Play the News features Biden-Palin Debate Game

Impact Games’ Play the News is currently offering a chance to weigh in on the upcoming vice-presidential debate between Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden. The debate will take place on October 2nd at Washington University in St. Louis.

If you’re not familiar with Play the News, Impact CEO Eric Brown describes it as "where fantasy leagues meet the evening news." Players can check out background information, select optional courses of action and make predictions. PTN tracks your score and allows you to level up and earn achievements.

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    Anonymous says:

    Here is a game:  Like "America’s Got Talent"  There should be 3 buzzers manned by 3 judges.  When questions are asked in a debate, buzzers go off for dodging the issue, using slogans instead of answers, totally changing policy with a past that has been erased on the spot, and down right lying!

    I also predict if the Palin/McCain team wins, Sarah will be pushed to the backround rather quickly.  I believe the Republicans, – including John McCain are using her starpower and are all too aware she has no experience, and will elbow her into obscurity.   S.G.  

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    Anonymous says:

     Hopefully. Though maybe the trooper probe will have forced het to step down by then! But yeay, she can’t back up her claims, and if Biden grills her about her ID stances and her global warming views, she’s not gonna come out lookning like a the same hockey mom she was earlier.

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    Yilduz says:

    I’m "playing the news" for two weeks and still can’t say if i like it or not… well, actually, i do enjoy playing on that site, reading the news, different points of view about them, improving my knowledge of the current debates and so on. Still… you know… i’m not sure i like politic matters shown as entertaining… Anyway, that site is very well built and you can learn a lot surfing it, so… :)

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