Father of Bristol Palin’s Baby is a Gamer… (Maybe)

The saga of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin continues…

In the latest revelation, British newspaper The Telegraph reports that the father of pregnant 17-year-old Bristol Palin’s baby is Levi Johnston, a self-described "redneck" hockey player.

The couple have been dating for a year, according to officials in their home town, and Bristol regularly cheers on her man at games…


On his MySpace page, since removed from the Internet, Johnston describes himself as a "f****n’ redneck" and reveals: "I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing," before warning that of anyone annoys him, he will “kick ass".


Poignantly, in the one part of the site where it asks about children, he wrote, "I don’t want kids."

Meanwhile Hollywood Celebs Gossip picks up The Telegraph’s report and adds in the the gamer bit (source not immediately clear):

Since Bristol Palin’s pregnancy news was broken out, those profanity-laden words have been withdrawn from the social network site, replacing with “I enjoy hanging with my buds and playing a good video game. Thanks for looking at my site!”

GP: A look at MySpace seems to indicate that at least three pages have created in Levi’s name. Some or all are obviously fakes. For now, we’re taking all of this info with a large grain of salt.

UPDATE: A GP reader wrote in to object to the story as not appropriate for the site. Here are my thoughts on that:

I agree with [the reader] to a point. I don’t love the story, either. However, I can guarantee you that *every* mainstream news organization is going to cover the “father of the baby” story by tomorrow morning, and on that basis alone I do not have a problem being early with it. And, I always seek to bring any connection between politics and gaming to the forefront. He’s reportedly a gamer, this is a high profile story.


Nor do I have a political dog in this fight. Personally, I don’t think the pregnancy is politically relevant. But, absent my beliefs, it has become an international story. So, it gets covered.

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  1. oto kirlama says:

    I’m all for freedom of ttnet vitamin speech and allowing rent a car game makers to put whatever they want in games, but there’s one thing about this app that has me scratching my head.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but from araç kiralama the previous article araba kiralama on this I gathered that players can use Google maps in-game to find the other (real-life?) dealers in their area.  If this is the case, has travesti anyone considered what’s stopping someone from using this app to actually move drugs between hands for reals?

    But majority araba kiralama of their outrage araç kiralama stems from what it could DO TO children, not the content itself.  Talk to one of these people and you’ll find they don’t think any books kiralık araba should be banned from children.  Mention American Psycho and they talk about kiralık araç the redeeming value of using imagination to construct a story.  Reading, no matter what the content, is largely viewed as a consequenceless activity for people of any age.  The reason why I mention American Psycho is because of the content itself.  Gaming never has and likely never will have any scenes where someone has sex with a severed head.  Not gonna happen.  Yet despite this, they’ll fight tooth and nail to protect their children from two boys kissing in Bully but whatever they read is harmless… yeah.

    The entire arguement is kiralık oto based upon a social normality inflicted by luddites who can’t figure out the controls for Halo so it’s frightening and terrifying and obviously the cause of youth violence on the rise even though, in reality, it’s in decline (which is actually a HUGE suprise given minibüs kiralama the economies status).  In  a perfect world, we would have parents that actually parent.  The idea of sales restrictions on media on oto kiralama any form to accomidate parental unwillingness to get involved with their child’s life is the real problem to me.  Here I am, 32 years old, and being held up at a self-scan rent a car needing to show ID before I can buy a $10 M rated game all because Soccer Momthra can’t be bothered to look at the crap Billy Genericallystupidson does in his free time.  It’s too hard for her, so I have to suffer?

  2. Anonymous says:
    Submitted by Ken – September 2, 2008 at 6:33 pm -0500

    That guy allegedly is the father, but there’s only one way to find out for sure: A Maury paternity test. The bitch might be scamming him by hiding her reputation and that another guy could be the father.

    So she decided the best thing she could do was to pick a self confessed redneck as her father to save her more the embarrassment?  Oh please… At least think up a vaguely intelligent conspiracy theory.

    More that happy to oblige: Bristol’s dad, Palin’s husband, is actually the father of her children (that would explain the birth defect of the baby). This poor redneck boyfriend is being used to divert attention..

  3. BmK ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    As much as i love Dennis’s GP blog and would probably end up voting for Obama as president, i have to say that you’re pro-democrat, anti-republican bias is severly showing with this article. It has very little to do with the issue of gaming. For God’s sake 95% of teenagers in First World nations play video games.

  4. ZippyDSMlee says:

    aw…I see why now I sometimes have issues with these articles I saw GP as a political gaming blog covering the more poignant aspects of news that was gamer centric, now GP is a bit more of a gamer centric news blog, its not a bad change , however I kinda wish GP would comment on the article himself a bit more, but then we have the freaks and geeks of the net running a full bore discussion hitting every point imaginable…… 


    I is fuzzy brained mew =^^=
    (in need of a bad overhaul)

  5. Keddren says:

    Hey, remember Chelsea Clinton and all the flak she took ("She’s the family dog" comes to mind).

    Don’t pretend that Democrats are the only ones that partake in this sort of shit.

  6. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    What about having a kid at the age of 44?

    This lady makes selfish choices without reguard to other people, and that is why she does not deserve to be in that position.

  7. Tubatic ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    Not to say this is the most important article GP has ever covered, but there’s a link.  Isn’t intruiging that he goes from declarations of being a f***in redneck to touting himself as a gamer (if only in the most casual of terms)?  Is he using game playing as a white-bread alternative to redneckery?   Would that distinction even find relevance in the likely to be irrelevant evaluation of his character relating to the daughter’s character relating to the mother’s character?

    Weak link, you bet.  A link.  Yeah.  Bravo to Dennis for covering it despite his taste fo the subject matter, and, bravo for striving for comprehensive coverage of gaming as it relates to politics.

  8. Gift says:

    Eh? I’m not sure what the point is here. Is it just to show that, like any other demographic, gamers have their share of morons? I think we knew that already, highlighting the fact a very young couple were too stupid to use contraception probably wasn’t required.


  9. Trencher ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Coming from the political party who tried to have Bill Clinton kicked out of the White House for having extramarital affair. You’d have to be a red neck idiot to think another 4 years of Republicans would be good for the US (and the rest of the world)… Move aside and let the Dem clean up your mess like Clinton did for the 1st Bush.



  10. Chuma says:

    So she decided the best thing she could do was to pick a self confessed redneck as her father to save her more the embarrassment?  Oh please… At least think up a vaguely intelligent conspiracy theory.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Personally I reckon that marriage will last about 6 months tops.  Forcing people to get married because they’ve screwed around is an attitute from the dark ages, and just doesn’t work.


  12. Sandra says:

    The sad thing about this story is that the real meaning has been lost.  At the heart is the failure of a moralistic religious belief-based view of sex.  The abstinence method of contraception is a failure.  Too many young women’s lives are ruined by this.  Teen pregnancy is one of the strongest indicators for future poverty and disadvantage – for both the mother and her children.  This national story ought to be the turning point for a change in the approach to sex education.  What is needed is compulsory and non-judgmental sex education in schools.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who’s getting sick n’ tired of BOTH the media and this preposterous "corporate two-party" system?

  14. Anonymous says:

     The media are only as liberal as the conservative businesses that own them. 

    I also like how you’re pretending republicans how a monoply on christianity.

  15. Anonymous says:

     They weren’t. Read the news. And you seriously arguing that ”one incident proves nothing” against abstinece? Because if you actualy care, this ain’t a isolated incident. Teen pregnancy rates are higher in most places with abstinence only education

  16. Dark Sovereign says:

    No, you don’t. And you won’t. Because you don’t ever try to. You and you’re ilk repeat the medias lies line by line.

  17. Monte says:

     "And in case there were any doubts left as to whether Levi was the father or not, this article just came up:

    Levi Johnson to Join Palin Family at Convention"

    Oh damn it…

    If Sarah Palin wants to reduce the media attacks on her daughter then the first step she should take is to keep her daughter and her soon to be hubby OUT of the spotlight. Brining Levi to the spotlight calls attention to him and the pregnancy; any chance of letting this whole thing die down will pretty much go up in smoke.

    The Media does not respect privacy, they love a controversy, and they love twisting issues. Anything you call attention to, anything you try to use for political gain WILL be targeted by the media… they will look hard and if they find something at all a miss they will bring it up… Sure the media will dig whether or not she brings Levi along, but Sarah calling attention to the young couple will increase how much the attacks spread; keeping them out of the spotlight would help the heat cool down and we could forget about this a lot sooner, instead now people will probably talking about till november. We can probably expect media snippets about what kind of man Levi is, by the end of the week.

  18. Anonymous says:

    As someone who has worked in a teen pregnancy center volutarily, I can honestly say that outside of rape cases, the commonality between these girls is that they all regret their choice in having sex. This isn’t like a mass murderer or a rape, where you can blame the parents on raising their kids poorly; I’ve seen girls who came in with loving parents, parents that were there all day or night to see them through the ordeal, yet their daughter(s) were still in the predicament. That said, it all comes down to the boy and girls choice on whether they want to go through with it, despite the consequences, or not; all the parent can do is advise them or if push comes to shove attempt to bar them from it, but unless they bring back the chasity belt, there’s no way they forcibly make their childrens’ choices for them. To do so is considered bad parenting.

    That also said, since when is running a country a similar practice to running a family? We’ve had numerous Presidents and Vice Presidents with family problems (one of them not too long ago) but for the most part those family issues never had a bearing on their ability to run things. While I may not be a fan of Palin for a large number of things, like her inexperience and rather unimpressive resume (gee, doesn’t that sound like Obama?), a knocked up daughter is the least of the things I should be considering.

  19. Monte says:

    Agreed, the story of Plain’s daughter would only fuel their pre-existing feelings… Considering Palin has stated that she would oppose abortion even if her daughter had been raped, i doubt that Bristol could have much of an effect.

    The way they see it, Bristol made a the choice to have the child but the pro-choice people know damn well that her mother would not have excepted any other answer; They know that if Sarah Palin had her way, her daughter would not have been given a legal choice on the matter. It all rather makes it moot to point out that Bristol made the choice herself. (though had she chosen otherwise and her mother forced her, that would have ignited the pro-choice people… hence the damage control)

  20. T5 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I would hate to link to the article as it is so poor but the organization r h reality check has a meaty blog entry on the subject penned by a Mrs. Kissling, if you are interested.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Has the "feminist community" even commented on the matter? If they have anything to say I’m sure the only one they’d condemn is Palin the VP candidate, not Palin the daughter.

  22. T5 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So it would appear that her decision to keep it has not gained her any respect from the feminist community, so much for freedom of choice. 

  23. T5 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You should not make generalizations based on your admittedly limited experience as few ideologies are as such that prescirbers to them have a group think mentality that leaves no room for personal preferences. ENLIGHTEND

  24. Anonymous says:

    "Pailin and the religious communities … respect her decision to keep the child."

    No they don’t. Palin just happened to make the only decision they’d support: to keep the child. If she had opted for an abortion, her decision would get no respect at all from the religious communities.

  25. chadachada(123) says:

    Why thank you kind sir for saying what I was thinking. I consider myself more of a libertarian, but since most of my own views fall in line with conservative views, I thank you for stopping the media lies as they come.

  26. Anonymous says:

    "Because, as we all know, having a child out of wedlock is worse than …"

    It’s usually the conservatives who frown upon having children out of wedlock. Liberals generally have no problem with that sort of thing, although they do love to point out hipocrisy.

  27. T5 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Are you kidding this site has us down to a science ALL I DO IS WATCH FOX NEWS!

    serious note: WTF is with this story Dark, I haven’t been here long but ussually GP is better than this, maybe we should start a gaming blog with a right wing bias…

  28. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dude, this has everything to do with politics.  If they can not manage their family, how can we expect them to manage our country.   The teen pregnancy is a result of bad parenting, and a lack of parent figures parenting their kids.  It happened with my mom too, but her parents were not around and were bad parents.  I know many people who have been in this situation, and 95% of the time it is due to poor parenting, and 5% being a rebellious kid that didn’t live with the parents when it happened.

    All in all, how you manage things in your life has everything to do with the rest of your life, especially if you are a politician.  This lady has a baby at the age of 44, COME ON!!!!  The kid has down syndrome because she was irresponsible and had a kid after her body was able to correctly produce a kid due to old age.  She is a bad parent, has poor judgment, and that is not the type of person that should have a hand in any political choices that effect other people.

  29. black manta says:

    Most Christians and Conservatives I have enountered, including one of my best friends, don’t belive in having any kind of premarital or extramarital sex ever!  The extreme ones beleive it is for procreation only or that is is "sacred" or something.  Now maybe my values are very different as I am polyamorous, happen to enjoy porn and I know a few people who are/have been internet webgirls and thus I have a more open attitude about sex.  I guess, then, it shouldn’t be a surprise to me if such points of view rub me the wrong way (no pun intended).  Still, I keep encountering this mindset from them over and over again from them, it annoys me constantly and I can’t help but make some generalizations.  In this case Conservatives/Christians=Anti-Sex.  If I’m wrong, then please enlighten me.

  30. SS says:

    eh, somebody who is a father of the child of a daugther of a political figure is supposedly into video games? 

    If somebody from the mainstream reads this site and this article they’ll think we are so much into video games that we care about minute details like this and aren’t really connected to the world.

    I mean, come on, this has a insanely small connection to video games.  The whole issue may be a news story but how does this relate to video games in any meaningful way.  It just projects gamers as video-game obsessed lunatics.

    Anyway its not my site so I can’t what dictate what is posted here. 


    I have no sympathy for stupid kids who get pregnant in high school.  They deserve all the suffering from having a child at a early age.  How can you be so f**king stupid?  They deserve all the social problems they bring on to themselves. 

  31. Anonymous says:

    That’s because certain liberal politicians make a practice out of it (hint: two of them have last names with a ‘C’ and an ‘E’), and if any of them would not condone it, then they would be hypocrites themselves.

    Still, I generally agree with Dark; the personal life of a politician is irrelevent next to his or her political standing and actions. But then I was one of the few people that honestly didn’t care about Monica Lewinsky scandal as I had larger reasons to hate Bill, so…

  32. Dark Sovereign says:

    It shows nothing. We don’t know if they were using a condom or not. One incident proves nothing.

    What you fail to understand is that Pailin and the religious communities accept that Bristol is undertaking a serious, life-changing choice, and respect her decision to keep the child. They are not "pooh-poohing" it at all. You don’t understand conservatives or Christians. Don’t pretend otherwise.

  33. Dark Sovereign says:

    Because, as we all know, when somebody gets raped, it’s the victim’s fault. And you know nothing of conservatives. Few, if any, people on this site do. What you know of conservatives is a media lie.

  34. Dark Sovereign says:

    You people disgust me. All of you. The media has proven themselves whores. Bristol Palin has nothing to do with the campaign. NOTHING. There is no reason to drag this up other than pure mudslinging. You want to know why politics is broken? This is why. The media ignore the issues and throw feces at any Republican they can find. Any story that would be damaging to the Democrats, of course, is suppressed. Like the Ayers link, the Rezko story, Obama’s funneling of money into Right’s church, Obama’s race-based politics in Illinois… all of it. The actual Democratic candidate is left alone, but the daughter of the VP of the Republican candidate is attacked and smeared from coast to coast.

    And the Democrats? They love it. Eat it up. She’s not a real person after all. She believes differently than the Democrats do.

    Because, as we all know, having a child out of wedlock is worse than willingly associating with, and profiting from the relationship with, an unrepentant domestic terrorist.

  35. TheEdge says:

    Abstinence NEVER works.Texas spends more on it than any other state,and their rate of teen prgnancy is higher than the national average.What does that tell you?

  36. Anonymous says:

    "I agree with [the reader] to a point. I don’t love the story, either. However, I can guarantee you that *every* mainstream news organization is going to cover the “father of the baby” story by tomorrow morning, and on that basis alone I do not have a problem being early with it. And, I always seek to bring any connection between politics and gaming to the forefront. He’s reportedly a gamer, this is a high profile story.

    Nor do I have a political dog in this fight. Personally, I don’t think the pregnancy is politically relevant. But, absent my beliefs, it has become an international story. So, it gets covered."

    This has been hitting the mainstream press since yesterday, your quite late getting in on this one. The only reason this has all came to light was because a rumour circulated by The Daily Kos that Sarah Palin’s new born child was in reality Bristols kid (the jury is still out on that one, but I doubt its very likely.)

    This is the most tenous link to gaming politics you have ever made, If we consider the percentage of youths that play video games is it a suprise that a teenage kid is a gamer? Fuck no. This isn’t news. This is partisan politics on a gaming blog.

  37. Ken ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    That guy allegedly is the father, but there’s only one way to find out for sure: A Maury paternity test. The bitch might be scamming him by hiding her reputation and that another guy could be the father.

  38. Are'el says:

    It became acceptable fodder to question her home life, when she went on national television and made a big deal about how important her role as a parent shaped her.  Palin more or less did this to herself.  And it’s not like there’s a whole lot from her political career to judge.  It’s all the more amusing since the McCain campaign has been really focused on pointing out Obama’s lack of experiece, and then they picked someone with even less.

    As for the Myspace rewrite, it’s a little funny that the Republican handlers, who no doubt swooped in and started redressing this idiot child as a stand-up gentleman, would go with video games as a hobby.  Conservatives are generally more uptight about younger generations wasting their time gaming.  They should have stuck with the Hockey angle, really.

    But whatever you believe, you have to admit that it’s pretty funny timing.  McCain’s people are probably kicking themselves as we speak.

  39. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Well now I definitely can’t vote for McCain.

    "Hey, you see that chick? The VP? Yeah, I TOTALLY knocked up her daughter. Can you buy me some beer?"




    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers!

    For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman(2002)Block & Crain(2007) Just to name a few…

  40. DarkSaber says:

    He DOES look like he’s got more knuckles than brain-cells doesn’t he?

    (Uninformed assumptions in the name of comedy ftw!)

  41. GryphonOsiris says:

    He looks like the kind of creep who used to beat up on gamers when I was in High school back in the 90’s. Either eay, he’s an ass who need to learn to wrap his Whopper when he’s with the Dairy Queen.

    "The Good, the Bad, and Videogame"
    Reviews on the best, worst, and controversial issues of Videogames.

  42. Are'el says:

    Actually, this home-life issue IS relevant to Palin’s politics.  As a conservative, Palin has backed Abstenence-only sexual education.  Obviously it didn’t work even in her own home.

  43. Monte says:

     What does this story really remind me about games and politics… one thing that we point out constantly is parental responsibility, how many of the problems that video games get involved with are the result of idiot parents. Parents who can’t raise their kids right, parents who spoil their kids, parents who do not know how to control and disipline their kids, parents that use video games and tv like a baby sitter, Parents who just plain don’t care enough about their kids; the list just goes on…

    And this guy, the father of Bristol’s child… he doesn’t exactly sound like father of the year. Can’t say as much about Bristol (sex is common amognst teens and don’t know if she was practicing safe sex and so forth), but those myspace quotes makes me think that we’ve got the makings of another troubled family… better wish them luck, they’re probably gonna need it

  44. Keddren says:

    Seriously, this is a boneheaded move on the part of Palin.  "Please respect their privacy during these difficult times.  Now, watch me parade Bristol, her bulge, and the father-to-be around the campaign trail."

  45. black manta says:

    As others have pointed out, while it would be well and good to leave the personal life of Gov’s Palin’s daughter out of this, it does reflect back on her as she has supported abstience-only education.  And we are now seeing that it does not work, as it’s showing that it is only fostering a generation of sexually ignorant teenagers.  Her daugter and her boyfriend are hard proof of that.

    So while offcially the oppostion is staying away from the subject, that doesn’t mean other groups not affiliated with Obama won’t make it one of their pet issues (think Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who, while not officially endorsed by Bush, did contribute significantly to Kerry’s defeat).  I find it especially amusing that conservative relgious groups and the Palins themselves are pooh-poohing this like it’s no big deal.  Mark my words, this is going to hurt them significantly in the long run, as it does make them look like hypocrites and is a reflection of how their own policies have failed.

    And in case there were any doubts left as to whether Levi was the father or not, this article just came up:

    Levi Johnson to Join Palin Family at Convention

  46. Anonymous says:

     Oh and the anarchists wern’t part of the democratic party. Anarchists aren’t members of any political party.

  47. Anonymous says:

     The point being, the RNC and republican party engage in this type of tactics WAY more often then the left does, and it it  with party knowledge and resources, rather than some isolated asshole. I like how you ignored most of the post anf focused on thing BTW. And yes, the swiftboating was baseless, there’s a reason the RNC didn’t fund it directly, and there’s a reason that ”swiftboat” has become a political term meaning baseless character attack. Do try get some perspective.

  48. Dark Sovereign says:

    The Swiftboating of Kerry had some truth to it. Many of the Swift Boat veterans disputed Kerry’s account of things which is why they were so effective. A few of the stories weren’t true, but not all of them were false. And you have weirdos in all groups. I mentioned the anarchists before.

    The left wing usually tries to hide its bullshit character attacks. But here we see it in full display. In all of its character raping glory.

  49. Anonymous says:

     Have you been in media isolation for the last few decades? Because evidently you missed the swiftboating of Kerry, the attempted impeachment of clinton, the ”secret muslim” chain mails (hey , if annouyus commmenters count as members of ”the left.”, then this counts for the right),George Bush accusing McCain of having a illegitimate black child,Zell Millers 2004 RNC speech and pretty much several years of right wing character attacks and mudslinginng in Fox news. Yes, both parties do it, but the right has been doing it for longer, has been more enthusiastic and are quite frankly better at it. So don’t point to a few random blog comments (by that logic, JT speaks for this site),a few immature fuckwits on internet threads (and there are just as many McCain spammers out there) and a few isolated protesters as evidence that the left is ”just as bad”. Their are people like that in both parties, but in the Dems. at least they aren’t running the show and are relegated to the sidelines where they belong.   

  50. Dark Sovereign says:

    No, they don’t. At the Daily KoS, the commenters were declaring that if they had to ruin this girl and her family they would. Earlier, leftist protestors were terrorizing a group of cub scouts and smashing cars in St. Paul. The Obamabots have been spamming threads with McCain smears from the very beginning. The left goes far beyond the right in terms of disgusting campaigning.

    And this moral relevancy is bullshit. It doesn’t matter what your opponent does. When a dog barks at you, do you bark back? No. In this way, maintain your dignity. But the cult of media refuses. Obama is coming out of this honorably, but his supporters are not.

  51. Anonymous says:

     Then why hasn’t the McCain campaign publicized it? And don’t give me some BS about a ”clean campaign”, if a presidentail nomine, your opponent no less is linked to a terrorist, you publicize it. Whay haven’t they done that? Oh.. wait…. because it’s bullshit. Don’t tell the ”liberal media” stopped McCain or fox news from picking it up.

  52. Dark Sovereign says:

    Or the Annesburg Records. Or well publicized events. They don’t make it into much more than local media, but that’s where you have to get your news if you want the dirt.

  53. Anonymous says:

     He said something bad about someone who said something bad about someone else! ZOMG!

    But seriously, there is a reason no credible news source has run this story and it ain’t some vas liberal conspiracy.

    How did you get your information? I’m going by either chain mail, conservapedia, or ”I know a guy".



  54. Dark Sovereign says:

    Hey, do you know anything about it? Thought not. Obama has rebuked Ayers’s critics in far harsher terms than he ever rebuke Ayers.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Hey, do you know that the Obama- Ayers connection is such bullshit that when a conservative PAC tried to run a ad about about it FOX news wouldn’t let it run on their channel? FOX. The ”terrorist fist jab ” network. All the other connections are equally BS, or the McCain campaign would be all over them. Yes, Wright was crazy. Obama disowned him. In short, the other suspicous past shit is just as ridicoulus as the ”secret muslim” BS, and only the incredibly guilible or people who read conservapedia believe otherwise. 

  56. T5 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Attacking kids for political points? Really? Pure sensationalism, the issue has nothing to do with games, or politics and frankly the rationale GP gave is insulting, but please enjoy the politics of personal destruction enjoy seeing a 17 year old girls life get smeared and maligned. this is really sick.

  57. Chuma says:

    Reporting facts and quotes direct from the horses mouth?  Citing newspaper articles that are not tabloids?  This is beneath the site?

    How Strange.

  58. Chuma says:

    Let’s dispell a myth shall we?  Firstly, Democratic women are not flocking to the Republican ticket.  What happened is that Hillary managed to win over a bunch of Republican women by garnering cross-party support.  Now that she is not in the running, those Republican voters are returning to the McCain/Palin fold.

    Also Obama doesnt need to "crush" her at all.  Have you seen the polls?  Let me show you.  First of all let’s start with the overall voting figures.


    These are the global US polls and they seem to show that Obama has a SLIGHT lead.  Nothing major in the total voting figures.  If it went to a vote today, he would win the popular vote by a small amount.  But let’s project this now across State by State and see how it fits in with the Electoral Votes…


    WHOA!  Suddenly we see that Obama has a bunch more solid States, worth a considerable amount of Electoral Votes than McCain.  Further more take a look at Texas.  50.3(R) vs 43.4(D)???  This is the Home State!  It should be way better than this if McCain were a threat, I mean Obama’s Home State of Illinois is 51.8(D) vs 36.8(R).  Additionally, take a look at New Mexico.  This is very odd for a Democrat to be picking up these central States.


    Right now, McCain and the Republicans have to be worried.  I am watching with great interest the polls after the Republican speeches to see if they are going to boost McCain’s campaign.

    PS: I do not hide that if I were an American citizen, I would vote Obama in a heartbeat.  It is for this reason I am only dealing in facts and not in personal opinion.  Yes you can argue that these polls have a margin for error, but they need to SIGNIFICANTLY change in the coming months if the Republicans are going to win.

  59. Chuma says:

    Any facts to back up this allegation?  Note the nice little links in GP’s article?  Try doing the same.

  60. Anonymous says:

     Um..no,they aren’t, Obama’s numbers have actually gone up since Palin was announced. She’s pretty far from a threat to his campaign right now

  61. Monte says:

     No Obama’s team has been investigating Palin in general but they are not involved in these attacks on her family. The attacks on the family are the results of Media acting independently to find ANY story they can because they just LOVE controversy and have absolutely no respect for Privacy… Saying Obama’s camp is responsible for this is like saying McCain’s camp is responsible for those e-mails that called Obama a secret muslim terrorist or whatever shit they were talking about.

    Obama and McCain do not control the media and they do not control their supporters

  62. TheEdge says:

    I just remebered that.But the rest of the left will not be so decent towards the Palin’s.Why?

    Because so many more people are rallying to McCain again.Evangelicals are returning becuase she is more to their clique.Some spurned women voters may start dancing to McCain’s tune now.They have to crush her,here and now,cause it may cause Obama to lose.

  63. Austin_Lewis says:

    Bullshit.  There’s been all sorts of investigation into the pregnancy by Obama’s team already.

  64. Keddren says:

    Yes, this really is a non-story, especially considering there’s so many other things that call Palin’s qualifications into question.

  65. chadachada(123) says:

    But she’s keeping the baby and getting married, which is a plus in most Republicans. Sure, she made a bad choice, but she’s doing what Republicans believe is the "responsible" choice. Good for them, I say. Me personally, I’d want the baby aborted, but I don’t have the same beliefs as all people.

  66. lumi says:

    Regardless of what Obama’s people might do, this cat is already out of the bag and people are going to speculate and draw their own conclusions.  Nothing’s going to change the fact that her unmarried teenage daughter is pregnant, which is something that flies in the face of most conservative Republican family values.

    Honestly, I don’t think the dems need to do anything.

  67. Anonymous says:

     As opposed to the rights sparkling clean record of clean campaigns and staying on the issues? The left has a long way to go before they come even close to the bullshit the Gop has spread over the years.

  68. TheEdge says:

    Just like anyother non-Amish 17 year old in the United States.

    The Left is going to make a huge deal out of this.I’ll bet you lot anything.Family should be off-limits,but the Left will practically rape this story.

  69. Greg Reigh says:

    While I do think that the media totally overblew Obama’s controversies, they actually had a legit reason to critisize him. Think about it. The people that Obama associates himself with kind of says something about his common sense.

    This, on the other hand, has nothing to do with Palin’s ability as VP.


    I get what you mean, though. Both parties have ridiculous double standards.

  70. T5 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Obama’s childern were left alone, Al Gore’s son who was not without incident himself was left alone, kids stay out of it period. 


    Side bar: Listen to Wright and Read up on Rezko, also look up William Ayers while you are at it.  He is not a muslim though, you are right on that. 

  71. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m of two minds on this.

    On the one hand, I’m irritated. The actions of bristol should not be of any import to her mothers abilities as a VP candidate. Further, There are far more serious issues facing this woman as a potential president then her daughters hormones.

    On the other hand, The media has been going beserk over the past year raking up every piece of irrelevent trivia muck to try and tarnish obama, including (but not limited to): He’s a muslim, his pastor is insane, he deals with dirty slum lords, ect. And now that the republicans are being subjected to the same treatment it’s suddenly unethical?

    In short: I disagree with what the media is doing, but I’m not exactly pissed about it.

  72. Xlorep DarkHelm says:

    Maybe it was "Two Left Feet".

    "I’m not responcabel fer my comuter’s spleling errnors." — Xlorep DarkHelm

  73. gs2005 says:

    Agreed, I question the relevance of this…now if GP was mentioning ALL of Palin’s offspring’s gaming habits, that MIGHT be interesting if Palin was say, anti-gaming or something…

  74. Chal says:

    ..What on Earth does this have to do with anything? Levi Johnston’s gaming habits or lack thereof have no bearing on the campaign or game-politics in general.

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