9/11 Memorial Held in Second Life

A 9/11 remembrance was held in Second Life yesterday on the seventh anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C.

As reported by The Click Heard Round the World

There were 70-80 other avatars present… Most folks sat on the grass in respectful silence, restricting communication to instant messages.  A couple of avatars in soldier’s uniforms stood at attention. Believe it or not, it means a lot for a bunch of avatars to sit in silence.  It just never happens…


On the audio stream, starting at 8:45AM EST (when the first tower was hit) and for several hours afterwards, the names of all the victims of 9/11 were read out by various members of the Second Life community… You could hear people’s voices breaking in the midst of reading the seemingly endless list of those lost…


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  1. Kajex says:

    How the conversation started:

    Roommate drops by at the store during a low-volume hour to ask about a couple of sotcking questions. Another co-worker tells him about Viva Pinata. The discussion moves into birthdays, weird or funny things about them. I disclose the fact of how my 13th birthday fell on a Friday the 13th, and how it was the best day of my life, in all seriousness. We trade a few short stories, then I get around to how my cat fell asleep on the cake we bought to celebrate on her birthday, which "ironically" was on 9/11.

    Female co-worker comes in and calls me an asshole. I tell her if that’s the case, she’s no better for not remembering to mourn on August 9th. She gives me a blank stare, admits she has no idea. I inform her that 700,000 people were vaporized in a matter of minutes when Nagasaki was nuked. No, I know of nobody personally there, nor was I connected in any way. My point, however, it that such a thing is true of ALOT of people who live their lives regardles of the date. Again, my sympathies to the lives lost, but damned if that means I’m OBLIGATED to drop my shit and be somber all day, lest I be called inhuman for doing otherwise.

  2. Father Time says:

    Take your fake emo half assed ‘I’m so cool for showing no emotion’ crap somewhere us (preferably write in a journal that you set alite at the end of each month).

    There are ways to joke about 9/11 and clearly you don’t know any of them.

  3. Erik ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Serious business?  Not really.  But your posts do provide further proof into Gabrial’s Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.  From the safety of your keyboard you can make such comments.  But to show true balls perhaps you should speak your opinion on the streets of New York.

    And a hint.  Bring some packs of blood of your blood type.  You would need them.

  4. HalfShadow says:

     Gosh, I’m crushed. Does this mean no more Christmas cards? No more ‘movie and pizza nights’? No more charity car washes and then we use the ‘charity’ money to buy vodka?

    Geez: ‘Im on your shitlist.’

    Wow. The Internet is serious business.

  5. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Dammit, fucking trolls!

    And HalfShadow, consider yourself on my shitlist. IMO you no longer deserve to have a name with "Shadow" in it.



  6. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis Of Jack Thompson (Not Logged In) ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Good, FT. I know some people who lost family and friends in the attacks, hence my judgment to shitlist Half-a-Shadow.

  7. scribe999 says:

    My apologies if your coworker interjected herself into an unrelated conversation. That was rude on her part. You can understand how the opening of your previous post without preamble appears like an attempt to pick a fight under this forum posting. Of course you’re not obligated to be depressed every Sept. 11th, but there’s been this unfortunate trend under this blog posting for people to troll for angry responses by being flippant or outright disrespectful to people who honestly feel deeply about the event to this day.

    I wouldn’t use Hiroshima or Nagasaki as an appropriate comparison example either. Since the bombs were dropped 63 years ago, I imagine your coworker wasn’t alive. People ignoring Dec. 26th or Aug. 29th would be more immediate and a better analogy. My point is that, yes, many people have survived horrifying events where the loss of human life wasn’t merely debauched, but grandiose on a terrible scale. We may not have the right to drag everyone down into the sadness and the loss we feel, but people who don’t feel that way shouldn’t feel a hair trigger need to judge those who continue to feel pain.

    Again, my apologies. Someone shouldn’t attack you for just having an everyday conversation. If you’ve seen how others have been showing their "displeasure" on this posting, you can see why it’s too easy to jump to the conclusion that this was another excuse to pick a fight.

  8. scribe999 says:

    I apologize if someone intruded on a completely unrelated converation, but honestly, without that backstory, it read like you were setting yourself up for a fight. Again, I don’t think you or anyone should have to feel depressed on 9/11. It’s just that some people on this forum have been looking to just pick a fight over this story.

    I will say that it’s unfair to bring up something like Nagasaki or Hiroshima as an argumentative point in comparison to Sept. 11th to someone who likely was NOT alive during WWII. Maybe Katrina or the Indonesian Tsunami would have made more sense, but as you can see, time has dampened the immediacy of the horrors of August 6th and 9th, as it will for Sept. 11th as well.

    It’s one thing to for some people to no longer feel personally attached and to feel irritated by the media coverage ad nauseam every year, but being directly flippant or disrespectful to people who honestly still harbor deep feelings about the day is what alarms me about the way some people are reacting under this story. There seems to be individuals here who believe that because they no longer want to think about it year after year have to make disparaging remarks about the people who still do, or the event itself.

    Again, my apologies if your coworker was impolite enough to inject herself into another conversation…that was just plain rude on her part. But when you started off your original post with that remark about your cat’s birthday without preamble, it felt like an attempt to pick a fight in this forum.

  9. scribe999 says:

    Ummm, just out of curiosity, how did the conversation with your co-worker begin? I only ask because if you did that purposefully to show how "over it" you were, unsolicited,  it could be construed as somewhat rude. If you truly understand that some people deal with grief differently, then pushing a story about your cat’s birthday to essentially attack that person’s sense of grief isn’t sympathetic…it meant you were trying to get a reaction because you knew at least someone would be sensitive about that date (because, obviously, you know how some people still feel about the date).

    I’m not saying that is what you did, but for me, I was running for my life as the South Tower fell, and the images, like the typical flashbulb memories, are so indelibly burned into my memory, I can tell you every article of clothing I was wearing, every step I took that day, and every thing I heard and saw around me. Believe me, when you watch people jumping out of a 100 story building because the fire was too hot and you hear a crack like thunder and a mountain of concrete, steel and dust heading your way, it’s not simply about just moving on.

    And if you are speaking of Nagasaki, I’m sorry if you personally knew anyone who was incinerated by a nuclear holocaust, or if you witnessed it first hand. If that’s the case, I can understand why you would keep it in your heart. I myself gave a moment of silence on the 50th anniversary of that terrible event, and no one should forget it when the most horrendous weapon imaginable was unleashed upon a civilian populace. Of course, I hope then you remember August 6th as well for those lost at Hiroshima.

    Personally, while it saddens me that such horrors occurred, they lack the immediacy for those of us who were actually connected to the event. I won’t say to someone who lost family in Madrid, "oh, March 11th? That’s my cousin’s birthday!" Because, that would be insensitive, even if I were unempathetic regarding 191 deaths in someone else’s country (which I am not).

    I’d relax somewhat and realize that 9/11 will become less of an event over time. It’s only been 7 years. There are people who still go back to Hawaii every Dec. 7th, and sailors who still mourn every year. So, don’t be too upset at your co-worker for still being upset as well. Otherwise, go tell the survivors of the USS Arizona what Dec. 7th might mean to your cat too.

  10. InHumanGamer says:

    @someone who said "No one attacks thousands of innocent American civilians and gets away with it. No one."


    Well, actually… they did get away. They were in SA, not Iraq. Now they are in pakistan (still not Iraq)…

  11. Kajex says:

    9/11? I know the day well.

    It’s my cat’s birthday. She got string and slept on top of a cake.

    Then, when I told my co-workers about it, one of them started bitching at me. She apparently lost someone (she wouldn’t specify who) during the attacks. And I guess she was having a bad day, because she called me an asshole for putting priority on my cat instead of being somber and mournful over those who died.

    My mood having abruptly been ruined, I responded that if treating the day as "just another day" makes me an asshole, then she’s no better, for not mourning the lives lost on August 9th. Not that she knew what I was talking about, but I told her. Anybody doing even a lick of research will know the significance of the date.

    I moved on. My sympathies for those lost, and my understanding that some won’t move on as quickly as others, but I’m worried that 9/11 is being treated as a day when people can tell you to never forget, and that if they do, they’re suddenly monsters.

  12. Marvin The Maniacally Depressed Robot says:

    The terrorists learned a very valuable lesson that day. Never piss a New Yorker off.

    May all the innocent people who died that day rest in peace.

  13. Anonymous says:

    "…but who is really responsible for military deaths in Europe after America got involved?"

    easy answer: hitler; the nsdap; krupp; thysen; vicker; many french, american, greek,…industrialists


  14. chadachada(123) says:

    See, here’s an interesting thing. America had no right to go to Europe, and no reason to fight against Germany/Italy. We got attacked by Japan, and our fight should’ve been solely against Japan. So Japan is responsible for any deaths incurred during the fight between Japan, China, the Pacific islands, and America, but who is really responsible for military deaths in Europe after America got involved? Considering that the justifications for America being in Europe were false….

    Also, don’t try and say that the Holocaust had anything to do with it, because we didn’t know the full extent of it at the time, and Saddam had killed many of his own people, making that reason contradicting itself

  15. Anonymous says:

    noone said that its the fault of the soldiers, they only do what they get told

    as sj said it: stop electing murderers to head your armed forces.

  16. SJ Zero says:

     If you go to war, and the justifications for the war were all false, then you’re responsible for everyone that dies.


    Germany, Italy, and Japan were morally responsbile for all the deaths in WWII. America is morally responsible for all the deaths during the invasion and occupation of Iraq.


    Don’t like it? Grow up and stop electing murderers to head your armed forces.

  17. metroidprimegmr says:

    Are you saying that the US Army is responsible for ALL of those deaths? Grow up.

    Has it not occurred to you that number MIGHT include those civilians killed by…



    -LANDMINES, and

    -Crazies wearing BOMB VESTS???

    Last time I checked, the US Army wasn’t setting up car bombs… or landmines … or bomb-vest-wearing crazies…

    Besides, does that number include the casualties of the American, British, or Australian armies? Why would the US  Forces even WANT to kill them, not to mention its own men!


    Face it, American hands are not behind ALL of those deaths. Some, maybe even half; but don’t come crying to me that US soldiers are responsible for EVERY SINGLE ONE of those deaths!!!

  18. SJ Zero says:

     That’s likely. I’m always charitable and use the pentagon and white house’s numbers.


    I don’t feel like giving people who disagree a factual means to attack my points. 

  19. Father Time says:

    And the award for the most pathetically obvious attempt at trying to cast yourself as some cool uncaring shmuck goes to … HalfShdaow.

  20. Wimblesaurus says:

    When it’s someone we really fuckin’ hate or a lot of people we love or hate, we don’t.

    No, Luke, I AM the Walrus

  21. scribe999 says:

    By that reasoning, you’re pretty easy to dismiss as well, as I can imagine the globe will continue spinning for a few billion years once you’ve expired.

  22. michael p. says:

    what the fuck is wrong with you?

    i also hate to see, that 9/11, which definitely provoked a faster turn to fascism in the "american way of life", is the excuse for every american aggression since then and brought even more death, pain, and racial stereotypes over the world. but the death of all this people is still a tragic event and your mom should really give you a nice ass whipping for coming up with such unreflected opinions

  23. Anonymous says:

    Halfshadow, you had better hope that no one who has been affected by 9/11 EVER finds out who you are, EVER

    no jury would convict them after what you posted here

  24. Matthew says:

    Constantly referring to 9/11 for no real reason irks me too like picking at an open wound, but yesterday was the 11th of September and for better or worse, the events of that day had repercussions that are still being felt today. It’s hardly a distant memory best forgotten.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Gee. I wonder how people responded to other attacks? "Oh gee, the Nazi’s are bombing us", "Oh bother, whatever do we do about the British?" "My my, so Pearl Harbor is gone.", and "Woe is I, the Huns are here."

    Come talk to me when the human race DOESN’T consider loss of life tragic and horrifying. THEN you have a right to complain.

  26. HalfShadow says:


    Maybe if you didn’t bring up 9/11 every five fucking minutes, I might care.


    Gosh golly so you were attacked by terrorists. Hey, welcome to the playing field; I’ll be your referee.

  27. JustChris says:

    Every 5 minutes? What are you talking about? GP didn’t even have a 9/11 article yesterday, on September 11. Get off the the chronic and play some Sonic.

  28. michael p. says:

    i’m no german actually, but i know those folks pretty well, and you are a bit wrong on this topic

    germany is pretty ashamed about it’s history, thats true, but making jokes about nazism is no problem at all
    one thing thats forbidden though, is the display of swastikas (the hackenkreuz, sign of nazi-germany), and other nazi symbolic.

    "What does the world expect us to do? Say "Okay terrorists, please stop attacking us, because we said so. Not that we’d ever take the fight to you, but just because we said so."

    yes, thats a good start. years of oppression led to the attacks, and all that followed after the counterattacks was more terrorism, chauvinism against minoritys and fear inside the society. you can’t whipe out terrorism with bombs, it just won’t work. the usa was never that hated in the world before (not only in the arabian states, but also europe, asia, southamerica,…) and if your foreign policies won’t change soon, america will strugle in a image low for a long, long time

    i know it’s a difficult topic, because terror wont stop the second you change your foreign policies, but a change is the only way out.

    show the world the true power of america: a multicultural society, that is able to work, play and love together. that was the way america grew this strong, and thats the way it should be again. (and after that: kick the asses of your industrial leaders and get the power back to the people 😉 )

  29. wiregr says:

    I understand exactly what you’re saying. Our only disagreement is in the details You mention that violence shouldn’t solve violence, and from what I’ve seen, it simply isn’t able to. If someone hurts you, you want revenge, so you hurt them. The people close to them then want revenge on you and yours, and it quickly escalates into a cycle.

    I don’t think that it’s possible to stand up for anyone through revenge. Revenge only hurts more people who will grow to become hateful and unhappy. Revenge isn’t a remedy for the hurt and the pain that people feel after losing those close to them. Hurting people won’t bring them back. The pain will still remain. It only causes more hurting, and that seems like a poor way to remember the memory of those you love.

  30. chadachada(123) says:

    See, I don’t really know where it comes from, but someone can make fun of me all they want, but when it comes to making fun of a terrorist attack, of things like that, that’s just too far. And, depending on the situation, their speech might not be "protected" if it incites a riot (you’d have to stretch the definition of riot though).

    I’m not offended, btw, I completely see where you’re coming from, I just disagree with how certain people should be dealt with. Like the Westboro Baptist Church (the ones that protest at funerals and say that US soldiers deserve to die, that god hates fags, etc). Frankly, I think they should get the crap beaten out of them wherever they protest, and there are plenty of people that agree, but there are also people that disagree. I respect that. What I don’t respect is the WBC themselves. Violence shouldn’t solve violence. It’s not that I think it’ll solve anything, but it’s almost a type of revenge, by standing up for the dead, the hurt, the innocent, this country, etc.

  31. wiregr says:

    Yeah, because more violence would bring everyone back. Threatening people because you don’t like what they say sure sounds familiar. More hate and violence isn’t going to make the world a better place and it’s not going to turn back the clock. The past is immutable. It hurts, it sucks, but it’s the truth.

    When someone makes a comment to try and piss you off, what’s the better solution: Getting pissed off, wasting your time being angry, physically injuring the person who made the offending comment, and going to jail? Or disagreeing with them without getting angry, and not letting them waste your time by making you angry? Personally, I’d rather not give them the satisfaction of getting angry because of what they said, but that’s just me.

    Sorry if I’ve offended you, it wasn’t my intention. I’ll step off my soapbox. I don’t really belong up here anyways.

  32. chadachada(123) says:

    I know I know…but there are actual people that think like "it" does. I just wish he woulda said it to my face, I really do…

  33. scribe999 says:

    I know you’re upset, and I know how you feel. But is beating up a mentally retarded individual who can’t spell the word "reenactment" going to make you feel better? Obviously, this imbecilic troll is just trying to get a rise out of you and everyone of us who were there or lost anyone close to us. This "person" (although, can’t be sure of that) just proves how subhuman (and pathetic) it is.

  34. scribe999 says:

    Classic case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder if the individual is over the age of 15. Usually acts agressively and lashes out at cultural norms and authority due to a deep seeded sense entitlement and a near infantile lack of empathy. Acting out via anonymous proxies such as newspaper letters to the editor or Internet forums gives greater license for juvenile power and violence fantasies and encourages the senseless egotism. Generally an undesirable personality, likely a loner though some personal relationships with close family or a friend may occur. Probably unable to create additional lasting relationships and may have trouble holding down steady employment. Possibly abused as a child.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, just as well. Something tells me that otherwise, you’d be spending a lot of time with ice packs telling your action figures "Just wait until next time… I’ll get him then… just wait…"

    It’s probably best you just stay in your mom’s basement. It’s safer there.

  36. HalfShadow says:

    No. I generally only go to parties if there’s someone there I feel an uncontrollable need to beat the shit out of.

  37. HalfShadow says:

    They are already dead to me. I have no compunctions towards making this true. It’d be self-defense too, so…

  38. BlackIce says:

    I once gave a shit about 9/11 – when we got the final bodycount. As the Bush Admin continued to use it as justification for their Imperialism, I didn’t give a shit anymore. Now, 7 years on, I hate the Republicans more than the Hijackers.

    ~You Could Be Mine, But You’re Way Out Of Line..~

  39. Benjamin Snow says:

    It’s sad that even trolls must joke about 9/11 and the death of thousnads. 


    Maybe it’s another Jack Thompson clone.

  40. JustChris says:

    Yep, God forbid that we’re just human and have emotions for human tragedy. NO YOU HAVE TO BE A ROBOT AT SPITTING INFO OUT!! It’s worse than those teachers and bosses that tried to continue business as usual back when it happened, as if everyone was just going to forget about it that day.

  41. Anonymous says:

    People are trying to move on. Reminding everyone with every detail every year is not helping. Does anyone else think this weird that people would attend an online ceremony for 9/11. I find it funny how everything is slowly losing its reality.

  42. BlackIce says:

    The figures we have are 250,000. And they’re three years old now.

    ~You Could Be Mine, But You’re Way Out Of Line..~

  43. SJ Zero says:

    Wake me up when they start reading the list of the 50,000 dead civilians in Iraq.


    We’re monsters far worse than the terrorists.

  44. chadachada(123) says:

    Yes, you say that now, being Anon and completely not of consequence in the real world, but I’d like to see you say that in person near me or any of my friends or family or community and see if you can ever walk again.

    You know, Germans don’t even allow jokes to be made about Nazism (I think that’s the law there, right?), and people get all uppity because we take an event that happened 7 years ago very seriously? Sure, many politicians use it to garner votes/support, but it is still a very important thing to remember here in America.

    No one attacks thousands of innocent American civilians and gets away with it. No one. What does the world expect us to do? Say "Okay terrorists, please stop attacking us, because we said so. Not that we’d ever take the fight to you, but just because we said so."

  45. scribe999 says:

    Well, it is awful seeing the event trivialized by politicians and media outlets whenever they desire attention and relevancy during the anniversary, but going in the opposite direction of trivializing it because you lack empathy and compassion is pretty lousy as well.

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