GamersGive Charity Set Up to Aid Hurricane Ike Victims

GameDaily reports that website GamersGive has been established to assist victims of Hurricane Ike.

The GamersGive site links visitors to the Hurricane Ike relief page of the American Red Cross. Free2Play games provider GamersFirst, a part of the K2 network, is behind the gamer-centric relief effort.

Gamers have been quick to respond to past disasters such as 2005’s Hurricane Katrina.

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    desperad0 says:

    Thanks good job;

    Btw, I think Atari and Midway will drop out too, but mostly travesti because  these guys have done nothing travesti or little and need to start saving costs. and dizi izle


    Now I don’t have to get off my ass for the important shit anymore!

    Whats next, ordering pizza from Xbox live?

    Wait… I think that sounds like a good idea.

    But I think voting should MAKE you get off your ass, and see outside or a second while you go vote. I mean, your picking the president of the United States of America for God’s Sake… least you can do is drive down there and punch out a card.


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    oto kirlama says:

    I’m all for freedom of ttnet vitamin speech and allowing rent a car game makers to put whatever they want in games, but there’s one thing about this app that has me scratching my head.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but from araç kiralama the previous article araba kiralama on this I gathered that players can use Google maps in-game to find the other (real-life?) dealers in their area.  If this is the case, has travesti anyone considered what’s stopping someone from using this app to actually move drugs between hands for reals?

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    DarkTetsuya says:

    EDIT: oops, I was thinking of something else… 

    But I dunno why they did that either, maybe to show him up? I don’t know… :/

    What WAS the last contribution he ever made to society (that wasn’t bi-proxy through anyone else)


    …. that’s what I thought. Here’s to his career’s quick and painful death.

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

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    Catch 33 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I remember that like it was yesterday, and probably because with Jacky Boy, history truly does repeat itself.

    That was about the point where I realized how monstrous he really is.

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    DarkTetsuya says:

    Who’d wanna cover for that [expletive deleted]? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

    And damned if he wouldn’t happily take credit for that one, anyway.

    — "Jack and listen are two words that don’t go together…just like Jack and sanity, Jack and truth, Jack and proof, Jack and win…" — sortableturnip |

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    Anonymous says:



    I’ve been through hurricanes, tornadoes and earth quakes myself. I know how that shit goes.


    Leaving Houston for Austin? Good man good man! (I think, man right?) Austin is way way waaaaay better. Or it could be that I just hate Houston’s highways.

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    Just North of Houston, Leaving for Austin says:

    That’s a silly fu*king thing to say. To what will they return anyway? Bolivar Peninsula is now an island. Think about that for a bit. There is raw sewage floating about Galveston Island. Think about that for a bit. Third-most expensive(read: damaging) hurricane in recorded U.S. history(unadjusted). Think about that for a bit. Those who stayed behind – or refused help – were encouraged to write on their arms their Social Security numbers. Think about that for a while.

    From where are you writing, Anon’? Anywhere near Galveston/Houston… or are you tucked neatly away in Middle America? Have you ever experienced a Hurricane? Do you know the devastation caused by debris screaming through the air at 110 mph, a relatively ‘weak’ wind shear when compared to Katrina and Andrew, the first- and second-most expensive hurricanes, respectively. Have you ever seen a billboard bent at 90 degrees? Have you ever seen a transmission tower crumple like Pop Tart foil? You obviously do not understand the gravity of the situation.

    I agree with the first reply to your infinite wisdom, ‘Anonymous.’ Bureaucrats suck, but they cannot be held responsible for stubbornness, defiance and outright stupidity, especially when those who stayed knew what might happen… and ultimately did. This was not their first rodeo, as it were.

    Anywho, I agree with the first post in general. If this gets people to help out who otherwise wouldn’t(by circumstance, not choice), awesome. Awesome to the max!(to quote That Guy from Futurama)

    Update: six more bodies were just recovered from the Island, dipsh*t. That’s dead bodies. Damn you, evil bureaucrats!!!

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    Eville1NSI ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Uh wut? I couldn’t puzzle that out. So they’d rather die than leave because if they leave they’re not allowed to come back? Oh gee. Personally I’d rather be alive. My friend is right. You don’t have a right to bitch when you’ve been told what could happen and decide to go it alone.

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    Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:


    Joking aside, this is a good thing. *supports*

    EDIT: Oh yeah, nearly forgot. How long until Jack turns up, condemning the whole thing.



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    Eville1NSI ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’ll play devils advocate here though and repost a friends thoughts:

    "I have been watching the news and the recovery efforts taking place because of Ike. And there are these people that are on there bitching because they don’t have food, water, or electricity. They can’t use the bathroom and are completely and totally uncomfortable.

    Let me preface all of this by saying that they are residents of Bolivar Peninsula and the surrounding area.

    Now, let me get this straight. You want to sit there and bitch and complain about poor living conditions and the fact that your food and water supplies are low and the government isn’t acting fast enough?

    Perhaps you didn’t have a TV and didn’t see the MANDATORY evacuation orders that were given. Maybe you were in the other room cooking dinner or on the toilet every time that the authorities issued the statement that if you stayed, then there was going to be a definite loss of life. I guess you didn’t watch the news 3 years ago and saw all the devastation from Katrina and what all of those people went through. Maybe you didn’t leave because you couldn’t leave Fido or Kitty behind, not paying attention to the fact that animal shelters as far as Dallas offered to house your precious pet until you could come back and get it. Or maybe, you didn’t have the money or couldn’t afford to leave, even though there were buses that were waiting on the other side of the peninsula to take you to safety and government aid to help you find a place to stay until everything cleared.

    Or….maybe you’re just a fuckstick that decided you were going to be badass and ride the storm out.

    How does it feel now?

    You want to go on TV and bitch and whine and complain that your house is gone, and that you had to wait in line for 3 hours to get water and food and that there is no electricity and you are getting eaten alive from Mosquitos.

    I’m sorry. But I have no sympathy for you. You were encouraged to leave. Then you were STRONGLY encouraged to leave. Then, you were told if you didn’t leave, then there was a good chance you could die. And you didn’t. You stayed.

    Lesson learned there Chief? Bet you won’t do that shit again."


    I tend to agree that if you don’t feel the need to follow someone’s advice (and then an order) that knows more about the situation than you do then it’s your fault.


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    mredria says:

    Glad to hear it. I live in Houston and I’m lucky enough to have my house (mostly) intact and have power, but there are a lot of my friends who don’t. Every little bit helps.

    -I apologize-

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    Shadow Darkman Anti-Thesis of Jack Thompson says:

    That’s an "amen" right there, Ben.



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    nightwng2000 says:

    Some might complain about the segregated efforts ("What have games got to do with it?"), but I say if it catches the attention of some folks to help out where their attention was grabbed through other efforts, I say more power to them.  I mean, they may know about the damage done, but not immediately think of who to give support through.  So, it falls under my "every little bit helps" motto.

    Good luck with ALL the efforts to help victims of Ike.


    NW2K Software

    Nightwng2000 has also updated his MySpace page: Nightwng2000 is now admin to the group "Parents For Education, Not Legislation" on MySpace as

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