often with the technical help of American corporations like Google, Cisco, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

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