Arab World Reacts to Muslim Massacre Game

Last week GamePolitics reported on protests raised in the U.K. against Muslim Massacre, an amateur game in which the object is to "wipe out the Muslim race."

Not unexpectedly, the Arab world has reacted with similar outrage. An editorial in the Yemen Post refers to the creator of the game, Eric Vaugn, as "sick" and goes on to say:

Could it be mere coincidence that the game was released on the internet during the month of Ramadan? I think not. Was it a deliberate action to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11? Most likely…


What is it with such persons that they need to exacerbate an already sensitive situation? There are still many Muslims who are still smarting over the cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) published in a Danish newspaper originally, but subsequently picked up by other "daring" and insensitive media.


Have these people no understanding of what Islam means to Muslims. I think the answer is "obviously not", which is a shame because a some comprehension of Islam would go a long way to better appreciation of what motivates more than a billion (and increasing) Muslims around the world…


The Egyptian Chronicles blog also weighed in:

this does not deserve our anger because this game and those gamers who play it won’t be the first or the last people in history who wish to wipe us from the surface of the earth… still I will not deny that it is disturbing because those who play these games are generally from the young generations who are raised upon the hate of another religion and its believers to that extent that they want to wipe them. Spreading the culture of violence through that means or way is not less dangerous than other ways of spreading the culture of violence. Video games in general are proving to be dangerous more and more , GTA inspired crimes are moving from North America to Asia

Not Green Data, another Muslim-authored blog, adds:

The issue here is not the game itself, it’s that endless chain reaction that really scares me. The media, circumstances and fundamental Wahabis deeds started it a while ago, and they all succeeded in brainwashing peoples minds and created that evil Muslim stereotype in their minds. Then people like the Danish Cartoonists and this Computer Games Developer started to reproduce this stereotype and feed it back to the media and people around them. And frankly I can’t tell how this endless loop will end…

UPDATE: Kotaku reports that Eric Vaughn has withdrawn the game and issued a lengthy apology:

I would like to make a public apology for any offense that I might have caused through releasing this game, and to Muslims in particular. My intentions when releasing this project were to mock the foreign policy of the United States and the commonly held belief in the United States that Muslims are a hostile people to be held with suspicion. I would like to make it clear that I have never shared such a belief and my intention was to mock those who actually do believe these things.

GP: At this point, the entire site is 404. Thanks to GP reader BunchaKneejerks on the news of Vaughn’s apology.

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  1. Mick says:

    Pertinent points:


    And many many more from the above link, a spoof of the trendy liberal types prepared to forgive extremists anything. Scroll down for otehr links to an in-depth look at teh good/evil bits ratio in the Koran, similarity to Mein Kampf, neo-nazi movements in teh Middle East, etc. And they get offended at teddy bears and cartoons?! Hypocritical so and sos!

  2. Mick says:

    What is forgotten is that this game is pitched against Islam itself rather than Muslims primarily (despite its title).

    Islam is a sadistic death creed which howls for total destruction and eternal pain in teh afterlife for any non-believer, or even other Muslims, refusing to become devout Islamists. Only human nature stops most Muslims from becoming the looters, paedophiles, rapists and pillagers who were the original Muslims. Islam is a religion fired by threats of punishment for misdemeanour or criticism rather than incentive for personal enlightenment, powered by ceasless hunger for conquest; remember that the Muslims invaded Europe TWICE in their history, with our Crusades being a delayed retaliation for their conquest of Spain and southern France.

    The Koran is a series of disjointed rants, deliberately lacking contiunuity, context and decent prose. It is actually a clumsy appendix volume to the other big books of Islam, the Hadith and Sunnah. These books outline Muhammad’s life and manifesto and strike a disturbing similarity to the doings of Hitler and the Nazis – both wanted world conquest and brainwashed their followers into believing theirs was a holy mission of liberation and both believed in following the will of Destiny/Allah in contiunuing their tribe’s existence at teh expense of the lives of others.

    No wonder unhinged extremists choose Islam more than they choose Christianity, Judiasm, etc, to attach their violent bloodlust to! Islam marks the difference between benevolence and malevolence. Understand this and you understand everything.

    This contains some interesting!.htm


  3. David Gillen says:

    For me at any rate is still available online, as is the download of the game. Possible it’s only 404ing for requests from certain IPs?

  4. Anonymous says:

    So you KNOW that ALL Muslim adherents (all 20 billion or so) think in one way based on a TV show airing in one place in the world. That’s pretty flimsy, and it’s discriminatory.

    Do you have a link to the 2007 report you cite? Did you read some of the other reports at the Pew Research Center about Muslims in America and around the world? Here’s the link:

    And also, saying "I don’t think" and "doesn’t seem" is hardly an evidence-based argument. If that’s what you want to engage in, provide the evidence.



  5. Anonymous says:

    well im a muslim … and when i first read about the game … and played it … i have to say i was a little offended … but now i rlly dont care about it … the game is fun, i play it everyday ! and i dont know y ppl think that Allah is a different God, Allah is God translated in arabic ! and the thing that offended me was at the end of u game u get to kill allah … which is pretty messed up, right ?

  6. TheEdge says:

    Ah,Muslims in a twist agian?Well,it seems every other day their is something that gets these dudes in twist.


    No biggie.

  7. SwissCM says:

    He took back the apology:

    "I’m going to come out now and say that almost everything I’ve said anywhere is a huge pile of bullshit, including the apology and retrospect article I wrote. I put the apology up as a ruse to get my host to give me my account back (because I was sucking the shit out of their server).

    That being said:

    I am an enormous troll.

    I just trolled more than one billion people.

    I consider this a monumental success."

  8. Coyote's Grin says:

    Eh, I just filed this peice of crap under the same mental heading as the space invaders 9/11 game. It’s just another basement project of some unmitagated hack looking for his 15 minutes of fame, followed by the predictable cowering from the backlash behind ‘artistic license’ as if it were an impenatrable sheild.

    I find comfort it the fact that the most fitting punishment for these people’s abuse of humanity’s basest instincts is also the most predictable. In a week or two the whole thing will blow over and they return to being forgotten nobodies, living in a world that would as soon void it’s bowels on them as give them CPR if they passed out in the street.

  9. TBoneTony ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Also if he was a Trool, then the best thing we could have done was not to give him the attention in the first palce.


  10. TBoneTony ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    To everything that has happened in the world and those who are offended by things, I think that us Gamers have also been pushed around by the Mass Media in mainstreem society just like the Muslims have been ever since 9/11

    Even though us Gamers vent our fustrations on the internet and such, we never really go around and kill anyone.

    I also feel that there are many Muslim gamers who may hate the game for the reason that it involves shooting people but in some way, a few of them might see it as a way of a developer to protest agains the actions of the USA mass media on steriotyping Muslims as dangerous.

    Like how many times has Hillary Clinton or the John McCain voters have tried to portray Obama as dangerous all because he is a Muslim?

    Politics can be a dangerous place but even that shows that there are some people out there willing to take a opportunist jab at anything just to create some controversy.

    I also feel bad for the developer if he did not wanted to be hated.

    Same thing goes to the guy who made the game in his college that was about a Muslim sent on a mission to kill Bush.

    These two games have been based around serious social issues but yet instead have been a victim of outrage all because many people found it offencive when the real hidden message was there but only if you played the game could you ever really understand it.

    Once again we have another person from a different forum who still thinks that GTA is making people go out and kill others.

    Being a Gamer is harder in society because many people don’t understand you. And I guess many religions have felt that time and time again but yet sometimes there are those few who attack others because they are different.

    I hope I am making some sence here.

  11. A_CAT_IS_FINE_TOO! says:

    So, a Micky Mouse rip-off touting the evils of Jews and Americans, broadcast to Palestinian children, calling for death to non-Muslims in the name of god… that is ok.

    But should you have a parody-game that dares to show an individual killing sprites who may be Muslim and you are condemned by the people who seem to endorse murder as a value that should be taught to children.

    I didn’t know that virtual violence was worse than having CHILDREN incite other children to murder (and in a clearly serious context). This lesson must be brought to me by the word “hypocrisy”.

  12. Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    Where’s Saladin in all this?



  13. Ed ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    How exactly do you know that some Muslims (if not most) weren’t appalled at the children’s show you mention?

    Again, it’s pointless trying to lump all Muslims together. Just because some KKK members were evangelical Christians, you don’t assume all Christians are KKK members, right?

  14. JazzDawg ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Vaughan bitched out like a pussy, from what i heard (i never got a chance to play the game) his point was obvious. he was mocking the way the US treats Muslims as if they were all terrorists. ive lost a lot of respect from Vaughan, he shoulda stuck beside his work. i probably wouldnt not have even heard about the game if Muslims around the world didnt kick up a shitstorm. what always amazes me is when people are offended by something they go to the media and generate heaps of controversy, which really is the ultimate form of advertising. anyone know where i can play this game, its gotting be floating around somewhere?

  15. A_CAT_IS_FINE_TOO! says:

    I know, because the program is STILL on the air, teaching the same “values” of hate and intolerance.

    Also, I don’t think 30% of evangelical American Christians between 18 and 30 years old support homicide bombings in the name of God, but 30% of Muslims of that age group do (Pew Research Center, 2007).

    The analogy of the KKK to Christians doesn’t work as the Klan is regularly and openly denounced and criticized by Christians. When they hold rallies and marches, people line the streets to protest them, the same can’t be said of those who call for MURDER in the name of Allah. The Catholic church doesn’t seem to have “hatred of all [non-Catholics]” and “death to [non-Muslims]” as one of their regular preaching points, but Wahhabism seems to support such actions, and it is one of the fastest growing segments of Islam.

    I only assume that if a game was sold in Saudi Arabia called “Jew Massacre”, that it would be a #1-seller and that few in Saudi Arabia would have anything negative to say about it.

  16. Anonymous ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m not sure if anyone knows, but I this guy is behind the stupid "electricretard" comics. (Google it, just realize it’s NSFW)

    Honestly… I highly, highly doubt he’s sincere with his apology. Just doing it to save his ass.

  17. DannyLedonne says:

    It is too bad that Eric Vaughn pulled his game simply because some people didn’t understand his political message (I for one gleaned a satirical criticism of Bush’s foreign policy from "Muslim Massacre" whether Eric intended it or not).  If I may be frank, I believe by calling for censorship of the Danish cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad and games like "Muslim Massacre," we are enabling a culture of taboos that are ultimately unproductive in cross-cultural dialogue.  We have effectively bound the discourse into narrow bandwidths that are likely to continue stifling creative expression.  I see nothing, for example, that distinguishes this game from the satirical sentiments expressed in the (brilliant) film "Team America: World Police."

    While I recogize my serious/satire game "Super Columbine Massacre RPG!" merely pissed off a vocal but benevolent PTA instead of Muslim extremists who have already demonstrated a propensity for senseless violence when their sacred cows are poked at, it is disheartening whenever an artist (however amatuer or vulgar) raises the white flag at the first sign of social disapproval.

  18. lumi says:

    The "no pictures of Mohammad" thing is what really gets me.  If that’s taboo in Islam, great, Muslims are free to avoid creating any images of their prophet.  What they don’t get to do is enforce their religious taboos on the rest of us. 

    Jews don’t get pissed off at Christians for failing to keep kosher…Christians don’t get their knickers in a twist if a Hindu doesn’t give something up for Lent…to each religion its own, please.

  19. Karsten ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Gee — might I suggest that people of all religions relax a bit.
    I doubt that many people outside the Muslim world know that it is now the Ramadan.

    I don’t know what Islam means to muslims? Or are we to understand that Islam must not be critisizid at all? Islam has to learn that it, too, can be critisized just like judaism, buddhims, hinduism and christianity. In other words, get used to it.

    I still believe we should respects other people’s religions but the buck stops there where religions want to have a say in what can and cannot be published. At least for me.



  20. Oz says:

    I agree, I just found out it was Ramadan literally 30 seconds before I read this post (workmate is fasting). I think it was to feed the trolls and coincide with 9/11.

    I also agree that Muslims should stop bitching when Islam gets insulted. ALL religions get insulted form time to time. Hell, the qu’an criticizes other religions and pretty much everyone who is not a member of theirs (just like Christianity). Talk about hypocracy!

    Also "wiping out the muslim race". Only gives these muslims (the bitching kind) more reason to bitch and hide behind the racism card, islam is not a race!!!!! Stop giving them ammo!!!

  21. sheppy says:

    I don’t get it.  If something offends me or annoys me, I just don’t listen/watch/read/play it.  It’s not that hard to figure out.  Offensive stuff will exist, period.  It’s not going away no matter how outraged you are.  And the more you point the spotlight on it, the more attention it gets.  What are they really doing?

    Generating more traffic for these sites which can be used to get advertisers?
    Making the artist more known?
    Selling more marilyn manson tickets?

    Where is the benefit?

  22. shady8x says:

    They get to have another reason for the ills that befall their countries… which is very important for them… without that they are dead… I am serious violent revolutions come to those who don’t blame all problems on some enemy or another… and that doesn’t just apply to the muslim world but the whole world… its just easier to do there cause they have state controlled television…

  23. shady8x says:

    If he hadn’t removed the game and apologized then there would be ‘behead Vaughn’ signs…

    I am not sure if his apology was in time or if he will get to be in hiding for the rest of his life…

  24. JustChris says:

    They should’ve adhered to that rule when the Danish cartoonist made his stereotypical cartoon against Muslims.

    At least this time we’re not hearing too much about death threats directed towards the game designer and his family.

  25. As of a few hours ago the site has come back online and for a while had a warning of "high levels of satire" displayed at the top (via NG).

    I played the game a few weeks ago when it came out and didn’t find it too shockingly offencive. After watching the first opening scene you are made aware that it’s clearly a work of over-the-top satire, designed to be shocking. It’s also got surprisingly good gameplay :-/

  26. KayleL says:

    Besides the last line in the Egyptian Chronicles quote, I pretty much agree with all the criticism. People have the right to be pissed off. I am not personally offended by this game, but I can understand if others are.

  27. Ed ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    And by "them", you seem to mean "a concocted notion of unity amongst what is, in reality, a massively diverse group of people, which I can use as a shorthand target for bigotry".

    All Muslims are not the same, just as all Christians are not the same. It’s pointless, even counterproductive, to tar them with the same brush.

  28. DarkSaber says:

    To hell with Vaughn for being a coward and not having the conviction to stand by his work, and to hell with the Muslims for whinging again (seriosuly, do they actually do anything but?)

    In point of fact, why isn’t the entire worldwide Mexican community up in arms about that Border Patrol game? The answer seems to be simpler than people think: The Muslim ‘community’ (I use community in the same way people would say ‘them’) seem to be simple gang-handed bullies.

  29. Shaw says:

    And Muhammed lead raids on the Jewish Qurayza tribe where hundreds were decapitated or made slaves in 627 AD. And Caliph Umar’s destruction of the great library in Alexandria where 700,000 scrolls were burned because they were seen as against Allah. The list continues. Pope John Paul II apologized for events of the crusades. Muslims have given none.

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