1. Cosimo says:

    This is a youtube video of a campaign ad that has nothing to do with game politics, and no kind of editorial or explanation attached to it other than "this is an ad."

    the hell?


  2. Anonymous says:

     Is that a joke? Every ad (and there have been a lot of ads) by the McCain camp has been blatantly false, and not to forget very disgusting. Fox News as well has wasted no time smearing the democrats. No, scratch that. Any liberal organization as nazis. No joke, O’Reilly wastes his time whining about how the Daily Kos is apparently more hateful than the nazis.

    So don’t sympathize with the republicans, they don’t deserve it.

  3. Michael Brooks ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of these kind of stories lately on GP. Too many in fact. Seriously, what does this have to do with video games? What does the fact that Bristol Palin’s boyfriend mentioned he likes playing games on his myspace page have to do with the gaming industry? What do these stories, and others whose links to gaming are questionable, have to say about the industry or the government getting involved in video gaming?

    Seriously, a gambling metaphor? A Mortal Kombat ad I can see being covered, but gambling?

  4. Monte says:

    Yeah right… that story is really believable…

    Here’s the thing about politicians especially those who are the type to get chubby with Lobbyists and want nothing more than to advance their careers… They would NEVER do anything that would blatantly make them look bad. That would be committing political suicide that would go against what they want. Even if Obama was actually thinking "shut up, i’m gonna vote with the lobbyists" he would not be so stupid as to actually say it out loud. He would do what is most politically convenient for him which would be to sit down and wait, or at most find a non-corrupt way of getting the woman to stop; like trying to tell her she is out of time and they need to move on to the next speaker. A Corrupt politician is pretty careful to make sure their true nature does not come out.

    Not to mention, something as blatant as that would have been all over the news… if Obama was stupid enough to do that then he might as well punch a baby on national television.

    Honest politicians and corrupt politicians act the same damn way publicly… the only difference is that one is scheming behind the scenes. The most you ever see of a corrupt politicians true side is when evidence of their behind the scenes actions come up… When it comes to speaking, you will never hear them say something blatantly corrupt; the most you might get  is a slip of the tounge

  5. Anonymous says:

     that would be quite damning. If it you know, actually happened. Which it didn’t, it’s been repudiated before.

  6. Anonymous says:

     Are you kidding? Republicans smear much more than democrats (swift boat anyone?), and it’s done with party knowledge and resources ad knowledge. Read about the ”secret muslim” chain letters, read zell Millers 2004 convention speech (then read Obama’s 2004 speech, and try to tell me that democrats are the party of smears.), read about the 2000 republican primaries, specifically about John Mcain’s ”bastard half black child” , read about the campaign ad that featured Obama’s wife, read about the national review saying that he wasn’t a US citizen, and read about the accusations that he’s a terrorist (completly unfounded of course, but that never stops them). The right engages in character attacks far more than the left. Shit, it isn’t even really a matter of debate. And where has the Obama campaign attacked palin’s family?

  7. Monte says:

     I think the point is, How competent can you be if you can’t even figure out how to use a computer in a day and age where the world is practically run by computers. Not something i jump on board with, but i think that’s the point some people make when they bring that up.

  8. seanb says:

    yeah, i’m sure that actually happened. Totally believable, like when that homeless guy in Alberta (canada) claimed that ralph klien (premier, like a governor in canada) had gotten out of his limo, and drunkedly started to curse and swear at him for no apparant reason…..

    Yup, i’m sure it happened.

  9. chadachada(123) says:

    I just think it’s sick how much more the Democrats and the media do than Republicans in terms of smearing (like going after Palin’s family, for Christ’s sake). Not that Republicans don’t do it, but they definately don’t do it as much.

    All I want is the facts, I don’t want ads that only paint the worst of one and the best of another, I want a simple chart that outlines all the facts and issues for all candidates.

  10. seanb says:

    Biden and Obama have been in the public eye for a long time. Until recently, i doubt .0001 percent of amercans even knew Palin’s name. They’re just going after what’s new, not what’s female.

  11. seanb says:

    From that article (which is amazing by the way)

    In the president’s own home state of Texas, the Board of Education rejected textbooks for mentioning condoms and breast cancer, opting instead to tell students that the best way to avoid STDs was to “get plenty of rest,” “respect yourself,” and “go out as a group.”

    holy shit!!!!

  12. chadachada(123) says:

    I think that the media is being much too rough on Palin, considering they are looking for anything and everything to smear her with. Obama and Biden, on the other hand, are not being nearly as criticized, even though Biden plagerized his way through college…

  13. Monte says:

     Well i know McCain wouldn’t have chosen Palin for VP if she was a male…

    One thing i am tired of hearing is how people blame Obama (or any candidate for that matter) for attacks from the media or his supporters… The campaign has no control over independent journalists/pundits or their own supporters. You can tell them not to do something but in no way do they gotta listen; idiots are always free to be idiots, especially those who thinks that when their candidate says "no" they mean "yes"   *cough*PUMA*cough*. It’s like nearly the entire basis for the "obama is sexist" rhetoric is people taking attacks from the media and applying their words to Obama.

    How would the media treat Palin if she was a woman… pretty darn bad. Yes certain things probably would not come up, like the question of juggling raising kids and VP (even though it’s a fair question for men as well)… However much of the media attacks would still occur. Her Daughter would be attacked since the media finds it relevent to her strong abortion and sex education stances; She would be dogged for her lack of experience; She would would be attacked on how little time she spent on the national or international track… She would still face most of the criticism if she was male

    Palin is a person who has never really been on the national scene… as such the national media has never tried to probe into her life and dig up every piece of dirt she has. Unlike Obama who the media has been digging into for the last 18 months, and McCain, Biden and Clinton who have all been in the national media spot light for years. The Media took one look at Palin, an inexperienced candidate, a virtual unknown that no one ever REALLY dug dirt on, and thay saw massive opportunity… They began to sap Palin for all she was worth like an untapped oil source… Frankly i think what the media would just love most and is searching for is proof that, without a shadow of a doubt is, that McCain picked her MAINLY because her gender

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is funny mainly because any candidate born of mainstream politics is the epitome of business as usual politics.

  15. Shtick says:

    Thank you CHADA!! 

    Here’s the problem with this add.  Obama, in the US and IL State Senate voted present numerous amounts of times.  The man rarely voted on anything because he didn’t care…and mostly waited to see how the Lobbyists wanted him to vote. The mans mentor or as I call him, the scum of the earth, was Emil Jones.  I do have an interesting story that came from a family member who was in the IL Senate while Obama served.

    There was a Nursing Home lobby bill going through the Senate, and at the time needed votes to be passed to start new Nursing Home Legislation, an elderly woman approached the podeum to give her speech, part way thorugh this is what she got from Barack "I believe in Hope and Change" Obama, and I quote:

    "Shut up, I don’t want to hear it, I’ll vote the way the lobbyists want me too."

    Really?  Well then we aren’t going to see much change if he becomes president are we?  The man then tried to have said family member and a group of about 10 forcibly removed from the Senate floor, thanks to a friend of the family’s she kept our family member out of jail as the police were brought in to remove them…


    Sorry any time I see Obama attack McCain about Lobbyists issues it just burns me up.  The man is a liar and has little to no experience…and I think I’m probably with the rest of the group when I say, I no longer care about these damn slam ads that politcs is all about now.  I’m over them…its annoying and I change the channel.



  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s not exactly a necessity at running the government though, unless we replaced all forms of communication from the postal system to telephones with e-mail. Now, if McCain started taking political action against e-mailing, I could see a point, but otherwise that was a poor ad even for Obama’s people.

  17. Father Time says:

    Does anyone know what they mean when they say he voted against children’s healthcare? It can’t possibly be as simple as that, there must’ve been something specfic about that bill.

  18. Father Time says:

    Hey do you have the details of the sex ed bill? What is your source on that info eh? I would really love to know

    And I do believe that the media would tear Palin equally as bad if she were a male. A previously unknown figure who was picked mostly so they can appeal to disgruntled democrats. Of course the media would go after such a person. Think if Hillary won the nomation, picked Biden as her running mate and Mccain picked a black Vp you think that the media wouldn’t be all over it?

  19. MrKlorox says:

    Really how adept is one nowadays if he/she does not have the competent ability to check email? I guarantee McCain is the last presidential nominee ever to have that incapability.

  20. King of Fiji says:

    I’ve given up on 4 years of betterness the minute I heard on tv people were voting for OBama because "he knows how to use a computer and the internet."

    And any of that has to do with the running the country……..how?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’ve criticized GP in the past for all of the anti-McCain/Palin stories that had little to no link to gaming. They just seemed like excuses for GP to bash those candidates.

    This one also seems to be pretty unrelated to gaming. Is GP trying to even the score? Or do they want more peeps to see this ad? Who knows.

    Frankly GP ought to just stay away from this kind of stuff. It may be politics, but it isn’t GAME politics.

  22. Geryon says:

    I’m not denying that it’s a smear ad.  However Republicans are great at smearing too.  Every single add I have seen so far, for Obama or McCain has in some way attacked the other.  So ya… I do agree though that they are both dissapointing to me as well. McCain too differnt in values and Obama… well he’s flip flop wishy washy dressed up in a suit of Charisma, which he does have a lot of I’ll admit, as far as I can tell.

  23. Dex says:

    McCain trying to steer clear of smear ads? Really?

    How about the one where he claims Obama wants to teach graphic sexual details to kindergarteners? (Actually a bill that was for teaching age-appropriate sex education from K. to grade 12. Taught kindergardeners about inappropriate touching, and that kind of thing to protect them from pedophiles.)

    Or how about anything about Obama’s plan to heavily tax the middle class? (He’ll actually reduce taxes on anyone making under $250k, while McCain’s plan actually raises taxes on middle-class and poor, and cuts taxes to the very rich.)

    Or how about any questioning of Palin as sexism? ("She never tried to ban books. That was just a loyalty test…" That she tried several times, and tried to fire the librarian when she refused to bow to censorship… "You can actually see Russia from Alaska." You can see a part of Siberia from a tiny island off Alaska, and how exactly does that let her understand what’s going on much, much further away in Moscow anyways? "If you dare question the talking points, you are obviously a sexist pig, unlike McCain, who would never, ever make sexist jokes about Hillary Clinton, Chelsea and Janet Reno…")

    Come on. More than half of what the man says is an outright lie. The press is just starting to grow the pair to ask him, now that his POW defence is worn out.

  24. chadachada(123) says:

    At least McCain actually votes one way or another on issues, instead of simply "Present"

    It was an okay ad. A smear ad of course, something that McCain is trying to steer away from, but that’s what Democrats are best at, smearing. I actually didn’t find any of the facts on the ad to be any real reasons for me to not vote for McCain over Obama. Both candidates suck. But I’d rather a bit more of a moderate same than just "change" for the sake of "change" that is leaning towards socialism.

  25. Anonymous says:

     I’d trust Biden, one the least personally wealthy members of the senate, with my money more than John ”seven houses” McCain. (Not implying he’s corrupt, just how massively establishment and out of touch he is.)

  26. Anonymous says:

     Maybe because they aren’t the ones running on anti-lobbyist platform, with lobbyists as the heads of the campaign.

  27. Anonymous says:

     please tell me you’re being ironic. America is in it’s worst world position in the last decade right now.

  28. Chuma says:

    Can’t really follow your logic here.  Obama has less experience than Palin?  Um he’s been a senator since 2004 and prior to this worked as a constitutional lawyer, which means he isn’t about to start "taking control of games" like you are insinuating.  You can argue that it isn’t a LOT of experience, but it is certainly more than Palin.

    Personally my biggest fears with the Republicans lie with Palin.  McCain is just more of Bush’s policies, which while I don’t like them in the least, are the devil you know.  Palin however seemed even more neo-con and has a high chance of becoming President during the term should they get in.  As has been said, this is real life and not a Disney movie.  The Hockey mom, whose experience is governing less people than some American cities, becoming President is not n amazing tale but a scary potential reality.

    I’m no fan of negative ads, prefering to hear the policies instead.  However I see a massive difference between spreading lies and repeating them or villifying someone personally and just pointing out facts based on voting records, history and flaws in proposals.  I think the attacks on Obama over his school and lies about his religion are equally bas as the rumours being spread about Palin’s daughter being her granddaughter or McCain lying about his time as POW; THESE sorts of attacks really are not needed in politics at all.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Hackerdude38, but if you’re still relying of vague terms like “right-wing” you’re no less ignorant than the evil ignorance factory you can’t seem to leave, despite how it affronts your senses.

  30. BravO))) says:

    I live in alaska, so I see first hand the good she has done.  I was a fan of both obama and mccain before obama said he wanted all semi automatics banned.  I am in the military and a hunter, my guns are really important to me.  Both parties have there downsides: obama = less experience than palin, mccain = pushed by the will of bush.  Both parties are being played by the ones around them, but obama is trying to go more socialistic then mccain.  When the government starts taking control of the people, I fell that games would be next… So that is why I will not vote obama.  I hear more people talking about bullshit about both parties, when their are issues that need to be address.  Not "pig in lipstick," not "my muslim faith."  I could care less about who has money or who will make history.  I look at who would be better for the country, and mccain I fell is better for the job.

  31. Anonymous says:


    Having a war on terror is like having a war on lucky.

    It is an intagible concept, and guess what, the more the government waves around the notion of ‘terrorist are everywhere and they could be right next to you’ the more actual terror they instill. In effect, they are putting more terror into the populace than what would be there normally.


  32. Pominator says:

    2 Things:

    1: Don’t whine about what Dennis puts on the site, true it may be called gamepolitics.com, but as the person running the site he has the perogative to choose what he puts on it no? Further to that point, whining about him putting what he wants on his site, though not in the same ball park as Jack Thompson’s incessant whining about people having things in videogames that he doesn’t like, I would consider it the same sport at least because both are trying to have what is done by other people done just as they want it, and in that same vein, it is up to you to choose not to read the articles if you don’t want to.

    2: Obamabots?! That is a new one I must say, whilst the pro Obama group may criticise McCain for having a lack of any sort of progressive planning to try and drag America out of the craphole that it has turned itself into, the McCain supporters that I have met are all using insults and pretty much IRL trolling, also, some of you may remember townhall.com where Kevin McCullough had a nonsensical rant about sex in mass effect? that same website now spams my inbox with anti Obama rhetoric each day, telling me to "help America avoid Obamageddon" and "vote NOBama 08", to me that does nothing to strengthen my image of McCain, or weaken my support of Obama, because all it does is show the McCain followers up to be pathetic schoolchildren who have to resort to insults because they are unable to find any actual solid ground on which to argue their position, the attack ads are just getting more and more stupid and if this is the true face of American politics I am glad I don’t live there yet.

    Your soul is a tasty refreshing treat to ones such as I

  33. BravO))) says:




  34. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Oh lord ye sheep think outside the box, in order to control one medium be it book,film or game(small g for general gaming) they will take that same moralistic BS and try and drag Games(with a big G as in Video Games) down with other modern media decrying its ending civilization and their own backasswards assault on logic and reason.

    I is fuzzy brained mew =^^=
    (in need of a bad overhaul)

  35. locopuyo ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    "News posts" like this may get a bunch of comments, but every time you do it GP loses more credibility. Eventually people get sick of posts like this and just stop coming.  It’s okay to lean one way or the other, but if you should at least try to be neutral when reporting news.  The majority of people come here for video game related news, not so you can try to persuade us to vote Democrat or Republican.

  36. Austin_Lewis says:

    That’s funny, what with all the free meals and free trips that Biden gets from lobbyists and special interest groups.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Well I guess that means our collective ignorance must make you not want to post here anymore then. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  38. BlackIce says:

    I’ve just been reading all of the comments you lovely people have posted here. I’ve come to a few conclusions:

    1) You all have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2) The US is doomed – some of you actually believe this shit about McCain being a maverick, and Sarah Palin making a good VP. Don’t you realise that, if anything, they’ll ensure that terrorist attacks on US soil increase. And they won’t be Islamic factions anymore either. You can expect the Russians, Cubans and the Chinese certainly, and everyone in the centre will hate you with as fury, as opposed to just the left. Also, while Obama may possibly change certain aspects to a slightly less right-wing alliegance, the minute Exxon Moblie’s boys and girls come through the door you’ll have exactly the same situation as you’ve always had. The one good thing that will definately come from his presidency is that Palin won’t get in.

    You can be guaranteed a war with someone that you will not win eventually. Come to think of it, despite what Gen. Petty says about Iraq, you are not going to win. The moment you leave, be it in two or one-hundred years time, the Iranians are just going to move in and sponsor a coup. Unless you bomb the fuckers out first. As for that other war that you won’t win – the one that WILL come at some point, it might actually show you that you’re human beings like the rest of us – you might just fall from your mentality that you have Jesus’s home number.

    ~You Could Be Mine, But You’re Way Out Of Line..~

  39. scribe999 says:

    So by that reasoning we are totally free to connect Sarah Palin to the recently indicted Ted Stevens and the most egregious and disproportianate acceptance of Eermarks per capita in the United States?

    A reputable source does not equal a family member…in fact, I would say just the opposite.

  40. scribe999 says:

    John McCain 1996: "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father."

    Rush Limbaugh displayed a picture of a dog with Chelsea Clinton as a caption on his show.

    How about the nasty, racist ads in Tennessee the GOP put out against Democrat Harold Ford ("Harold, call me")?

    And today? Republican and Conservative PAC ads paint Obama as a "Secret Muslim". How about making up stories that he doesn’t have a birth certificate to prove his American citizenship? Or Rush Limbaugh said he had heard a rumor that a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word “Whitey”…a tape that doesn’t exist?

    I love how Palin can use her family for all the positive spin you want, but when you question how this is relevant or if it in fact takes away from her policies, platforms and possible job performance, the family only THEN becomes off limits.

    We all know that negative ads and smear campaigns work…otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular.  Yes, Democrats and left-wing PACs use plenty of smear tactics too…but don’t for ONE SECOND believe that one side is dirtier than the other.

  41. seanb says:

    "….and if you’ve been reading, you know that I will write about any linkage to politics and video games…."

    But this story has NOTHING to do with video games. Literally nothing. NOTHING! it’s a graphic depiction of a roulette wheel. Not a video game. If it were a flash game (instead of an FLV file) you would not be getting this flak. But it’s not!

  42. seanb says:

    Actually the website’s tagline (look up) is

    "When Politics and Video Games Colide"

    Just because there are games about casino’s does not mean that anything involving gambling is automatically linked to video games.

  43. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    1. I kinda like this ad. Yes, it is an attack, but it’s got some truths behind it. Plus, I haven’t been too happy with the Republicans over the past eight years (a bit of it having to do with the entire Bush presidency spanning my entire teenage life, from 12 in 2000 to 20 in ’08), and this just gives me more reasons not to vote for them this election.

    2. Jeez, guys. Getting a little gung-ho for McCain, aren’t we? Same with you Obama-ites. I mean, I can respect your rights to have whatever views you want about whoever on either side of the political spectrum, but come on: to get this worked up over an attack ad….Maybe I should invite everyone over for some chamomile tea, and we can all sit in a circle and talk about our feelings. No lie.

    3. Excellent defense, GP. I had a thought that this issue wasn’t really relevant to this blog, but after you explained that there have been casino games in the past and that this ad is probably using game tech to explain McCain’s general position on American middle-class issues today, I kinda got the picture. Hey, guys, like GP said: "Don’t shoot the messenger."

    I guess what I’m saying is this: I agree with GP about the relevancy of this issue, I didn’t like McCain before and am entitled to view this ad in however fashion I may choose, and everyone needs to calm down some. For those who are old enough, get dressed in some cotton-flannel shorts, a t-shirt, and a beige cord robe-like sweater, head down to your nearest bar, order a White Russian, and just chill with your friends for a while (maybe afterwards, go do a little bowling). For those that aren’t old enough for alcohol, make a cup of tea, massage your earlobes by rubbing them between your thumbs and index fingers, close your eyes, and take long slow breaths.

    Love and peace, my gaming brethren (and sistren).


    Modified Sarge quote: "My favorite part is the part where you failed. Encore! Bravo."

  44. gamepolitics says:

    GP: which quote would that be? 

    And, no, believe me, I hear way more than enough from JT without even trying (or wanting to…)

  45. Pominator says:

    please tell me that wasn’t done JUST to bait JT with his own famous quote GP?!

    Your soul is a tasty refreshing treat to ones such as I

  46. gamepolitics says:

    so… which side am I trying to persuade you to with this post?

    I take it some Obama supporters are offended because I used the term "goes negative" in the headline, but it is a very negative attack ad.

    On the other hand, some McCain supporters might take offense because the entire anti-McCain video is posted right in the story for all to see.

    Honestly, people, I’ve been running this site for going on four years, and if you’ve been reading, you know that I will write about any linkage to politics and video games, including the use of video game tech. We also run a little off the pure political beat with stories about the game biz, consumer issues, the occasional cultural focus, etc. The rules for what gets covered here are not, have never been, chiseled in granite.

    As to this issue of whether a story (one with politics and game tech in it) fits the charter of the site, these issues usually arise when someone feels their candidate got slimed. That’s not my intention. I don’t – and never will – endorse. I just report.

    My impression is that people are just so wrapped up in this race that they are very sensitive to any perceived slight toward their candidates. Last week I had the Sarah Palin supporters all over me for a couple of different stories. There’s nothing I can do about that. I will keep writing the stories that seem interesting and on target with what GP has always done.

    I hope you enjoy them and I hope they spark your interest. I’m not getting into any pushing of one candidate or another. That’s never been what we do here. I’ll leave you with this:

    Don’t shoot the messenger


  47. ZippyDSMlee says:

    Hear me oh sheep for if you refuse to see beyond the hill you bum shall be violated!
    But GP is becoming a entertainment news site so the lightweight coverage is going to increase.

    But I do agree that she was chosen for her looks and crazy fundie skills more than anything else.

    I mean really we have strict moral nazis in the reaper party and crazy media nazis in the dims

    IT SUCKS! vote Libertarian http://www.lp.org/, the 2 parties have failed us and they need to be woken up.

    I is fuzzy brained mew =^^=
    (in need of a bad overhaul)

  48. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I want some tea!  Man, can we seriously sit and talk about our feelings.   We need a vent column on this site, haha.  Oh wait, there is a ShoutBox.  I think between politics, gas prices, EA and other companies screwing consumers hard, and everything else going on, we all need a good place to vent.  God forbid we have personal ordeal to deal with.  That SNL link I posted up there is a great chance to relax for 5 minutes and have a good laugh though.  It doesnt matter if you are republican or democrat, it is a funny skit.

    Also, vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream…  How good is that? because it doesn’t sound half bad.

  49. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You definitely side with the democraps with your articles, but I don’t hate you for it.  The republicants are a not what we need right now.  I don’t see a clear enough link to say that it has a relation with games, BUT this SNL Palin/Hillary skit is so funny that it doesn’t matter if it is games or not:


    Either way, it is your site, run it how you with, we can only ask for different things.  I wish we had a separate section for political stuff and game stuff.  Your political coverage really isn’t bad, just a little bias, but maybe that is just how it is even going off on the slightest whim of a link between games and politics. This is game politics, and we should know who has what positions on games.  So I am curious on how Biden, Obama, and McCain have voted on different game legislation if you can find information on that easily enough, and personally, I am curious about the energy plans for both campaigns.  I am sure McCain supports more oil and hydrogen since that is what technology all the oil companies have their hands deep in, and Obama is kind of the same, but more nuclear with a little wind and solar. (I want to make an X360 powered off of solar alone, haha.)


    Okay, these links are for humor purposes only.  If you do not like funny things, do not go to them.  If you are up tight like JT, then I don’t even know how you got to this post in the first place.

  50. BravO))) says:

    Palin was a mayor for over two terms of her town, and a governer of alaska before obama became a senate.  Also Obama is only a part time senator.  Please google this as I feel that you were mislead.  And how can you say McCain lied about his time as a POW, I guess someone has be listining to some of the swiftboat veteren bullcrap… The same people that said McCain adopted kid was an illegitimate child of his.  Right now is a time to do research, not a time to listen to what others say because of bias oppinions and straight up lies.

  51. Anonymous says:

    So when was this site called ‘Videogame Politics’ then?

    If we are going to pick at Dennis ‘not living up to his title’, then why not attack him for not posting D&D news, or Monopoly News or Game of Life news?

    People seem to enjoy attacking Dennis for revealing his political leaning on a blog whilst, at the same time, making their own political leaning apparent on the same blog.

  52. King of Fiji says:

    Probably with time anyone can learn to use a computer but lets think about this.  What time will he need to be on a computer?

    Frankly I would rather have the most competent person running the white house retardless of whether one can use a computer or not.



  53. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    Holy shit! People have nipples?!?!?!


    Seriously though, I’m pretty sure everybody of pretty much all ages already knew that women have breasts and everyone has nipples. They’re kinda hard to miss…


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman(2002)Block & Crain(2007) Just to name a few…

  54. Anonymous says:

    I never thought Bush was a great president, and has a lot of flaws (big goverment…) but he has cirtenly handled War on Teror well.

  55. GRIZZAM PRIME says:

    What does this have to do with game related politics? Obama’s using a vitual roulette wheel as a mean of setting up an attack on McCain’s campaign, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with game legislation or cencorship or game blame or some dumbass watchdog organization or anything that really means a damn thing to the crusade against censorship.

    If McDonalds uses a video game esque advertisement to try and sell their food, will that be covered too?


    -Remember kids, personal responsibility is for losers! For information on games and psychology, look up: Jonathan Freedman(2002)Block & Crain(2007) Just to name a few…

  56. Geryon says:

    Wishy washy probably was not the best phrase, however it does not mean flip flop, at least to me.  I have always looked at wishy washy as being very non-committal with issues.  I simply meant Obama to me seems to mostly have charisma going for him and not much else.  I would still prefer him to McCain for the simple fact that I disagree with many of McCain’s ideas/beliefs, even more so with Palin on board now.  However since I’m in Canada I’m not exposed to too much of American politics.  I can vote though since I am a citizen, but since I have never lived it the States I’m not sure what the process is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s stupidly complicated, may not though.

  57. Anonymous says:

    The specific thing about the bills would be that all plans for children health care so far have been nothing but proposed drains on the economy and a step closer to socialized health care.  The plan Hillary presented a bit over a year ago for child health gave automatic health care to "children" between the ages of newborn-25.  25 years old is not a child in any legal sense.


    It’s real easy to say "but think of the children," it’s quite a bit harder to say "can we help the children, or do we even have that right as the government?"

  58. Anonymous says:

    You’ve obviously never tried to teach your parents how to use a computer.  My dad is 15 years younger than McCain, and I found it a blessing I was able to get him to check his email on his own after teaching him how to do it for 2 weeks.  Face it, computers and the know-how to use them just aren’t something the generation that runs things were built for, especially if they didn’t have jobs that required them to adapt and use computers (like being a politician).  I honestly can’t fault McCain for not knowing how to use a computer.  Sure, that fact turns me off from him slightly, but not enough to say "this candidate is useless."

  59. Anonymous says:

     GP really needs to stop making posts like this.  People come here for video game politics, not your personal political beliefs. 

  60. Leet Gamer Jargon says:

    Oh, yeah, really. He’s really handled that well. Let’s see how well:

    Spending billions and billions of dollars each year, money that the U.S. does not have.

    Sending a buttload of troops to look for the right guy (Osama bin Laden) in the wrong damn country. 

    Starting a war with Saddam Hussein under false pretenses (anyone remember WMDs?).

    Yeah, he’s really handled the War on Terror well. He’s done such a crackerjack job…

  61. Anonymous says:

     Because it, along with his seven houses, shows how massively out of touch with the average person he is. Also, it is very much relevant, because things like net neutrality, DRM, and even cyber warfare are going to become more and more of a issue in the coming years.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Seriously GP? I’m normally all for your articles but:


    1. There is a big difference between a pro-Obama ad and an ad by the Obama Campaign.

    2. The link between this link and the percieved purpose of this site (IE politics as they relate to gaming and gamers) is tenuous and practically non-existant

    3. It’s an attack ad yes, but the title ("Obama campaign goes negative etc") seems like an obvious trolling attempt on your part.


    Have some goddamn sense.

  63. Anonymous says:

    You do realize what state Barack Obama came from right???? Illinois, the most corrupt State in the country, where the last 2 governors and the current is being indicted and trying to have his election recalled right?  I don’t doubt this story, but if Iit came from a reputable source someone you know, family member, its believeable. 


    My question is how do you people not actually believe the fact this story may actually be true we just don’t hear about it because our media is so flipping biased and because Barack is the "first black man running for office." that novelty is wearing off really quickly, so is his idea for change.  He has yet to say what he wants to change.  I honestly believe the store but really some of you seem very gullible to believe whatever you hear. 

  64. Anonymous says:

    There you go, listening to everything The Chosen One and his Obamabots says…


    I doubt "A boy/man has nipples, a penis, a scrotum, and testicles." " A girl/woman has breasts, nipples, a vulva, a clitoris, a vagina, a uterus, and ovaries." and "Both boys and girls have body parts that feel good when touched.",  are "age approritate"…



    Ok maby sending an army of lawyars to Alaska to find negetive information on the governer isn’t sexist… But do you really think the media would treat her any ware near as bad if Palin was male?

  65. oto kirlama says:

    Nintendo is indeed selling SOME of these on the Virtual Console but not even close to all of them. While i agree in part to his piracy he was filling a market that Nintendo failed to recognize. Maybe someone doesnt want to buy a Wii. maybe they just want a console with 50 – 100 NES games on them?? maybe just maybe?

    but no Nintendo wants everyone araba kiralama to buy the Wii. thats their excuse but thats not what copyright is supposed to protect. i am real sure that the makers of 10 yard fight were losing sleep because they were missing out on their $0.00025 worth because they didnt get royalties from this player. *smirk*

    my question is, should Super Mario Bros. be banned from public domain forever? isnt 23 years enough time for Nintendo to have made their profits?

    If you have followed the Steamboat Willie case regarding Mickey Mouse you can rest in your bed well at night knowing that the MOUSE will still be under copyright law, away from public domain after your great grandchildren are in nursing homes. That is beyond ridiculous dont you think??

    Gallagher can araç kiralama say all he wants, but I strongly rent a car believe it’s due to his crappy leadership and E3 being a joke. ESA’s Board of Directors need to find a way to get out rent a car of this horrid contract with this Bush cronie before there’s no one left on the Board.

    Btw, I think Atari and Midway will drop out too, but mostly travesti because  these guys have done nothing ttnet vitamin or little and need to start saving costs.


    Now I don’t have to get off my ass for the important shit anymore!

    Whats next, ordering pizza from Xbox live?

    Wait… I think that sounds like a good idea.

    But I think voting should MAKE you get off your ass, and see outside or a second while you go vote. I mean, your picking the president of the United States of America for God’s Sake… least you can do is drive down there and punch out a card.

  66. Austin_Lewis says:

    Also the man who’s too much of a jackass to realize he could use nuclear power.  Let’s not forget that.  Obama’s kind of an idiot.

  67. Anonymous says:

    An energy plan is at stake?


    You do realize this is comeing from the campaign of the man who wants to choke domestic oil companys with a "wind fall profit" tax and increase our dependence on forign oil… all because it is "fair" (read:Marxist)



  68. Nitherean says:

    Actually, Sarah Palin endorses the oil tax to the oil companies that operate in Alaska.  Recently, she told everyone, that Alaskians, would recieve $2500 bonus each.  So, the Republicans are not exactly taking the high road either on gas tax.  Cus guess what, those oil companies, just raise their price at the pump, so its really Alaskians, paying themselves through a HUGE, maze of beuarcratic BS. 


    As far as the ad is concern, I do not see any direct advertising from either Barack Obama OR the Democratic National Convention (DNC).  Its not from Moveon.org, or several of the other goverment groups that operate on either side of this campaign.  So really, GP, WHERE is the source of this ad?

    As far as I can tell, someone rigged some nice music, colorful graphics and some facts of Mr. McCain.  And GP says that is from the DNC or Mr. Obama.


    Lastly, is GP going to report every time, something Video Gamish appears in the cultures of each country?  Does GP have any real guidelines or borders on what is considered ‘Game Related’ or ‘Video Game Industry’ related?

  69. illspirit says:

    You know, if so-called progressives really want to stop people from screaming”ZOMG! Communist!!” all the time, it would probably help if you didn’t run a candidate who started his career as a "community organizer" inspired by the quasi-Marxist works of Saul Alinsky, and who sat in a Marxist, Liberation Theology church for twenty years..

    Personally, I think Obama is closer to being a Third Way fascist/neo-con than a commie, what, with his endless list of proposed public-private partnerships, GSEs, mandatory "volunteer" service programs, and all. But given his past and his tired, class-warfare rhetoric, I can understand why people would mistake him for a communist.

  70. scribe999 says:

    Does that mean Sarah Palin is too? Because she supported and pushed through a windfall profit tax against oil companies in Alaska too, and that’s where much of Alaska’s revenues are coming from now (aside from Federal earmarks).

  71. Anonymous says:

     ah, the old right wing tactic of screaming”ZOMG! Communist!!” at any remotely progressive candidate. The incredibly depressing thing is that it sometimes works.

  72. CK20XX says:

    I agree, though I also concede that the "video board game" is a unique genre that can’t be judged the same as conventional games.  These games have Monopoly and Candy Land in mind, so who wins is /supposed/ to be more random.

    Unfortunately, that makes their single player modes redundant, and the idea of having unlockables even more so.  And I can’t comment on the first couple of Mario Parties since I haven’t played them much, but if they’re decent (hand scorching control stick twirling and exhausting button mashing aside), I might check them out.

  73. Seanb says:

    Game Politics: Where Politics and Video Games Colide

    Dunno, i’m with the other guys on this one. Video Games DO NOT = Games in general.

  74. SilverMelee (awaiting registration) ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well said, my friend.

    Video games should focus on skill and reward a player for that; not on a hit or miss chance game. I think that’s also a major aspect in why Mario Party games aren’t what they used to be – too many luck-based minigames when compared to those seen in older Mario Parties (1 and 2 probably had the best minigames, IMO).

  75. Tom90deg says:

    Agreed. I think most games that have a gambleing element either have it as a side-questy thing to get the super-infinty-plus-one sword (Good) or as a way to extend gameplay (bad). Even the old games were not immune, Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry both had gambleing games you HAD to play and win at to continue the game. Annoying, but such happens.


    If you cannot best a man in argument, all is not lost. You can still call him vile names.

  76. CK20XX says:

    *watches video*

    Nothing wrong here.  Besides, I see no value in gambling and wish it didn’t appear in video games at all, unless it’s the Casino Night Zone in Sonic 2.  See, video games are all about skill, pushing your way forward by deliberately manipulating tools, enemies, and events.  Gambling is all about chance, so when it’s plopped down in the midst of a quest (and even worse, when there are special powerful prizes you can get only by gambling) it distorts its flow and makes for endless agrravation when the numbers don’t align right.  Even when you can buy gambling chips or coins to buy the prizes, it’s still redundant and a hassle; why can’t you just buy those items with normal money in the first place?

    I hate the "game corners" in Pokemon, I hate Casino Voloyal in Phantasy Star Universe, and I didn’t even like the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy 7 (which was something of a messy game anyway).  Video games are too superior to be watered down like that.

  77. Nekowolf ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    If I recall, it was while she is rather attractive, for a man in his position to say she was a MILF seemed a bit inappropriate.

    Which is not hypocritical. And frankly, I agree. Calling her a MILF just seemed off.

  78. Anonymous says:

    How is GP a hypocrite?  Did he say himself he thought she was a MILF, or have we lumped our offensive statements into the blog’s official stance now?

  79. Haggard says:

    Indeed. And I don’t know why being a games designer means he has to sign away his free speech. Just because he’s famous and good at what he does; doesn’t mean he has to talk responsibly, especially on his own personal blog.

  80. A-wel Cruiz ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I believe the point David Jaffe was trying to make is that when he thought of Sarah Palin, the nicest thing he could say about her is that he would fuck her. In other words, he doesn’t agree with her political views in any way, and probably doesn’t care for her personally, either. The only thing he found noteworthy about her is that she was a MILF.

  81. Matt Wallace says:

    This ad isn’t created or endorsed by the Obama Campaign. It’s from a 527 political group (think Swift Boat Veterans for Truth), which both campaigns lack the ability to control. There’s dozens of these across the country, some running state-wide, some running for one ad cycle in Small Town, Alabama. The post title is grossly, grossly misleading.

    I agree that this seems like a bit of a stretch of a "gaming" post, but I can’t blame GP. Video games aren’t a major issue being talked about in this Presidential campaign, and with so much politics in the air, one can’t help but want to get in on the action. So ultimately, I’m alright with it – save the title. If you’re going to try to take equal shots at each side, at least get it right.

  82. Benji (not logged in) says:

    One, yeah, it’s kind of a strained link to games, though I suppose I won’t gripe about this too much.

    Two, is this from Obama or just from a pro-Obama camp? To me there’s a fair bit of difference between what a candidate will say him/herself and what he/she allows supporters to say.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Clearly it’s not from the campaign itself – all campaign ads have to have that "I approved this message" thing at the end.  Yet another example of sloppy reporting by GamePolitics.  GP really needs to make sure its headlines are somewhat honest.

  84. DarkSaber says:

    Didn’t we already establish she was a milf? And that GP was a hypocrite for condemning the designer of God of War for saying as such?

  85. gamepolitics says:

    GP: I’m surprised that you would ask what this has to do with games. The ad is obviously using video game tech. In fact, gambling video games have a long history of publication on PC, console & handheld.

    If, for example, you search "casino" on GameStop’s website you will find about a dozen titles, some of which I’ve posted here. Search "poker" and you will find several dozen more. Go to the games section of Cnet’s downloads.com and search for "casino" there. You’ll find a whole bunch of gambling shareware game titles.


  86. Anonymous says:

    Solar power, Wind, Geothermal, and many others.

    You know what gets my goat though? The amount of people that list oil as a power source should be beaten with a stick, because it isn’t. COAL!!!  Why can’t people realize that coal is the number one power source for most power plants? It is still readily available and cheap as hell. It ain’t clean though.

    Nucklear power would probably be one of the cleaner power sources, though, to be honest Geothermal and Solar would be the best routes to go ecologically.

  87. Anonymous says:

    But what about thirty years ago on the other side of the world with highly flawed technology!?!?! That could be us if we were to dare use nuclear power! Because clearly we don’t now since otherwise we’d all be glowing green and otherwise dead since nuclear power is so bad!

  88. scribe999 says:

    I’m all for building some new Nuclear power plants. Where do we house the waste? Who wants to let companies come in and build one in their neighborhood?

    For the record, Sen. Obama has kept an open mind about Nuclear Energy, but to pander to the masses, McCain has stated unequivocally that he’d like to build 45 new power plants. The question is where? And what new waste storage facilities will we require? Just Yucca Mountain?

    The political reality is that a lot of us want nuclear energy, but no one seems to want a new plant within sight of them. Let’s get some volunteers.

    And I love the names people throw out if they oppose Obama: elitist, idiot, jackass.  

    Fine. To reciprocate — McCain: senile, temperamental, out-of-touch, absent-minded and dangerous.

    Because it’s stupid to have reservations about Nuclear technology, but it’s "going with your gut" when interviewing a person once for the second-in-command of the entire United States.

  89. BlackIce says:

    Technically an animated, interactive card game is a videogame.

    ~You Could Be Mine, But You’re Way Out Of Line..~

  90. KayleL says:

     This doesn’t really seem like news for GP. It does have an animation of a game, but not a video game. It’s like calling an animation of a card game news about video games.

  91. Pominator says:


    As my previous comment said, it is GP’s site and therefore his perogative to put whatever he wants on it, and should it involve a link to videogames, as it usually does, alls the better.


    And GP, my comment referred to Jack claiming the videogame industry were out to "shoot the messenger" when they discredited him, sometime around the hot coffee fiasco I believe, nevertheless, Jack baiting is fun, he is too serious about himself to understand when things are a joke.

    We should set the joker on him to ask him the age old question!

    Your soul is a tasty refreshing treat to ones such as I

  92. Anonymous says:

    If it was GTA, Halo, or a popular video game that would be one thing, but this has nothing to do with video game politics.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Gaming technology? Or animated images thrown together in a simple movie editor?

    Hell, they’re using roulette as a metaphor without even mentioning gaming at all. I dare say this has nothing to do with what this site is about. And if it does use video game technology… please edit the article to include that information (including a citation where this was confirmed and what technology we’re looking at).

    Just because gambling has been in video games doesn’t mean anything in this case since the topic has nothing to do with gaming–but the idea of gambling (although the premise of the video suggests the outcome is certain defeating the purpose of the gambling imagery). Else, you should report every politically charged murder, theft, or musical event from a band currently in a rhythm game. Just as appropriate I suppose.

  94. Anonymous says:

    wow this is just so the liberals can get Obama’s ad out to a few more people ignore this this isn’t news, nor is it related to video games at all.

    Just because there are games about casino gambling doesn’t make this relevant.

    There are video games about football, does that mean every campaign slogan with a mention of football is related?

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